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There I was, sitting across the desk from the head of our marketing department, the boss’ wife, and I could not concentrate. All I could think about was what I was going to do later that night.

“So… what do you think?” she was saying as my mind came back to the discussion at hand.
“I’m sorry,” I said, “ my mind wondered and I didn’t get it all, could you say that again?”

She looked around for a second, and smiled, “ I was saying, do you want to go to lunch now, or continue our conversation. From the look of things, you are not at work today, so you better get to lunch.”

“No, I don’t think that’s going to work because I have meetings all day and then I’m off on vacation for a couple of days. Let’s keep me focused and get through this.” I said rather sadly.

Tammie looked a little disappointed, perhaps she was hoping to catch me at a time when I would be able to concentrate more, but tonight’s fun and games were capturing my entire attention.

“Look it,” I said, “what we are trying to do here is so important that I’m willing to dump many of my afternoon meetings for it. Let’s order lunch in and keep working, what do you say?” I pleaded.

She smiled and said, “You better get some coffee or something first, get your mind back in the game and…” that’s when I drifted off again. I kept thinking about Amy and her beautiful face, her lips so full and her eyes so bright. Oh, what a lucky man I was to have such a lovely wife, such a great friend and someone who was so willing to explore life to its fullest with me.

Tammie’s motions shook me back to reality, and she was saying, “…ok, you do that and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” She stood up and started to walk out the door, looked back and said, “whatever you have on your mind, sure as hell is not leaving any room for the rest of us. Is everything OK?”

I smiled my best smile at her, “everything is great!”

“OK, get your coffee and I’ll be right back.”

That’s what she wanted me to do. I stood up, walked out of my office and down the long hall to the break room, hoping no one would interrupt me. I drifted off, again into my wife’s arms, her sweet smell, and the incredible taste of her mouth and some other more private places. Amy had a smell and taste so unique and so incredible that I found her totally irresistible, since the day we met at a business party four years ago. She was a very tall woman, in an elegant business suite talking to one of our prospective clients. Her tone was all business, but you could tell that there was an incredible sexual tension between her and the person she was talking to, but it was very professional and acceptable in the setting.

“Join us, won’t you” she had said in a silky voice that gently invited me into what a moment ago had seemingly been a very private conversation about marketing their product. How did she do that, I wondered? How was she able to carry on private conversations with three or four different people at the same time and make them all part of the larger conversation. I wanted to pull her away from the group, but I couldn’t muster up the courage to do it. What a beautifully inviting woman she was. What a beautifully inviting woman she is, and tonight we had more fun and games planned.

I finished the meeting with Tammie and all the other meetings of the day, and finally got a chance to head home. I pulled in my drive way and left the car there. I got out and started to walk out to get the mail, that’s when I noticed Jennifer sitting on her front porch smoking a cigarette.

“Hey there, sexy lady…” I said, leaving it hang there. Jennifer liked the way her body looked, you could tell even if you didn’t know her very well. “I like the new top, very sexy, very sexy indeed.” I added

“Why thank you, kind sir! Now would you tell my husband that it’s the look and not the price tag that counts.” She added teasingly. Ken and Jennifer are both free spirits that helped keep the neighborhood a fun place to live. I opened the mailbox and picked up some bills, and the usual junk mail. I then looked back up at her. She was now standing next to the white porch railing and leaning forward. She flicked the cigarette butt effortlessly, with the ease that comes from years of smoking; her ample breast pushing heavily against the white fabric of her halter-top.

“Do you think Ken will like?” she asked pointing at her top with emphasis on her breast and cleavage.

“I think Ken will love it, and I don’t think you’ll be wearing it long after he’s home.” I said with a definite tone of approval.

“You’re so sweet…” she added, “he’s out of town till Monday and I’m itching so bad for him, I just had to buy something that I knew he’d like to see me in when he got off that plane.”

“Well, from where I’m standing, with the halter-top and those nice tight little hip hugger shorts, you should make his walk to the baggage claim a very difficult one.” I said, noticing that it was having the same effect on me. I’ve always believed that beautiful women were put on this earth to be admired, enjoyed, and properly respected. Jennifer was one of those women that allowed you to fully appreciate them, understood that the admiration was a compliment and enjoyed it appropriately.

