tagIncest/TabooFun Size Ch. 01

Fun Size Ch. 01


While I am two years younger than my sister, Lita, I am also three feet taller than her because she has achondroplasia. In short (no pun intended), my sister is a little person. Like most siblings, we argued when we were younger, but once we both reached adulthood, we left all that childish crap behind. We actually got to the point where we would engage each other in serious, meaningful discussions about everything, be it our futures, dating, or what have you.

Lita was home for the summer as she attended college in Fall and Spring Semesters only. Mom and Dad were home the first couple of weeks upon her initial return, but soon found their way back into their lives of socializing and doing whatever else it is they do—I didn't know, and I really didn't want to, although for some time now I have suspected them to be swingers.

I was in the garage building a computer for a new client—I had begun this business almost a year ago, and word-of-mouth advertising had made me the go-to guy—when Lita walked in. "Watcha doing?"

I waved my hand in front of the computer and gave her a look that suggested "What the fuck does it look like?"

She hopped onto the couch and just sat there. Finally, she said, "I'm bored."

I looked up, smiled, and said, "Okay, give me a sec," and then finished installing the motherboard. I wiped my hands, then went to a file cabinet, grabbed a bottle of Crown Royal and a couple of glasses, and joined her on the couch.

"Do Mama and Daddy know you have that?"

"I'm of legal age," I told her, "but yeah, they know. Say when."

"When," she said when the glass was about an eighth of an inch from being filled.

"Better watch out," I cautioned her. "That much liquor in someone your size can't be a recipe for much good."

"I bet I could drink you under the table," she boasted as she stuck her tiny chest out.

"Okay-okay. I concede," I laughed as I filled my glass halfway. I took a sip, then said, "Okay, so you're bored. What do you want to do?"

She thought, then said, "Oh, I know. Let's play Truth or Truth. It's been a while since we last played that." Truth or Truth was a variation on Truth or Dare. The object of this game was to be completely honest in answering whatever question may come your way. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes it was frightening, but it was always exhilarating.

"Mmmmm, I don't know," I teased.

"Oh, come on. You can even go first."

"One condition," I said. "Anything goes."

"Anything goes," she agreed.

"Okay. Why do little people hate the term 'Midget' so much?"

She laughed, then took a big gulp of the Crown. "Wanna know a secret? We don't. We really don't give a damn one way or the other. There was just this faction of little people who wanted something to argue about, so they chose that, much the way an atheist argues over pointless shit like a cross being in the desert."

"No shit."

"No shit. Now, my turn." She finished off the remainder of her drink, then asked, "How come you never wanted to go to college?"

"Whoa, you weren't kidding about drinking me under the table, were you?" I gulped down what remained in my glass as well, then filled both again.

"You'll be out before I will," she warned. "If there's one thing I've managed to do these past few years, it's build a tolerance to alcohol. Now, answer my question."

"Okay, I never said I didn't want to go, I just said it was pointless. When it comes to computers, I'm a veritable prodigy. I don't need a degree to tell me that, and the success of my business tells me the same. I stand to make about eighty thousand this year, hermana. How many college graduates can say the same?"

I downed half my glass and waited. She finally did the same, so I asked, "Okay, how many of your BFFs from high school do you still have contact with?"

"Just one. Gennifer Wills. What about you?"

"A lot of my clients are people I went to school with, but Wesley is the only true friend I ever had, and still have."

"Since kindergarten. Wow."

"Yeah. Remind me later and I'll tell you about some of the pranks he's been playing on his abuela. Well, I say 'he.' Really, I've been helping him." I downed the rest of my glass, and once Lita had, I topped them off once again. "Wow, this is really starting to kick in."

"I don fell a thing," Lita said with a straight face, but I could tell she wasn't as sober as she'd want me to believe.

"Okay, how old were you when you lost your virginity?"

"Anything goes, huh?" she asked.


She quickly drained her glass before answering, "Okay, twenty-three."

"Just last year? Deets." I drained my own, then refilled both.

"We won state champs in basketball. The Gammas threw a party for the team. I was there with some friends, and I saw Kerry Carmichael. He looks a lot like Christian Laettner, so you can imagine how turned on he made me. Anyway, I don't know if it was that I had had just enough to drink that it made me bold, or he had just enough to drink that he didn't care, or a combination of the two, but when I approached him and began to talk, he invited me upstairs.

"Now, imagine me, who is three foot nothing, and him, who is six-seven or six-eight. It was awkward enough just kissing, but when we tried to make love, it was comical. I finally got on top, and I felt him go inside of me, but when he started moving in and out, he started talking like I was a little girl and he was fantasizing that he was molesting me. I jumped up and put my clothes back on and left him there." She took a couple of gulps, then said, "Bastard."

"Poco uno, don't you see? You are still a virgin." I took a few gulps just to catch up with her. "If he did not finish, then it doesn't count. Be happy, mi dulce hermana, for your virginity remains intact."

"I don't know if I should be happy or not."

"Si. Celebrate your new-found virginity."

"What about you?" She finished the rest of hers.

"You better slow down, Lita. You are already drunk."

"And you are not? Drink, or concede."

I refilled our glasses, then said, "I was eighteen, and my goddess was Ms. Rabinore."

