Fun in the Sun


I want to thank The Style Guy and my good friend J for helping me turn this story into something I'm really proud of. Without you both it would be just alright. So thanks!


I sit down on my towel on the warm sand next to you, slowly grasping the bottom of my sundress. I pull it up my milky white thighs, skimming my voluptuous bottom, revealing my love handles and muffin top belly, up to my small waist before catching on my pert breasts encased in the skimpiest of bikini in hot pink!

Although my breasts aren't massive they certainly need a sizeable hand to contain them when my bra falls away. The small triangles of fabric only just cover my dark pink areoles and they have no chance of containing my rigid, erect nipples, which stand upright from my body. As the dress comes over my head, my short brunette bob, skims my collar bone and falls sexily across my hazel eyes and kissable lips.

I casually sweep the hair from my face and prop myself up on my elbows next to you. My gaze wanders from your smiling eyes, your wicked grin being tentatively moistened as your tongue flicks across your lower lip. My eyes move over your shapely bronzed torso and arms, down to your strong thighs and back up to your groin. I can see your beautiful cock, silently growing and oozing the smallest drop of pre cum into your shorts, as you soak up the atmosphere and our surroundings. It strains against your tight fit shorts, aching to be released.

I can feel myself gush; just watching you and letting my vivid imagination run wild has my hot box starting to fill with sweet juices and my clit throbs, aching to be touched and played with.

The beach is packed! Bronzed bodies of all shapes and sizes, lounge around on the sand beyond us and walking along the surf. Although not the nudist beach we'd hoped for, there are plenty of people sunbathing topless without too much fuss. Two hot topless Spanish girls wander past us happily chatting away as they power walked past several people; so vigorous is their pace that even though they have small grapefruit sized tits, they swing with purpose with every step; this seems to make your cock grow a little more. You sit there smiling taking in the sights before for you. You turn from the hot Spaniards to look in my direction.

Still propped on my elbows, eyes shut to the glaring sun, breasts thrust up skyward emphasising that my nipples are stiff and poking through my tiny bikini top. You reach over and pull the strings of my top releasing them with a bounce; nipples begging to be sucked and tweaked.

But do you dare to with so many people about, you think. You know that the exhibitionist in me is begging to be dared to do as we please regardless of who's watching, even hoping that everyone really is.

With a wicked smile I turn to you and say..... "Go on, you know you want to!"

Initially you resist, feeling a little self conscious about where we are; you can hear children playing in the distance but all around us in the secluded bay are adults fully engrossed in their own worlds soaking up the early morning glow. As we kiss, your hand slides up my ribs and cups my breast, rolling my meaty flesh in your palms making me quietly moan into your mouth as your fingers reach for the protruding bullet, twisting it in between your fingers. You gently pull them and make me squeak with delight..... "Go on kiss them for me.... I want to feel your warm breath on my skin and your tongue to send shivers through my body!"

Just as you start to move towards them you see an elderly Spanish lady watching us with disgust, her twisted frame hunched over a rock glaring, she was muttering a little too loudly at us..... "I'd love to Hun but now is perhaps not the best time or place is it?"

Dejected I accept that your right and delve into my bag for my sun cream and sensually massage it into my body. I then offer to do the same for you and rub suggestively up your thighs, my hands moving your shorts aside and grasping at your raging hard on, which jerks in your shorts with every touch that goes higher and higher up your inner thigh. My nails dragging across the delicate skin of your balls, my hand cupping and squeezing them gently.... "Hun, really we can't... not here".

I roll onto my side facing you and slowly move my hand over my breast; massaging and tweaking it with an "mmm" before inching my fingers down my stomach to my groin. I rub the thin fabric of my bikini bottoms across my aroused clit, sending shivers through my body with each touch. I can see you're enjoying watching me despite not wanting to upset anyone, as the tips of my fingers slip under the edge of my panties. You hold your breath until the old Spanish lady starts another tirade in our direction. With a look of defeat on your face I sigh, "Ok, ok, ok, alright I'll stop, I promise!" And lie back on my towel to soak up the rays.

After a few hours of dozing in the sun, the wanting from earlier on in the day hasn't dampened. I have to feel your touch on my skin; your breath tantalizing my heaving globes before engulfing them with your hands and hot moist mouth. I needed to have your dick pressing against my lips, as my tongue swirls your veiny erection. As if you can read my mind, you stand up, pick up your things and extend your hand to me. I take it and rise up to my full height, my nipples pressed against your nude pecs as my hand automatically searches for its prey. You nibble my ear and whisper, "back to the room...NOW!"

