tagErotic CouplingsFun Times Ch. 02

Fun Times Ch. 02




Sam was fondling his fiancée's breasts from behind as they spooned in his dorm room bed. The sex had been amazing. He had managed to hold off long enough to bring her off, and then he fucked her hard until he erupted in one of the most amazing orgasms that he could remember.

Right after his release, Sam had had doubts about the fantasy trip, but a few minute's wait, combined with the feel of Carrie's beautiful breasts in his hands was getting him excited again.

Carrie pushed her naked bottom against his hardening cock and giggled. "Wow. Already? You must have something naughty on your mind."

Sam felt a powerful rush of the dangerous combination of love and lust. He could see that Carrie was grinning. She put her hand over his as he palmed her breast.

"I am really looking forward to enjoying you girls in the harem," Sam whispered in his darling Carrie's ear.

"Oh yeah?" Carrie rolled over to face her fiancé. "I'll bet you are."

She gave Sam a toe-curling kiss. "Are you looking forward to being able to make us girls do whatever you want?"

"Oh yes," Sam breathed, fondling her luscious ass. "I am going to fuck every girl on the trip."

Carrie smiled at him as she trailed one manicured hand down her fiancé's chest, down to his penis. Sam groaned as she grasped his cock in her delicate hand. She giggled and began gently stroking him. He was rock hard again in moments.

"All the guys are going to fuck all the girls," she breathed, looking into his eyes. "Including me, right?"

Sam closed his eyes and moaned as he felt the sexual excitement rise again. When he opened his eyes, her big blue eyes met his and he could see that she was enjoying teasing him. He groaned as she delicately scratched the underside of his penis.

Carrie grinned with the devilish and sexy smile that he loved so well. "Roll over onto your back," she instructed.

Carrie moved back to give Sam enough room to maneuver. He quickly rolled onto his back and reached for her again.

"Nope. Hands at your sides," Carrie said, leaning back so that her breasts were out of his reach.

"Oh come on!" Sam protested with a grin on his face, but he obediently leaned back against his pillow and put his hands at his sides. As she moved to straddle him, he saw his cum in her freshly fucked pussy.

She leaned down to give him a kiss, pressed her breasts up against his chest with her hands on his upper arms.

"So you're the boss now?" He asked, grinning in eager expectation. He could feel the slippery wetness of her pussy against his hard cock. "That's pretty hot."

"Umm-hmm," Carrie agreed, smiling sexily and kissing him again before moving to suck his ear. She moved so that her breasts just barely dragged across his chest. He felt the feathery touch of her nipples on his skin.

"I'm in charge, and you have to do what I say now. What I want is for you to stay still and not move, no matter what. You understand me?"

"You got it!" Sam said eagerly. He could feel himself becoming even more excited. "I'll be good!"

"Does it excite you that me and the other girls will be your harem girls, there to please you as you desire?" Carrie paused there and let the question linger in the air.

"Or...", Carrie paused to bend her pretty head down so that her hair fell like a cloud of gold about him and blocked his view of her beautiful face. He felt her lips on his nipple. She gave it a quick kiss and then lifted her head to look him in the eyes again.

"You have to tell me the truth," she warned Sam, her eyes serious.

Sam nodded eagerly. "OK, OK!"

Carrie smiled in satisfaction. "Soooo," Carrie said slowly and paused, deliciously drawing out the moment. She wiggled and Sam could feel her pussy on his hard cock, "You clearly like the idea of having hot, willing harem girls—which would obviously include me—at your disposal."

"Yes!" Sam agreed, fervently and entirely truthfully.

"So what turns you on more...getting to fuck me and all the other girls, to make us all blow you, or for us to have sex with each other while you watch or maybe join in..."

Sam groaned with pleasure. "Oh my God, you are so sexy."

"Shhhhh," Carrie admonished him and gave him a mock frown, "I haven't finished my question yet."

Carrie kissed her way down his chest. With one soft hand, she pressed Sam's hard cock against his belly.

To Sam's exquisite pleasure, he watched as she slid down his body, dragging her breasts against him as she went. He parted his legs, and she folded herself up between his thighs and looked up at him.

The late afternoon sunshine shone through the light curtains of his dorm room window and lit up the bottom half of his bed to cast interesting patterns of shadow and light across his desk and chair. His attention was occupied, though, by his beautiful fiancée with her face gently lit by the diffused afternoon sunlight. Her hair glowed in a golden halo around her angelic face and wicked smile.

