tagGay MaleFun in the Pub Ch. 01

Fun in the Pub Ch. 01


I couldn't believe it! I'd just moved with my job from up north to west London and joined the local rugby club to meet new mates. The guys at work were ok but a bit wimpy and I was used to more robust fun than I thought they could offer.After a couple of training sessions I'd been put in the team as a flanker. At 25, 6'2 and 13 stone I was a big, well built lad with a decently toned bod from lots of gym sessions , a strict jogging regime and lots of swimming. I had a hard body that turned plenty of heads, guys as well as girls, and recently I had found myself flirting with men as well as women. I did have a long term girlfriend and our sex was hot, but she was 100 miles away. It was her weekend to visit but she had called it off, "sick". I couldn't believe it! I'd have to wank off, or go on the pull. Fuck, I was so horny I needed a fuck now. What to do? I decided to see what the local pub had to offer. If nothing else I'd grab a drink and unwind before heading back to my flat, alone.

I pulled on clean jeans and a tight t. No need for briefs under, they'd just get in the way if I got lucky. I mussed up my hair in the mirror as I left. Yep, I looked hot. Surely there'd be a cute, young babe who wanted some fun back at my place.

The Black Swan was lit up like a Christmas tree when I got there and from the sound of the music they had a live band. Good, more chance of visitors from outside the area, ready to play.

I opened the door and pushed my way inside, taking in the sights and sounds. I was right, a live band was playing loudly. Lots of enthusiasm but no real talent. The bar was blocked with groups, mainly men, chatting, shouting almost to make themselves heard above the music. I eased my way forward to get to the front. I had to work my way between and behind drinkers and talking groups, and couldn't help rubbing and pushing against legs, bums and even a few crotches as I struggled forward. No-one took any notice of me. They leaned into each other to share jokes and conversations, seemingly oblivious of my need to get to the bar and buy a drink. All except one man that is. He was about 6', 38 and well built in a rugged, outdoor sort of way. His chest muscles and hard nipples showed through his tight ribbed top, with big biceps that stretched the material around his arms. He was half turned away from me, on the edge of a group of about 6 men and as I approached he turned and his chest and legs unintentionally blocked my path. Our eyes met and I sucked in my breath.

God he was gorgeous. I loved the rough, unshaven look and it certainly suited his chiseled jaw. I tried to move on, dancing round him, first to the left then the right. I said a mumbled "excuse me" as I turned sideways to push past and as I tried to ease my body into the gap he leaned into the space, pushing gently against my chest and legs with his. "Why, what have you done?" he said and winked as he eased back so I could pass. "Be my guest" he said with arms and drink raised above the crowd, as if offering me his body to rub up against. His piercing blue eyes held mine and he smiled. I realized I was getting hard and stepped quickly past, but not before I was pushed in the back and felt myself moving in for even closer contact. My hips pressed against his and I know he could feel the hardness in my jeans. His eyes opened wider and I could feel one of his nipples against the hand that had saved me from crashing into him. He smelt so good and I was so turned on by his closeness. "Well you seem pleased to see me", he said in my ear and I tried to laugh and pushed through, free of his body and the enjoyable contact. Two more steps and I was at the bar. I was served fairly quickly and turned as I downed the top of my pint, only to find myself staring into his soft, blue eyes. He smiled and raised his glass. "Cheers" he said and I drank again. "Cheers", I returned the gesture.

He was openly staring at me and had edged away from his friends. He licked his lips and I immediately knew that my limited experience with men was about to change. This guy knew what he wanted and I seemed to be it. Well I had nothing to complain about. He was hot and I hoped my look told him so. A poster on the wall behind him caught my eye. "Gay group - Pretty in Pink. For one night only." Oh no, I had inadvertently walked into a gay night. No wonder there were so many men here. Well at least there was no risk of a mixed message.

I met his gaze and raised my arm to his shoulder. "What about a dance before we find somewhere quieter for a chat", I said with what I hoped was my sexiest smile. He pulled me closer. "Why dance?" he replied, with his mouth so close to my ear I could feel his hot breath on my neck. "I want to pull your clothes off and explore your body with my lips before..." and he pulled back and smiled.

"W..What?" I answered, breathless with anticipation.

"You'll have to wait and see." With that he downed his drink and pulled me by the arm across the room towards the door.

"Hey, wait a bit, I've still got a pint to drink," I said as I pulled up by a table that had a bench seat presently unoccupied. "OK, in here" he answered , and we pushed our way into a space that would only really take one additional body and was now bulging with two lots of thighs and buttocks.

