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Fun on the Beach


Hello to everyone who enjoys our stories.

Steve and I had an interesting email with a rather good comment that indicates some readers are interpreting our sex life in a different way to how things are in real life.

This might be the reason behind some of the recent nasty comments.

To quote:

...Well skimming through your stories it seems you and your partner are swingers and it also
seems that you both have sex with each other and others many times, although if
the stories on LIT are true then you tend to have sex more than Steve...

It is not that I have sex more than Steve, but it is that we write about more of my adventures because the stories that are about Steve do not get any / very little feedback, therefore we submit what seems to be popular.

You are right that Steve and I 'both have sex with each other many times' and we are lucky to be as compatible as we both have a very high sex drive. But please remember that the stories are set months or sometimes years apart, they are not a daily or even monthly occurrence even if they read that way. We have only just started writing and are relating stories from a long relationship.

The other thing I would like to point out is that we don't organise things or go out of our way to have these experiences therefore I would not say we are swingers as such...it is always a case of... if the situation is right for a little excitement....go for it!

After receiving the email Steve and I read through the stories that we have submitted. When we came to the story 'first time exhibitionist' Steve read out one of the paragraphs.

The closest we have been to our fantasies was on holiday. With much persuasion Jules had gone topless on the beach, the sight of her perfectly-formed 36c breasts glistening with sun cream and exposed for the first time had me semi hard.

When she turned onto her stomach I thought she might have become embarrassed by some of the looks she was getting but this was far from true. Reaching back she untied the thin straps of her bikini bottoms pulled the material away from her buttocks and handed them to me because, 'she did not want tanned legs and a white ass.'

Although she kept her legs squeezed tight I was rock hard knowing if she opened them just a little anyone passing by might get a glimpse of her pussy.

As it was her bare bum was attracted a lot of attention.

When it was time to back to the hotel she put on the bikini top, pulled her pale blue sarong around her waist, but left the bikini bottoms off.

As we walked back the sun shone through the loose material making it partially transparent, the slight breeze caused it to cling to her thighs, outlining the shape of her mound so that she might as well have been naked.

There were many guys doing a double take wondering what they had actually seen. Jules had another surprise for me though; when the elevator reached our floor she stepped out, grinned over her shoulder at me, took off the bikini top and dropped the sarong walking along the corridor to our room absolutely naked.


"That was some time ago, I can't believe that I did it" I laughed.

"The month after 'first time exhibitionist' you gave a repeat performance and more when we were on holiday" Steve said. "After your little private party with Terry, Jake and Brendan you were like a different woman."

I nuzzled against Steve and squeezed his cock through his jeans.

"Are you complaining?"

He laughed, "What do you think? I'm just saying that you were a little more confident sexually and that holiday was the first opportunity for you to have a little more fun and explore your exhibitionist side."

Giving his cock one last squeeze I said "Go and find the photos."


We had both been owed a weeks leave from work and on the spur of the moment decided to book a holiday via the internet. Jules wanted somewhere warm with a relaxing beach and decent restaurants and after browsing several sites the Canaries seemed to be the answer, within the week we were booking into the hotel.

Despite her initial prudishness at the start of our last holiday Jules was now quite happy sunbathing topless, although she was still a little shy of wearing skimpy bikini bottoms. Despite this she was getting a fair amount of attention from guys walking past and although I could see that she was enjoying it when I asked her she said that they were just perverts.

Two guys, looking to be about early twenties, who had been sitting a little way off to Jules left suddenly picked up their stuff wandered over and put their towels down just in front of us, lying down on their stomachs facing Jules.

As it was off season there was plenty of space on the beach and Jules nodded towards them whispering.

"What do you think they are they up to?"

They lay with their chins resting on their forearms; both of them wore sun glasses in what I guessed was an attempt to disguise where they were looking.

A few more minutes past and neither of them had moved, I said to Jules.

"Don't get upset but I think they were ogling your tits before and have moved closer to see what else might be on view."

Jules immediately closed her legs and sat up

Neither guy moved, perhaps not wanting to give it away that they had been staring at her crotch.

I said. "Sorry Jules but there aren't many topless women on the beach; you can't blame them for looking."

She hesitated for a moment then grinned.

"Shall I give them something to look at?"

My mouth went dry. "What like?" I asked.

"Not too much, just a little camel toe." She whispered.

She was wearing a little pair of pale green bikini bottoms and as she lay back she adjusted them tugging the waist band so that the outline of her mound was clearly visible, just giving the slightest indication of what her pussy looked like.

One of the guys forgot himself and actually lifted up his shades to get a better look. She lay there for a second or two then whispered to me "Are they looking?"

I said that they were.

Jules opened her legs a little and slowly stroked a finger over her panties in an erotic fashion. Both of the guys seemed to be grinding their hips slightly as they watched her little display, they were both openly staring as she caressed the material between her legs. I could tell by the way that her nipples stood out that she was as turned on as they were but all too soon she closed her legs bringing an end to the show, pulled her t shirt on and turned onto her stomach to prevent any further viewing.

Later on that evening over a meal I joked with Jules about her little show.

"Did I go too far?" She asked.

