tagIncest/TabooFun With Aunt Sally Ch4

Fun With Aunt Sally Ch4


Aunt Sally and I sure were getting along very well. When it came to sex she was so very open and she was willing to show me most anything. Yet, I was surprised when she told me she wanted to invite someone else in to join us in our fun.

It seems she had this neighbor lady friend who had been divorced for a long time. Mabel was in her mid 50's but still enjoyed some fun according to Aunt Sally. She told me that she was a big woman too and had very nice tits and that I might enjoy some fun with her also. It seemed her and Aunt Sally talked a lot about sex and that it had been a while since Mabel had had any sex with a man. She did have her dildos and enjoyed them but needed more than they could provide. She had confided with Mabel some of our fun the last few days.

"I hope you don't mind my telling Mabel", Aunt Sally said. " She seemed to like what we were doing. She is not a very bad looking woman, just a bit on the heavy side but I told her you liked them some bigger and she liked that."

" I do not mind at all", I replied. " I bet we could have some fun together."

"I know we can", she said. "She is ready to see your nice cock and she wears big panties like me and she has some she wants to show you. I told her how you like to cum on them and she got quite excited. She should be here shortly. Lets get some of your nice fuck magazines. She wants to see them. It seems she has never seen any real good ones"

We went to my bedroom and got some of my magazines and just then we heard a knock on the door. It was Mabel.

She was a big woman. She was taller than Aunt Sally and she sure did have some very big tits. She had on this oversize shirt and shorts. Her legs were big and beefy and she had a very large bottom. I tried to visualize her in just bra and panties. She was good looking though and looks like she had just made hereslf up for the occasion.

"Mabel", said Aunt Sally. " I want you to meet Bobby, my young nephew I have told you so much about."

"Well hello, Bobby", she replied. "It is nice to meet you and your Aunt has told me many nice things about you. I hope you didn't mind. I think we can have some nice times with each other. I'm sure she told you that I enjoy sex too and just don't get as much. I think most men want a thin skinny gal, not a big full figured one like me. She says though that you like that."

"He sure does" said Aunt Sally. He has such a nice young cock and so much cum too. I so enjoy watching him masturabte and see him shoot, especially on my pussy and panties."

"Ummm Bobby", she said. You sound like my kind of young man. I know you have some nice fuck magazines and that you masturbate looking at them. There is nothing like a young man enjoying his cock and shooting all that nice cum. I would like to see some of them"

"Sure", I said smiling at Aunt Sally. " she said you would like to see some so we got a few nice ones. We can go to my room and see them. Aunt Sally likes them too."

Upon entering my room Mabel starting looking through the magazines. She came upon one series of pics that she really like.

"Oh my just look at this", she said. " This woman here is taking a huge cock right up her ass. I don't see how she can take it all in. It looks so good. My husband never wanted to fuck my big ass at all. I have to stick dildos up may rectum now and I enjoy that a lot. Just look at how her anal opening is stretched so wide to take that thick cock"

We all gathered around to see the anal fuck pictures. Mabel flipped several pages all showing great anal fucking. Some even showed double penetration. Mabel really liked that.

"Bobby, I bet your cock is all hard now", Sally said. "Why don't you show it to Mabel. I know she wants to see a cock."

"Ummm, Bobby", she said smiling. " Is it all hard and sticking up?

"I would love to see it. Sally says you have some sexy underwear also, nice nylon thongs. I hope you have some on now. Let me take off my shorts and shirt. I sure would feel more comfortable in my bra and panties, and I know how you like them.

"Oh yes", I replied. I will take off my clothes and let you see my cock all hard and I want to see your big briefs and big full tits in your bra.

I bet your ass is big and will look so good."

As Mabel and I all got down to our underwear Aunt Sally had gone to her bedroom and returned with this big dildo.

"I think we should have some fun with Mabel's ass" she smiled. "I think we all enjoyed those anal fuck pictures. Mabel has such a big ass and it needs attention and probing. Oh my, those are sexy briefs Mabel and that big full bra."