The couple on the other end gave up under our pressure and left to go to the bar. "Hi mate, I'm George", my new friend said and he leaned in for a discrete kiss on the cheek. "Hi, I'm Matt", I answered and leaned in to do the same, but as my lips were about to touch his stubbly cheek he quickly turned his face so that my lips met his.

I gasped in surprise at his boldness and felt his soft tongue probing to push inside my now open mouth. Further and further it worked it's insistent way between my lips until I could feel it wrestling with my own tongue. I melted under this demand and closed my eyes, letting out a low moan.

"MMMm, Not bad," smiled George as he backed away and gazed into my eyes. He had begun to move one hand up and down my chest, feeling my abs and lingering on my nipples. It felt good to be touched so provocatively by a man, especially this man, this hunk!

With his other hand George began to rub the back of my neck and shoulders, returning again and again to the short cropped hair behind my ears. God that felt good and I started to melt away under his sensual touch.

"Like that?" he asked and I nuzzled in to his chest.

"Mmm, it feels so good, " I answered and looked up to see if anyone had noticed our actions. Our table was in semi-darkness and what guys were close were too preoccupied to worry about us.

I leaned close to George again. "I'm not very experienced at this," I mumbled as I kissed his chin. He held my face with a firm grip and found my lips with his own. After exploring my lips and tongue he pulled away. "Well for a beginner you cotton on pretty well." With that he pushed a hand under and up my T and explored and tweaked my nipples. "Ouch," I yelled and a few men turned towards us, turning back with a smile when they realised I was enjoying the roughness.

"Look", said George. "We can do this in several ways. I'm here with some mates so you can come over and join us if you like. I'd rather go back to yours and have some fun right now. What do you think?"

"Well I'm tempted with both," I replied. "But right now I need a pee." I stood up and George reached for my hand as I stepped away from the table. His grip was hard and I winced from the slight pain as he squeezed. "You'd better come back boy. I really want a piece of you tonight." I smiled down and pulled away. Wow, that rough side was a real turn on. Better get done and get back to him before he lost interest.

I made my way between the mass of bodies, pressing on with my half hard dick straining in my jeans. I made it to the gents and pushed the door open. The acrid smell of urine reached me, mixed with something else. I recognised the smell of pot. Someone was smoking a joint. No surprise really but risky indoors in this climate. A couple of men were at the stalls and one cubicle door was closed. Various moans and groans were coming from that direction but I ignored them and stepped between the two men at the stalls, pulled out my cock and began to pee. What a relief! I looked both sides and saw to my right the older guy (about 40) had the joint. He was bleary eyed and dishevelled and smiled at me before passing the joint to the younger guy on my left. This guy was about 18, smartly dressed but with his jeans completely unbuttoned but held up and as I watched he dropped them onto the floor around his ankles. He clearly didn't care that they'd be covered in piss when he pulled them up again. His pants were down round his knees and I could see a stiff cock, about 7" long and oozing pre cum. He was pulling on it vigorously and clearly enjoying himself.

He smiled and reached across with his free hand, grabbing my cock and squeezing hard. I could hear the gasps and groans increasing from the cubicle and the smell of the pot was having a relaxing effect on me. I knew it was risky to get involved in a toilet but the mood of the evening and my experiences with George were making me feel so sexy and I needed the adrenaline rush that anonymous sex could provide. He passed the joint back to the older bloke who had his own 8" cock in hand and was vigorously pulling on it. I felt a hand running up my back as the younger lad explored my body, lingering at my ass cheeks. He leaned in for a kiss and to my surprise I opened my mouth to eagerly receive his probing tongue. I heard the cubicle door open behind me and glimpsed a tall black lad coming out followed by a long haired, leather jacketed white guy. They paused behind me and our five bodies jostled in the restricted space. Two new pairs of hands were running over my body now, reaching round to pull on my balls and rub my chest and nipples. I was still locked in a kiss and the black guy joined in. Mmm, two tongues felt so good. The long haired lad was on his knees pulling me round towards him and I gasped as I felt his lips on my cock head. A finger forced it's way between my bum cheeks and a hand pulled my balls roughly.

"Aggg ugh. I'm gonna ..." and with that I emptied my balls into the waiting mouth. He sucked my jizz , allowing none to escape, as my body quivered and I gasped, my knees weakening as I slumped against the men groping my body. Fuck, that was awesome! "Thanks men," I said as I removed myself from the groping hands.

What to do now? Back to George and meet his mates or straight back to my place? My visit to the pub had certainly been fun and I didn't want it to end yet.

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