tagGroup SexFun with a Mature Couple Ch. 01

Fun with a Mature Couple Ch. 01


"Oh God, don't stop. Oh Tommy, you have to see this. Oh God, I'm going to cum. Oh Tommy, he's licking my pussy. Tommy quick get out here. Oh Tommy, I'm going to cum."

These were the words that resonated in the hotel room, the first time the three of us got together. I guess I should start at the beginning, and share with you what brought me to that exciting evening.

I am a widower. In my younger days, my wife and I had our share of memorable sexual adventures. We never needed to wife swap, go to swing clubs or make our own porn. Her exhibitionist tendencies, always led to amazing sex.

Pleasuring myself, while remembering the past, or reading about the sexual exploits of others, had been the norm since her passing. Four years of jerking-off to memories, stories, watching video clips, and visiting adult image sites were wearing thin.

I had to make changes in my life. I wasn't getting any younger. I could still "get-it-up," but at times I wasn't sporting flesh-colored steel, like in my younger days. The idea of joining adult sites dedicated in finding willing partners for sex was in my plans.

The first "Fuck Buddy" site I visited and eliminated, had me wondering about its' legitimacy. You know the type of site that I'm referring to. "I'm horny, and live 2 miles from you," or "I need to suck you, and live in your neighborhood," or I want to fuck you, and live in your crawlspace." The next few sites I joined were women in their 20's and 30's. Based on their profiles and pictures, the only thing that could happen was for me to physically hurt myself, after all, these ladies were more than half my age. I still thought joining sites was the route to go, so I joined sites with women in their 40's and 50's. To my chagrin, the pictures that I saw had me thinking my 6" dick might not be a pleasure pole for them. These women had asses that were tight and firm. You could probably bounce a quarter off of them. Their tits were all gravity defying. I was sure the size of my dick would be inadequate.

I hit pay dirt with my final descent into online sites. I joined sites for mature women and mature couples. People my own age, who were of the same mind set. People who knew their best days were in the past, but had enough desire, drive, and determination to continue enjoying sex.

I put my profile up, directed to couples. It was simple and to the point: Healthy, 60+ year widower looking for companionship. Willing to watch or to participate, your call.

I waded through and eliminated most of the responses sent to me. I wasn't excited getting a blowjob from a women who removes her teeth, promising to suck stronger than a vacuum cleaner. I had my reservations about the husband who insisted on sucking my dick before and after, I fucked his wife. I certainly didn't want to "cross swords" with a gay male couple, who promised I would enjoy what they had to offer.

I was intrigued by a married couple who were looking for a person like myself. We exchanged e-mails and decided to meet. No pictures were asked to be seen because, let's be realistic, most 60 year old men do not have six-pack abs, and most 60 year old woman aren't lingerie models.

I was told the name of a hotel near their house that had a pretty active bar. We would be around people, but could talk in private. Tom told me that he had gray hair, a gray mustache, and a rather pronounced belly. His wife Steph had brown wavy hair and always wore an untucked blouse over a skirt, and heels. They would be sitting at the bar, having a drink, waiting for me.

The hotel was an hour drive from my house. I got there at the time we agreed on. Scanning the room, I saw 3 couples sitting at the bar, but only one fit the description given to me. I walked up to Tom and Steph and said, "Well, I made it. Good to meet you two. Let me order a drink and we'll find a table."

When my drink came, we headed to a table. Tom got up first and I noticed he was on the short side, maybe 5'4' or 5'5". Steph on the other hand was much taller, but that could have been the heels she was wearing. I also noticed her blouse did two things: One, it couldn't hide the fact that she had a nice rack. The other was that it tried to hide the top of her hips and some of her ass.

Holding Steph's hand Tom said, "What brought us to tonight is Steph. She thinks her ass makes her undesirable. She says it's big and she is self-conscience about it. We socialize with 3 other couples. Some of them have been skinny-dipping together, others have been in a jacuzzi, naked together. Some evenings ended in light petting, touching and fondling. Our friends have always asked us to join them, but Steph says, no. Our friends are enjoying their older years, with the same zest as when they were younger." Steph looked at me and said, "I would be embarrassed and humiliated, if my backside was any kind of deal breaker."

