tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFun with Dick and Jane Ch. 02

Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 02


This is the continuing adventure of Dick and Jane, an average thirty-something couple living in Australia. They met over ten years ago and these are the stories (a mix of fantasy and some reality) of their sexual adventures.


It was a couple of days after their steamy session in the dark alley. The memories were great and both Dick and Jane were horny for each other -- Jane was dying to get Dick's rock hard cock back in her mouth and pussy and Dick couldn't wait to finally get to roll Jane's pert voluptuous nipples around his tongue again.

Dick and Jane had been back at work and had only managed to a few brief telephone calls that week. It was early morning in the backpacker's hostel when they finally met up again and there was much movement about as people woke up from the indulgences of the night before. Most had hangovers and there was little movement around the breakfast table as people swapped stories, found out what they'd done and generally caught up on who got laid and who didn't. Both Dick and Jane had worked the night before but timing meant they hadn't managed to meet up afterwards -- so they listened with amusement to what their friends had got up too.

Dick was feeling particularly horny and Jane was ready to please her new guy. When their room mate had left they quickly both relocated form the kitchen to the lower bunk. Dressed for comfort, Dick was in his cotton trousers and a tightly fitted t-shirt -- leaving little to the imagination and showing off his rapidly developing surfer's washboard stomach. He had showered before meeting up with Jane and was nude under his trousers, already semi-erect in anticipation of what was to come. Pre-cum showed through his trousers, letting Jane know he was ready to play.

Jane was anticipating some fun and had dressed to impress -- she hid her clothes from the others with a kimono, but now dropped it to the floor, making Dick gasp in surprise. A short black negligee, satin and lace barely covered her 38C breasts, with just enough nipple showing to get Dick in the mood -- as if he needed much encouragement in the first place! Underneath a black satin g-sting covered her newly trimmed pussy, already wet in anticipation of what was to come.

Looking each other in the eye they moved quickly towards and embraced, knowing what was going to happen and not caring if the room-mate walked back in. Dick grabbed Janes arse and puller her pussy towards his semi-erect cock. Jane ran her hands down Dick's firm chest and ran her tongue around his lips -- thrusting it into his willing mouth. More and more urgently they explored each other's mouths. Lips hard pressed and tongues darting in and out, rolling around the other and thrusting between each other's lips.

Panting heavily Jane drew down Dick's trousers and marvelled at his rapidly hardening cock -- not having seen it the other night in the alley. The pre-cum glistened in the morning sunlight, a beacon for Janes hand.

Taking the long shaft in her hand she gently began to stroke and massages it up and down, her other hand cupping his heavy cum-filled balls. Lowering her head she teased him; licking up his 8-inch shaft then letting the pre-cum glisten between the end of her tongue and top of his cock -- forming a spider's web between her lips and his tip.

As a low growl escaped his lips she lowered her mouth over his cock, teasing at first, then in and out lower and lower until she was taking all 8 inches into her mouth, swirling the head around and using her tongue to tease and flick over the head. Fucking her mouth Dick moaned with pleasure as Jane expertly sucked him until he was about to cum -- then withdrawing her mouth with a smile and a "not yet lover boy."

Jane lay down on the bed and said "Your turn to please me now." Dick knelt beside her, gently running his hands from her lips, down over her lace covered breasts to her satin covered pussy. Gently he undid the ties of the negligee exposing her sun drenched body -- his eyes feasting on her beauty. Lightly he flicked his tongue over her red hardened nipples, eliciting a low moan from Jane.

Spinning around Dick lowered his tongue to Jane's satin covered pussy, the barrier teasing her to buck her hips up towards his exploring tongue. Quickly he rolled the g-string off her hips, his tongue diving between her wet slit, driving into her wet pussy. Flicking up he rolled his tongue around her clit, she moaned as his cock twitched in anticipation. Gently inserting first one then two fingers he began finger fucking her as his tongue doubled her pleasure on her clit. Jane stuck her fingers in her mouth to stifle her moans, the only thing between them and others being the bedroom door.

Dick climbed over Jane's chest as she drew her nails down his back. Reaching back he continued to thrust fingers in and out of her pussy -- by now making a delicious sucking sound as his fingers went in. Dick's cock thrust between her pert breasts as Jane drew them together to make to mountains of pleasure.

Faster and harder they both went, sweat in the hot Sydney day rolling off their bodies, knowing that their moans and cries could be heard by the other backpackers on the other side of the door.

Gasping he drove his cock between her lips, fast and longer as she massaged his balls as he continue to finger fuck her. Spinning around into a sixty-nine position he slammed his tongue into her dripping pussy as his cock thrust between her open and inviting lips.

Harder and faster their hips bucking, together they came, a low guttural moan escaping his lips whilst she screamed oooohhhh yeeeessssss.

Walking out of the room after a quick shower they were greeted with clapping by the other hostel residents.

Smiling seductively at Justin (another guy she had her eye on) Jane could only hint at what she had in mind for the three of them later on, but that's for another story.

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