tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFun with Friend in the Jacuzzi

Fun with Friend in the Jacuzzi


Tracy visits the Jacuzzi.

Ever since she had read one of my old stories, (fun in gym) our friend Tracy had been going on about the time I had enjoyed a mutual masturbation session in the Jacuzzi with several young guys, she wanted to experiment and try new things and this was one of her ultimate fantasies, putting on a show in a public place.

I had promised Tracy that I would take her there on a visitors pass but could not promise that the same sort of thing would happen as these experiences are a random thing; you have to take advantage of the moment.

If things are too 'arranged' then it spoils the excitement.

The gym often throws promotional days to entice new members; one had come up for mid week so I arranged for Tracy to meet me there first thing, when it was quiet.

From a past adventure, (Fun in the Sauna) I knew that some of the guys who worked there would be up for some fun and without giving anything away had dropped a hint that I might be in the Jacuzzi that morning, peaking their interest by adding.

"With my friend, we will be wearing our little bikinis and nothing else."

Tracy met me that morning and we had a quick workout, showered, changed into our bikinis and headed for the Jacuzzi. I had not told her about the guys so that it would be a complete surprise to her when I started to tease them, the sole purpose being to hopefully get them to fulfil her fantasy.

I could see through the little glass panel in the door that the three men were already in the pool waiting, totally relaxed, eyes closed and half asleep in the warm water.

They were startled awake by the door creaking as I pushed it open, as we slowly walked over, the men had all straightened themselves up and were now alert with a lustful look in their eyes taking in every inch of Tracy and I as we walked to the steps and got down into the Jacuzzi.

We settled in the water, Tracy had a slightly embarrassed smile on her face as she was openly ogled by the guys, they could plainly see that her nipples were erect, pushing against the thin material of her top, slightly dark against the light colour.

"Nice to see you in here again," said one of the guys that I had met before.

"Although seeing you tanning was much nicer."

This brought peels of laughter from the other two guys.

"Maybe you could show my friend here how much fun you had that day." I said.

Our legs were pressed up against theirs due to the tight space, Tracy followed my lead and put her hands on their thighs and gave a little squeeze and the men moved a little, no doubt startled by our bold approach. Tracy must have been feeling braver than normal because she started to caress the muscular thigh on each side of her; she rubbed her palms up and down their legs almost touching their crotch at the top of the stroke. The lads were shifting uncomfortably and from the look on her face she was obviously enjoying the control she had over them.

The third guy was sitting close to me and I let my hand drift over his crotch feeling the bulge in his trunks under the water, I gave him a little squeeze and whispered, "Watch this."

Tracy's eyes were wide as I reached over and popped the little clasp between her breasts, the bikini top drifted slightly apart in the water, when she did not move to pull it back on or object the lads wasted no time and brought her breasts right out from her top discarding the soggy material and fondling her soft mounds, pinching the nipples, stimulating them until they were fully hard. The guy on her right held her left breast firmly and pushed his face into it sucking on the hard nub, Tracy arched her back pushing into him as he worked his mouth on her firm breast, gyrating her pelvis and rubbing the outside of her thighs back and forth against the two guy's legs.

"Enjoying the show?" I said to the guy next to me.

In answer he touched a finger to the crease between my legs where my bikini bottoms had ridden up, I felt an intense tingle in my crotch as he dragged it along the material following the outline of my slit and could feel the warm moisture of excitement dribble from my pussy lips.

Tracy's squirming had also caused her bikini to ride up and I watched as she eased the fabric out of her crease obviously uncomfortable, the men noticed her adjust her bikini bottom and took it as an invite, taking turns to rub lightly between her legs. Tracy closed her eyes and tilted her head back, while the guys touched her down there, stimulating her through the thin material. I was enjoying the moment tremendously because she had been so shy and repressed when we had first met. Through the adventures we had shared she had begun to open up and take control of her feelings, exploring her sexual nature rather than holding back.

It felt great to see her enjoying being the centre of attention, squished between two extremely aroused men while they were took turns to touch her pussy through the light fabric of her bottoms and play with her breasts.

Easing myself out of the pool I bent down and whispered in Tracy's ear,

"Why don't you give them a show?"

She looked round and smiled, placed her hands on the side of the pool and pulled herself up onto the side. The wet clinging fabric accented the crease between her legs and the lads eyes were fixed on the outline of her pussy. Knowing they were watching her every move she hesitated a moment, took a deep breath and then touched herself there through he skimpy material.

They let out a little 'wow' of appreciation and she got a little bolder and positioned her bikini bottom to one side so that her pussy was exposed.

You could sense the sexual tension in the air.

She closed her eyes and touched herself while squatting a little in front of the two guys, already very wet and excited she inserted a finger deep and masturbated herself. By her breathing I could sense an orgasm was not far away.

Taking her hand away from the moistness of her pussy she pressed her wet fingers to the lips of the two guys watching from the edge of the pool.

"Why don't you two get out of the pool and show me how much you liked that?" Tracy said, then spread a towel out to lie on.

The third guy had come round and stood behind me watching the show with his hands resting on my hips, his groin pressed to my buttocks and I could feel his stiff cock.

Tracy was on her knees smoothing the towel out so her lovely ass was pointed at the two guys as they pulled themselves from the water, uncomfortable they shifted positions to relieve the pressure in their trunks both obviously stiff as a board.

