Fun in the Sun


I heard the unmistakable rumble of a motorcycle coming up the lane as I sprayed water over my car. It was a hot day. The weather man said it was only supposed to be in the high 80s but the mercury in the thermometer outside my door was spiking in the high 90s instead.

I had been sitting inside writing but the house was just too uncomfortable to stay inside. I decided that my car could use a bath and I could get wet in the process.

I was filling the bucket up with sudsy water as my boyfriend, Kevin rode up. I waved to him as he parked the bike. It must have been sweltering riding on the highway with his helmet on because when he removed it his curly chestnut hair was dripping wet.

I had bent down to wet the sponge as he sauntered over, he asked me if his bike was next and I laughed and told him, he would have to pay the car wash fee.

Grinning he asked what the fee was. As I looked him over starting at his blue-green eyes and working my way to his sexy lips that always seemed to have a half smile on them, down to his very nice chest. The white cotton button down shirt he wore had come untucked from his jeans and as usual it was unbuttoned a little, just enough to give me a tease of his chest hair.

My perusal followed down to his abs where when the breeze blew just right lifted his shirt up to give me a glimpse. His khaki tan jeans sat just on hips. Looking back up I told him we could negotiate a reasonable price. I then leaned in and gave him a hello kiss.

He told me it sounded like a plan. He then went over to the low bench by the flower garden I was trying to start. As he sat down and leaned back to straddle the bench I asked him what he was doing. He said he was getting comfortable; it had been a long day at work.

Shaking my head I went back to soaping up the car. As I squeezed the water out of the sponge, my inner demon decided to see if I could get him all hot and bothered. I had dressed in a pair of old cut offs and a white t-shirt to wash the car and so I leaned over the hood of the car to reach those spots in the middle.

My breast pressed against the hot metal of the car and I could feel the front of my shirt get wet as I wiggled my bottom in his direction. As I stood to rewet my sponge I cast a quick glance his way and was rewarded with a very interested stare being directed my way.

As I stood back up I made sure to squeeze some of the sudsy water down my front. He clicked his tongue at me and told me I was being ornery. I gave him my innocent look as I returned to my wash job.

As I worked my way around the car I kept an eye on the man watching me. At one point he went inside to grab some beers and then he resumed his silent, well almost silent vigil.

Like any guy he had to throw some pointers out at me. The bottom two buttons on his shirt had come undone while he was inside. That was one of the reasons I liked that shirt, the buttons had a mind of their own. As he sat out in the sun, he rolled the sleeves up so that his biceps were exposed. The tattoos on his arms stood out against his tanned skin.

Once I had soaped up the whole car I went over and picked up the hose so I could begin the rinse. I looked down to see that the t-shirt had become transparent and my nipples were rock hard from the coolness and the intense glances being thrown my way.

I rinsed the car off and then went over to grab one of the beers. I pooped the top and took a long drink of the ice cold brew. He teased me telling me I needed to chamois the car before it spotted, but my attention had dropped to the definite bulge in his jeans.

The way he was laying back straddling that bench caused his hard on to stand out and I pointed at it and asked if his jeans were feeling a little tight. He looked down at himself and told me that it was a tad uncomfortable but what did I expect when I was so hot.

I had cranked the stereo when I had come out to wash the car and a song came on that I really liked and I started dancing around to it. I had hung out bedding to dry on the clothesline and the sheets snapping in the breeze kept beat with the music playing.

Kevin took a long dragon the long neck, his eyes following my hips as they swayed to the music. I slowly started dancing closer to him and I saw he was getting into my dancing. I came up beside him and just lightly brushed up against his arm before trailing my fingers over the exposed skin on his neck where his collar had fallen away.

The song had changed to something slow and sexy and I decided to give my man a lap dance since he was in such a provocative pose.

I slowly began gyrating my hips and moved to stand in front of him. I raised my arms to lift my hair up off my neck then ever so lightly ran my hands down my front dragging my t-shirt down so that it was tight against my breast. My pink nipples stood out proudly, dark shadows against the white of the shirt.

I licked my lips as I reached the bottom and took a hold of it and worked it up past my hips and upward toward my breast. I lifted my boobs and thrust them toward him as I began to straddle him and the bench. He looked up into my eyes and gave me a brilliant smile. He started to reach for me and I backed away, telling him no touching. At that statement he gave me his little boy pout.