Without question, I collect my things and lead you back to our room, fully intending to fuck your brains out for making me so horny and making me wait so long!

The walk back was fun; you'd instructed me to leave my bikini top in my bag for the journey back to the hotel. You wanted to admire my tits swinging and crashing together as we walked through the town square. The excitement was almost too much for me to bear, as you revelled at teasing passersby with a kinky wink or an invitation to caress my body.

I unlocked the door as your hands snake over my body, palming my backside and smacking swiftly just the way I like it. Nibbling my neck and teasingly licking up to my ear, you breathlessly describe all you longed to do to me on the beach that morning. "If that crazy old chick had kept herself quiet, I'd have had your mammoth tits in my mouth, and you would have been begging me to touch you; to have you completely naked on the beach, my face buried in your salacious cunt, consuming your juices and hungrily thrusting my tongue deep inside you." Your long lean fingers delve into my bikini bottoms, grazing my bare mound. Skilfully and carefully you open each lip of my labia like a flower in bloom, purposefully avoiding my proud engorged clitoris. I push my bottom into your rising cock, grinding my hips to excite you. You spin me around, pin my arms above my head to the door with one hand and with the other unzip your shorts and bring your proud cock out for me to admire. I lick my lips, secretly begging to be let loose on your manhood, needing to worship it before riding myself to oblivion on it.

You smirk at me and guide me down the wide open door until my lips are level with your bobbing erection; the glistening tip dripping with a delicious spot of pre cum. I need to taste you, I know it, and you know it and you revel in teasing me with it. Moving your cock towards me I stretch every muscle in my neck and just as I get within inches of you, you pull back; frustration building in me until you thrust deep into my throat. I take you all the way to the hilt so your balls touch my chin, I can feel them start to tighten as I bob up and down your shaft, right up until we are disturbed by a door opening further down the hall.

On hearing people moving, I get up and kick the door shut just as the guy next door catches sight of my swinging globes and your erection as I lead you to the bed by it. I slowly undress you and kiss your beautiful bronzed body, paying extra attention to my favourite spots; your neck, your throat, your pecs and nipples. As your pants hit the floor, I can't contain myself any longer and greedily begin licking, nibbling and sucking the soft tender skin of your thighs combined with stroking and scratching as I nuzzle closer and closer to your tight scrotum and pucker. My tongue circles your tiny starfish and pushes in, making you gasp and pull your cheeks further apart to give me better access to your pleasure zone. I move up your balls, sucking them in, rolling them around before longingly snaking up your shaft and flicking your purple helmet. As you expect me to thrust it into my hot wet mouth I move further up your body and lower my steaming hot cunt onto you. Wiggling my hips, I ride you slowly, building the intensity as your bell end tickles my g spot and brings me quickly towards the crashing orgasm that has been building all day long.

As my cunt pulsates with each wave of delicious orgasm, your breathing and moaning gets more rapid and insistent. Within seconds, I'm full of your salty seed battering the walls of my womb. As I come down from my awesome nirvana, I feel your cum squeezing out of me around your slowly deflating dick and down my thighs. I deeply kiss you before retreating to the shower to freshen up for our evening's antics, unless you surprise me with a sensual steady screw.

I start the shower and get in as it steams up the mirror. I hear the door open and you get in the tub behind me and slide your hands around my waist and massage my breasts. You spin me around and kiss me before soaping my wet body. Water cascades over us as you cup my arse cheeks and lift me up against the wall. Wrapping my legs around your waist I feel your slick cock ease inside me. Slowly grinding your hips into my pelvis, the water and the warm wave of another ecstasy envelope my entire body. Almost at the same time, you gasp and groan "oh my god, this is amazing, I think I'm gonna cuuuuummmmmm" as you completely empty your balls deep inside me. Struggling to stay standing we slide down the wall, before collapsing into the tub laughing.

"Don't say I never fell for you hun"


Later that night we walk into a club, the music blasting and the dance floor slowly filled with bodies and bubbles from the foam machine. Chilled dance music was filtering into our heads and had me swaying along in time as we watched the throngs of bronzed babes arrive. The babes are mostly dressed in tiny metallic bikinis and almost there micro skirts, high heeled stilettos and flowing brunette locks of hair falling across their ample assets, the buff guys strut around in tight muscle tee and linen slacks. Although I have little more than a bra with a see through top on and a flirty rah-rah skirt, you are casually dressed in combat shorts and muscle tee, despite my lack of tan we could be mistaken as locals. We watch as hen and stag parties dressed in fancy dress costumes start drinking games, downing drinks and daring each other with more ridiculous pranks before they attempt to chat up the cool locals.

