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Fun Over The Web


Jake had arranged a special evening for his Wife Suzy while he was away on a business trip, but he was not going to miss any the action. Jake had set everything up so he could watch via the computer. Before the main event Jake talked Suzy in to put on a little show for him to make sure the web camera was capturing everything good. Suzy first did a slow strip tease, and then crawl up on the bed, wiggling her ass at the camera. Suzy reached between her legs, spread her wet pussy lips and fingered her cunt. Suzy had no ideal that Jake was not alone, he had a group of the guys that he worked with there watching to and they all knew who Suzy was.

Then Andy came into the scene, Jake and his buddies watched him as he stroked his cock by the side of the bed. He stood looked down at Suzy as she touched herself. His cock grew and grew. Jake had selected him because he said he had close to 11 inches of cock for any women who would take it. After a few minutes of watching Suzy stuff three fingers up her cunt, Andy reached down, got Suzy's hand and brought her fingers to his mouth. Jake knew how good Suzy tasted and from the way and from the way Andy was sucking her fingers he enjoyed taste too.

He then placed her hand on the base of his cock Suzy hand barely fit around his big cock. So she moved up and stroked the head rolling her hand around it and stroking the first five or six inches. The guys with jake comment on how that big cock was going to splint Suzy wide open and how she was a nasty slut for wanted that cock in her. The more they talked and the nastier they got the harder Jake get.

Suzy laid on her back and moved under Andy, she sucked on his golf ball sized nuts. As she sucked on Andy's nuts he twisted and pulled on her nipples. Suzy was not one of those women who enjoyed a guy being rough with her tits. But she didn't stop Andy as he worked over her nipples. She repositioned herself and opened her mouth. Suzy went to work on Andy's cock bobbing her head taking Andy's cock deep in her mouth. Five or six inches disappeared down her throat and over time Suzy popped that big cock out of her mouth spit would fall off it and on to her tits. Jake buddy's cheered her on from thousands of miles away. Some even got bold enough to ask if went they got back if they could come over and get some of that. You knew to give that slut a cum bath like she deserved one of them said. Jake made a mental note to see if he could make that happen. The guy cheered even louder when Andy grabbed the back of Suzy head and forced a two or three more inches down her throat.

This went on for a while as Andy fucked Suzy's face, she keep her cunt juices flowing by rubbing her clit. When one or both of them were close, Andy popped his cock his cock out of Suzy's mouth and made her get on all four. Jake and Suzy had talked about what position would be best for a good show over the net and doggie was the one they though would be the best.

Andy stood still after rubbing his cock head up and down Suzy's slit and popping it into her wet hole. Suzy pushed back and the guys with Jake watched as inches by inches of Andy's big cock disappeared when Suzy stopped pushing after eight inches or so of Andy was inside her. Andy slapped her ass hard and after a couple more hard pops, Suzy shoved back and the rest of that big cock disappeared. They guy could not believe she could take that monster cock. They called her a slut and a whore, Jake just sat there smiling.

Andy didn't waste any time letting Suzy get use to his cock. He just grabbed her ass and started pounding away. His hard thrusts made Suzy's tits bounce as he stroked in and out. Jake watched Andy pound his wife's cunt he wished that he had sound so he could hear her moan and hear Andy's thigh slap against her ass. The fuck didn't last as long as Jake hope it would but watching Andy wrap his arms around Suzy waist and almost pick her up as he shoot his cum deep in Suzy's cunt was still worth it.

Suzy flopped back on the bed smiling the way a smiles after a good fuck. Andy walked over and pick up the web camera, he then placed it on the bed between Suzy's thighs. Jake and his buddies were treated to a close up view of Suzy's red swollen pussy lips which she spread so she could squeeze out the cum that Andy had just deposited there.

With that the show was over and Jake got the guys out of his room. Once they were gone Jake got on his computer and started asking his wife question about her fuck with Andy. a few minutes into this there was a knock at Jake's door. It was the hooker he had arranged for. He was happy when he show her with the wig she was wearing as she was almost a twin for his wife, just a little smaller.

Jake dropped his pants and returned to the computer and his wife. The hooker strip to her waist and knelt between Jake legs. As he chatted with Suzy over the web, the hooker lapped his cock from the base to the head. She sucked on his balls, even licked Jack ass hole. She then wrapped her tits around his hard cock sucking on the head of it as she stroked it with her tits. She had never met a guy like Jake even though she knew she was getting to him from the way he was staring to moan, he never stopped typing on the computer. She got a little pissed that she couldn't get Jake attention off the damn computer.

The hooker decided to use a trick that got even the tough john off as she worked Jake cock down her throat she pushed a finger against Jake's asshole. The hooker was a little surprised how easy it went in and then added a second finger since she figured Jake must like it in the ass. Jack moan and placed his hands on the back of her head. He was fixing to blow his load. The hooker didn't mind she like the taste of cum, and this would be the third load she had swallowed tonight, besides if Jake hands were on the back of her head that meant they were not on that damn computer.

Even though Jake's hand were on the hookers head his eyes were glued to the computer scene. As Suzy decided her orgasm as Andy shoot his load into her cunt. It was too much for Jake and he started cumming. Even though the hooker was a veteran cock sucker and cum shallower she couldn't gulp down Jake's huge load fast enough. It surprised her how much he had cum. Before the hooker clean up and left Jake asked if she mind him taking a couple od pictures of her with his cum on her face.

All the shoots were of her on her knees between his leg, one was of her with his cock in her mouth, another with her rubbing his cock against her cheek, and the last of his cock between her tits. Jake couldn't wait to get home and show Suzy the photos and clue her in on his own adventures that night.

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