"Not at all, it really turned me on seeing you teasing perfect strangers." I said.

She was quiet for a moment then said that she was turned on too.

"I was going to be very naughty and ask them to rub sun cream on my tits." She said. "But I thought that was going too far."

I laughed "As if it would have been any more shocking than touching your pussy... even though it was only over your bikini bottoms." I added.

"Anyway they might not have come over because we were together." she said.

"How about tomorrow we sit apart on the beach and see what happens?"

Jules gave it a moments thought then said. "Ok."

The next day on the beach I hired a lounger so that I would be sat slightly higher up than Jules, looking down on her. I had a good view as she sat on a towel and removed her bikini top exposing her firm breasts. As usual she had worn a sarong to walk down to the beach; reaching to one side she untied it, slipped the material from around her waist and lay back stretching out.

It took me a moment to realise that she was wearing a tiny thong bikini.

She caught my eye and smiled.

Although she was more confident in herself the new bikini was quite out of character. She lay on her back legs slightly parted, reading a book. A couple passed in front of us and both looked down at Jules, the guy said something to his girl and patted her bum making her giggle and they both glanced back giving Jules an appreciative look.

It was mid afternoon and the beach was pretty by the time the two guys from the day before came past and spotted Jules seemingly sitting on her own. They headed her way and even though they glanced at me I guessed that they had taken no notice of as I was sitting on the lounger a little away from Jules, besides they probably didn't recognise me from yesterday as their attention had been focused elsewhere.

They stopped right by Jules and this time made no attempt to be discreet as they set up their towels, openly gazing at Jules semi naked body. I could tell from the way her tongue darted out over her lower lip that she was nervous but she made no attempt to cover up, instead she shuffled her bottom, scooting down a little which caused the bikini to ride up between her legs so that the edges of her mound were now clearly visible.

Jules always waxes her pussy smooth so there was nothing to hide the sight of the delicate pink skin poking out from the flimsy material.

Jules had been wearing her old bikini while using a sun bed prior to our holiday in an attempt to be 'tanned for the beach' but as her new bikini was a lot smaller the little peek of pussy was highlighted by the lighter skin tone.

Both guys had stopped talking and were staring down at her opened mouthed.

I thought that this would be her little tease for today and she would cover up the same way she had the previous day, but Jules surprised me by making no attempt to bring her legs together letting the men take a good long look.

One of them said something and Jules sat up, put her book to one side and started politely chatting. Taking this an invitation they both sat at the edge of her towel.

She had brought her knees together as she sat up and I could see the disappointment on their faces as her thighs obscured the view of her scantily clad pussy, although it didn't stop them from openly ogling her boobs.

I sat there with my heart pounding and wondering what she would do next.

s they chatted one of the guys shifted position and I could see that there was a slight bulge in his shorts, Jules gazed shifted to his crotch and I could see that she was turned on just knowing that her semi naked body was exciting them.

It was also having an effect on Jules confidence, as she laughed at something they said she flirted a little leaning closer and very briefly touching an arm or a leg.

She sometimes gets very tactile when she has had a few drinks but I had never seen her behave this way sober.
Jules knelt up and reached past one of the guys to her bag, resting her hand on his knee for balance. He seemed to jump a little as one of her breasts very gently brushed against his arm then grinned at his mate who gave him a thumb's up.

She retrieved a bottle of lotion then held it out to the guys saying.

"Would you mind rubbing some sun cream on my back?"

They both shot a quick look over to where I was sitting and Jules giggled. "Oh don't mind him; he won't mind if we have a little fun, anyway it's only sun cream."

They both tried to grab the bottle before the other could get to it.

Jules pulled it out of their reach and said.

"There's no need to be like that, you can do half my back each."

My cock was twitching as she lay on her front. As this was the first time she had worn such a skimpy bikini bottoms I don't think that she realised just how much she was showing, it lay neatly along the crack of her ass and disappeared between her buttocks. At the bottom curve of cheeks her pussy was just peeking out from between her legs; the string nestled neatly along her slit.

She might as well have been naked.

Slowly the guys dribbled some of the lotion over Jules, the cool liquid making her shudder. They then took turns to massage it into her shoulders and back, she moaned and shifted a little as one of them rubbed the lotion along her side, his fingers brushing the curve of her breast.

Neither of them had been able to take their eyes off the little bit of her pussy just visible between her thighs.

Gaining confidence they worked the lotion up and down her body and with each stroke they got closer to her firm buttocks, stopping just short of touching them.

Sensing what they were being cautious Jules lifted her head and said.

"Don't be shy that needs doing too I don't want a red ass."

They glanced over at me, I shrugged. "It's what the lady wants." I said.

With that they moved so that they were either side of Jules hips and started to apply the lotion to her cheeks rubbing it in with light movements.

As they became more confident they started to apply a little more pressure slyly exposing a little more of her pussy by pushing her buttocks up and out causing the soft outer lips to part a little and pull away from the string bikini, giving a brief flash of the pink inner flesh of her vagina.

She must have known what they were doing but let them carry on for a while before saying. "I think you should do my legs now."