"The science teacher at high school?"

"Si. I saw her in the market parking lot. One of her bags broke, and I stopped to help pick up her items. She asked me if I would mind accompanying her home to help bring the groceries in. I had nothing to do, so I said I didn't mind at all. Once there, she threw herself on me. After it was over, she told me it was a one-time deal because she was getting back at her boyfriend for cheating on her, but we continued to see each other for about six months." I slapped my chest three times, emulating the great Eddie Guerrero, and said, "I guess she was too overcome by my Latino heat."

Lita laughed, toasted me, and we drained our glasses once again. I made to refill the glasses, then just set mine down and pulled a few swigs from the bottle before passing it to her. She drew from it, then asked, "So how many women have you been with?"

I was drunk as hell by now, but at this point, I really didn't care. "I have a bucket list where women are concerned," I told her. "Latina, Asian, black, white ... I've even been with a Pakistani girl. Um, blonde, brunette, redhead; fat, skinny; younger than me, I was once with an eighty-seven-year-old; I've had threesomes with two guys and a girl, two girls and a guy; I've done swaps and orgies; I've even been with a male to female pre-op transgender. All-in-all, over a hundred women."

She turned the bottle up and damn near drained it dry. She passed it back to me, and I took the final three swallows.

Lita's head was moving back and forth. She was drunker than I. "It ain't done," she finally said with a drunken laugh.

"Watcha mean?" I asked, knowing now that I was every bit as drunk as she.

"Wass bigish clit ya ever seen?"

"Boudda size uva peanut, I s'pose. Why"

"Mines two inshes," she said, and laughed.

"Nuh-uh!" I challenged her. "Ain't no way. Not on you."

She reached under her denim skirt and pulled her underwear off, then spread her legs to reveal a clean-shaven pussy. She spread her labia, and her clit popped up. "Oh, shit, hermano. Lookie that motherfucker."

"Jesus shittin' Christ!" I exclaimed when I saw it. "Izzat real?"

"Real, and hard, and horny," she said.

I scooted over and stuck out my finger and touched it. It jumped. "Oh, shit."

"That felt good, Carlos. Do it again."

I did, only I allowed my finger to linger a bit longer this time.

Her breathing became labored as she said, "Sho wet right now. If ..."


"If you have sex with me, you could cross four more things off your bucket list."

"What? What four things?"

"Being with a little person, being with a woman who has a big clit, being with a virgin, and incest."

As soon as the word "incest" came out of her mouth, my mouth was on her clit sucking it for all I was worth. "Querida madre de Dios!" she shouted. (Dear mother of God).

I came off her just long enough to respond with, "Tu coño es tan dulce, hermanita!" (Your pussy is so sweet, little sister), then I was right back on her. I did my level best to assassinate her rigid love dial with my tongue, only the more intense I got, the louder she begged for more. I pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as I could and licked at her sweet pussy walls as creamy white cum poured from her. I then turned her on her belly and stuck my tongue on her ass and began to lap at it. She pushed her fleshy ass into my face, trying her best to fit my rabid tongue into her tiny asshole.

I stood abruptly and pulled my clothes off and she took my cock into her mouth. Oh, she sucked it like a champ, like she had been bred to it. She was able to get six of my nine inches into her mouth, but nothing more. After a few minutes, I said, "I want to be inside of you, Lita. I want to know what my sister's pussy feels like wrapped around my cock."

She lay down, and I positioned myself in front of her. I lined myself up with her, then pushed gently, remembering she was still a virgin. I tried, but, "Carlos, you are too big. It hurts."

"Let me lay down and you dictate it then." I lay next to her, and she got on top of me. She placed her pussy on my cock and pushed down very gently, then began to slowly go up and down. It took a while, but after five minutes half my cock was in her.

"Oh, hermano, it feels so good. Your cock feels so good inside my pussy." She kept going, and after another five minutes she was able to accommodate another inch, but she had reached her limit. She stayed with that depth, and continued to move up and down on me. My cock was covered with her thick cum. She began playing with her clit, and even more cum issued from her. She straightened herself, froze in place, and announced, "Hermano, voy a ir!" (Brother, I'm coming).

"Soy demasiado, hermanita!" (Me too, little sister). I grabbed her hips as I unloaded into her, and she steadied herself on my hands as she glazed my cock with another precious secretion of her thick, white cum. She opened her eyes, fell onto me, and kissed me. "Lita, even my sex with Senorita Rabinore was not this hot."

"And I was lucky enough to have an experienced lover take my virginity."

"You are here all summer. We can do this every day, si?"

"Only without the booze next time."

I smiled.


My cock was still hard, and still in her. I flexed it. "It is already 'next time.'"

She repositioned herself atop me and began gyrating her hips as I slowly moved in and out of her. A full summer of this? Yeah, I could see that happening.

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@ clob

It was google translate. You will see I didn't use it with the other chapters.

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"Poco Uno..."

little one doesn't translate as "Poco Uno" the correct word is "Pequeño", I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not

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Having a "little person" as well as sister was an interesting story.

Hope you will continue this story with other love making adventures.

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I have several other stories I am working on at the moment, but just keep your eyes peeled as I will definitely revisit these characters.

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