tagFirst TimeFun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 01

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 01



"You need to let your hair down sometime," Carrie mimicked Kim's oft voiced complaint as Carrie brushed her medium-length blonde hair. The two girls were sitting in Kim's bedroom pretending to do homework. Carrie was on Kim's bed and Kim was sitting at her desk in front of a full-length vanity mirror around which stood a small army of lipsticks, rouges and other makeup and perfume.

Their parents should have known better as each had a terrible case of senioritis and hadn't done any homework in weeks.

The prom was three weeks away, as well. There was no real reason for any adult to think that the two girls were actually doing anything productive with their time.

Kim handed Carrie her lipstick back and looked at her reflection in the mirror with the new, lighter color on her lips. She gave a moue in disgust. "Ugh. That clearly works for you, but not me."

"Anyway, I am right and you know it." Kim looked back at Carrie on her bed.

She turned back to the mirror and wiped the lipstick off with a tissue, replaced it with a more aggressive red color and examined herself again in the mirror. Her petite Asian features were framed by her lean and feminine arms as she worked a pink hair band around a ponytail. Carrie had always been envious of Kim's lustrous locks.

Carrie sighed. "I know. But I don't think I am yet up to how you ... you know."

"You are soooo ready," Kim replied, looking at her friend again. "You are totally hot. Tommy and his friends are so into you."

Carrie put the brush down. She was taller than Kim, but then Kim was just tiny. Carrie got up and put her hands on Kim's shoulders and peered into the mirror over her friend's head. "You don't know that," Carrie said nervously.

The pair in the mirror was delectable. Both girls were 18 years old and as cute as can be. Carrie's blue eyes and blonde hair were in lovely contrast to Kim's Asian features and luxurious black tresses.

Kim reached up and pulled Carrie's head down so that the girls were looking into the mirror, cheek to cheek.

"Jesus. We are so cute! And I DO know that. Tommy told me that he thinks you are one of the prettiest girls in the school, and I know that he totally wants to fuck you."

Kim said it in a nonchalant tone of voice and the word was startling coming from her. She gave her friend a sly and sexy look in the mirror, enjoying the brief look of shock that crossed Carrie's face.

Carrie closed her eyes. "And you probably told him that I told you I thought that he was really hot, didn't you, you little bitch?"

Kim giggled. "Of course!"

"I'm not ready to fuck the whole team, Kimmie," Carrie objected, exasperatedly, and then immediately stopped, realizing she may have just agreed to sleep with Tommy.

"The whole team? I'm not that much of a slut," Kim lied. "I'm fucking Tommy and ... well, I am the reason for our recent winning streak," Kim concluded vaguely.

"By sleeping with the seniors on the team? Yeah, you're not at ALL a slut, are you?" Carrie responded sarcastically. She gave Kim a kiss on the cheek. "But don't worry. I still love you anyway."

Kim patted Carrie on the head and stood up. She turned to examine herself in the mirror. At a shade under 5', she was the perfect little Asian siren. Her tight black leggings showed off her toned legs and ass, strong and fit from her years in ballet class and aerobics instruction. The latter was provided at the local Y, to improve her college resume by demonstrating that she was involved in helping not-for-profit community organizations.

Her makeup was tastefully done, as usual, and her hair, in a ponytail which she now pulled up in a temporary bun was lustrous. As she preened in the mirror, she knew that she was gorgeous.

"I don't sleep with any of them," Kim said archly, "We fuck. And it's awesome!"

Carrie and Kim had been friends and study partners since the first day of freshman year. Carrie lacked the ruthlessness and single mindedness of Kim with regard to her studies, and most everything else, but she and Kim took all the same classes together and Carrie had also done exceptionally well. Carrie was headed to the University of Boston in the fall on a full academic scholarship.

Carrie never put the same time into the work as did Kim, and secretly Kim believed - worried - that Carrie was the smarter of the two girls.

"I don't know how you get into these situations." Carrie shook her head as she examined herself in the mirror trying to see herself as Kim saw her. At 5'4" she was four or five inches taller than Kim, and she liked her height. In the mirror, though, she saw a girl in jeans, with a blue western oxford shirt over a simple white T shirt. She was ... cute, but not beautiful.

