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Fun Sex Games with My Wife


My wife and I have been married for about a year. We moved in together 7 or 8 years ago after dating off and on for some time. Our sex life has always been pretty great. That exciting new couple sex when we were dating was some of the best I have ever had.

My wife is hot. Really hot. She's the type of woman you see on the train and think .. 'oh, the things I would do to her'. I'm very lucky and privileged to have landed such a woman.

Anyway - time goes on and life comes up and things get in the way. Stuff that used to be fun and exciting transforms into routine. You know how it goes.

We have mixed it up a few times over the years in ways that have been varying degrees of fucking hot. Once, for instance I told her to take off her panties - and that we were going for a ride. We drove around in this cheap rusty pickup truck and I told her to blow me whenever we pulled into higher traffic areas. She was nervous, but seemed to enjoy it. I know I did. I tied her naked body to a kitchen chair and spoon fed her a homemade dinner, with her pussy out and exposed. It was beautiful. 
Another time we spontaneously decided to fuck in the bathroom of our local dive bar. Now I'm reminded of that act ever time I drive by (which is quite often).

Some years back - on vacation in a lake house up in New Hampshire, we were getting it on. The sex was great, I was worked up enough to ignore all better judgement and right before climax I whispered to her 'I want you to make me eat your pussy after I cum'. She grunted upon hearing this and rode my cock harder and faster. It was amazing to see what those words did to her. Unfortunately though - I am a man, and the moment after I cum all sexual desire is immediately released from my body - so we didn't follow through.

More recently, some friends of ours came out to us about the nature of their polyamorous relationship. While that sounded odd at first, it reinvigorated something in us. We started opening up about our fantasies to each other. We began researching local kink events and even attended a swingers party. At the party, Jenn was the center of attention - obviously. All of the couples and kinksters were following us around, it seemed they were positioning themselves in our path and all trying to get a crack at my wife. While the attention was exciting and hot, it was too much for me and we had to leave.

Still, this only intensified our curiosity (and libido). We came home and I pulled out her leather collar. I fastened that around her neck to make clear her position for the evening. I tied her up well. Elbows to knees. I whipped her exposed ass gently, and tickled up and down her slit and lower back. I spanked, slapped, spit, and used her like a fucktoy and she loved it. I treated her respectfully, but let her know that night that she was my personal cum dump. I've never seen her get so wet or cum so hard. She looked exhausted after having been tied and edged for hours. When I released her, she thanked me (like a good girl) and collapsed on the bed.

So - we've been driving around to our local sex shops, trying out all the new toys and gadgets we can get our hands on. We picked up this one item. I've fantasized about having one for a long time, but we had never really had a conversation about it. I mean.. how do you bring that up? What would she tell her friends? How would she look at me afterwards....?

The metal cage effectively fastens my dick to my balls. From the top dangles a small metal padlock - the key belongs to her. When I'm inside the cage I am denied access to what I want the most (which is to stroke my cock and cum everywhere all the time). Locked in the cock cage I cannot fully realize an erection. My cock will begin to grow and that energy will pull the cage up and away from my body, putting pressure on the ring behind it - which is fastened to my balls. This is uncomfortable at best. It feels strangely like having your dick and balls locked up in a cage - if you can imagine that. There is no ignoring it.

Very early on in our chastity play Jenn learned about the dreaded ruined orgasm. Fuck.

This is one of her new favorite activities. She will lock me in chastity for some time - and then fuck with me upon release. Once I'm whining and writhing and begging to cum - she will jerk me off to the point of no return - and then just stop. This feels infuriatingly frustrating. Some seconds after she's removed her hand from my cock .. it will start leaking out cum. 
Not in a satisfying mind blowing orgasm kind of way - but more of a ... "Wait... that's it?... Hahahaha" kind of way. It is frustrating and humiliating and I fucking love it. She can do this multiple times, ruining orgasm after orgasm until theres no cum left to extract.

Anyway, since the cage and ruin became part of our play - some things have changed.

We had some going away sex the other night - Her pussy feels so tight and soft and wet and warm. It smells clean and fresh and tastes like a young fresh perfect pussy. She let me dip it in, but I wasn't to cum in her. Instead, she had me kneel at her side and hold her Hitachi for her, while I jerked off onto her stomach and tits. It didn't take long at all for me to explode all over her. She looked so hot laying there, all glisteny - covered in my cum. This time, she looked me in the eye and said 'Ok. Clean it up'. I didn't want to anymore, since I'd already came - but I had to go through with it - and I did.


I write this from my hotel room, on a business trip across the country from my wife - sitting naked in my hotel bed, balls aching, cock restrained with no prospect of release until I return home. Previous trips have been basically masturbation retreats in which I would lie around in my hotel room looking for the perfect porn to jerk off to - and then doing that.. several times a day....

Not this trip.

This trip I'm thinking about Jenn, and Jenn is all I'm thinking about. My cock cage feels like her firm hand tightening around my cock reminding me who's cock it is. I'm intoxicated by her. I'm writing this all down so that she can read it and see just how much I'm thinking about her. How obsessed I am with her pussy. How eager I am to please her. And maybe - just maybe if I do a good enough job, she'll grant me a full orgasm when I get home. 
 Then again... maybe she won't.

Either way - I'm glad we've made this part of our sex life, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life on my knees outside her shower keeping her company and getting her fresh towels.

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