tagLoving WivesFun in the Costa del Sol

Fun in the Costa del Sol


Our flight arrived in Malaga six hours late and by the time we rented a car and drove to our hotel, it was well after midnight. I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted from the Trans-Atlantic odyssey that had begun exactly twenty-four hours earlier. Because I had worked most of the day before taking the evening flight from Boston, I had been awake for almost thirty-six straight hours. My wife, Lauren, wasn't much better off, but she was excited by our first visit to the Costa del Sol and opened the drapes to take in the view.

"Oh, look at that, Bryce," she exclaimed as she took in her first glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea. A full moon reflected off the waters and the twinkling lights of the high-rises further down the coast added to the splendor.

I mumbled an unintelligible response and when Lauren turned from the window, she found that I was already in bed, having not even bothered to remove my shirt and slacks.

"Some romantic second honeymoon," I heard her sigh deeply as she slowly undressed and slid into bed beside me. That was the last thing I remembered of that evening.

I wasn't sure if I was dreaming when I heard the sound of a zipper and felt a warm hand slip through the fly of my shorts and grab my semi-erect cock. I lay still for a few minutes, not wanting to risk spoiling the dream, if that was what it was and also because the hand was now stroking a full erection and it felt good.

"Are you awake?" I heard Lauren whisper and I responded with a long, loud moan as I felt her lips close around the head of my cock. "Ummmmm, yeah Baby. I'm up."

"I can see that," she giggled before sliding her mouth halfway down my shaft.

Fully awake, I opened my eyes and focused on Lauren's face as she slowly sucked my cock. The years had been kind to her, I thought as she smiled and gave me a sexy wink. Although her blonde hair was sporting a few grey strands and there were more wrinkles around her deep blue eyes than I remembered, she was still a knock-out. Three days a week at the gym and one at the day spa had been well worth the money.

"Get over here," I commanded. Lauren had been lying on her side, perpendicular to me while giving me head and she obediently slid her long legs towards me as I moved down the bed towards her. We met in the classic "69" position and as my tongue found her clit, Lauren sighed happily. After a few minutes, Lauren lost her concentration as I introduced first one finger, then another into her wetness, while my tongue continued to toy with her clit. She let my cock slip from her mouth and moaned softly as she felt the first traces of an orgasm begin to build. Taking a cue from her moans, I slipped a third finger into her pussy and increased the speed and force of my tongue until Lauren was thrashing about on the bed. I slid my fingers deeper into her and curled them open and closed, searching for her G-spot. Suddenly Lauren tensed and I knew I had accomplished my mission. Her legs clamped around my head like a vise and I could barely hear her cries of delight as the orgasm broke over her.

As the last vestiges of her climax subsided, I slid off the bed, grabbed her compliant body and hauled her up onto her hands and knees. I stood behind her, admiring the curve of her ass, her swollen cunt lips and the glistening wetness between them. Taking my erection in my hand, I slowly guided it between those wet lips. Lauren moaned as my cockhead parted her labia and slipped inside her. She was surprised at my patience, for normally in this position, I enjoyed ramming my cock deep into her and then pounding away until my climax. Not that she ever complained, for Lauren liked a good hard fuck as much as I did and moaned again as I began thrusting in and out.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I looked over my shoulder and saw an older, grey haired man standing outside the window. I quickly withdrew my cock and pushed Lauren down onto the bed.

"Get under the covers!" I shouted, as I pulled my pants up from around my ankles. Lauren dove under the covers as I opened the door.

"Yes, can I help you?" I asked.

"Dunno, mate," the man replied with a distinctly British accent. "You lookin' for company?"

"What?.... No, we're not....... Why on earth would you think that?"

"Sorry, mate. The drapes were open and I thought.........Never mind. 'ave a nice day."

I was puzzled as the man tipped his cap and walked off. I closed the door and then the drapes, and returned to the bed.

"Sorry, Hon," Lauren grimaced. "I thought that was our balcony. I was so tired and in the dark I didn't see....."

"Don't worry about it," I shrugged. "What's done is done. But I wonder what I meant by asking if we wanted company."

"Stop wondering, and get over here," Lauren said. "We've got some unfinished business."