"I'll bet you will make the girls do this," Carrie said. She bent her head down and gently sucked on a testicle.

"Oh my God, YESSSSSS!" Sam cried out, doing his best to remain still under her exquisite torture.

Carrie gave a throaty chuckle as Sam groaned and tensed up against the pleasure. She took his other testicle into her mouth.

Sam's brain felt like it was going to explode. In his mind's eye, he already had Carrie and a group of other beautiful girls around him, some feeding their breasts to him to suckle as others took turns eagerly working his cock into her mouth while others licked his balls.

Carrie worked her way up his cock, sucked the sensitive vein along the underside, and stopped just before the crown.

"Mmmmm," Carrie said, looking up at him again. "I can taste you...and me." She considered the taste. "I think I like it," she said with a grin. "Which I suspect is probably a good thing, if I am going to be one of your harem girls."

Sam panted and said, "Be careful, honey. I am on the edge."

"Oh no, you can't cum yet," Carrie said, but she did not let go of Sam's cock. "Now where was I?" Carrie teased her man.

Sam wisely did not say anything. After a moment, Carrie gave him a wink and a smile and then continued. "Oh yes, I was sucking on your cock like the good little harem slut that I am..."

Sam tensed himself and bit his lip to try to maintain his control.

"...or soon will be," she continued.

Sam groaned and rolled his eyes up in his head. "You...you are devilish, my sexy, sweet girl."

She gave the head of his straining erection a kiss, and he jumped. Carrie gave her fiancé a throaty chuckle as she looked up at him again.

"But back to my question..." Carrie paused a beat and gave him a look.

Sam's face flushed and he panted in his excitement. His cock was achingly hard and he was on the verge of climax despite his recent release.

"So what turns you on more...getting to fuck me and all the other girls, to make us all blow you, or for us to have sex with each other while you watch..."

Carrie paused again as Sam twitched, eager for her to continue talking. Sam bit his lip to try to keep quiet.

After a moment, Carrie laughed again. She bent down and gave her lover's hard cock a kiss. "So clearly you like the idea of hot harem girls happily ready to bend over a couch for you to fuck them—us—or to get on our knees to suck your cock. But, is it more exciting to you to know that all the men get to fuck me? For most of the guys, I will just be another of the harem girls and will have to fuck and suck all of them, whenever and however they want me."

"Oh my God that is so hot," Sam said. "I don't know which his hotter...".

"But of course, at least a few of the guys will know that I belong to you," Carrie continued, interrupting Sam and giving his cock a gentle squeeze. She grinned at him again as he struggled to gather himself so that he could speak again.

"When one of them has his dick inside me, do you think that my pussy will be all the sweeter to him, knowing that he gets to fuck me and pass me around to all his friends, right under your nose?"

"Oh my God." Sam moaned, "I—," but he could not finish his answer because Carrie took his achingly hard penis into her mouth and started to suck him vigorously.

"Honey...honey," Sam panted his warning to his fiancé. He was on his back on his bed and Carrie was between his legs, her head bobbing up and down as she suckled eagerly on him. Sam—forgetting entirely the rule that he not move—had one hand tangled in her golden tresses and the other grabbing the sheet in his fist, trying to hold off his orgasm. "I'm going to cum!"

Carrie pulled up and looked at her lover with a smoky gaze. "I can tell," Carrie purred, rubbing the underside of her lover's achingly hard penis with one delicate finger. "You are so hard."

Sam trembled. "Carrie honey, I love you, I need to cum so bad..."

"I know you do," Carrie said, stretching the moment out and eyeing the bead of precum that beaded up and out of Sam's cock.

"Uuu," Sam said unintelligently. The straining need for release blotted out almost all rational thought.

She grinned devilishly at him and then bent down to swirl her tongue around the head of Sam's cock and slurp up the semen oozing from the tip.

"Mmmm," she said, considering the flavor of the sperm in her mouth and grinning wickedly at Sam. "You taste nice."

"Oh. My. God." Sam gasped again, and his hips bucked as his hand tightened tangled in the bed sheets, trying to control his almost uncontrollable desire to pull her pretty head back to down onto his cock to finish the job.

Carrie suddenly let go of Sam's cock, and he groaned in disappointment, but she quickly shuffled forward until she was straddling him again. Her beautiful breasts squashed delightfully against his chest and she leaned down and kissed her lover. She opened her mouth to Sam's tongue, and they kissed passionately. Sam's hands were all over her body and she melted into his kiss and strong arms.

