tagIncest/TabooFun on the Allotment Ch. 01

Fun on the Allotment Ch. 01


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictional and are over the age of 18.


Oh mail, hope It's not all bills thought Jasmin as she walked to the front door. Bending over to pick the letters up her skirt rose revealing her little white knickers. Carl was coming down the stairs and saw his mother bending over.

"blimey, that's a lovely view first thing in the morning," he laughed.

"Carl." Jasmin scolded.

"Lighten up mum it was a compliment, you are in great shape for an older woman."

"Less of the old. But thank you I try my best." She smiled.

Jasmin looked at the letters in her hand. Bills and more bills except one from the council. She put the bills on the unit to deal with later and opened the letter in her hand. It was about her application for an allotment. Jasmin read the letter and smiled at last she was going to have a garden.

"Carl." Jasmin shouted.

"Yes mum, what's the matter?" He said worryingly, dashing from the living room thinking something was the matter.

"I've been offered an allotment. Will you come with me to look at it please." She said all coyly like a child.

"Really mum! Do I have too?"

"Please, you don't want your old mum going on her own now do you?"

"Ok you win, I will come. When are we going?"

"Tomorrow 2.30pm. Thank you, I love you!" Jasmin said and grabbing hold of him she aimed a kiss at Carl's cheek but he turned and she kissed him full on the lips.

"Oh sorry Carl,"

"Hey no worries a lot of guys kiss their mums on the lips, no big deal." He said turning casually and walked upstairs. He had to nearly run he didn't want his mum to see the erection building in his jeans. The very thought of his mum and now a kiss! Once in the privacy of his room, he undid his jeans to release his cock.

"ooooh!" He groaned loudly. He didn't need the usual stimulant of his mother's lingerie he had his cock firmly in his hands rubbing and pulling like a man possessed.

"Steady on man," he said out loud.

The thought of his naked mother shot into his head sending him over the edge and soon he was shooting string after string of cum all over his chest. Feeling relieved he cleaned himself up. He often wandered what his cum would taste like? Girls like it, but he couldn't bring himself to try it. Lying on his bed he relived the events of two weeks earlier.

Jasmin had arrived home from work earlier than usual and decided to have a bath. Carl won't be home for ages yet she thought. She ran the bath and was about to get in, when she remembered her oils. Walking to her room she hadn't noticed Carl sat on his bed. Carl glanced up and watched his mother walk past, fully naked. Oh my god he thought what a beautiful sight! she had small but pert little tits that didn't droop, well she was only forty! but her arse was to die for is was round and plump and Carl just wanted to grab it with both hands. He dare not even breath as she walked back to the bathroom. Carl got a full view of his mother front and then rear. Her pussy was fully shaven and she waggled her arse as she passed by. Did she know I was here Carl thought to himself.

Once Jasmin was in the bath Carl crept downstairs, quietly opened the front door then slammed it shut.

"mum I'm home!" He shouted.

"Hi honey, I'm in the bath won't be long," She grinned knowing full well that he was in his bedroom and saw her. I hope he liked it Jasmin thought absently rubbing her clit in the warm bath water. She carried on rubbing herself thinking of her son in an inappropriate way until she had a huge orgasm that rocked her body to it's inner core.

Carl sat on the bottom stair grinning thinking to himself I know you are I have just had a birds eye view and the picture of his naked mother was imprinted on his brain.

"mum, do you want a coffee or a nice glass of wine bringing up?" Carl shouted to his mum.

"I shouldn't but a small wine would be nice I'm out now so I will be down in a few minutes. Thank you Carl." Jasmin called back thinking I want you not wine but that was wrong wasn't it?

What an afternoon that was! Carl thought.

The next day Carl and Jasmin went to meet Paul the allotment manager. It was only a short distance so they decided as it was such a lovely day that they would walk.

"Hi, I am Paul, I hope you will accept the plot." He said. thinking to himself what nice sight he would have with those two working on the plot adjacent to his.

"Hi, I am Jasmin and this is my son Carl." Jasmin said with a smile holding out her hand to shake Paul's.

"This is yours." Paul said opening a small gate.

"Oh my!" Exclaimed Jasmin, "I thought it would be an overgrown mess, but it's so tidy and well kept, we will be growing in no time."

"Yes the lady that had it before loved it but due to family commitments had to give it up." Paul replied, looking Jasmin up and down sexy thoughts entering his head. "So what do you say?" Said Paul thinking please say yes.

"Definitely Yes! When can we start?" Jasmin replied like an excited child.

