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Fun on Vacation


The last story I wrote under the name easysex and was called "Sharing a blow job". It described our first venture into swinging. My wife Karen and I had been invited to a "shared sex" party.

That was a year or so ago and I never did tell the rest of that wild night. But this story happened just last spring,

We had booked in at a tropical resort and spent the first day adjusting to the change in time and climate, while exploring the many activities offered. We had agreed to try our shared sex activities at this resort and figured that the resort's night club would be a good place to start.

Karen is such a beauty. Tall and slender with nice tits, not large but perfect and pointed. She has a really nice ass and her long legs just by themselves excite sexual excitement in most men.

When we party, she dresses to tease and seduce and this evening was no exception. She was lovely and sexy in a short topless black dress and high heeled sandals, no stockings,

The place had a reputation as a singles resort and while there were a lot of couples in evidence the crowd was obviously mostly singles of both sexes.

Karen and I chose a table with a good view of the bar and ordered a light supper and some wine. Between courses we danced and Karen attracted a lot of attention. She's naturally graceful and a good dancer.

After we'd eaten I ordered cognac and then excused myself to use the men's room. We'd agreed that I would take my time and give Karen a chance to make contact. And of course she did.

When I returned it was to an empty table. The cognac had been served but hers was not touched. I sat and perused the crowded dance floor and sure enough there she was with a tall good looking young guy. When the dance finished he escorted her back to our table and asked if she would dance with him again before the night was over. She smiled and said of course.

"Dave, this is Mike"

"Hi Dave. I hope you didn't mind me dancing with your wife."

I said hello and told him I didn't mind in the least.

"She loves to dance and likes to dance with different men once in a while."

He said his two friends would love to dance with her too, and looking at me asked if that would be ok. Of course I said it would. I was almost melting inside as always happened to me when I knew Karen was soon to be fucked.

He smiled and returned to his table to join his two friends both good looking husky young guys.

Karen was obviously excited as she raised her glass to me and we toasted to an erotic evening.

"Have you seen anyone interesting Love?" Karen asked.

I haven't really looked yet, to busy watching you.

Have you noticed any sexy women I might try?"

"There are loads of them. This looks like a really swinging place don't you think"? she replied. "The table over by the patio looks good. There are four women there and I would guess they are either divorcees or holidaying without their husbands. And four is a good number. You won't be leaving anyone alone at the table."

"Hmm, You're right. They are a good bet.

At that point one of the other young guys from Mike's table came over and asked Karen to dance. She smiled at me and got up and took his hand and led him to the dance floor.

I almost envied him and his friends. They were going to have the best sex they'd ever had and soon.

I strolled over to the table that Karen had pointed out to me and asked a tall good looking brunette if she would like to dance. Well no surprise, she said she would and we proceeded to the dance floor. I managed to get us close to Karen and her partner so I could get a little kick from watching without being obvious.

My dance partner however was not fooled.

"That's your wife with that young guy isn't it Dave." We'd introduced ourselves of course.

"It is Helen. You've caught me" I confessed with a smile.

"I don't mind" she said. "In fact I'm happy that she's busy and I have you" And with that she snuggled a little closer. She was a little bustier than Karen and had on a low cut dress showing a nice amount of cleavage. Nice. She had a very sexy mouth too. One of my favorite things. "Are you and she on the hunt?" she whispered in my ear and smiled at me.

"Caught again. I take it you at least don't disapprove"

"Of course not, I have you and I can tell you are excited" and she pressed herself against me.

She was right I was excited, by her and also knowing Karen was on her way to be well used tonight.

I danced a few more dances with Helen and at intermission sat with her at her table for a drink. I knew Karen would be well taken care of. I was not surprised when I felt her hand on my shoulder and she whispered in my ear that Mike and his friends had invited her back to their suite to have a "drink". And did I mind she whispered with a smile. I kissed her and told her to have fun but be careful.

"Call me and let me know where you are. And" I smiled "what they are doing to you"

She kissed me back and whispered that she loved me and to have fun. And she left.

Helen and her friends had watched this with knowing smiles and Helen leaned toward me.

"She is so beautiful. How can you let her go like that? It must be a very tight marriage and you've obviously done this before."

The band had started again and I got up and took Helen by the hand,

"Come and dance and I'll tell you."