We sit with drinks in a small booth tucked away at the side of the dance floor, a view of all around us but subdued in the low lighting over our table. "Why didn't you suck my tits on the beach today?" I asked teasingly twisting a lock of hair around my finger.

"You know full well why I didn't. I love to be kinky Hun, but in the middle of the day on a crowded beach is just not right. We could have got arrested for lewd behaviour. They'd slap you on the wrists but I'd probably get buggered by some Spanish Jabba the Hut!"

Laughing, you turn to me and ask me what I wanted to happen.

"Well..." I start "I would have loved it if you had pulled my nipples and nibbled them, swirled your tongue around them, your hand stroking my thigh"

As I say this you reach for my knee and start to do what I'm describing, sending shivers up my leg to my groin. My pussy getting moist and juicy for you in anticipation while your fingers searching for my clit deep within my mound. You dip them firstly in your mouth for moisture and then as you sense how wet I am you delve deep between my legs for lube to continue rubbing, my back arching in delight, as I look over and see that you're enjoying the beach show as much as me as your cock starts to throb in your shorts and it oozes pre cum in a small patch. You smile at this in the club as I reach under the table and feel that your thick dick is exactly as I've described; ripe and ready for my mouth to engulf it.

I unzip your shorts and disappear under the table, releasing your thick veiny 7 inch cock from your pants as it boings into my face. We giggle and as our eyes meet, I swiftly move to suck your entire length into my mouth; a low moan escapes from your mouth. As I twist and turn, sucking, licking, nibbling at your unyielding dick, feeling the blood throb in your veins as I go.

You start to moan more, a little louder than before but no one even looks in our direction. I work down to your balls, rolling and cupping them in my hands, my nails gently scraping your skin and making you quiver. I stop just as you ooze another load of pre cum onto my lips; get up from under the table and sit on your lap, so no one is any wiser that I'm not wearing any panties and I slowly lower my juicy wet cunt onto your huge throbbing dick, wiggling my hips and riding you. The angle gives you direct access to my g spot whilst a carefully veiled hand can play with my engorged clit. It's a struggle not to moan and squeal as we both get closer and closer to a body shuddering orgasm with a whole lot of creamy cum dripping out of my pussy. Just as my body starts to shake with another wave of warmth, a bronzed babe spots us both and winks as we both collapse, smile and kiss.....

As we both tidy ourselves up and readjust our clothes the hot brunette wanders over, "so how was it for you guys? I had a blast watching you both and can honestly say that I am so fucking horny right now."

Monika is just a bit shorter than me, with a petite feminine frame, small tits and perfectly rounded bottom. Her caramel coloured skin was accentuated by long luscious locks and her warm brown eyes. There was a glint of mischief lurking behind them that makes her so much sexier than she thinks she is.

You cheekily laugh at her in response and say "well we had a pretty awesome time too, but if we knew a truly gorgeous girl like you were watching, it would have been even better."

"Yes," I pipe in "we've been looking for a foxy lady to come and have fun with us for ages but no one has even come close to playing with us. And I promised him he'd have two women for a birthday present."

The hot brunette curiously answers "Really well that's a pretty decent gift to give your man.... When's your birthday gorgeous?"

"Today" you reply.

"Well what are we waiting for then", the hottie huskily whispers" let's all get out of here and me and your sexy lady can finally give you something to smile about"

"Well that's a bit forward of you, isn't it? We don't even know if we like you yet"

With that I reach up to her face, softly stroke her cheek and lean in for a gentle sensuous kiss. My hand moves over her tight white t shirt and feels her tiny tits pressing against the fabric, tracing her curves; I could feel that she didn't need a bra to keep them pert. I move behind her as you join us to devour her slippery tongue, darting in and out, lips mashing together as my hand raises the hem of her mini skirt touching her trimmed landing strip, leading the tips of my fingers straight to her pussy, the heat radiating as I got nearer to her clit and you kissing her deeply.

I grazed her clit and delved two of my fingers into her slippery hole. She wasn't lying about being turned on. Her juices had started to trickle over my fingers and down her thighs. After a minute or so of slowly finger fucking her in the bar, you pulled away "so then ladies, do you think we all like one another to take this further? "

I pull my hand away from Monika's crotch, slip my two sodden fingers into my mouth, languidly lick them clean and reply with a wink, "well she tastes good enough to eat to me."

"Come on let's get out of here, my place is just around the corner. I have to get my mouth on her pussy whilst you drill me hard" said Monika

"Well with an offer like that how can we refuse" You stand between us and drape an arm around both our waists and lead us out of the club to a night of raw explosive passion.....

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