I assured her, there wasn't anything wrong with the size of her ass. I said, "You don't have an ass the size of Kim K's or J Lo's. It may be a little out of proportioned than the rest of you, but huge it's not. Plump might be the best way to describe it. You know, you have a beautiful face and a full sized chest. A little junk-in-the-trunk really does suit you. I think you are beautiful and desirable. I can tell you anything you would want to hear, but those would just be words. I know how I can prove to you that you are a head turner and extremely sexy."

As Tom was hanging on every word, I continued, "Go to the restroom and remove your bra and panties. Unbutton at least 3 buttons and tuck your blouse in your skirt, before coming back here." Tom told her if she did that he would get a room for the night.

When she said, "OK, No one knows me here." Tom left the table and headed for the check-in desk. Before she left, I said," Please swing by the bar and get me another drink. I'm sure the bartender would love to see your cleavage."

It was close to 15 minutes before Steph came out of the ladies room. She got halfway to the bar when she was stopped by some guy. They chatted for a little time and she pointed in my direction. He gave me a friendly, "Thumbs-Up" gesture and walked away from her. At the bar, the bartender was talking her up big time, keeping her in front of him until she turned around and walked back to the table, with my drink.

Her tits were on display, and swaying from side to side under her blouse. The smile on her face said it all - she was enjoying the attention.

"Well," I said.

"I almost chickened out," she said, "but Tommy has these fantasies. So why not give it a try, and boy am I glad I went through with this." She continued, "That guy I was talking to, invited me up to his room. He told me he had a chilled bottle of bubbly in his room, and he would love to get lost in my cleavage. I told him I was with you and he signaled you before he left. The bartender kept staring at my tits and asked me to walk slowly back to the table so he could stare at my ass. I'm wet between my legs and no one has touched me. God, I'm so horny. I can't believe how phenomenal it feels without underwear. I am really horny."

At least three times, the waitress for our area came over and asked if we need another round. She never made eye contact with us, staring only at Steph's exposed cleavage. Gently rubbing her thigh, I said, "In less than an hour you have members of both sexes wanting to hook up with you. Didn't I tell you, you're very desirable, and I can't wait to see you naked."

Tom's text came in with the room number and Steph quickly responded. She texted back, instructing him to pin the door open with the security latch. She also told him to be naked when we enter the room. We finished our drinks, charged the bill to Tom's room number, and stood up to leave. Steph, kissed me lightly on the lips. I slowly moved my hand across her blouse covered nipples, and she let out a deep sigh.

Anyone watching us would have thought we were a happy married couple. She held my hand as we walked to the elevators. Once the doors closed, she pressed herself hard against my chest and started kissing me. My hands went to her ass, and I rubbed the material against her naked skin. Her sighing increased to light moans. We realized we weren't moving. Neither one of us pushed the floor button.

Getting off the elevator we saw the direction of the room numbers. With each step to Tom's room, Steph undid another blouse button. Standing outside the door, Steph pulled her blouse out of her skirt, took it off, and handed to me, she entered the room first, I followed.

Tom was standing near the foot of the bed. His expression was priceless. He stopped stroking his dick and came over to his wife. He attacked her tits and began licking her nipples. She said, "Tommy slow down, we have all night. Sit on the bed a watch." She unzipped the back of her skirt, and wiggled out of it. "I must have left my panties with my bra hanging on the hook, on the stall door," she said. Leaving her heels on, she told her husband to get in the middle of the bed. As he did this, I noticed that unlike his big belly, his manhood was on the small side. She knelt over his dick and took him in her mouth.

