tagLoving WivesFun on the Nudist Beach

Fun on the Nudist Beach


My wife Helen and I went to a friend's apartment near Malaga for 7 days two weeks ago. Helen has a 34C-24-34 figure and has a fully shaven pussy and in good shape. We were told about a nude beach at Cabopino about 4 miles from the apartment.

Helen has always been a bit reluctant to get her kit off, but I managed to persuade her to give the nudist beach a try and on the 2nd day on the beach we managed to find an empty area in the dunes just raised off the beach.

About 10 foot away from us were another couple sunbathing nude. We stripped off and laid down on our towels. After 1/2 an hour I got up to turn over and noticed the other couple. She had her legs splayed wide apart facing us and her partner was rubbing her naked clit.

I also saw a couple of blokes standing behind their dune watching the couple, who were obviously putting on a show. The 2 blokes were wanking their pricks. I continued to watch giving Helen a running commentary. Then a bloke walked up to them and spoke in Spanish to them. The bloke stopped rubbing the women's clit and spoke in English to the Spanish bloke. The woman sat up and all three chatted.

The two blokes who were wanking left. After about 15 minutes the Spanish bloke stripped off, when he was naked I told Helen to have a peep at his 10 inch flaccid prick. She got up, looked and then laid back down. The Spanish bloke then laid on his back and the woman started to give him a hand job, while he massaged her breasts.

She then knelt over him and started to give a blow job to his 13 inch erect prick, while her partner was fingering her from behind. Her partner then knelt behind her and started to fuck her doggystyle.

I told Helen to have a another look. She then knelt up and could not believe her eyes, this time she remained watching with me, by now my prick was at its erect 7 inches. I could tell that Helen was enjoying the show as her nipples were hardening and her pussy was swelling.

There were also 3 blokes in the next dune watching and wanking their pricks. The woman was moaning and becoming quite loud, drawing attention to other passer-by's who were all stopping to have a quick look. The Spanish male started to moan and his body bucked as he came in her mouth and then her partner withdrew his prick and came over her back.

I was wanking and turned to Helen and shot my load over her tits. We had a great fuck that night on the apartment balcony. The next day when we arrived at the same dune, Helen stripped off and was sunbathing with her legs apart, showing the world her shaven pussy. She had said to me that she would not publicly fuck but wanted to see how many men would look at her and have a wank

In 1/2 an hour a young Spanish bloke aged about 20 yrs plonked his towel down about 5 foot away from us. His head was level with Helen's pussy, he immediately started playing with himself. He got his prick to an erect 8 inches. I was giving Helen a commentary what he was doing. She then sat up. still with her legs apart. She the sprayed suntan oil on her boobs and pussy and rubbed it in. Once she was rubbing her pussy, the bloke shot his load into the air and into the sand. He then got up and left.

During the afternoon 3 more blokes were treated to the same little show by Helen and 2 wanked off in front of her. The third was quite brave and laid about 2 foot from Helen, offering his prick to her. She put her hand out and he positioned himself so that his prick was in her hand.

She then clasped it and looked at me. I nodded and she started to wank him. She then knelt up and continued to wank him, he then shot his load up in the air and it landed in the sand about 3 foot in front of him and Helen. This was the first time Helen had wanked another male since we were married. None of the blokes had pricks bigger than 8 inches.

I was just amazed with Helen, and that night I had another fantastic fuck with her. After climaxing she told me she would go a bit further with her sexual teasing the next day. On the third day Helen repeated her thing, laying there with her pussy exposed, when the Spanish bloke from the first day came up to us. He spoke a little English and asked Helen if she wanted to see his big prick. She said " Si, Si".

He then stripped off and stood in front of her. She was sitting up with her legs drawn up but still spread apart exposing her pussy. He stood in between her legs, his prick about 6 inches from her face. He told her to touch it.

She then took hold of it in one hand and cupped his balls with the other. I then told her to give it a wank, she looked at me and I nodded approval. She then started to give him a wank, when he was semi erect she stood up beside him and then started to use both hands to wank his prick and massage his balls.

By this time 2 blokes had appeared and were watching the action. Helen then told the guy to lay down and gave him a blow job. I started to rub her exposed pussy from behind, she started to moan with pleasure.

She then raised her head and said to me, "I got to have that fucking thing up my cunt"

I was shocked I had never heard Helen talk like that, but was so excited I said, "Fuck him".

She got up and straddled him, lowering herself onto his prick and started to ride it. After 5 minutes Helen had come twice, when the bloke slapped her thigh. She got off and he got up and went to his shorts and produced a condom.

Helen unwrapped it and rolled it on to his inch prick. She then laid on her back with her legs apart. The Spanish bloke then re entered her and pumped away. She pulled me over and took my prick into her mouth, I lasted about 1 minute before I came in her mouth. I pulled away and beckoned the 2 naked males who were busy wanking to come and touch Helen's tits.

She was moaning away as the Spanish bloke slid his prick in and out. He brought her to another climax. The other two were either side of Helen playing with her tits and wanking furiously. One then came over her face. The Spanish bloke then withdrew and told Helen to turn over. He then fucked doggystyle.

The other male who had not come then positioned himself in front of Helen so she could suck him. He lasted about 1 minute , withdrew and came over her face just as the spanish bloke bucked and came in Helen.

We did not go to the beach the next day as Helen was a bit sore. On our last day, we got to the beach at about 10am and left at 6pm. Helen was fucked by me, fucked missionary style by 2 blokes, fucked doggystyle by 1 bloke, she gave 2 blowjobs to completion in her mouth and brought 2 blokes off by hand. There numerous blokes standing around who just wanked themselves off. We have booked the apartment for 2 weeks next June.

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