Her breasts were slightly larger than Kim's B cups, but she did not pay much notice to such things.

"I mean, how you started ... dating Tommy ..."

Kim gave an indelicate snort when Carrie mentioned dating.

"... that was just so crazy." Carrie was plainly jealous and a little intimidated of her friend's current situation, such of it as she knew, and in awe of how Kim did whatever was necessary to get what she wanted. Carrie shook her head, remembering when Kim told her what she had done two months before.


Kim, after getting accepted early decision to Harvard, stopped her academic endeavors and concentrated solely on exploring the parts of life she had missed so far. For Kim, that meant losing her virginity to Tommy, a fellow senior and the starting quarterback, shooting guard and pitcher.

Kim tackled her virginity problem the same way she tackled her AP chemistry projects and everything else that stood in her way - head on and aggressively.

She got Tommy's attention by sending him a note:

"I just got admitted early decision to Harvard. I am done with everything I need academically from this school. Don't bother congratulating me - that's not what I want from you. Right now, I need to get ready for college by getting a boyfriend and losing my virginity.

Not necessarily in that order.

If you are interested, I will be done with work in the writing lab at 4:30.

Don't be late.

And don't share this invitation with anyone."

At 4:15, all 6'2" of Tommy Gringer was outside the library, waiting anxiously for all 5'0" of Kim Xu. At 4:30, they were in Tommy's Mustang convertible. At 4:37, they were parked in the field behind the abandoned mill and at 4:54, Miss Xu lost her virginity to the star athlete heart throb of the school. At 8:35 that night, his balls well and truly drained, Tommy drove Kim home, shook the hand of the father of the girl he had just finished so thoroughly violating and went home himself, delighted at his amazingly good fortune. He was thrilled at her response to his suggestion, and of the deal they entered while he was bringing her to orgasm, and he spent most of the night with his dick in his hand, plotting how best to take advantage of the situation.

Kim and Tommy were not destined for a long-term romance. Tommy's greatest goal was to make it onto a Division I school football team on a quarterback scholarship and then to party his way through school with just the grades necessary to avoid academic ineligibility.

He was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he was cute, he was horny, and he was what Kim wanted right now and until the end of the summer.

Kim's goals were different. And their goals were incompatible beyond high school. Both knew it, and each intended to take advantage of the situation.


Kim just smiled at Carrie. She knew that Carrie was a sexual innocent, and she knew also that Carrie was intrigued and excited about Kim's new lifestyle.

Kim continued to smile at Carrie.

"Caroline, my dear," Caroline was Carrie's full name but she hated it, as Kim well knew. Carrie narrowed her eyes at her friend, but Kim ignored her and continued with a smile so wide that her cheeks dimpled. "Whatever you want to know, just ask."

Carrie blushed. In a small voice, she said. "I don't want to be a virgin anymore, but I'm scared. I'm scared it will hurt, I'm scared that the other students will know and I'm scared of my parents finding out."

Carrie's parents were rather strict Methodists, and Carrie had had little freedom. The restrictions had been eased considerably since her college acceptance and her 18th birthday but she, like Kimmie until her recent escapades, had not explored her sexuality or anything else fun so far during high school

"C Baby," Kim said, giving her friend a quick hug and bringing her back to the bed, "everything is just going to be fine. Actually, it's going to be more than fine, it's going to be great!"

Kim sat beside her friend and gently rubbed her back. "Your first time just HAS to be with Tommy," she said. Carrie's head came up and she looked at her friend incredulously.

"What? Oh, because he is my 'boyfriend'?" Kim shook her head. "Can you seriously see me dating Tommy? Really? He's super cute and all, and he is just fantastic in bed, or wherever, but he is a moron without a future. His greatest goal in life is to play 'college ball', as he puts it. He will never leave this town. I am 'with' Tommy because he is almost as horny and kinky as I am. I would absolutely LOVE it if you would let me set you up with Tommy."

"Really?" Carrie looked surprised, and then doubtful. "But I'm not ... beautiful. Like you."

Kim put her hands on Carrie's shoulders and pulled back so she could examine Carrie's expression to see if she was serious.