They reluctantly moved down and started to apply lotion to her calves working up along the back of her legs until they got to her thighs, still grabbing a sneaky look at her shaven pussy peeking out either side of the bikini.

As they worked back up towards her buttocks both of them were struggling to hide erections that were beginning to tent the front of their shorts.

Jules was very quietly moaning in pleasure as they started to massage the lotion into the back of her thighs and up over her buttocks.

As they got to the top of her legs one of them poured more lotion into his hand, paused for a second and then gently pushed a finger down along the curve of her buttock and down between her thighs.

Jules moved slightly, allowing him to run his hand back and forth, but still kept her legs closed, even so his hand was very close to her pussy.

As they dribbled some more lotion Jules opened her legs just a touch, allowing them access to the soft skin of her inner thighs.

They ran their hands slowly up and down caressing the soft skin stopping just before they touched her smooth mound.

The manipulation of her buttocks had caused the string of her bikini to work its way up so that it had all but disappeared between her legs.

My heart jumped as Jules parted her thighs, reached underneath her own body and manipulated the string, applying pressure with her finger tips so that it sank between her lips exposing her smooth slit to the guys.

Neither of them made a move to touch her, they just knelt there dumbstruck staring at her pussy until Jules turned on her side and said.

"Don't you want to finish putting lotion on me?"

Still neither of them moved.

"Go on what are you waiting for? You can touch as much as you like, just don't put your fingers in." Jules said, giving them permission.

After what seemed like ages one of them reached forward and tipped the bottle allowing the lotion to drizzle across the curve of her buttocks, watching as it ran down between her legs and over her smooth mound.

The cool lotion slowly trickled across Jules pussy, causing her to take a sharp breath.

Hesitantly they brushed their hands over my wife's buttocks coating their fingers in the lotion moving down over the soft curve of her cheeks then stroking along her inner thigh slowly inching along until their finger tips brushed along the edge of her pussy.

Jules sighed and moved her legs further apart allowing both of them touch her at the same time. At first they ran their hands back and forth, just brushing the soft crease where thigh and mound meet, they still seemed a little bit nervous, glancing up to check out the beach now again and perhaps not quite believing their luck.

I could tell from way Jules was breathing and a little twitch in her thigh that she was more than enjoying the attention and was nearing the point where all her focus would be on reaching orgasm.

I wondered how much further she would go to get there.

The two guys were getting much braver and were taking turns to run their fingers over her pussy where the string of her bikini disappeared, a little bit of moist labia just poking out from her damp slit as Jules became more and more aroused.

She twitched and gasped as they tickled their fingers over the tender flesh, stroking slowly at first but with an increasing urgency as Jules became more excited, their fingers soaked in her juices.

Both guys took their hands away as Jules suddenly shifted position raising her hips so that she could reach under herself, they watched expectantly as she touched a finger to her pussy, dipped the tip of it between her lips then slid it slowly along the length of her slit pulling the damp bikini away from her slick labia.

It stuck to her tugging the puffy lips of her vagina, using two fingers she parted her pussy lips slightly, opening herself up to the penetrating gaze of the two guys watching in a hushed silence as she displayed herself.

Gently she moved her hand down under her body, from the way her buttocks tensed I knew instantly that she had pressed a finger to her clit and from the way her arm was moving that she would be rubbing it in slow, gentle circular motions.

She let out a little murmur.
As Jules lay back down on the towel they both reached out to touch her again.

I shifted so that I could look down on the smooth cheeks of her ass and the slick wetness of her damp pussy, watching expectantly as one of the guys ran his hand along her slit, taking the slick labia between his fingers and rubbing gently while the other guy massaged her buttocks moving them outwards so that her pussy lips parted with a damp sound.

As they switched places he ran his hand over her cheeks and pushed her buttocks out opening her pussy up and exposing the pink depths, little bubbles of juice could been seen at her wet entrance as we all gazed between her legs.

Jules was moving her own hand at more frantic pace gasping words of encouragement as the guys took turns stroking their fingers over the length of her wet pussy from the top down to the bottom and back again, harder and more insistent as they tried to match her growing desire.

Caught up in her need to cum Jules started to rock her hips back and forth, pushing back against their hands the increased pressure and the slick wetness between her legs causing a finger to slip between her lips.

Both Jules and the guy froze for a moment "Accident, sorry." He said panicking; a little afraid he might have spoilt things.

As he started to move his hand away Jules said. "No, leave it there."

He hesitated at first until she rocked her hips back at him.

"Its ok I need to feel something inside me."

He gently held two fingers to her pussy then worked one of them between her lips adding pressure until it sank past the sopping string of her bikini and into her depths.

As soon as her swollen lips had closed over it he pulled it back and added the other finger, working them in and out.

Both of them watched fascinated as her tight pussy close over them then the way her delicate lips were tugged back, gripping him as he pulled his fingers almost all of the way out, before pushing them slowly back in, her wetness coating his hand.

Jules was starting to shudder and I new she couldn't hold back any longer.

She pushed herself up onto her hands and knees arching her back and pushing her ass out offering herself to be pleasured, working her hips back and forth in time with their movements as they took turns to finger her.

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