I walked back to the bed expecting to start up where we had left off. But to my surprise and eventual delight, Lauren slid off the bed and onto her knees on the floor. Taking my cock, which had softened during the interruption, into her hands she lowered her mouth onto it. I threw my head back as my cock hardened and slid past her lips. Her head bobbed up and down and as I felt the surge in my balls begin to grow, I suspected that this was not going to be one of her teasing blowjobs, where she stopped sucking just before climax and finished me off with her hands. And then, to confirm my suspicion, Lauren placed a finger at the entrance to my ass and gently wiggled it around. I was getting hotter and closer to orgasm, so when she finally slipped her finger into my ass, my come exploded into her waiting mouth.

I was shocked that she kept her mouth around my cock and as she struggled to swallow every bit of my climax, I began to apologize for being so inconsiderate. My apology was answered by a sharp slap to my ass as Lauren licked the last few drops from her lips.

"Stop it I," she scolded mildly. "If I didn't want to give you a proper blowjob, I would have stopped."

"Besides," she said blushing, "I recall doing the same thing on our first honeymoon. Or have you forgotten?"

I pulled her to her feet, and although repulsed by the taste of my come, kissed her passionately.

"I haven't forgotten. I think of it every time I'm having trouble getting hard," I joked. "It works better than Viagra."

We showered together, dressed and went for breakfast.

"Oh shit," Lauren exclaimed, nodding towards a man sitting alone. "Isn't that the guy from this morning?"

"Yeah, it is. You wanna go somewhere else?"

"No," she said rationally. "It would be silly to eat elsewhere since breakfast and dinners are paid for with the hotel."

A waiter appeared and asked for our room number. Once we had given it to him, he led us directly to the table directly next to the Brit.

"It looks like we're neighbors," he said cheerfully."

"Well, looks like we are," I said, my voice tinged with what I hoped sounded like annoyance.

As we sat down the waiter reappeared with coffee and orange juice.

"You'll find the service here almost as good as the view," the man stated, motioning toward the sweeping vistas. "By the way, name's Fowler, Gavin Fowler. You on holiday?"

"Yeah," I replied. "Kind of our second honeymoon, celebrating our 20th anniversary."

"Well, congratulations to you both. You couldn't have picked a better place. Weather's damn near perfect, natives are friendly, and you can get most any English beer you want. Just about as close to paradise as you can get, if you ask me."

I nodded, picked up the menu, and began perusing it, hoping that the conversation was over. Lauren did the same and Gavin returned to his paper.

Lauren and I each ordered the Continental breakfast to lessen the time we would be in the dining room and while we ate, we discussed our plans for the day.

Gavin interrupted when Lauren argued that she wanted to relax and sun by the pool while I was all for visiting the adjacent fortress.

"Excuse me for eavesdroppin', but if I were you I'd do both. It's best to catch the sun early, especially since you look like you haven't been in the sun for awhile. Hit the castle after lunch, when the sun is the hottest and then, if you are so inclined, come back to the pool later. The hotel is literally right next door to the fortress so there's plenty of time."

"Thanks, that sounds like a great idea," I said, with genuine sincerity. "Apologies for not introducing myself. I'm Bryce and this is my wife Lauren. It's Gavin, right?"

"Right as rain," he replied, folding up his newspaper as he rose from his chair. "I'm off now, but if we meet at dinner, please let me know how you got on today. I sometimes fancy myself a tour guide and I'd love to know how my suggestions work out. Enjoy your day."

And with that, he left the dining room. "Seems like a nice guy," I said as I watched him go. "Still, I wonder what that was all about this morning."

"Why don't you ask him tonight at dinner?" Lauren said brusquely. "You two seem to have hit it off pretty well."

After breakfast Lauren and I followed Gavin's advice, lounging by the pool until lunch. As we left the hotel we found a tapas place right before the entrance to the fortress. We ate, toured the castle, and were back at the pool before four.

At dinner, we did indeed run into Gavin again and I thanked him for his ideas.

"Glad to be of service," he responded. And throughout our scrumptious dinner, he regaled us with the history and folklore of the region. By the time the sun set, we felt completely at ease with Gavin, despite our uncomfortable first encounter.

By the third day, Gavin was not only recommending places for us to see, but providing hand-written itineraries. We followed them dutifully and saw more of the Costa del Sol than we had ever envisioned. For the most part, Gavin sent us off the beaten track, away from the tourist traps. We ate where the locals ate and shopped for gifts at stores that offered more than the cheap trinkets we were accustomed to seeing. It was the best vacation we had ever had.

And then, suddenly, it was our last night. To thank Gavin, we offered to take him out for dinner to any restaurant of his choosing. He declined eating out, and offered a compromise. If we would pay the extra cost, he'd have the hotel prepare a special meal for us. We agreed. After all, everything he had suggested for us that week had been perfect.

