tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFun With Friends Ch. 05

Fun With Friends Ch. 05


My humiliation at the hands of Becca continues....

As always - my thanks to kjplotts.


When I got home, I spent the rest of the evening thinking about how in a few hours I had gone from a closet cross dresser to a full on cock sucking, bend over and take it up the ass slut who was then shown to a group of strangers as a latex and high heel-wearing sissy.

I'm not sure when I fell asleep but when I awoke the next morning it was to the sound of my phone ringing.

Looking at my phone I could see that it was Becca, also noticing that it was almost 11am.

I answered and she said, "Hi there, I don't know if you enjoyed what I did last night but I certainly did. Did anyone do or say anything to you?"

I told her about the people staring and laughing and the girl who had slapped my ass and also that her boyfriend had come up to my car afterwards, had apologised, and also given me his number!

"You dirty little bitch," she said back. "I had an idea that us girls could go shopping today and if you are going to be picking up men at every opportunity then perhaps we need to expand your wardrobe a little. Meet me in the city, outside Ann Summers at 12 and we will see if they have anything there which you like. Oh yeah, I want you to wear jeans and a zip up top but underneath you are to wear a black thong and bra and matching stockings and suspenders. If you feel like saying no then check your email."

Without giving me opportunity to say anything, Becca hung up on me. I quickly went online and saw an email from Becca which had attached several photos and the short recording from the afternoon before.

Knowing that I would have to go through with her order, I jumped in the shower before getting ready.

I put on the underwear, jeans and top as instructed and wondered what she had in mind. Showing me off to her neighbours was a lot different to showing me in the middle of the city and surely that couldn't be her plan.

I met Becca as she had told me to and she said that when they had got home the night before, she had given Greg a blowjob and that whilst being sucked off he had been moaning Davina instead of her name!

We chatted for a few minutes about the previous day before she said that we should go check out some more slutty clothes for me. I told her that I had never done this before as I had got all of my things online. She told me not to worry and that she would handle everything, telling me to play along with whatever she said.

We walked in and she headed towards the matching sets of thongs and bras. After looking for a minute or two a female voice asked if we needed any help. Turning around I saw a cute girl who was about 20 or so. She had dark hair and glasses and her name badge said Stephanie with Duty Manager underneath.

"I think we do," Becca said. "I am looking for something quite slutty - are you able to help with that?"

Taking it in her stride the young girl told us that she could and pointed us to the far end of the shop. She asked Becca what sort of thing she was looking for and how much she wanted to spend.

To my shock Becca said back, "Oh the outfit is not for me...it's for him".

Stephanie looked a little taken aback but Becca continued.

"I was meant to be going out for the day and left the house early only to realise that I had left my phone behind. I went back and walked into the front room to find my housemate here wearing my underwear. Not only that but he was using my computer to look at pictures of well hung black men whilst using one of my toys on himself."

"Oh right," Stephanie said back looking me up and down.

Becca continued, "Now I don't mind if he enjoys getting off thinking about big black cocks but I don't want him to do it in my clothes or with the help of my favourite vibrator which is why we are here. Obviously I don't want the clothes back he was wearing and you know when I told him this he asked if he could keep them on....he's still wearing them you know."

Again Stephanie looked me up and down.

"Obviously I don't want him to go wearing any other clothes of mine so he agreed to come out today and get some of his own. To be fair though when I caught him he was wearing his own shoes."

"Look at these," she said reaching into her bag and pulling out my patent 6" heels from the previous day.

"Oh they are very sexy," Stephanie said to me. "I bet you can't walk in them though."

"Why don't we see?" Becca replied. "You have changing rooms don't you Stephanie?"

"Of course," she replied. "There are some at the back of the shop and please - call me Steph."

"Well then let's have a little fashion show," Becca said.

They started to walk away and so I followed behind noticing that a couple of girls who were in their mid 20's were staring; I guess they had heard what was being said. We walked towards the rear of the shop and Steph walked towards the right hand wall and pulled a door handle swinging the wooden door outwards to reveal a small changing room with a bench on the left and mirrors on the walls opposite the door and to the right.

Becca and I walked in and Steph followed behind. They both sat down on the bench and as I stood in front of them Becca told me to strip.

"Come on little bitch," she then said. "I told you that if you do this then I wouldn't throw you out of my house...unless that's what you want?"

Obviously I knew that this story was not true but in reality Becca had something more powerful over me so I unzipped my top and jeans and took them both off.

"Now put your slutty high heels on," said Becca.