I just tsked at him telling him good things came to those who wait. I then dropped to my knees in front of him and ran my hands up his legs, stopping just short of the bulge in his jeans. He made a growling sound low in his throat.

I stood again and danced around behind him and climbed on the bench. I rubbed my chest against the back of his head as my hands went inside his shirt to caress his chest. He leaned his head back against me as I rubbed circles around his pecs.

My fingers traced the contours of his chest; all those hours of working out had given me plenty of ridges of muscle to trace. My hands then traveled up and massaged his head. The slightly wet curls wrapped around my fingers as I gently massaged. I felt him relax against me and knew I definitely didn't want him relaxed so I pulled back.

As much as I was enjoying dancing for him being on my knees had given me new ideas for his torture. I returned to stand in front of him giving him another tease before I got down to serious seduction.

I turned around and shook my ass at him, lifting my shirt, letting him watch my ass move knowing he was anticipating seeing the way my hips moved and I half expected his mouth to trace the outline of my tramp stamp as I moved.

I felt him shift and turned around; he had to move to rearrange the bulge threatening to pop the fly on his jeans. I felt a little bit sorry for him so I decided to aid him with his problem.

I turned and knelt down between his legs. I reached up and began working his belt buckle free. As I worked my hand brushed against his hard on and he drew in a quick breath. I looked up and grinned at him as the buckle fell free.

I started unbuttoning each button wondering if I like zippers over button fly jeans better. As each button opened, my anticipation increased. OK, that made my mind up. His boxer briefs came into view and I sincerely wished this had been one of those days he had gone commando. I would be so much closer to that which my mouth was watering for.

I moved further up and he assisted me by scooting closer to the end of the bench. I began to kiss him on his belly as I finished with his fly. I kissed up to his belly button and reached the tip of my tongue out to tease around it. I then dipped it in and out while my hand reached into his fly to work his cock out of his pants.

I like a guy in tight jeans but they sure can be an aggravation when you are trying to get to what you want. I pulled back and grabbed his jeans and started working them off his hips. He lifted his butt as I pulled both his jeans and briefs down.

His cock sprang up in front of my face and with a sound of approval; I took it into my mouth. My tongue laved at it as I sank down to take it in. The salty taste of his skin combined with that smell that was uniquely his own revved up my motor. I took him all the way in and then began licking back to the tip.

I was still trying to get his pants off and I stopped sucking on his cock to back up and I reached down and pulled first one shit kicker off then the other. His pants came next, to get thrown behind me. Now I was happy. I had full access to his glorious cock.

Settling in to position I retuned to driving my man wild. As I had been removing his jeans, Kevin had taken his cock in his hand and been stroking it. I stopped to watch as his big hand worked his member. I kissed the inside of his thigh, nipping gently. I slowly kissed my way closer as he continued to stroke himself. My tongue snaked out to lick at his balls. Soon I had taken one ball into my mouth. I sucked it in and out of my mouth. He was moving his hand in time with my sucking motion. After giving both balls a good tongue bath, I took a hold of the base of his cock and as he stroked down to meet my hand, he angled the head toward my eager mouth.

As his hands fell aside, I stroked up taking the drop of pre-cum from the tip and spreading it around the head. My tongue swiped out to follow. The tip delved out to tease his hole. I then circled the head real slow. I worked my tongue all over it.

I began to stroke the shaft as my tongue continued to move over the head. Every so often I would suck just the head into my mouth. I could feel his body tensing with each draw of my mouth.

I knew the sensitive tip couldn't take much more so I began to suck more and more of his cock in. I made sure to use the ball of my tongue ring to advantage. Swiping it over the underside as I would increase then decrease my suction.

I was squeezing the base of his cock while I moved up and down on his shaft. On my upstroke I released his cock from my mouth to flick my tongue over the tip and then I began to lick it back down, taking my time to nibble on the vein that had begun to really stand out as he became more aroused. I then returned to sucking him, my tongue never stopping. As my head bobbed faster, he had begun to buck his hips up trying to keep himself buried in my throat.

His moans were increasing and as I sucked and licked him, I reached down to unbutton my shorts, my fingers delved into the waist band and I began to rub myself as my mouth moved over his delicious cock.