The first thing I asked Helen if she disapproved. She said "Not at all. I'm married and two of my friends there are married. We're down here to have the same kind of fun. My other friend was just divorced so we want to get her fucked down here as much as possible. So you probably could fuck her too but not tonight. Tonight you're mine" and she smiled at me and kissed me. The kiss lingered and we opened our mouths and our tongues played.

I have to admit that when women use words like fuck and cunt it turns me on. Especially women who are obviously classy.

As we danced I was scanning the room and Karen and her new friends were nowhere to be seen. I suggested to Helen she come back to our cabana and have a glass of wine.

She smiled and said she would come with me but she'd had enough to drink and didn't want to waste any time.

"You're so easy Helen. I love it." and I kissed her and led her back to her table to get her things.

"I'm glad you like easy. I find playing hard to get a waste of valuable fucking time" she said to me as we left the club and headed to my room. "I take it your wife won't be pissed if she comes back and finds you fucking me"

I laughed and told her that Karen wouldn't be pissed if she came in but that I really didn't expect her till the next morning.

Helen really didn't like wasting time. As soon as we were in the door she turned and pressed herself against me and kissed me. "Let's get out of our clothes right now Love" she said as she reached between us and stroked the bulge in my pants.

We peeled each others clothes off fondling each other as we did so. Helen was nicely built, tits bigger than Karen's and slightly sagging but delightfully full and soft. Large and very excited nipples too.

In no time we were on the bed and kissing and licking and caressing. Her cunt was ready, soft and slippery as I slid some fingers in and stroked her clit with my thumb. I reversed and knelt over her, my head lowering to her lovely cunt. She had my cock in her mouth, so soft her mouth, and such an well practiced tongue. I pressed my mouth to her cunt and licked her sweet juices and probed in as far as I could. I knew I was doing a good job because she squirmed and bucked and moaned around my cock as I probed her cunt with my tongue and slid some slippery fingers into her asshole.

That sent her over the edge and she writhed and bucked even more as she came. At the same time I was unloading a huge hot cum into her mouth, my cock thrust in to the back of her throat. She was gagging and swallowing and moaning. I was using he sweet mouth like a cunt and didn't stop thrusting until I had completely unloaded.

I collapsed onto her and held her until she let my cock go. I rolled off her and turned to lie be beside her and and hold her. I kiss her sticky mouth, our tonges playing in my cum. She had her eyes closed and was sort of humming as we kissed.

It was about then the phone rang

I knew it was going to be Karen. And I was excited again.

"Hi Honey" she said in that husky voice she gets when she's sexually excited. "I hope you're not alone"

"I'm not Babe and have just had a great cum. Helen is very sexy" I said as I smiled at Helen and stroke and fondled her tits, our legs entwined and her hot cunt pressing against me. "How are you doing?"

"Just fine Honey. They've just started fucking me. I've sucked each of their cocks just to get them ready and now Mike is just about to uuuuugh oh oh, he's just pushed in. God he's huge Honey. Oh my god oh oh ummmmmmmmm. Yesssssss. Oh god Honey I have to go. They said a couple more of their friends are going to come around too. Tim is just about to fuck my mouth and Simon gets my asshole. I probably won't be home tonight. Oh god oh god uuuuugh. Hmmph hmmph." and the phone went dead.

My heart was beating so hard and Helen was stroking my cock back to life and smiling sweetly at me. She'd heard most of the call having had her ear close to the phone.

"Lucky girl. Sounds like she'll be well used tonight. Five young studs?? Wow. Are you sure you can stand it?"

"Fuck me Helen. Fuck me and fuck me all night ok?"

"Lay back Dave. I'm going to give your mouth a fucking like you've never had" and she pushed me onto my back and knelt over me lowering her cunt slick and wet with love juices onto my waiting mouth. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face onto her cunt, and proceeded to do just that.

I let her do that for a while and then pushed her off and rolled her onto her hands and knees, and entered her we cunt from behind, pulling her hips back to me with both hands. Banging into her as hard and fast as I could, deep into her, thrusting hard each time. She grunted and moaned, her lovely tits bouncing with each thrust. I reached with one hand around to her tits fondling and squeezing hard and pulling her nipples until she cried and squirmed and finally started a violent cum. I could picture Karen with three guys pounding into her and two more guys coming to join in and I was hot with lust.I was ready and shot Helen full of hot hot ropy cum.

We fell to the bed and lay back exhausted, wordless and drained. I fell into a deep sleep dreaming at some point of Karen and her friends.

