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Fun with a Friend's Wife


I was nervous as I pulled up to your place. In my mind I recalled the past week and how I came to be here. After talking about our wives, we finally decided to meet. Our arrangement was simple, you get her drunk, blindfolded and tie her hands down to the bed, and I show up ready to fuck.

I waited outside until you came to the door. No knocking on the chance she wasn't quite ready yet. You let me in and put a finger to your lips, telling me to stay silent. I nod slightly to show I understand. You take hold of my belt and push down while mouthing "strip here." I am nervous but I realize this is easier and quieter than stripping and dressing right next to her.

I notice you are only wearing a t-shirt and underwear as I take off mine. I point at yours and you strip naked also. It's hard to tell who is bigger since we're still both soft. I feel tiny and can't help but notice we both glance at what each other is packing.

You lean over and whisper "did you jerk off? I want you to last."

I nod a yes. You motion for me to follow you and put a finger to your lips again indicating quiet.

I follow you into the bedroom where I see her. You kneel beside the bed and I climb up beside her. You've got her blindfolded, her arms extended, tied down to the corner of the bed. I notice her wrist cuffs seem to detach at the wrist. I think how sexy it would be if I could turn her over on all fours. Not tonight I tell myself, since I'm not even supposed to be here.

I look up and down her sexy legs, glad that you put her in a pair of full tan pantyhose with the crotch cut out. I notice you are looking at my still soft cock. I can read your thoughts, "is he attracted to her", "is he bigger than me", "she's finally getting fucked and I get to watch", "she doesn't know it's not me."

I take her feet in my hands, slowly stroking my hands up her legs to her knees and back down to her beautiful hosed feet. My cock slowly rises to life and I notice yours shoots straight up. It appears you have me beat by about an inch but I'm a LOT thicker.

I run my hands up and down her legs several more times from her sexy toe seams up to her sexy hose waistband. As I grab her ankles and spread her legs into a V shape, I look down at her face. She must be having a great dream because it looks like she's smiling. This makes me realize the room is completely quiet. I thought she was making more breathing noises as she slept than when we walked in. I decide to ignore it and set her legs down, spread very wide. I slide down between her legs, ready to eat her. I glance over at you and then start licking her. I turn my head to the side so I can watch your reaction and that's when I heard the voice.

"If I knew wearing pantyhose would get me eaten, I would have worn them years ago."

We look at each other in a panic as we both realize she isn't as drunk as we thought. You point at her and flick your tongue, making me realize I stopped what I was doing.

I quickly think how I came this far and might as well enjoy it. I start giving her my all, tonguing every inch of her clit. I lick the tip, and suck it into my mouth. I slide my tongue all up and down her slit, stopping at her hole to tongue fuck her a bit. I slide my tongue up her slit and take her tiny lips in my mouth, grinding my tongue all over them. I then work my way up to her clit and focus on attacking it for the next minute or two.

She starts to moan loudly and says "I'm gonna cummmmmmm." Her legs slam shut around my head as I keep on teasing her wet slit. She says "I'm done. I'm DONE!!!"

She opens her legs and I kneel on the bed, looking over at you. I give a huge smile knowing a stranger just gave your wife her first orgasm, completely unknown to her, and you watched it happen.

You hold up a condom and I nod my head no. I point at myself and then you. You realize my point that she is awake and thinks I am you. You try to motion for me to switch places, but I again nod no.

As you lean toward me, I motion that I'm about to grab her blindfold. You freeze, realizing that I'm going to ride her bareback whether you want me to or not.

She says "hurry up and fuck me!"

I slide up to the head of the bed. She sucks my cock just enough to get it wet, although from how hard I made her cum, I don't think that will be a problem.

As I start to slide it in her, she says "you feel really thick tonight. You should have said pantyhose turn you on this much."

I lift her hosed legs to my shoulders and slide deep into her, taking the first stroke slowly. As her tight pussy gets used to my thickness, I start to pump faster and faster. Her moans come more quickly as I bang her tight hole quicker. "Oh baby you're sooooo thick tonight. FUCK MEEEEEE!"

I pound into her hard and fast, all the while running my hands up and down her legs. She again takes notice of the attention her hose are getting

She says "baby I'm going to wear pantyhose and a miniskirt to tease you when we go out with your friend and his wife next week."

I make a note to watch for that, since I'm the friend she speaks of. I look over and see you appear blown away at the situation we are in. I smile and then set her legs down at my sides. I lay forward and start to kiss her while slowly fucking her.

She is very receptive to my kiss and says "get up there and bang me again."

I slide back to my knees and lift her feet to my shoulders again, ramming her very deep and hard. I go for broke and pound her with all I've got until she lets out a long moan and says I'm cummmmmminng."

I flash you a huge grin and then decide to kick it up a notch. I reach up and unclasp her hand restraints, quickly grabbing her hips and rolling her onto her face. She pushes up onto all fours and tries to grab for her blindfold. I grab her wrist and spank her hosed ass once quick. She puts her hands back on the bed and says "naughty boy, keeping me from seeing."

I glance down at her sexy asshole as I move closer. Now I've seen everything she's got, time to finish this off. I grab her hosed hips and pull her back onto my thick rod. Now that she's had a second orgasm of the night, I'm going to focus on mine. I start to ram it to her, hard and fast. Her sexy pantyhosed ass is too much for me and I spank her a few times as I pump away.

Just as I feel my balls getting to the point of no return, I hear her say "I'm getting close again." My first thought is to just finish, and then I decide to challenge myself to hold out. I start pounding her harder and faster, the whole time hoping she cums first. She is constantly letting out some small moans, but my balls are screaming at me. After a minute or two I decide to just have mine. Right then she says "I'm cumming." I grin at you again and notice your face change as she says "your cock is getting thicker as you are about to cum. That got me." You start nodding your head no, but there is no choice for me. I pound her hard as I drain my balls deep inside her, finally stopping with it all the way in her. I push her down onto her face while pulling out and quickly duck down behind you. She gets up and takes off her blindfold, feeling her way to the bathroom as her eyes adjust to the light. You walk to the door with me and watch me dress quickly, then let me out.

The next day you tell me that you gave her a good seeing to after I left while she still had the pantyhose on. I then confess that I hadn't jerked off before, and I actually had a three day old load for her.

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by Anonymous

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by cyferx04/17/18

It's called rape for a reason

Because she didn't consent. And her husband is guilty of it by way of conspiracy. Put it in the right category. 1*

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by Anonymous09/10/17


When I first started reading this story I thought it was going to be a crafty swap between the two men friends without their wives knowledge but it seems not so I'm putting it down to nonconsent, and frommore...

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by cyferx07/25/17

Nice rape story!

Hey, come over and rape my wife. I will blindfold her in case she isn't drunk enough to not give consent. Oh no, don't rape her bareback and dump your three-day load into her! You dirty bastard! I hopemore...

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