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Fun on the Bed


I opened the door to the bed room and shuffled in. Instinctively I moved towards the right side of the room where I normally slept and started taking my watch off my left hand and placed it on the bed side table. I then clasped the pillow underneath the bed cover, moving it on top of the bed and turning it so that it was standing upright to act as support against the bed head rest. I faced away from the bed towards the bed room window and the chair next to it and then took of my jumper and jeans and placed them on the chair. After doing this I took off my socks and then sat against the bed head rest on the right side of the bed in my grey boxer shorts and white bed time tshirt.

I had heard Leroy changing on the other side of the bedroom as I was getting changed and he joined me on the bed, with him sitting on the left side sitting next to the headrest. He was only wearing his black boxer shorts and I could see his clothes lying on the chair at the other side of my bed room. There was a gap of a foot or so between us on the bed. Leroy just stared towards the door of the bedroom. I felt too awkward to make any conversation and looked towards the door too which was at the front of the bed but towards the left side.

Looking towards the door I could see Leroy's body out the corner of my eye, it was dark as coal but slim. His body was hairless and I could faintly see his abs outlined on his chest. He was not muscly or particularly built but I guessed that he must have a low body fat to see the abs outline. I felt a bit awkward to be wearing a t shirt whilst he was topless but, being a typical indian make in my mid 30's, my body was slightly hairy and the thin layer of fat on my stomach meant my abs couldn't be seen.

I suppose I was slightly chubby. Yes, I went to the gym and tried to eat healthily but the indian diet was full of carbs and no matter how much I trained I struggled to get chiselled. I wondered whether Leroy went to the gym as I looked at his abs.

The door opened and Rita walked into the room. My wife was barefoot and wearing a pink camisole and pink panties. She was slim, a size 8 or so, with B cup breasts. Her breasts looked soft in her top and I guessed she was not wearing a bra. Her black hair was just touching her shoulder, parted in the middle of her head and behind her ears. Her dark black hair looked amazing, contrasting against her beige skin.

I saw Leroy grinned as Rita shuffled into the middle of the room and I saw rita briefly blush and smile. Leroy's smile was a flash of white in an otherwise dark face. Rita put a knee on the edge of the bed and started crawling towards middle of the bed or more specifically the section of the headrest between me and Leroy. Me and Leroy backed away from each other widening the gap between us at the headrest slightly.

Reaching the headrest, rita turned around facing the door and sat back resting her head against the bed headrest and sitting between me and Leroy. The sight on the bed at that moment was of three people sitting upright - a slim hairless black man on the far left in just black boxers, my slim beige skinned indian wife in the middle in her pink camisole and pink panties, and me a relatively slim but slightly chubby classically brown indian guy in a white t-shirt and boxers.

Rita turned first towards Leroy and then after a moment she turned towards me. I was admiring her body which looked really sexy in her night clothes. Her legs looked so beautiful with the hairless beige skin. Rita looked at me and smiled. I couldn't see Leroy behind her as her head and body was blocking him sitting upright on the other side of the bed. Rita pursed her lips which I always took to mean that she wanted a kiss so I moved my head towards her.

I moved my right hand up towards the left side of Rita's face and brushed her hair behind her ears and kissed her. I loved kissing my wife and it always got me excited. I kissed her thin lips once, then twice, then three times and I gently stroked her face. Rita kissed me back and I felt my cock begin to stir in my pants as I got more excited.

As I kissed Rita I could sense her getting excited by her breathing increasing. Out the corner of my eye I realised that I could sense movement. I continued to stroke Rita's face and looked down towards Rita's chest. Just then I saw that Rita's pink camisole was bunched above her breasts exposing them. A black hand was squeezing the beige breast closest to me and playing with the dark nipple.

I felt slightly annoyed that my access to Rita's breast was blocked at this moment as my normal movement after kissing her was to play with my wife's breasts. Though her breasts were not big, they were sensitive and touching them always turned her on and excited her like crazy. I was also slightly annoyed that the touching of rita's breasts was slightly harsher and more aggressive than how I would touch her. I was concerned that she was being hurt but Rita did not protest. Instead, Rita pursed her lips towards me and made kissing sounds - this always meant she wanted me to kiss her a bit harder.