Because of the unique nature of the meal, Gavin asked if we minded eating later than usual. "It'll be less obvious to the other guests that we are eating better than they," he whispered, giving Lauren a knowing wink. We met Gavin in the hotel bar at ten for cocktails. Lauren seemed a bit distant as we drank and listened to Gavin as he listed things we should do if or when we returned. As she sipped her second glass of Mosto, a sweet wine not usually preferred by tourists, I felt her leg brush against mine. I glanced down at her thigh and noticed that her skirt was riding very high and her legs were spread apart pretty wide. Since she was sitting between Gavin and me, I wondered if she was also letting her thigh brush against him his as well. I took a quick look at the mirror behind the bar when Gavin paused to take a drink and saw that his gaze was also drawn down to my wife's thighs. To my surprise, instead of feeling anger or jealousy, I felt aroused.

The head waiter came in and whispered in Gavin's ear. Gavin nodded and announced that dinner was ready. As we slid off the bar stools, I noticed that Lauren's skirt rose higher up her thigh almost to the point of exposing her pussy. I knew that she hadn't worn pantyhose because her legs were mildly sunburned and since she had worn all of her panties, she had gone without anything under her skirt. Gavin's eyes were fixed on Lauren's legs and I found myself wishing that her skirt had gone another inch or two higher. Lauren was a little unsteady when she hit the floor and when Gavin offered his arm, she took it without hesitation. I felt that something was up, but hadn't yet figured out what she had planned.

Dinner was exceptional. The paella was the best I had ever tasted with huge pieces of fresh lobster, fish, clams and mussels smothering the rice. It was indeed very special and we thanked Gavin for once again making the perfect suggestion. Lauren was still quiet and distracted, but I put it down to a case of the "last night of vacation blues". For dessert we had flan, a Spanish version of custard that was absolutely fantastic and over brandies, I once again thanked Gavin for helping making our second honeymoon a memorable one. "I enjoyed doing it," he answered. "Been comin' here for nearly 35 years and I'm glad that I could share some of my experiences with you. In fact, I looked forward to your reviews every evening. It was like I was with you on your tours."

"Well, we had a blast and really appreciate all you've done," I said, clinking his glass with mine.

And then Lauren popped "the question" that had been on both our minds.

"Gavin, when you came to our door that first morning, what did you mean when you asked if we were looking for company?"

Gavin winced, and then answered, "I was afraid that might come up sooner or later. Kind of glad it's later," he chuckled.

"Well, to be honest, my wife and I were involved in swinging, you know wife swapping and when we came out here we found a few like minded folks. To signal one's availability to other swingers, we established a code. If you were looking for someone to swing with, you'd leave your drapes open and the door ajar. I saw your drapes open but the door was closed. I thought I'd take a chance and knocked."

"How long were you watching us?" she asked.

"Long enough to build up the nerve to knock," he laughed. "And hope for a positive response! You, my dear Lauren, are one hot lady, if you don't mind me saying."

Lauren blushed at the compliment.

"One last question, if you don't mind," she said quietly. "Where's your wife now? Did she leave on account of the swinging?"

Gavin looked sad as he shook his head slowly.

"No, she passed away four years ago. She loved swinging, said it made our marriage stronger. I didn't come out here the first year after she died, but now I'm okay. I almost feel as if she's here with me sometimes."

Lauren smiled faintly and returned to her wine. It was getting late and while our flight wasn't scheduled until mid-afternoon, we still had packing to do and a rental car to drop off. Thanking Gavin for the hundredth time we said our goodbyes and goodnights. Just as we were about to leave the dining room, Lauren said," I forgot my purse. Wait here." I stood watching as she made her way back to where we had been sitting. Gavin was still there and stood at her approach. She gathered up her purse, then reached out to Gavin, took his hand and stood on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear.

"What was that all about?" I asked her when she rejoined me.

"Oh, nothing," she replied offhandedly. "Just saying goodbye again."

We walked slowly back to our room, my arm around her waist. The corridors were empty and I chanced a quick feel of her breast. Instead of slapping my hand away as she usually did, she turned to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her tongue darted into my mouth and I returned the favor. I slipped my hand under her skirt and found her clit. She moaned softly as my finger stroked her hard little nub. "Not here," she whispered. "Let's get back to the room."

We raced back to the room and within 60 seconds of entering, our clothes were scattered on the floor and we were embracing on the bed.

"Did you remember to close the drapes this time?" I joked.