Mabel was now in nothing but her underwear. What a big bottom she had. Her tummy was so large too and sagged just a bit. My cock was rock hard as she showed me her large body."

" Judging by that nice bulge in those bikinis you must like what you see", Mabel said. " There is plenty here to play with. Your cock looks good Bobby. Why don't you pull the front of those bikinis down and let's see it sticking up."

I got the waistband and slowy pulled the front down as my cock stood straight up. Sally and Mabel were enjoying my nakedness. Aunt Sally had her clothes off completly now and was fingering her hole as I stood naked in front of them.

"Would you like to see my brown hole?" asked Mabel.

" I want you to see my big ass cheeks spread open and my asshole showing to you. Sally had the right idea when she got that dildo. We will grease my ass up and then she can fuck me with it and then I want you to fuck my ass. I need some cum up there."

"Oh great", smiled Aunt Sally. I can see some good anal fun is about to begin. You do have one big ass Mabel. Take those big briefs off and let's see that ass you have. It needs a dildo in it then a cock."

Mabel took the panties off and got on the bed. My cock needed release and I could hardly wait to empty my balls into her rectum. I had never fucked a ass and hers looked so good and ready. She got into position as Aunt Sally spread her huge ass cheeks open. There it was, that nice brown puckered hole. I knew the fun was just beginning.

Sally had some lube which she generously applied to the rubber dong. She then put some on her ass and couldn't resist fingering Mabel's rectum.

"Ummmm", Aunt Sally said. " That sure feels good.

Your ass is indeed tight. Let me finger it some and then we will stretch it open with this dildo and then have my young nephew fuck it good for you and dump a load of cum inside you"

"Oh goodness" Mabel cried. That feels so good. I love having something in my ass. Fuck me with that didlo now. I want it inisde me and then Bobby's cock. My ass needs to be fucked!"

Aunt Sally greased up the big dong and slowly pushed it up inside Mabel's bowels. My cock was so hard as I watched her muscles begin to relax and take the didlo deep inside. It was a beautiful sight as the dong slowly disappeared up her rectum.

"OHHHHH" that feels so good" Mabel moaned. "It feels even better than when I fuck myself. That toy is big and I feel like I will split open. Umm work in and out Sally. It feels so good and then I will be ready for Bobby's young cock to splash my insides with warm cum. Ummmm, keep it up Sally"

I was watching Sally move the dildo in and out awaiting my turn on that big fat ass. After a few minutes, Sally withdrew the dong. Mabel's ass crack was slick with the lubricant. Her anal opening was still gaping from it's dildo fuck, some lube oozing out.

"Now, Bobby" Aunt Sally siad. "Get your nice hard cock ready and fuck Mabel's nice brown hole.

It's ready for your young dick. While you fuck her I will work my hot damp pussy. Now, fuck her good."

I eased up behind Mabel's huge ass and cock my cock in hand and guided it into her anus. Oh, it felt so good and tight, despite just being fucked by that dildo.

"That's it Bobby", Mabel moaned. Fuck my big fat ass and fill it with your warm cum. I have so needed a good ass fucking. Do you like how big it is and yet tight around your cock. Fuck me Bobby."

I pumped her deep and hard as my hands roamed over her huge cheeks, kneading and squeezing them hard. I could see my cock disapper up her hole as I pushed in and out.

"Ohhhh my", I moaned. "It is so warm and tight. I love your big ass, Mabel. It so needs a nice deep fuck. I want to empty my balls inside you. I want to fill you with cum."

I glanced over at Aunt Sally as she was masturbating her pussy madly as I fucked Mabel's ass.

"Ummmmmmmm", I cried. "I'm gonna shoot my cum."

"Oh Bobby", Mable cried. "That's it fill me full with cum. Squirt me full of all that young cum you have."

I exploded into her as my cock released it's creamy liquid deep in her bowels. I head Aunt Sally groaning as she fingered herself to climax.

I withdrew my spent cock from her anal opening as some cum seeped down her crack.

"That was so good Bobby" Mabel said. I could feel you shooting into me. You have so much cum to pump. I see that Sally fingered her cunt while we fucked. This is going to be so much fun for us all...........

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