I began resuming my kissing of Rita and gently stroking her face and neck. I was enjoying the soft feel of her lips against mine. My right hand wandered towards her right leg which was close to me and I began to gently stroke her thigh and knee feeling her sensual skin. After a few moments, I felt Rita's mouth open and her small tongue brush against my lips. I instinctively opened my lips to let her tongue in and moved my tongue to touch hers. We began to French kiss. Rita's really enjoyed Frenching it and it was a sign that she was getting excited.

Being so close to Rita, I could hear her breathing was getting quicker indicating that she was getting more and more excited. She also began to gently squirm next to me. I felt slightly proud that the kisses I was giving her and my leg stroking was turning her on so much when I again noticed some movement on the periphery of my vision.

In between giving Rita a kiss I took the opportunity to glance down her body. My eyes roamed slowly down her pretty face, her long delicate neck, over her bunched up pink camisole and those soft breasts and dark nipples. As my gaze moved to my wife's slim fatless stomach I saw a dark shape blocking my view - it was Leroy's dark left arm covering a side of Rita's stomach.

I followed Leroy's arm downwards and could see that the hand and fingers were over Rita's crotch area. Rita's pretty pink panties were still on but I could see Leroy's dark left hand had infiltrated into that area. Through the pantie material I could not make out exactly what he was dong but I could see his arm move and Rita squirming in time with the movements. It felt odd to see that dark arm covering my wife's beige skin.

I stopped looking at my wife's pantie area and continued focusing on kissing her, sucking on her tongue and stroking her gentle face. I sucked on her lips and rubbed the back of her ears. The skin on her face was slightly red due to how excited she was.

Rita then stopped kissing me and turned her head to the left so she was looking towards the end of the bed. She made a small moan and I saw her face contort as if she was in discomfort. I turned my head to the right and followed the direction she was looking in. I saw that Leroy had moved to the middle of the bed.

Leroy was upright on his knees on the middle of the bed. His boxers had been discarded and he was completely naked. His left hand was on Rita's right thigh and his right hand was holding his cock. I saw the base of his cock was hairless and he had a relatively long cock. It must have been around 7", beating me by 2-3 inches. It was also slightly thicker than mine. It was dark black in colour, the same colour as Leroy's body, although the head was slightly lighter - a purple shade. It looked aggressive standing there erect.

I noticed that Rita's panties were no longer on and her sex was exposed. Her skin was beige in colour and there was a fine black triangle above her sex. Her brown pussy lips were visible below her triangle and I had never before seen them so exposed and open. They seemed to glisten in the light of the bedroom.

I could see Leroy rubbing his long cock against Rita's pussy lips. The wetness of her pussy was making the head of Leroy's cock glisten as he did so. Rita was grimacing slightly. His cock was longer than mine and bigger than she was normally used to. Occasionally Leroy would press his cock on Rita's mound, when he did I could see that his cock almost reached to Rita's belly button. I wandered how that thing would fit inside my wife.

Leroy continued to rub his cock against my wife's pussy mound and over the lips. He seemed to be teasing my wife with his cock. When I looked at Leroy properly I thought his cock was slightly out of proportion to his body size, it should have been smaller than it was - it was almost too long for him.

I could see, as Leroy continued to rub himself over my wife, that slowly Leroy's cock started to disappear into Rita's pussy. Her pussy seemed to stretch slightly to accommodate his long cock. The sight of those brown lips parting to accommodate a dark coal shaft was sexy. If my wife was white as opposed to indian the contrast in skin colour would have been even more startling.

There was a moment of when the two of them stopped moving before Leroy seemed to move his hips forward more vigorously. The head of Leroy's cock was now fully in Rita. Leroy began slowly moving the head in and out. Leroy seemed to be concentrating quite hard on this and he was staring intently as his cock and the mound he was fucking. Rita's face continued to show the grimacing expression.

Rita's left hand was touching Leroy's abs as he thrust in and out of her. Her left hand was surprisingly on the section between her stomach and leg. The way her hand was positioned made it look to me as if she was trying to stretch the skin by her mound, as if she was trying to open herself as wide as possible for Leroy.