"Now." Paul said delighted they had chosen to say yes. What he would do to get in her knickers, he thought.

Paul handed Jasmin a key.

"Have fun!"

"Thank you, I'm sure we will see a lot more of each other." Jasmin shouted.

I hope so thought Paul, Undressing her in his head.

Jasmin opened the gate and walked in surveying their little plot. Carl made straight for the shed, he hoped it was nice inside. It was beautiful, a real little home from home complete with a sofa. Perfect he thought.

"Mum." Carl shouted, "Come and look at this."

Jasmin walked into the shed.

"Oh gosh it's perfect," she said sitting next to Carl on the settee, gently squeezing his thigh.

"Isn't it lovely Carl?"

"Just what we need mum." Carl said in a slightly sultry voice.

If Carl got his way there was definitely going to be some fun in here.

After returning home they drew a plan of the allotment and started to decide what to grow. Carl really wasn't interested, he just wanted fun in that shed and was hoping the thoughts in his head would get what he most desired.

Carl's desire was his mum! He wanted her in a extremely lustful way. Carl saw Jasmin as a beautiful woman. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous, with big tits and long legs, but he adored her and hopefully she desired him too.

"Carl, I'm going for a bath before I make tea." Jasmin shouted from upstairs.

"Ok mum. I'm going to do some work on my essay for university." Carl replied.

Creeping slowly upstairs, so as not to be heard, Carl could see his mum getting into the bath through the slightly open door. Her arse was sticking up as she lifted a leg over the edge of the bath so Carl caught a glimpse of her lovely tight arse hole and pink hairless pussy. Oh how much Carl wanted to lick that pussy and play with her little rosebud. As Carl watched he was sure his mother held the position a little longer than necessary, did she know he was watching? He crept to his room he desperately needed to jerk off and quickly.

Jasmin grinned a very naughty grin. She knew Carl was watching her so she had lingered letting him have a good look. Was it so wrong for me a mum to show my arse and pussy to my son. Jasmin could feel a sexual desire in the pit of her stomach, the desire was for the handsome young man who just happened to be her son. Gently she began massaging her clit, rubbing in a circular motion. The warm water was an added stimulant lapping against her flesh as she moved her hand. Soon Jasmin was climaxing to an intense orgasm while thinking about Carl's cock he was rubbing yesterday, when she had been watching him. Her orgasm rocked through her body as she relived the sight of Carl's cum shooting out of the end of his gorgeous cock.

Jasmin lay still for a while, her body calming down.

Climbing out of the bath, Jasmin wrapped a towel around her wet body and walked along the landing. As she walked past Carl's room she accidentally, but on purpose, dropped her towel giving him a full view of her naked body. Bending down she picked up her towel as if nothing had happened and walked to her room, smiling to herself.

Carl slid off the bed and marched into his mother's room. Jasmin stood naked by her bed. Carl walked up to his mother, taking her face in his hands, he looked into her eyes and kissed her with such passion. Jasmin kissed him back parting his lips with her tongue. Their tongues exploring each others mouths. Jasmin put her arms around him gently caressing his arse.

Suddenly Carl pulled away and bent his head forward as if he was ashamed.

"Sorry mum, I don't know what came over me." Carl whispered.

"Well I'm not. I haven't been kissed like that for a while, I love you."

"You are a beautiful woman but your my mother!" Carl replied.

His cock began to stir as he realised he was looking at a beautiful naked woman. He had to have her. Reaching out his hand Carl took hold of Jasmine hand and led her the bed. Carl thought she might resist but to his surprise she didn't.

"Mum, I want to have sex with you! Please say yes, or I will just go."

Jasmin said nothing. Letting go of Carl's hand she reached for the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down so he could step out of them releasing his stiff cock.

"Yummy," Jasmin said licking her lips. "May I taste this gorgeous cock first, then you can have your turn."

"You joking? course you can." Carl replied, thrusting his cock forward to his mother.

Jasmin slid off the bed, kneeling in front of Carl she greedily began to devour the long length of his shaft. Jasmin took her time enjoying the taste of her son. She licked the length and flicked her tongue over the very tip. She could feel Carl stiffening and he was groaning loudly.

"Mum if you continue I will come!"

Jasmin glanced up with a wicked look in her eyes and worked harder. Carl put his hands on the back of his mother's head keeping her on his cock. Sure enough he was soon shooting his sticky cum down her throat. Jasmin swallowed taking every drop.

"Carl are you ok?" Jasmin looked at Carl who still had his eyes shut.

"Oh yeah! My God I have never come like that before. Thank you."

