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Fun With My Aunt


Since my college days I have been a source of advice for many people in my family. So it was no surprise when my Aunt Connie, my Mom's sister, asked me to take a look at her 401k investments. She had recently changed jobs and wanted to know which mutual funds were right for her. I agreed to stop by her house on my way home from work to go over everything. After calling my wife to tell her my plans I left work a little early to head to Aunt Connie's house.

My Aunt has never had a problem attracting men. She is a petite, brown haired lady with a nice body which I have been fortunate enough to see in a bikini on many occasions. Aunt Connie is twice divorced but still in her late 30's and she dates quite regularly. She and I have always had a very playful relationship, acting I think more like brother and sister than aunt and nephew. We are about 10 years apart in age and a few years ago between her first and second marriage and before my marriage used to go out to clubs together fairly often. During those nights out there were plenty of times when my Aunt would pretend to be with me to ward off an unwanted advance from some guy. She would put her arms around me, kiss my neck, or run her fingers through my hair, something that a normal couple would do while at a club. There were many nights that I wanted to make some kind of advance on her, but for obvious reasons I always kept those feelings to myself. I was always more scared about the consequences of a rebuffed advance than I was desirous of making our relationship physical. Besides I was having fun just being around Connie, and I was taking care of myself at home on those nights with thoughts of my Aunt dancing in my head.

As I turned onto Aunt Connie's street I saw her car pulling into her driveway. I parked behind her as she was getting something out of the passenger side of her car. I couldn't help but noticed how great her ass looked in the black pant suit she was wearing. After exchanging a warm hug I helped her carry some things into the house. I placed them on the table as she instructed and received a kiss on the cheek and a kind thank you. She smelled wonderful and my thoughts soon became less than pure about how I wanted this afternoon to end. Aunt Connie grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and sat next to me as I began looking at the investment papers on the table. We were basically finished discussing her alternatives in about 20 minutes and the conversation naturally moved to how my wife was doing. She asked if we were still happy now that we had been married for a few years. I told her we were and she made some comments about how she wanted very much to find someone that she could be happy with for more than a year or two. "You are still a young, very attractive woman so I'm sure you will attract a good man sooner or later," I said playfully. Aunt Connie mocked punching my jaw after that comment and said, "That's a cheap shot. Not all guys are as wonderful as you." She said that half jokingly but she gave me a look that told me there was at least a small bit of curiosity in the back of her mind about how I would react to her statement. "You have a point there," was my comment with a laugh. Then I got up to get another beer.

I brought two beers back to the table then noticed that Aunt Connie hadn't finished half of her first one. She said, "If I didn't know any better I would think you were trying to get me drunk."

"You look like you need to relax, and having a couple of beers won't hurt that cause," was my reply. She told me that her new job was very stressful and that she could use a pressure point message that I have been know to give from time to time. I stood behind my Aunt and began to rub a very tense spot just below her shoulder blade. She leaned back into my hands and unintentionally gave me a very good view of her bra covered breasts. I was starting to get very interested in taking things to the next step when Aunt Connie guided my hands up to her neck and down over the front of her shoulders. "That feels so good, I needed this so much," came from my Aunt in a completely relaxed tone. "If you want I will do your entire back," was my reply. She stood up and looked at me kind of strangely and told me that it sounded like a good idea.

We were making our way over to the sofa when Aunt Connie stopped and said that it would probably be easier for me if she laid on her bed. I'm glad she turned around quickly to head down the hall otherwise she would have noticed the growing bulge in my pants. When we got to her room she laid down without saying a word and I quickly started to rub her back again. After a couple of minutes I told her that it would be better if her shirt weren't so tight, and she lifted herself up and un-tucked her shirt from her pants. As the minutes passed I was getting more brave with my wandering hands. My movements were going about half way down her ass and reaching very close to the sides of her breasts. After about 15 minutes into the massage I could hear her moaning softly as my hands worked her now tension free muscles. Then without saying a word my Aunt lifted herself into her arms, turned her head to me, and looked directly into my eyes. The tension was building as she looked at me for maybe 30 seconds without saying a word. We both knew what we wanted but neither wanted to say it. There was no way I would let this moment pass, so I leaned in and kissed her. Softly at first then growing firmer and letting my tongue slide into her mouth.