“You really like,” she said, wiggling her very sensual hips to the rhythm of some song in her head. Boy, she knew exactly what to do to get a man’s attention (or was it a man to attention?).

“He sure does,” came a very familiar voice from behind me. I turned around and gazed into the most perfect set of eyes any man had the pleasure of seeing. I put my arms around my wife’s tiny waste and cupped her buttocks while pulling her in tight. I knew she could feel the stiffness between my legs, and the smile and soft moan let me know she had no problem with the source of the arousal. I leaned into her face, her hands grabbing my face, and the smell of her perfume filled my mind, the warmth of her hands lit a firestorm in my head, and the moist and warm feeling of her lips on my lips made me forget my name. I closed my eyes and welcomed her kiss, my mouth opening and my tongue exploring the tenderness of hers. Her gentle suction pulling my tongue deeper in her mouth, letting me know she needed me in her body, letting me know that she missed me, and letting me know how sexually charged she was.

“How was your day,” I asked her

“Difficult,” she said, “I could not concentrate all day long. People kept asking me what was wrong?” I laughed

“I had the same problem, I just can’t keep my mind off of the next few days.” I pulled her closer to me, and held her head so tight against my chest that she let out a very relaxing and cleansing breath.

“Mmmm, it’s going to be so much fun” she whispered into my chest.

“Jenn, you look so hot, when’s Ken coming home?” Amy asked looking over my shoulder.

“He’ll be back on Monday night from his business trip.” Jennifer said.

“How’s your battery supply holding out?” asked Amy laughing so warmly.

“I decided to buy a re-charger when Ken left, I didn’t want to be out in case I needed them. You know what I mean?” replied Jennifer

“Oh yes I do,” said Amy, “When Tom’s on a business trip, the phone calls get very hot after a few days and I need to get some relief.” The two of them smiled knowingly at each other, two kindred spirits sharing a moment that I could not fully grasp the way they could. They knew each other, because they were married to similarly driven men who had certain openness about them. An openness that was the only way any man would ever have been able to tame them, to take them as their wives.

We said our goodbyes and headed for Amy’s Sebring convertible. She had packed all our stuff into that small trunk, put the golf clubs in the back seat, the airline tickets in the center console, Jimmy Buffet in the six-CD-changer, and pointed it out the garage.

“I think we’re ready” she said

“Like always, you have thought of everything.” I said and gave her a quick hug.

Six hours later we were sitting in our rented condo in Playacar, south of Cancun, listening to the waves, feeling the warm late summer breeze bringing the smells of the ocean wafting through the air. Mexico was always such a great place to relax, to enjoy life, and to be ourselves.

“Buenas Noches,” said the maid “Espero que todo este bien para ustedes”

“Ningún problema, muchas gracias por todo.” I said as I gave her a twenty-dollar bill.

Maria Conchita had been taking care of our Condo since we invested in it. We bought it on our first trip to Playacar and set up a company to rent it out during the season. It paid for the mortgage, and the maintenance fees, and gave us a place to run off to during the off-season. A week from now the tourists were going to be coming and we typically celebrated the beginning of the season with a great big party for our friends.

“Your amigos are at the Playa” Maria Conchita said

“Is everyone here?” Amy asked

“Si Señora, everyone is here.” Replied Maria Conchita and she walked out the door with towels headed for the beach.

“I guess we are the last ones here, as always.” Amy said

“I think we can catch up rather quickly, don’t you think?” I asked her

She answered by taking off her top, dropping her skirt and heading out the door. It was a very good thing that we had a private beach behind the Condo. I took my shirt and pants off and followed her out the door. By the time I cleared the porch she was already at a full run, heading for the ocean, yelling back “catch me if you can!”. I took the challenge.

“If you catch me, I’m yours” she added

My feet hit the sand, and pushed off with a level of energy I had no idea I had in me. I started to close on her, and she looked back with that devilish smile she gets, and kicked in her sprinters afterburners, leaving me in the dust – only for a moment. I cut across the volleyball court and dodged under the net, cutting the distance to the beach, jumped over the small retaining wall, and headed straight for the bonfire, then turned up the beach back towards the house, and caught her square in my arms.