When I had, she continued to Steph, "We both know why girls wear shoes like that don't we?"

"To get fucked," Steph replied but looking at me as I stood there in a black bra, thong, stockings, suspenders and 6" heels.

Steph continued, "Well you came here to get a new outfit so why don't we go and have a look if we have anything slutty enough."

I went to pick up my clothes and Steph asked me what I was doing.

When I told her that I was going to put my clothes back on she asked me why and I told her that obviously I couldn't go out into the shop dressed like this. She stood up and told me that I was going to and somehow unlocked the door and pushed me out in a split second.

In the heels I stumbled out and ended a few feet away from the door by the time I had regained my balance. Becca and Steph walked out and Steph locked the door behind her leaving my clothes on the inside.

Luckily since the back of the shop was where some of the kinkier things were kept, it was not on full view to everyone but anybody could have walked up and seen what was obviously a man in women's underwear and high heels.

"Well come on," said Steph. "You told me you could walk in those shoes so why don't you have a look at some of the clothes and show me?"

With my face bright red and in no position to argue, I walked across to the nearest rack of clothes and started to look at what was there.

I saw an air stewardess uniform like the one Britney had worn in the video for Toxic and as I took it from the rack and turned to show Becca and Steph, the two girls who had overheard us earlier walked up and saw me. With the dress held in front of me I'm not sure how much they would have seen but they definitely would have noticed that I was holding up a sexy air stewardess uniform and also that I was wearing stockings and high heels.

The two girls burst out laughing before turning quickly and walking away.

"Not slutty enough," Becca said, ignoring what had happened.

Steph responded by saying that if I really wanted slutty then the pvc and leather were over on the opposite wall.

They started to walk and so I had no choice but to follow.

With my face bright red, Steph walked across to a rack and took out a black leather dress.

Although a dress, really it was a tiny micro skirt and boob tube with a thin piece of leather running up the middle to connect the two. Quite simply it was a stripper's dress.

"I would love to see him in this," she said.

"Well let's go," replied Becca walking back towards the changing room.

With my body tingling, the three of us went back into the changing room and Steph moved the latch to lock it behind us. I took off my bra and slipped into the dress. The short skirt part of the dress could only have been six or seven inches and barely covered my ass.

"My my, he is quite the slut isn't he?" said Steph. "There is something missing though."

She then stood up and unlocked the door before opening it and leaving but making sure that the door stayed open behind her.

Becca turned to me and said, "Isn't this fun, you look like a lap dancer...I bet you would love it if you were, having guys stuffing money down your thong as you rub up against them."

Steph walked back in and closed the door locking it behind her. She was carrying a bag and handed me a pair of fingerless black leather gloves and told me to put them on.

I did and she told me that it completed the look.

"Very sexy," she continued. "But there is still something missing."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well girls like you dress like that for one thing and one thing alone...cock."

As she said this she reached into the bag and pulled out a big black rubber dildo.

"I figured that you would like the colour," said Steph.

It must have been about 10" long and had a big pair of black balls along with realistic veins running down the length of it. There was also a suction cup behind the balls which Steph spat on before sticking it at about waist height to the mirror on the back wall of the changing room.

Steph continued, "Now you are going to show me how a little white slut takes care of a big black cock. But you know real sluts can pleasure a big black cock in a night club or in the back of a car and they don't always get to see what they are doing...so neither will you."

Saying this, she reached into the bag again and took out an eye mask that had the word Princess written across it. She put it on me and I could hear as she sat down on the bench.

"Go find it," she said.

As I was facing the mirror I knew roughly where it was, so I reached forward with my hands and after a few seconds felt the cold rubber on my fingertips. Bringing my body closer I knelt down in front of it.

"Real girls wouldn't kneel" said Becca. "They wouldn't want to snag their stockings. You are going to have to squat to service that cock."

I got up off my knees and squatted back down, feeling the leather riding up on my thighs and ass as I did so. I wrapped my lips around the thick piece of rubber and moved my head forward to take it in.

"Look at this slut, look at his ass hanging out of his dress," I heard Becca say. "Let's see you use your tongue".

I took my mouth from off of the rubber cock and and held it what I imagined was an inch or so away before sticking my tongue out and flicking it across the head.

"Worship those big black balls," Becca shouted.

Putting my hands around the cock, I wanked it as I licked the underside of the shaft. As I felt my tongue touch the balls I worked it all over imagining what it would be like to do this to a well toned, well hung black man; a tall muscular black guy who would tower over me even when wearing my 6" heels.