"What?" Carrie objected. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"And here I thought Tommy was the dummy," Kim muttered under her breath.

"Nothing, nothing," Kim said quickly as Carrie started to inquire as to what Kim had said. Kim stood up and taking Carrie's hands in her own, drew her friend to her feet.

"OK." She stood next to Carrie in front of the full length mirror and whipped her own tank top off. "Get out of those clothes. Now!" Kim commanded.

Carrie blinked in surprise, but soon she and Kim were both standing in front of the mirror in their bras and panties.

Kim was elegant and sexy in a black lingerie set with thong panties and a small bra that accentuated her breasts and barely covered her nipples. In her heels, she was just about Carrie's height. She looked like a million bucks.

Carrie was in yellow cotton panties with little hearts around the elastic band and a light blue sports bra. She wore white athletic sox and a pair of off-white running shoes.

"Thank God we are the same size, just about, because that is the god awfullest underwear I have EVER seen!" Kim exclaimed.

Seeing Carrie's face crumple, Kim started again. "What I mean is, even in that awful, awful underwear, you are still prettier than me."

After much protestation, many objections, most of an hour and no small amount of tears, the girls were back again in front of the mirror. Kim was dressed the same as she had been, although she had changed into her second best pair of heels.

Carrie, on the other hand, was transformed. Her blonde hair was pulled to one side and held back with a bobby pin, her underwear had been replaced with lavender silk panties and matching bra, both trimmed in black. The bra was a size too small, and Carrie's breasts bulged fetchingly over the top. She was wearing a pair of elegant black kitten heels (Kim's best pair of shoes) and sexy thigh-high silk stockings. Kim had done her makeup expertly, and Carrie was simply radiant.

Carrie stared at herself in the mirror. "Oh. My. God."

Kim giggled. "I told you, girl. You are one sexy beast."

Carrie's face fell again. "But I don't have any of these ... type of ... clothes. I can look like this now, but if I cannot match this, I cannot afford ..."

She was silenced by an elegant finger across her lips. "Oh be quiet. You think I'm going to release you to Tommy in those old things? Not a chance. When he sees you, he is going to be begging for the opportunity to be your first."

Carrie stared at her friend. "Are you serious?"

"Yes. About what? The clothes, or Tommy?"

"Ahh, the clothes. No, Tommy. Ummm, both," Carrie finished in a rush.

"Absolutely," Kim replied. "Those clothes are all yours - except the shoes. I love those shoes. You can have the ones I'm wearing - and tomorrow I will tell Tommy that so long as he leads the team to a win this week against whatever school they're playing, then I will give him - and ONLY him - a BIG surprise Friday night."

Carrie just stared at Kim in shock. Then she gave her friend a quick hug.

"You're welcome," Kim said, smiling.

"And so if the baseball team wins, then I am going to ..." Carrie trailed off.

"Yes. You are going to be Tommy's prize. And you will lose your virginity to Tommy this Friday night."

Carrie squirmed a little. "I am really excited," she said in a small voice.

"Wait 'til Friday night, girl. You have NO idea how much fun you are going to have."

"Who are we playing?" Carrie asked.

"I don't know, but who cares? Once I tell Tommy that he gets you as a prize Friday night if they win, he will be so pumped he'd probably throw a no hitter to the New York Yankees."

The girls giggled together.

A short time later, her old underwear in the garbage where it belonged, Carrie walked home looking forward to some alone time to take care of her excitement.

Meanwhile, back in her room, Kim thought it probably for the best that Carrie had not thought to ask exactly what Kim's arrangement was with Tommy.

With a small satisfied smile, she picked up her phone and spoke briefly and then hung up.

Both girls spent a good portion of the night with hands between their legs and their sheets in a sweaty tangle. Carrie dreamed of an upcoming night of anxious ecstasy and Kim jilled herself off to the thought that she had finally gotten Carrie to agree to be with Tommy. Kim had no doubt that Tommy would take it from there. The thrill of betraying Carrie to help get Kim out of the jam that Tommy had maneuvered her into was exciting enough to cause Kim to crest and cry out as her orgasm took her to new heights.

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