“You cheated!” she yelled and giggled like a teenager

“I caught you, didn’t I?” I asked in between deep breaths, realizing that I was out of breath.

“But you cheated,” she protested as I picked her up in my arms and carried her the rest of the way to the water, enjoying the feel of her sweaty skin on mine.

The water was perfect, warm and sultry like the night and my wife’s mood. I eased her into it, as I eased my tongue into her delicious mouth, feeling her arms around my neck pulling me closer to her. I let go of her legs and she gently wrapped them around my waist, all the time kissing me with a passion and fire that had been there since the first time we made love, the night of that meeting, our first night together.

I reached around her body and grabbed my cock, it was so hard, and the water was such a welcomed feeling around the shaft. Amy felt me stroke myself a couple of times, and she wiggled her way down to me, helping me as much as she could to find the entrance to her body, to the warmth between her legs, to the loving embrace that the lips always gave the head of my cock, a welcomed intruder. Her lips parted softly as they pulled back the foreskin revealing the head, in the secret of their folds. I could feel the waves pushing her up in my arms, only to deposit her gently back down onto my cock.

We stood there, in this the most incredible of embraces two lovers can have: the gentleness of a low tide ocean, the warmth of the gulf currents and the beauty of my lover in my arms. She started to take more and more control of the motion of her body. She kissed me harder, sucking my tongue deep into her mouth and her hands cupped my face as though to enter my brain and let me know how good she felt at that particular moment.

Her rhythm continued to build, and her mouth released from mine with a moan that could be heard clear across Mexico. The water splashed around us, so I moved deeper into the water to give her the buoyancy she wanted.

“Oh, Tom…” she said, letting the words drift into the night and into the depths of my mind.

I could feel my wife’s fires begin to build, I could hear her describe to me how this small feeling, deep in her belly started to tingle and then if she pushed herself just right she could make that tingle feel so good that it would start to spread all over her body, washing away all other feelings till all she could feel was the fire in her groin. She held me closer and kissed my neck, like a blood-starved vampire; a thought that has always turned me on since the first time I saw a Dracula movie.

“Oh, Amy I love you so much…” I said as the fire started to build in my own special place; a fire that starts at the base of my cock just where my balls and my cock come together. The fire starts there, and then slowly builds down the back of my cock, along the large vein that feeds the sexually charged blood to my penis, to make it the raging sexual organ that drains all other thought from my head. Once I feel my cock so full of energy, that’s the only way I can describe it, I start to pump harder, I clench the muscles or valves in my cock that make it harder still, driving deeper and deeper into her. I feel the fire build, and with the last few conscious cells I have in my brain I hope that her orgasm and mine will be in that order. I wanted to feel her explosion so that it would drive my own orgasm even higher than I could attain with my own motions.

I locked on to a rhythm that seemed to fire her up, and keep me a little more under control, I took her mouth in mine, felt her tongue deep in my mouth – a signal that she’s in complete lust mode – and I drove deep in her, holding every stroke deep in her for a few more seconds before retracting and slamming back into her.

“Oh baby, that’s it… you know that’s what I need, don’t you?” she said, urging me on to keep my rhythm the way she needed it. My lover was so good at telling me what she wanted, how she wanted it. We had taught each other how to give and get the most pleasure from each other. We had spent days in bed making love at the beginning, seeing what the limits of our openness were, and seeing who liked what. We spent so much time together getting to know the secrets we had never told anyone about what we liked sexually.

I drove myself as deep as I could into her beautiful body, letting her perch on my now rock hard cock on every stroke, watching her body lean back to the water and letting herself float, giving me total control of each thrust, only helping me by pulling me in with her legs, and releasing me to start the cycle one more time. Then she reached for my neck, grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss as I felt her body start to convulse, and I could imagine the raging fire of pleasure sending wave after wave of satisfaction to her brain. I pictured her mind filled with sexual sensations and that triggered my fire. I was almost too quick for me to fully enjoy the transition from sexual motion, to orgasm. I felt the fire rage on the back of my cock, moving to engulf my balls, and then shot straight up my body to my chest bouncing off and heading straight to my toes where the tingling sensation gave way to the globs of cum traveling down from my balls through my cock into her cunt. I felt Amy pull herself against me, the way she does to feel my convulsions that let her know I’m cumming in her body.