Not thinking I started to moan passionately and could then hear Becca and Steph laughing.

"He loves it doesn't he?" Steph said to Becca.

"He is quite the slut by the look of it." she replied. "But I wonder if he fucks like one?"

Not even waiting to be told, I spat onto the cock and rubbed the full length of the dildo before turning around and bending at the waist. Pulling my thong to the side I worked the head of the cock into my ass before positioning my hands on either side of the door frame and pushing back.

"Oh god yes," I moaned.

Pushing back and forth I soon felt the rubber balls touch my ass and again pictured the rubber cock belonging to a black Adonis... only this time fucking me whilst his huge balls slapped against my eager white ass.

"Fuck me baby," I heard myself say.

"You love it don't you?" Steph asked.

Not giving me chance to answer she continued, "Well you will love this even more."

Just as she said this, I felt the rubber cock inside me start to vibrate. I'm not sure what Steph had done but it had me trembling.

"How does it feel?" Steph whispered into my ear.

"I feel like a dirty white bitch who loves getting filled by big black cock," I shouted back.

"Who doesn't Princess?" an unfamiliar female voice said back.

Panicking I pulled off the eye mask and could see in front of me that the changing room door was wide open and a crowd of 5 women were stood outside watching me as I bucked my hips back and forth upon the black 10" dildo that was buried inside me.

I realised that at some point in the last few minutes that Steph must have reached up and unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Even with this going through my mind I continued to push myself back and forth upon the big rubber cock as it felt sooooooo good.

Steph turned and addressed the crowd, "At the moment this little bitch is being pleasured by this," she said as she reached into the bag and pulled out another dildo.

She pressed a button on a remote and it started to vibrate in her hand.

"Now if I press this button again you will see what happens next." She did and the first 5" of the cock in her hand came out at an angle and started to rotate.

"Would you like to see what effect this has ladies?"

"Hell yes!" the women shouted back.

Steph picked up another remote from the side of her and pressed a button.

I felt as the dildo, still vibrating, started to turn inside me. My jaw dropped and a long deep animalistic moan left my mouth as the thick head of the rubber cock worked its way around the inside of my ass.

"These are just £50 each, ladies, and we can see and hear what they are doing to him."

I couldn't believe that whilst stood dressed like a slut she was using this as a sales pitch.

"The dress is also one of ours and is a bargain at £75; the rest of the clothes however are his own including those come fuck me shoes".

Standing there dressed like this as the cock vibrated and rotated inside me was such a turn on and, as the cock worked its way around, I started to cum. Without anyone even touching my cock, I could feel my thong soaking through as I squirted into it.

Standing there moaning away and with the look on my face, Becca, Steph, and the group of women watching all knew what had happened.

"Look girls, you don't need men for a good time...just one of these," said Steph, holding up the remote control.

"I'm sure this little slut would agree and will be buying one."

"We can see that," said one of the girls laughing and pointing at the trickle of cum which had made its way down my thigh.

"You see," Steph continued, "these babies even turn so called straight guys into cock hungry sluts."

Still impaled on the black rubber cock I stood there, bent at the waist, panting, wishing it was a real black cock buried inside of me and wanting to be fucked again.

Steph stood and stroked the back of my head. "Why don't you get cleaned up and then you can come and purchase your new things." After saying that she walked out pushing the door shut behind her.

After getting cleaned up Becca made me take the dress, the gloves and the dildo to the counter to pay for them.

Steph told us that all of the women who had seen me had bought one of the rubber cocks and she thanked me for the demonstration.

After that she shouted across the shop to one of the other girls working there, "Gemma, this guy is buying the leather strippers dress, the matching gloves and one of the new 10" black vibrating rubber cocks and none have tags - can you check the prices please."

I turned around and saw that the whole shop must have heard as everyone was staring at me.

She continued, "Don't worry about lube though...he said he doesn't need it."

The girl then walked around the shop and shouted the prices of all of the items back at Steph as the whole shop watched on as I stood there once again with my face bright red.

Steph bagged up the things and made sure to give me the smallest possible bag and positioned the head of the dildo so that it was sticking out of the top.

"That was fun," she said before we left. "I am having an Ann Summers party next weekend to cheer up a friend of mine who has been having a rough time with an ex, I usually get one of the girls to model the clothes but it would be a bit of a laugh if you did it, what do you think?"

Jumping in Becca said, "He would love to, here's my number, give me a call in the week and I will make sure he is ready."

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