It was morning when I woke to find Helen gone and a note saying she'd see me later at the pool. Didn't want to disturb my sleep.

I showered and dressed. I was famished. I didn't see Helen at breakfast but changing into swimming trunks I met her at the pool. Still no sign of Karen. Helen was with her friends but had saved me a lounge chair between her and as it turned out her just divorced friend.

Helen introduced me again in case I'd forgotten their names (I had) and they asked with knowing smiles how my evening was.

I told them it was fabulous and hoped to do it again. Helen said she wanted to spend another night with me but would be there the next morning next time. She also suggested in a whisper that maybe since Karen had a few guys with her last night that she wouldn't mind me having a few girls tonight.

She laughed as she noticed the growing bulge in my trunks and leaning over, ostensibly to talk to her divorced friend, managed to stroke the bulge.

It was just then that Karen appeared walking down to the pool, heading to our cabana. I told Helen I'd see her later and got up to intercept Karen.

She was barefoot, carrying her sandals.Her hair was a mess and her dress was wrinkled and spotted with what had to be dried cum. She looked worn out.

She saw me coming and her face brightened and she ran to me and threw her arms around me.

"Oh Honey I'm so glad to see you. I was so worried that you'd be worried about me."

I held her and knowing we were putting on a show for a lot of people, I raised her face to me and went to kiss her. She smelled of sex. Strongly of sex.

"Honey sucked a lot of cocks this morning. I know you love it but this time there were a lot more than ever before."

"Good" I said and kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her hot sticky mouth. She trembled and sighed and kissed me back. I was crazy with lust. I had to have her right away.

I'm not sure but I think I might have heard some clapping as I took her hand and led her back to our cabana.

As soon as we were inside I pulled her to me again and kissed her tasting cum, her face sticky and crusted with cum. I almost tore her dress off. She was naked under her dress, her tiny uplift bra gone as were her panties.

She was limp in my arms as I dragged her to the bed and threw her down on it. She lay there inert, her legs spread her arms by her side, a sweet smile on her face but her eyes closed.

I ripped off my trunks and climbed onto the bed. She was covered in drying cum. Her cunt was leaking cum. It had been running down her legs and they were sticky as knelt between them.

"Honey you can use me" she said "but I'm so sore be gentle. I can hardly move. I won't be much of a fuck for you this morning, there were five of them all night, I don't think I got any sleep, they just kept fucking me on and on, and then two more guys came in this morning. They hadn't got laid last night and were really horny. I hope you don't hate me"

"I'll be gentle. But I'm going to fuck you until you cry for mercy. My god you are a fabulous slut! My whore, my cunt" I said as I lowered myself onto her and not very gently thrust my bursting cock into her sloppy cunt.

She cried out and threw her head back. "Ohhhhhhh my god, go easy love, please, ohhhhhhhh"

I couldn't restrain myself. I fucked her hard knowing it was hurting her and wanting to hurt her even though I loved her for being such a whore. She lay there just totally limp crying softly, just letting me use her well used cunt. I kissed her thrusting my tongue into her mouth but she was beyond response. I unloaded a huge cum into her and rolled off, satiated: for the moment but I intended to get a lot more use out of her cunt and mouth and asshole before I was finished.

I think she had passed out. She lay there motionlessly, totally limp. Legs spread as I had left them, her head back and her eyes closed breathing softly. She smelled strongly of sex. In fact looking at her carefully I could see that her lovely belly was slightly distended. Full of cum?? Could she have taken that much cum? I hoped so.

I rolled toward her and softly kneaded her sweet tits, stroked her belly and wet cunt, felt the cum still sticky on her inner thighs.Lust was building in me again. I massaged her protruding belly, kneading it roughly, pressing my fingers into her belly. She groaned and writhed but didn't waken.

I was hard again and wanted to smash myself into her totally. I loved her, I really did. She was my slut, my whore, my cunt to use as I wanted.

I rolled her onto her stomach. She was still totally limp. I spread her legs and aimed my now hard cock at her poor hurting asshole. It slid in smoothly, obviously well lubricated.

She cried out again but I don't think she was awake as I used her asshole like a cunt and fucked her mercilessly. I shot another huge load of hot cum deep into her and then collapsed against her. I fell asleep, my softening cock still in her asshole, my whole body weight on her lovely slender well used body.

My whore, my cunt.

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