“That was so good,” she said as she let go of my waist and floated under the moonlight and the stars of the Caribbean.

“I love the feeling of you cumming, but not as much as when I’m cumming” I laughed and let myself fall in the water. My legs were so weak from holding her up, from thrusting into her, and from that tingling sensation from my own orgasm.

“You know,” she said. Her devilish smile back on her lips, “this got me even more horny than I was from thinking about this all day.

“Yeah, me too.” I said screwing the water out of my eyes with my fists. Amy always tells me I look like a little boy when I do that, but I haven’t found a better way to get the salt water away from my eyes.

* * * * * *

The sound of laughter coming from the bonfire finally reached our conscious mind and we looked in the direction of our friends. Amy had invited Pete and Angie, and I had invited Lisa and Rick. We met them through the Internet and met up with them at a local hang out for alternate lifestyles. They were two happily married couples, like us that enjoyed the company of others, not only in the casual acquaintance way, but also allowing chemistry to develop and letting human nature take it where it might.

Pete was a tall, dark and very handsome man that enjoyed sports of all types. He owned his own company and was very successful. He enjoyed the challenges that business offered, and knew that Angie had a sexual appetite that had become ravenous as she reached her mid 30’s and the kids gave her enough time to think about herself. Pete had been a little reluctant at first, but Angie made him feel very comfortable with her sexuality as well as his own, previously unexplored sexual desires. Pete, like any guy who looked like him, had many opportunities to explore other women, but he had never strayed from his high school sweetheart. She had opened that door for him, and enjoyed the company of the women her husband could attract – usually women attached to very handsome men as well. It was a win-win situation for them.

Lisa and Rick had both been in the lifestyle before meeting. They both had been married to people who enjoyed the company of others more than each other. When they divorced, they frequented the parties and found each other perfect. Lisa is petite, but very large of breast. She had been bisexual since the day she noticed that in 1 million BC, Raquel Welch was very exciting. That night, in the comfort of her own bed, she made mad passionate love to Raquel and realized how good it felt to cum to the thought of another woman.

“Hi there,” Lisa said to Amy, enjoying the way the firelight accentuated Amy’s bare breast.

Amy reached for her, and kissed her very gently on her lips. Letting her mouth slowly part open to accept Lisa’s exploring tongue. Then Amy moved to Rick and sat on his lap, giving him a good feel of her breast as she deeply kissed him. My own erection letting everyone see; this was a good thing!

“Tom, how are you?” Angie said with a wide smile that welcomed everyone. Angie’s lust was legendary with our group and with several other groups. She could make any man’s heart race with desire, but she only took those she wanted, the rest were discarded. Pete is the only man who truly captured her heart, as well as her lust. The way Amy puts it, “he’s hot”. So, I’ll take her word for it, I just know that Angie’s long legs are a sweet thing to look at, and follow all the way up to one of the nicest roundest little asses any man’s ever had the pleasure of biting.

“Hello Angie, nice to see you made it here for our annual weekend long party.” I said, looking intently at her soft face, and letting her eyes lock onto mine before slowly glancing down at her breast, and the hard excited nipples. I let her notice me, looking at them so she’d get the compliment I was giving her. She reached a hand towards me, and I helped her stand. It was like watching the Venus De Milo stand before you. She was such a tall and elegant woman. She walked closer to me, and totally invaded my space. She was closer than I let most people stand, but tonight this was all part of the pleasure.

“Amy’s looking delicious tonight” Angie said as her lips brushed mine

“I think she always looks delicious,” I said and softly licked her lips, caressing her back from the bottom of her neck to just above the top of the cheeks. I let my fingertips barely keep contact with her skin, sending shivers all over her skin that showed up in goose bumps all over her body.

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