"Yes, smartass," she answered, slipping the head of my cock past her sweet, soft lips. "I remembered."

I somehow wound up half sitting with my back against the headboard while Lauren crouched on all fours sucking my cock. My eyes were closed tightly from the pleasure her mouth was giving me. Suddenly, I felt her lunge forward, taking my cock deeper into her throat. I opened my eyes in surprise and found myself staring into Gavin's smiling face. Although I couldn't see them, it was obvious from their position and my wife's movements, that his hands were busy playing in her pussy.

"Gavin!" I thundered. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Lauren took charge of the situation, lifting her head from my lap and disengaging from Gavin as she rolled onto her side on the bed.

"Relax, Bryce," she said softly. "It's your anniversary present. I figured that after 20 years of marriage you are entitled to having at least one of your fantasies fulfilled. Gavin is here to help."

I calmed down quickly as I began to see where this was headed. I also began to regain my erection, which had gone limp at the shock of seeing Gavin. "And just what fantasies are you talking about," I asked with feigned innocence.

I will always remember how she blushed as she answered softly, "you know, the one where you want to watch me sleep with another man. For years you've regaled me with stories of how much you thought it would turn you on."

"Yes, dear, " I whispered. "I remember. And I think it's going to turn out to be the best present I'll ever receive."

During all this conversation, Gavin had moved behind Lauren and, upon hearing the confirmation that his presence was welcome, began to caress Lauren's breasts. She leaned back into his arms and moaned softly as he tweaked her nipples between his fingers. He buried his face in her neck and snaked one hand down, over her stomach and between her slightly parted thighs. I couldn't have asked for a better view. Lauren moved so that she was sitting on her haunches, legs spread wide which allowed Gavin better access to her pussy, which I could see was already very well lubricated. Gavin's fingers alternately played over her clit and plunged into her wetness until she was writhing with pleasure. The smell of her pussy juices filled the room and I could see a thin coating of it on Gavin's fingers when he finally removed them from her.

Finally it was the moment of truth. Gently Gavin repositioned her onto her back and knelt between her thighs.

"Not ready for Viagra yet, but it does take a bit more work to keep it hard these days."

I nodded with understanding, yet despite his age, Gavin sported quite an erection. It was about the same length as mine but much, much thicker. The fact that he was uncircumcised may have skewed my opinion but when he instructed Lauren to take it in her hand, I could see that it was definitely thicker.

"Lauren," Gavin said gently. "It might be easier for you if you take my cock and guide it in."

I swear my cock grew another inch when I heard that and saw her take his shaft. Slowly she pulled it closer to her dripping pussy until its head was just touching her bloated labia. Lauren slid his cock up and down the length of her opening, coating it with her natural lube. I found myself admiring Gavin's patience, for I would have shoved my cock into her cunt long before then. Lauren gave his shaft a gentle tug and the tip of his cock slid from view. "Mmmmmm," Lauren moaned as she felt it penetrate her and she removed her hand. Gavin began to slide his hips forward, slowly feeding his shaft into her pussy. I watched in awe as his cock split her pussy open as Lauren wiggled around to facilitate its entry. Her moans and sighs were initially disturbing to me, as she sounded like she was in some discomfort. "Are you okay?" I asked, as Gavin paused.

"Yes," she answered breathlessly. Then to Gavin she added, "I just need couple of seconds to get used to it."

"No problem," he said, "but let's try this." He knelt in front of Lauren and pulled her legs up so that her knees rested on his shoulders. This opened her pussy as wide as I had ever seen before and when he reinserted his cock, and slid it halfway into her, Lauren's moans were only of pleasure. Gavin continued slowly until he was balls-deep in my wife's pussy. He then stopped again to let her pussy stretch around his cock. Slowly he withdrew his cock until it was just barely inside her and stopped. He remained motionless for a long moment, then slowly re-entered her. Lauren sighed loudly as he slid back inside her. I was close enough and Lauren's legs were so spread that I could see her clit being dragged by his shaft with each stroke. Gavin picked up the pace and soon had to wrap his strong arms around Lauren's legs to keep her in place. Lauren's pussy was soaking and little streams of her natural lubricant were running down her thigh. Gavin's cock made a squishing sound as it pummeled Lauren's pussy and their combined moans and sighs filled my ears. Suddenly, Lauren began to pant harder and I could tell that her orgasm was approaching. Gavin sensed it too and increased his tempo until he was pounding her like a jack-hammer. I was surprised with his speed and stamina, but didn't dwell much on it as Lauren announced her climax.

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