Aunt Connie rolled onto her back and my hands began to explore her breasts and stomach as I unbuttoned her shirt. Without breaking our kiss I unhooked her front clasp bra exposing her breasts to me for the first time. They were amazing C-cups the matched her frame perfectly. I leaned down an took a nipple into my mouth and worked my hand over her other breast. Aunt Connie was moaning into my mouth as I sucked and licked her breasts. My hand wandered down to the top of her pants and untied the bow at her waist. I slid my hand inside and worked my fingers on the outside of her panties over her moist pussy. I slid the elastic to the side and when my finger contacted her hairless pussy she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply with her tongue. Within a few minutes I was working two fingers inside and rubbing her clit with my thumb and Aunt Connie was bucking wildly against my hand. I knew she was about to orgasm. I propped myself up on my free hand and broke our kiss. I looked into her eyes and saw the passion and lust, I asked her to cum for me. "Cum on my hand Aunt Connie. I want to feel you cum," I said softly. Connie became very vocal after that. Her moans were louder and she was nearly screaming, "Fuck me with your fingers, grind your hand into my wet pussy." I can't tell you how much hearing a lady say things like that turns me on. I picked up the pace with my fingers until she came with an almost violent orgasm a few minutes later.

As Aunt Connie began to calm down she opened her eyes. I was still looking down at her, and she smiled as our eyes met. "That was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had," she said still trying to catch her breath, "Now it's your turn to have some fun." My Aunt stood up in front of me and removed her pants. She stood there for more than a few seconds because she could tell I enjoyed the view, "Like what you see?" A nod was all I could manage. "You can have this whenever you want as long as we keep this discreet." Then my Aunt bent down and began what was an amazing blow job. It was easy to tell that she really enjoyed sucking. She kissed the tip and shaft while massaging my balls. Then when she finally took me into her mouth she moaned as my cock slid past her lips. It didn't take long for me to tell Aunt Connie that I was about to cum, but those words didn't slow her down at all. As I came she stopped moving me in and out of her mouth, she held most of my cock inside and sucked until I had finished. It was unbelievable. As I looked down at this beautiful woman I smiled as I saw how much she enjoyed my body. I thought our fun might have been over for the day, but I was wrong.

Aunt Connie slithered her naked body up and took off my shirt. Without saying a word she leaned me back and straddled my legs. She rubbed her wet pussy along my cock until it was hard again, then slid it easily inside her pussy. "You feel so good inside of me. I want to feel you cum inside of me baby," Aunt Connie said in a very matter of fact voice while looking down at me. I grabbed her hips and guided my Aunt up and down my shaft, enjoying her moans and filthy talk. As she neared another orgasm my Aunt nearly shouted, "Fuck me hard baby, fuck your Aunt's pussy, make me cum. Make me cum on your cock. Make me scream baby!" I slammed my cock into my Aunt's tight little pussy as hard as I could. Our animalistic grunts and groans filled the room as we neared climax. Our eyes were locked as I said, "I'm going to cum Aunt Connie, I want to cum in your pussy."

"Yes baby cum in your Aunt's pussy. Oh baby, I'm cumming too. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...," she screamed finally her words trailing off into an exhausted collapse onto my chest.

We laid in that position for a while. Not saying anything, just holding each other. "That was amazing," I said breaking the silence. "I really needed that baby, you have no idea how stressed I have been at work and this was an amazing release," Aunt Connie said with her head still buried in my neck. As my cock slipped out of her pussy I asked Connie if this was going to be a one time thing. "I sure hope not," she replied, "Sex this good with no strings attached is nearly impossible to find. I'm going to keep fucking you for a long time." As I drove home thinking about her comment a huge smile grew across my face. I tried to clear my head in order to act as normally as possible in front of my wife as I pulled into the garage. But I knew that normal between my Aunt and me had a new definition.

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