Sam moaned with pleasure as Carrie leaned down and breathed into his ear. He fondled her ass and ran his hands over her lean, feminine frame. "Oh my God you are the best," he said, entirely truthfully.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Her voice was soft, even though her head was right down by his ear.

Sam turned so that he could gaze into Carrie's big, beautiful, blue eyes. "I love you, and I want you to be my wife," he said. "But I want one last amazing sexual crazy fling with you before we graduate and get married."

"I do too," Carrie breathed. "But we are talking about your soon to be wife being a complete slut with other men."

Sam looked at her, his heart in his throat. He felt a surge of illicit sexual excitement. It must have shown on his face because Carrie giggled. "I am to provide...what did you call it? Ultimate service..."

"Oh yeah..." Sam said, "you sweet little slut. I love you."

"I love you too, you perv," Carrie said, her eyes twinkling. "So for two weeks, your friend John, and all the other guys who are planning to cruise with us, every man gets whatever he wants..."

She looked at her lover expectantly.

"Y - yes," Sam croaked, reaching for her breasts.

Carrie smiled at him as Sam fondled her. "Mmmm that feels good, but if each of the guys gets whatever he wants, he gets to play with these," she said, pointing to her breasts, "and my pussy, and whatever he wants."

"They are going to want you to suck their dicks," Sam said, eagerly.

"You think?" Carrie snorted. She blew a lock of her hair out of her eyes. She paused and looked at her lover. "Talking about me with other guys really turns you on, doesn't it?"

"Yes!" Sam blushed.

"Well then sweetie, I have some good news for you because I am really looking forward to my final, pre-marital fling! I am excited to have permission to sleep around and have fun...and not risk your love!"

Carrie gave a surprised squeak as Sam grabbed her and flipped them both over so that he was between her legs and her lovely and feminine body was trapped beneath his. Sam moved to kiss her but Carrie stopped him with a finger across his lips. "I have wanted to be a slut ever since I missed out on that opportunity at the end of high school, and tomorrow night...and in two weeks on board the boat with all the guys...I am going to be a good little harem girl."

Sam laughed with joy and kissed her. This time, Carrie let him. As he let up for air, she cupped his face in her hands and looked into his eyes, her blue eyes bright with excitement. "But tonight, you get Ultimate Service. Anything you want..." Carrie paused. "Within reason. I am not going to let you bring anyone else in the room, but between us...absolutely anything."

Sam just looked at her, struck by her beauty and her slutty sexiness.

"On the boat I will be spreading my legs for other men, and I will certainly be giving a lot of head. I am going to learn to swallow really soon, and I would rather you be the first man to cum in my mouth."

Sam's eyes widened. "Seriously?" He whispered.

Carrie looked into his eyes and gave him a sexy little smile. "Seriously," she said in a mock serious voice.

"I love you," Sam breathed again and kissed her again.

"And I love you," Carrie responded. "But why don't you pretend you are on the boat and you have got me in your room...and you get what you want. We might as well practice!"

Sam looked at her and then leaned forward to whisper into Carrie's ear. "Get on your knees."

"Yes, sir!" Carrie chirped and pushed Sam off of her. She grabbed a pillow from the bed and put it on the floor and dropped neatly down to her knees. Sam eagerly jumped up, his hard cock eagerly bouncing as he stood up and shuffled forward.

Carrie grabbed one of his hands and brought it to the back of her head even as she pulled him towards her with a firm hand on his ass. She leaned forward and covered the head of his cock with her mouth.

Sam's knees almost buckled as Carrie set to suckling on the hard cock in her mouth. She glanced up as she fondled his testicles and sucked him deep into her mouth. His eyes were closed and his body was trembling with desire. She felt powerful, even as his hand on the back of her head was pushing her mouth farther and farther down onto his penis.

She grasped his penis with her free hand and began jacking him as she sucked, simultaneously providing him even more pleasure and protecting herself from him jamming his cock too deep into her mouth.

She could feel Sam's body tense up and his penis started to swell. He staggered a bit and his knees almost buckled. Carrie glanced up at Sam, but his head was back and he was straining against his impending orgasm.

Carrie squeaked as she felt his penis lurch and sperm jet into her mouth for the first time. She kept sucking and she smiled around the cum in her mouth as she heard Sam groaning with exquisite pleasure.

