Fun with Dad and Big Brother


He just groaned and fucked her as hard as he could. "Oh, what a sweet little pussy," He growled as he looked down between their bodies at his cock pistoning in and out of her.

He took her leg off of his hip and rested it on the top of the back of the couch as he moved even closer to her. "Oh, you are so deep.' She cried as he bit hard on her nipple. "Fuck mmmmmeeeeee." She cried as she flooded him as she came.

Peter felt her cum and fucked her even harder; he was so close and wanted her to cum again before he filled her with his seed. "Cum again sis," he panted. "Cum for me baby."

"Oh...Ugh...Agggghhhhhh..." She cried as she clung to him as he gave her the ride of her life. This was better then the fucking her father had given her the night before. "So good, I'm gonna cum again." She panted.

Somehow she ended up on her back and Peter was above her hammering her pussy roughly. "You are such a good fuck." He growled as he fucked her hard.

"Gonna cum..." She cried running her nails down over his chest.

"Cum sis." He growled as his own orgasm washed over him and he filled her.

"Cummingg." She cried as his orgasm triggered hers.

The siblings enjoyed fucking each other so much that they spent the day lost in each others bodies. They took a break a few times to give Peter's body a chance to recharge then went back to it. Before it was over, Crystal even took Peter's cock up her virgin ass. It hurt at first when he slid into her virgin hole but before long she was purring as he slammed into her furiously.

It was during one of their fucking sessions that met Joshua at the door when he got home from work that evening. Crystal was lying on her back on the floor while Peter had his face buried between her legs and his cock in her mouth as they 69ed.

Joshua watched his children sucking at each other in shock for a minute before he smiled. "Well I'll be." He said loudly enough for the children to hear him.

Peter moved quickly off of his sister while he looked at his father in fear. "Um...hi dad, we didn't realize it was so late." He said lamely.

Joshua smiled at his son as he set his briefcase down. "Obviously," he locked the front door behind him then started to strip. "Well, don't stop on my account." He said with a smile at the kids shocked faces.

Peter was sitting beside Crystal, when she realized her dad wasn't mad at them fucking around, she quickly engulfed Peter's cock back in her hungry mouth.

Peter moaned and closed his eyes as he felt Crystal's tongue and teeth move over him. "Oh yea sis, suck that cock." He growled bucking up with his hips.

Crystal moaned against him as she bobbed her head up and down over his hard flesh. She jacked what she couldn't get in her mouth while she slurped happily. When she felt a tongue touch her pussy, she pulled off of Peter long enough to look between her legs. She smiled when she saw her father with his head buried there. "Eat my pussy daddy." She purred as she pressed up against him before taking Peter back into her mouth.

Joshua growled as he nibbled gently at her clit and slid two fingers up into her wet hole. Crystal panted against her brother's cock as she humped against her father's mouth. "Mmmmm...Mmmmmmm..." she whimpered as she coated her father's face with her juices.

Joshua licked up her juices, and then moved quickly up over her body until he was able to slide easily into her depths. He thrust furiously in and out of her body while she whimpered in pleasure. Peter moved up to his knees beside her and fed her his cock in her mouth so she had two of her holes well filled.

Crystal sucked hard at Peter, while she thrust her body against Joshua. She was whimpering and crying out against the cock in her mouth as the two men brought her body to life. When she felt Peter pulling at her nipples, she lost control and started hammering her body hard against her father.

"Damn, she's hotter then she was last night." Joshua panted as he plowed into her willing hole.

Peter was breathing heavily as she went to town on his cock. His hips were flying as he fucked her face. "Oh hell yea, she's been a hot firecracker all day dad."

Joshua watched his children as he vehemently plunged into Crystal's willing body. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." He cried as he tried to hold back until they could cum with him.

Crystal cried out against her brother as she humped furiously against her father trying to bring herself off before he came inside her. Peter seeing he dilemma, reached between her legs and grabbed painfully at her clit. It was enough to send Crystal over the edge. She whimpered loudly around Peter as she coated her father's thrusting cock.

Joshua felt her tighten around him and lost what hold he hand on his control. "Take it baby girrrrrrrrrrllllllllllll..." he howled as he filled her with his seed.

As he watched his father and sister cum, it sent Peter into a frenzy. He grabbed roughly at Crystal's head and started hammering against her furiously. Crystal sucked at him for all she was worth and was rewarded seconds later when he howled as he filled her mouth. She drank him up greedily suddenly thankful she had such a loving father and brother.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/20/18

Omg feels weird

It sounds like they have been waiting for so long for his wife and their mother to "leave"......

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by Anonymous01/02/18

Hope I too get to fuck my young and beautiful daughters

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by Anonymous10/31/17


You mean weird...

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by Anonymous05/21/17

Tell me if I'm wrong

But this family has a wired way of dealing with grief.

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