After a few moments, I saw Leroy shift his position slightly so that his knees were further back on the bed and his body was slightly higher. He moved the knuckles of his hands either side of my wife's stomach so they rested on the bed. He then began to move not just the head of his cock but the shaft in and out of Rita.

Rita's squirming increased as Leroy did this as did her breathing. Her body was moving quite a lot on the bed as Leroy began to really give it to her. On Leroy's backstroke I could see the full length of his cock glistening and I could not fathom how he was fitting that into my wife. Even more extroadinary I could not understand how Rita was taking it all.

After a few moments, the two began to find a rhythm of Leroy pushing in and out of Rita and Rita timing her squirm back and forward to match him. A gentle thump thump could be heard in the room. It was a strange sight-seeing the two of them pulling their crotches away from each other before crashing them together with force, When their crotches touched they were both making gentle grunts.

I guessed that Rita was becoming accustomed to Leroy's movements as she turned from looking at him and focused on me. She pursed her lips again and made a kissing sound. I took this as my queue to move towards her and gently kiss her mouth. In between our kisses I could hear her make gentle grunt noises as Leroy's cock moved in and out of her.

I felt Rita's tongue pressing against my lips as I kissed her and I opened my mouth to accommodate her. All the while I could feel her body moving back on the bed and then thrusting towards Leroy. As Rita thrust with her crotch I felt her tongue thrust into my mouth. It was if she was screwing me and Leroy rather than being screwed by us. I marvelled at how my shy indian wife was trying to take control of the situation.

As I kissed Rita I felt a presence next to me. I turned my head to the side and could see Leroy's shoulder next to me. He had moved up on the bed so that his body was lying pressed on top of Rita's with his head over her left shoulder. Rita was underneath Leroy on the bed in the missionary position. As I glanced down the bed I could see Rita's soft beige legs were each dangling over Leroy's dark legs. I could see Leroy's bum move up and down as he thrust in and out of Rita with increasing speed and power.

I was slightly concerned at the aggressiveness of Leroy with Rita. He had a long cock and he may have been hurting my wife with the speed of his thrusts. Rita had her eyes closed half closed and her face made an expression with every thrust. I could not tell, however, whether this was pleasure or pain.

As I looked down Rita's body I could see that her breasts were squashed up against Leroy's slim chest. My wife's flat beige stomach was pressed against his abs. The neat triangle above Rita's mound was brushing against Leroy's hairless pubes. My wife's legs were spread and hooked over Leroy's thighs. I couldn't help thinking of the view anyone would get if they walked into the room and saw my beige skinny wife's legs spread and a man, a black man, thrusting powerfully into her warm pussy.

With every thrust I felt the bed shake. With every stroke the bed shook faster and faster. When he started the thrusting was slow and deliberate but it had spread up. He was like a jack hammer and seemed to be trying to drill a hole into my bed, through my wife, with his big black cock.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum," Leroy said as he thrust down with even more force than previously. I thought my wife might ask him to pull out before he came but, if anything, her legs seemed to wrap around the black man even tighter than previously.

I saw Leroy thrust, his deepest thrust yet, and then hold the position. He then said "ugh...ugh...ugh."

Rita still had her eyes half-closed and her expression did not change as Leroy came. It occurred to me that Leroy had just came in my wife - that this black man had just washed my wife's insides with his cum. I did wonder about the time it must take his sperm to travel from his balls to cock tip giving the length of his manhood.

I did not have time to dwell on the matter as Leroy then raised his head. He grinned and then slowly raised his body from off my wife until he was upright on his knees. His hips rocked back and his long black cock slowly exited Rita - this seemed to take an eternity as more and more black cock seemed to reveal itself from inside my wife.

Leroy's cock was still impressively long but it was not as hard as previously. I was surprised it was still slightly hard given he had just came! His black cock was also quite messy with white splotches on it. This showed up quite proudly against his dark.

"Shit," Leroy said as the head of his cock left my wife's pussy. He turned and then got up off the bed and moved to the side by his clothes.