Tracy lay back propped up on one arm and took in the sight of the two guys standing there. "Before you come over here you can get rid of those wet trunks." She said.

Both guys stripped off and knelt down either side of her, members standing fully erect.

She slowly lay back and took a cock in each hand causing the guys to gasp as she tugged the foreskins back over the swollen heads, both hands moving in a steady rhythm as she worked the shafts.

She masturbated them for a while until she could see they were reaching the point of no return, abruptly letting go of their throbbing members.

"Sorry guys but I want you to make me cum first and then I want to watch you cum over me." She said.

Both of the guys were panting, a little disappointed but wanting to do as she asked. They each gently caressed the inside of her legs, one each side of her, as they moved their hands along until they touched the bikini bottoms, they took hold of the fabric and carefully slipped it down exposing her pink thin slit.

Tracy's breathing got heavier as they turned their attentions to her pelvic area, moving her hips to the sensation of the probing fingers running over and between her damp lips. A quick rhythmic wet noise could be heard as one of them pumped his fingers in and out in a fucking motion while the other guy played with her clitoris, rubbing his fingers over the hard nub as he applied his mouth to her breasts and nipples.

She panted, nostrils flaring and her mouth open making little noises in the back of her throat as she rocked her hips faster and faster determined to come, her body shuttered then went ridged as her orgasm hit, she gasped for air and rotated her hips pushing down onto the fingers inside her, flooding his hand with her juices.

It was so erotic watching the two men touching her that I wiggled my ass a little against the cock pressed to my cheeks, he pulled me back hard onto it.

As soon as Tracy's movements slowed and her breathing calmed down the lads knelt either side of her with their cocks held firmly in their hands.

They had held back as she had asked but after being stimulated almost to the point of orgasm and seeing her hot naked body they needed release.

Tracy watched as they both closed their eyes and began working their hands up and down, faster and faster, the hard shafts lubricated with fingers slick from her juices.

It wasn't long before they began to shoot their load over her creamy skin; the one guy held his cock firm and sprayed her tits, some of it splashing on her shoulder and neck, the other turned so that stream after stream landed not only on her breasts but also covered her flat belly.

As we watched the guy behind me was caressing the side of my legs, his cock pressed hard against the groove where the thin material of my bikini was nestled between the cheeks of my ass.

He reached up with one hand and squeezed my breasts, his other teased and pressed against my damp privates, I moved my legs apart as he wormed a finger under the leg of my bikini and started to explore the damp slit between my legs, pushing the tip of his finger into my wet hole and rubbing it back and forth.

I started rubbing my ass against his erection in little circular movements as he stimulated my pussy.

He made me shudder as he teased my right nipple, rubbing and pinching it at the same time that his right index finger circled around my clit, rubbed between my lips and then sank again into my silky depths, I peeled my bikini bottoms down over my hips and spread my legs wide open for him so that he could use his whole hand to stimulate my pussy, he rubbed all of his fingers though the fleshy folds with one hand while he pulled his trunks down just enough so that his cock sprang free, slapping wetly between my ass cheeks where it lay pressed between my buttocks.

He pulled me tight to him as he rubbed and fingered me to orgasm, a wet trickle of pre cum dribbled down my ass crack as he worked his penis against my soft flesh.

He flicked his fingers over my clitoris once more and my body twitched violently, I moaned loudly as a powerful orgasm ripped through me causing me to sag in his arms, he held me tight as my pussy soaked his fingers.

Tracy had been watching this with her eyes open wide, her little pink tongue played over her bottom lip and she was running a finger over her breast through the sticky mess there. Pulling away from his grip I positioned him on his knees between her legs, coaxing her to open them wide, this was supposed to be Tracy's wild experience not mine and I was going to make sure she experienced every drop.

Her mouth dropped open at the sight of his engorged cock; I positioned myself behind him and reached round taking hold of it at the base after first rubbing my hand through the juices running from my own pussy.

When I had rubbed my wet palm up and down his shaft thoroughly lubricating it I promptly started jacking him off forcefully with his cock pointing at Tracy.

He was soon near to climax, gasping and moaning, humping into my hand, her eyes had wildness in them as she looked on; face flushed not knowing quiet what I had in store. With one last thrust into my hand he bucked his hips and tensed up, taking rapid deep breaths, I could feel his cock swell as he built to a huge climax shaking in ecstasy as, with a final grunt, he shot his load.

Holding his cock just under the helmet I pointed it down at Tracy, she let out a little squeal when she realised what I was doing.

Stream after stream of sticky cum splashed down between her legs, covering the thin strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair, splashing her upper thighs and soaking her pussy so much that it ran over her wet lips and down the slit, pooling under her ass.

She watched the end of his cock twitch and spurt in my hand until only a thin trickle

dribbled out of the end and over my fingers.

Thanking the guys we retrieved our towels and her bits of clothing and went to the showers. Tracy was a happy sticky mess from all their cum, she hugged me smearing some of the goo onto my tits as she kissed me gently on the cheek.

"Oh my, that was amazing," she said. "I have never experienced anything as exciting as that. I would never have imagined myself masturbating in front of three men or being naked in public, but you are right, the exhibitionist nature of it only made things more intense and exciting."

We cleaned up and left the gym with Tracy happily planning which of her fantasies to play out next.


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