Soon thereafter, they were cuddling on the bed again. Sam had drifted into a post-sexual stupor but Carrie's brain was buzzing. She had not reached orgasm herself a second time and she fingered herself next to her lover, imagining strong and insistent male hands on her body as she satisfied two men simultaneously, aware and excited by the knowledge that when one man finished, another would replace him. She reached orgasm quietly so as to not wake Sam, the visions of her slutty opportunities dancing in her head.


Sam and Carrie were sitting on Sam's bed, awaiting John's arrival as per their invitation. A week had passed since John learned of Carrie and Sam's decision that both would attend the cruise, with all its attendant obligations and potential repercussions.

The three friends needed to talk.

In that week, Sam and Carrie had made love almost constantly. They had snuck into the men's showers late at night. They had coupled passionately in Sam's bed. They had fucked for an hour on the 50-yard line of the football field one night at 2 am. All in all, it had been the best sexual week of either of their lives and now...well, now they were going to see if they were really ready to take this to the next level.

There was a knock on the door and they looked at each other. "Ready?" Sam asked his lover.

Carrie nodded eagerly, her eyes bright as he hopped up to get the door.

"Are you ready?" She gave Sam a big grin, her hand on the doorknob. Without waiting for his answer, she flung the door open.

"Well hello there," she said in a sultry voice.

John walked in, looking very excited and nervous. A fact that helped Sam relax a bit.

Sam and Carrie sat on Sam's bed, and John sat in the only chair in the room. John and Sam felt awkward, but Carrie's excitement was palpable. John and Sam were in jeans and T-shirts. Carrie looked delightful in yellow shorts and a light-blue blouse. The blouse was sheer enough so that both men could see her sexy, lace and floral trimmed bra.

The moment dragged on, and Carrie looked at the two guys incredulously. "Um, so...How 'bout them Yankees?" She said to break the tension.

John and Sam laughed. Sam gave her a one armed hug and chuckled into her hair as he kissed her cheek.

She giggled and glanced up at him. He clearly was incredibly excited and horny, so she stood up and plopped herself down in Sam's lap. She could feel his erect penis through his jeans and she gave him a sexy little smirk.

"Men!" She snorted, blowing a lock of blond hair away from her face. "You get exactly what you want, and then you freeze up."

"Oh, yeah?" Sam said, wryly, reaching around and fondling her breasts through her blouse.

John was mesmerized. He gave her a wink and adjusted himself.

"That's better," Carrie sighed, settling into Sam's lap. "Now, you two need to talk."

"OK, you understand what is going to go down here, right Sam?" John asked unnecessarily, as a start to the conversation.

"Me? Right?" Carrie interrupted, with a fake look of innocence on her face.

The room broke out into laughter and Carrie winked at Sam.

"Well, yes," John said, after recovering from laughter. "But seriously, I have always wanted to. I am TOTALLY into you joining this trip, and although I expect this to be great fun for everyone, there are still potential personal repercussions to think through."

John looked at both of them and forestalled their responses by raising his hand.

"I know that you have talked it over and decided that you are both ready to deal with anything that comes up, but it is very important, especially amongst friends dealing with emotional or other complex situations that everyone clearly understands details, roles, and boundaries before things get real."

"OK, that makes sense," Sam agreed slowly. "But I am a bit confused. Has anything...changed?"

Carrie gave both the men a concerned look.

"No, no. Nothing's changed. Well, not really. I just want to talk frankly and clearly with both of you before the action starts to make absolutely sure that we three are going to enjoy ourselves on the trip and be able to continue our normal friendships after."

John looked seriously at both of his friends. "OK?"

Sam nodded.

"Yes, of course," Carrie added.

"Alright then," John said. "Let's start with discussions of boundaries. You understand, Carrie, that once we get started, you don't have any."

Carrie swallowed and took a breath. "I understand." She squeezed Sam's hand that was still fondling her breasts. He smiled and gave her nipple a gentle tweak.

Carrie gave a little moan and wiggled a bit in Sam's lap. Sam took the opportunity to reach under her blouse from the back and unsnap her brassiere.

John continued to talk, his eyes wide as he watched Carrie squirm as she slid one arm through her sleeve to allow her to pull her bra free off the other arm. "Meaning, first of all, that there are going to be a lot of guys on the trip, and like all the other girls you have to service all of us, in any way that we choose, whenever we want."

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