"My pleasure! You taste amazing."

Carl opened his eyes and realised his mum was still knelt in front of him. She looked awesome and his young cock began to stir again.

Reaching down he took hold of Jasmin's hands and helped her to stand. Holding her at arms length he looked up and down her body. Stopping at her special areas.

"Fuck mum you are gorgeous!" He said and quickly apologised for his language.

Jasmin leaned forward and kissed Carl, gently caressing his mouth with her tongue. She began rubbing up against him with her body knowing it would get him aroused again. Carl picked his mum up and carried her to the bed, lying her down he started to kiss her all over. Starting at her toes he ran his tongue up the inside of her legs all the to her pussy. Carl could see the glistening wetness there, he could not resist he had to taste this devine woman. Jasmin moaned as her son started to run his tongue around her pussy lips paying special attention to her clit which he nipped with his teeth causing jasmin to gasp.

"Carl I need you inside me, I want you to fill my pussy with your cock and cum for mum," Jasmin cried.

Carl didn't need telling twice, he slid up the bed slid his cock into her pussy. With just one thrust he was in, momentarily Carl didn't move he wanted to savour this moment for ever. It only lasted a second his need to make his mother come was to overpowering. Jasmin wrapped her legs around Carl so he could be deep inside her. Within minutes they were both panting and sweating.

"I'm gonna come Carl, fuck me harder," Jasmin screamed as the throes of her orgasm took over.

Carl felt his mum's pussy tighten around his cock and could not hold on any longer coming long and hard filling her to overflowing.

Rolling off Jasmin, Carl leaned on his elbows and looked loving at his mum as she lay quietly with her eyes closed.

"I love you mum, that was awesome. "

"Amazing. Your so damn hot. I am going to freshen up, then make us some food, I suddenly feel famished."

"That's smells delicious mum," Carl said as he entered the kitchen.

"Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread."

While they ate their meal they discussed plans for the allotment.

"I thought I might go down for a while tomorrow as I am not at university, dig over that first bed and tidy up."

"Ok" Jasmin replied, "I am on a 6 till 2 shift so if you are not here when I get home I will bring you some lunch down."

"Brill thanks."

Jasmin had already gone to work when Carl got up the next morning. It was a beautiful day the sun was shining. Carl grabbed some breakfast, tidied round and got ready.

At 11 o'clock he left for the allotment.

"Morning Carl," Paul shouted as Carl walked onto the site.

"Hi, lovely day, can't wait to get started," Carl replied.

"Don't hesitate to ask if you need anything,"


Carl put his bag in the shed. Smilng to himself he had plans for this shed!!

After a couple of hours digging Carl decided to have a rest in the shed. Carl was daydreaming about his mum and becoming increasingly horny. He quickly checked outside No one else was around. Shutting the door he took out his cock and began stroking it, pulling and getting hard. Jasmin walked through the gate, but could not see Carl. I bet he's asleep in the shed she thought to herself. Creeping up she quietly opened the door. Carl jumped up trying to hide his erection.

"Don't hide it's fine, sit down and I will help you with that." Jasmin said licking her lips and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Turning, she checked No one was around and locked the door.

"Mum, I can explain!"

"Nothing to explain, your horny and I am going to sort you out."

Paul the site manager had been watching from his plot, he knew what went on inside sheds so he crept over to the back of Jasmin' s shed where he had a peep hole praying they wouldn't let him down.

Jasmin removed her knickers and walked over to Carl who lay on the sofa playing with his stiff cock.

"Carl, mum is going to ride you till you come for me, I want to feel you deep inside me."

Striding over she lifted her skirt and climbed on top of Carl positioning his cock at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. Carl groaned loudly as she lowered herself onto him.

Paul could not believe his eyes, not only had he got a full view of Jasmin's shaven pussy but now he was watching her ride that magnificent cock. He pulled his cock out needing to cum himself. It didn't take long for him to cum. It was such a turn on watching these two having sex in the shed. When he has finally stopped shooting cum all over, he slipped away.

Jasmin rocked and rode Carl till they both erupted with a mind blowing orgasm.

"That was fun," Jasmin said climbing off Carl, "I think this gardening will be fun."

They both tidied themselves up and Jasmin started to sort the lunch out she had brought.

Carl opened the shed door and noticed Paul on his plot .

"Hi Paul, lovely day for it!" Carl shouted.

"Certainly is!" Paul replied and winked at Carl.

"Thank you mum, this allotment certainly was a good idea."

To be continued. All comments appreciated, thank you enjoy.

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