The action had got me excited and I saw that Rita's eyes were now open. She had been watching Leroy's cock exited her and her eyes seemed to follow it as he got up off the bed. My wife must have sensed me looking at her as it was only after a moment that she turned to look at me. She gave me a slight smile which reassured me that she was ok. I wanted some release so I quickly took off my boxers and moved down the bed between Rita's legs. I felt a bit embarrassed so did not remove my t-shirt.

Rita's brown pussy lips looked puffy which was understandable given how aggressive Leroy had been with her. As I moved my cock towards her mound, I noticed feint white stains on the brown lips. There was also a translucent white blob at the bottom of the entrance to her pussy. It was very slowly spilling out the brown lips and I could see a feint trickle onto the bed cover. I hesitated slightly realising that this was Leroy's semen I would be brushing against but my cock was hard and I was too excited to take a break to wipe my wife's pussy before I entered her.

My cock was around 5" long and brown. The head was a light purple and I had black curly pubes at the base of the cock. Whilst my cock was not the longest, it was reasonably thick and I had never had any complaints when using it. I pushed into my wife and felt only a slight resistance. The pussy felt slippery and warm. Rita showed me a small smile as the head of my cock entered her. I then began slowly pulling out until all the head was out and then pushing back in.

I focused on Rita's mound and my cock's movement back and forth in her. It felt fantastic. The pussy was the wettest I had ever felt it though I realised later that this may have been due to Leroy's juice rather than my vigorous thrusting turning my wife on. My movements made a thuck thuck sound as I enjoyed my wife's warm pussy. Over time, I began to ease more and more of my cock into Rita until I was fully inside her.

I looked up the bed towards and Rita and was surprised to see that Leroy had moved to the right hand side of the bed with one knee up on the bed. His dark cock was sticking out towards my wife. Rita had her head turned towards him. Her mouth was open and she was gently sucking on the purple head of Leroy's cock. Leroy was looking down at her and gently moaning as his cock was sucked.

This sight shocked me for a number of reasons - my wife had never been fond of oral sex, she had refused it when we first got married and I had grown to never try and bring it up as it would cause an argument. Leroy had just came and his cock was messy, I realised that Rita was most probably tasting Leroy's cum which disturbed me as this was completely against my wife's thoughts that oral sex was nasty and disgusting. Indeed, Rita was not only sucking Leroy's cock but she did not look disgusted. Her face was passive and she was concentrating. With every movement of Rita's head, Leroy's cock seemed to grow slightly harder.

"Fuck her, man," Leroy said to me as he saw me looking at his cock.

The sight of that long aggressive black cock entering my wife's pretty mouth made my cock even harder and I increased the speed at which I was thrusting in and out of her. With all the previous action and the incredible wetness of the pussy I knew I wouldn't last long and I felt the cum rising in my balls. I could have held back and carried on for a longer time but I was so excited I wanted release. I let myself go and grunted as I shot my load into my wife.

Exhausted, I pulled my cock out of my wife and got up off the bed. As I did this I noticed Rita's legs move together and her body shift to the left side of the bed where Leroy was. Her body was position was as if she was cradling Leroy who was on his knees. The intensity with which she was sucking his cock seemed to increase and she moved her delicate right hand to the base of his shaft and began stroking him in time to her sucks. I saw this as I went to the door and then into the bathroom where I cleaned my cock.

After a few moments my cock was clean and I made my way back to the bedroom. On the way to my bedroom I strangely heard creaking and moaning. I opened the door and the sight surprised me. Leroy's back was towards me and he was upright on his knees in the middle of the bed thrusting his bum back and forward powerfully.

As I crept into the room I saw that Rita's ass was connected to Leroy's cock and she was facing the bed headboard - Leroy was having sex with my wife in the doggystyle position. Leroy's left hand was on my wife's hip and his right was feeling her breasts.

I was struggling to understand how Leroy still had the stamina to have sex. He was pounding for all he was worth and I could hear Rita moaning as he did so. Indeed I did not understand how my wife could take that long black dick again. Her pussy already looked sore when I had been with her. If anything, my wife had found a second wind as she was thrusting back with even more force than she did the first time they had sex.

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