By now he was telling me how much he wanted to fuck me and how good my mouth felt wrapped around his cock. His Aussie accent was very pronounced and what can I say, he could recite the alphabet in that accent and my legs turned to jelly.

The sound of the radio with the sheets slapping in the wind, the slight drone of insects buzzing around and the slurping sounds as I continued to administer to him was just right. I could sense he was getting close to shooting his wad and I had every intention of him cumming inside me.

Apparently he was reading my mind because he grabbed my head and stopped my next descent on him. He rose up enough to pull me up to take my lips in a soul shaking kiss and then I was being lifted up and moved to lie back on the ground. He had pushed up my t-shirt before I could say anything and then his mouth was taking a nipple and sucking on it as he worked to rip off my shorts.

His mouth moved to my other tit as my shorts joined his jeans and I was unbuttoning his shirt while his fingers found my entrance. I moaned as he entered me with two fingers, moving them in and out of me in short strokes. He lifted his head long enough to pull my shirt off and then his tongue was swirling around my nipple once again.

His fingers were pushing deeper inside me, stroking against the walls of my pussy. His thumb began to circle my clit as he stroked. I could feel my orgasm coming and as he sucked harder on my nipple, I felt it rip through me.

As my muscles contracted around his fingers, my hands scratched down his back, my hands drawing him to mount me. I needed to feel him pumping his cock deep in me.

His fingers pulled out and he moved between my spread thighs. His head came up to capture my lips as he drove his granite hard cock into my wet pussy. He drove all the way in. His cock felt huge and the drive into me bordered between pleasure and pain as my body struggled to adjust to his size. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him in deeper as I growled into his mouth. It felt so damn good.

Our tongues had begun a battle, twirling and twining together and then he drew my tongue into his mouth and started sucking on it as his strokes drove into me.

He grabbed one leg and lifted it to his shoulder and began to take a few long deep strokes and then would change to short teasing strokes just inside my entrance before slamming into me again.

He stopped kissing me to move to my neck and as he pumped into me, he told me how good my pussy felt squeezing him just the right way. I felt my next climax winding its way through me.

He pulled out and rubbed the head of his cock up my cleft to circle my clit and then lifting my other leg to his shoulder he re-entered my convulsing pussy.

My head was thrashing back and forth and I was urging him to fuck me harder and not to stop. My orgasm exploded as he did as I asked and rode me harder.

I could tell that Kevin was close to cumming, his cock swelling thicker inside me. Just when I thought he was at the edge, he pulled out and was standing up, offered me his hand. I didn't know what was on his mind but the devilish look in his eyes warned me it would be good.

I took his hand and he pulled me up as he led me over to the car. He grabbed his shirt off the ground, when I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, he told me I might like something between me and the sun warmed metal of my car. Laughing I told him he thought of everything.

He laid the shirt over the hood of my car and as I turned to sit on it he told me to turn around, he had watched me bent over enough while I washed it that all he could think about was tagging me in that position.

I bent over the hood and was glad he had thought of the shirt because the heat from the sun permeated through the shirt and my tits were very sensitive at the moment.

I looked back over my shoulder to watch him take his position. He rubbed the head of his cock through my slit a couple of times then pushed into my creamy center.

He gripped my waist as he began pumping. I spread my legs wider to take as much as I could get. He told me that my pussy was milking him and it felt too good to cum yet. I wiggled my ass when he stroked in next and he growled at me telling me I was evil.

He then began to rock harder into me, making circling motions and I forgot to be naughty as the feel of him stretching and teasing my channel engulfed me. He then reached around with one hand and started stroking my clit.

I was on fire and it had nothing to do with the hot metal underneath me and everything to do with the hot meat inside my hungry pussy.

I felt the next orgasm streaking through my body, its beginning point lost but it all raced toward my center. I was screaming his name as he slammed harder and deeper into me and then I felt his body stiffen and he was exploding deep inside me.

He continued to pump into me but slowed with each stroke. We by now were each coated with a fine sheen of sweat, our breathing rough as we both came back to Earth. As he pulled out of me he turned to give me a bittersweet kiss.

As we stood up he looked over the car and with amusement in his voice told me he was right, it had spotted but as he looked at me and then the water hose, he told me we could always wash it again and this time he would help.

I grinned as I walked over to get the soap. Now as I think about it, both my car and his bike got pretty clean that day. Well, almost.

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