I took off my clothes and sat in the desk chair near her plump, round ass. I didn't want to cum now, so I made sure I kept my hands away from my rock hard member. I could see her head bobbing up and down. I could hear slurping sounds, as she was really getting into the act. I could see the wetness of her pussy. I could hear Tom moaning, first softly then louder as he was nearing a climax.

When Tom stiffened up, she plopped him out of her mouth and stroked him as fast as she could. He shot cum all over his giant belly. When she was done getting him off, she lowered her head one more time and licked his balls. He left the bed to clean himself up. My dick began twitching and I was afraid I was going to cum before I had opportunity to enjoy Tom's wife.

As Steph began crawling backwards toward the edge of the bed, I stood up, leaned my face toward her ample backside, and began lightly kissing each cheek. I ran my hand along her extremely wet gash. It sounded like she was gasping for air. I asked her to lay on her back and to hang her legs over the edge of the bed. I got my first look at her pussy. Her dark brown hair was coated in moisture. I started blowing hot breath on her pussy. I alternated doing that and kissing the inside of her thighs. I could smell the perfume that she dabbed there. I lowered my face directly on her gash, and tasted her for the first time.

Each lick brought a loader moan. My tongue entered her pussy. She was wet and began thrusting herself into my face. "Oh God, don't stop. Oh Tommy, you have to see this. Oh God, I'm going to cum. Oh Tommy, he's licking my pussy. Tommy quick, get out here. Oh Tommy, I'm going to cum."

And cum she did. My tongue continued to dart in and out of her pussy, until she stopped moving. She said, "Tommy, did you see that?" You know what's next? He's going to fuck me. You always talked about seeing me with another guy. It's going to happen tonight, and you will lick me clean."

She laid in the middle of the bed wearing her heels, a smile, and offered me her pussy. Tom was stroking himself, making every attempt to get hard again. I knelt between her outstretch legs and slide my dick along her wetness. She began sighing and said, "Please, do it now."

I gently grabbed her calfs, and raided her legs. Once her legs were on my shoulders, I slowly pushed my stiff dick in as far as it would go. I didn't expect the tight fit. It was like fucking a much younger woman. I pulled back just leaving the head of my dick inside her. "Tommy, he's bigger than you. He's filling me up with his hard cock. It feels wonderful. You enjoying this Tommy? He'd going to make me cum again."

We found a rhythm. Tom continued to stroke himself. Between sighs, Steph said, "Tommy, can you hear how wet I am? God, I'm going to cum again. You watching my tits, Tommy? Look at his cock sliding in and out of me. Tommy, it's happening again." She began bucking wildly.

It didn't take long before I shot my load. We started to climax almost at the same time. I pulled my dick out of her and squeezed it until I couldn't hold back anymore. The first shot of warm cum landed on her beautiful tits. The next one on her lower belly. The last one on her pussy. Her orgasm continued as I lowered my mouth to her pussy. I licked her clit and ran my tongue up and down her or pussy, cleaning my cum and making her squirm again.

"Tommy, this is what you wanted, right?" she said. "Tommy, I fucked a stranger. Did you enjoy watching? I came more tonight than the last six months combined. Tongue me clean, while I do the same to his cock."

Steph turned her head to the side, while her husband was wiping and licking my cum off of her. I knelt in front of her mouth and she licked my flaccid dick like an ice cream cone. I reached over and massaged her tits. She was purring like a kitten. I wasn't sure if it was due to her husband's tongue, my hands, or the afterglow of what just transpired.

When she was done, there wasn't a drop of her sweet nectar or any come left on my dick. Tom cleaned her so good, she was glistening. I couldn't believe it, but I was getting hard again.

All of this got Tom hard. They switched places. He laid on his back, in the middle of the bed, and extended his arms above his head. Steph, once more, knelt over his dick and put him in her mouth. While she sucked and stroked him, I put on my clothes and let myself out.

Three months later, I received an e-mail from Tom and Stephanie. They wanted to know if I would like to join them and their friends for an evening of adult fun, at their house. They also asked if I knew of any games they could play, because this would be the first time that all four couples would be naked at the same time.

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