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Fun With My Hot Wife


I was at my desk, but all I could think of was how she looked last night. That little black dress, showing just enough cleavage from her 36 D's and just barely concealing her nice, firm ass. Her long legs wrapped in those stockings I love going all the way down to those hot "fuck-me" heels. She might have been a classy lady to everyone else, but behind closed doors she was the biggest slut for me. Over the years I did manage to get her to wear more revealing clothes in public, we both enjoyed how ravishing she looked.

The night before we were at a friend's party, nothing too eventful, but a reason to get her all dressed up. All night long I enjoyed ogling my sexy wife, with her devious smile and perfect body. She's about five foot eight with light brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Her huge breasts and amble ass are like icing on the cake. I could not wait to get her home and rip those clothes off.

She was extra playful that night, holding me close, caressing me, gently breathing on my neck when no one was looking. I was so hard all night, so turned on. Although she could be flirty with me, this much in one night was a bit unusual. I wasn't sure what was up. When we were sitting, her hands were all over my thighs, even daring to gently caress my growing erection. Where she really did finally push me over the edge was when she excused herself to go to the restroom, winking to me as she got up and patted my lap. When she came back, she casually stuffed something into my hands. Looking down, I realised it was her underwear. It was a black, satin thong that was quite wet. On seeing my reaction she kissed my cheek. I had to leave right then.

In the car during the drive back, she continued caressing my thigh. At traffic lights I ventured up her skirt, feeling her warm, damp pussy. I was so horny. We finally got home, at long last. We couldn't keep our hands off each other as we stumbled into the house. I pushed her against the wall and she wrapped her leg around me as we kissed passionately. I held her body tight, savouring the feel of her warmth pressed up against me. I lifted her and headed to the bedroom. After setting her on the bed, I took a step back to admire how hott she looked. I caressed her stocking covered leg, all the way up to her now bare ass. She made to take her clothes off, but I stopped her. Instead hiking her skirt up to get a good view of her neatly trimmed snatch.

I could smell her juices, her pussy was visibly wet. I had to taste it. As I bent down, she put her legs over my shoulders and held onto my head, pushing it down. I stuck my tongue in, tasting her juices, swirling my tongue around. Alternating between sucking the lips, her clit and licking the insides. At this point she was grinding against my face. I could barely breathe. I kept eating her out while holding her thighs. The intensity made her squeeze my head as she started to moan loudly. "Mmmmm, baby. Suck it, just like that. MMMM, YES! Don't stop!" she moaned as she continued to buck back and forth. My tongue continued to explore as she got wetter and wetter. I could now feel the insides of her pussy tightening. The moans got louder, movement more ferocious as she began to cum in my mouth. I love the feeling of my woman cumming. It's such a turn on to me. I continued until she peaked, slowing down after. As she collapsed on the bed, I crawled up next to her and kissed her, playfully biting her lips. The taste of her saliva and her pussy lingered in my mouth.

As soon as she caught her breath, she hiked her dress back up and climbed onto me, tearing my pants off and lowering her hot soaking pussy onto my cock. I felt like I could cum instantly, and warned her I might not last long in the first round. She reached for the condoms and put one on before continuing to hump my brains out. Within a minute, I came so hard. She smiled as she lowered her lips to mine and we enjoyed a long kiss. After one look at her in the dress, dishevelled, I was hard again. Thankfully I lasted quite a while the second time, getting her to cum twice before I finally did. We didn't end there, I ate her out one more time and she sucked me off in turn. We sacrificed quite a bit of sleep for some great sex.

Here I was, the next day, trying to get those images out of my head. All I wanted to do was to go home and climb into bed with her. A couple hours before work was over, I texted her:

"Can't stop thinking about you,"

"What are you thinking about? ;) "

"Last night, and how hot you looked."


"You've got me so turned on."

"I can't wait for tonight..."

Then she sent me a photo of her lingerie, set out on the bed saying that it was a preview of tonight's show.....As if making it through the day wasn't already excruciating.


That night when I got home, there was a note in the kitchen, instructing me to come upstairs. As I got into our bedroom, there was another note instructing me to put the blindfold on and sit down on the chair. With a knowing smile and a raging hard on, I complied. Then I heard her voice, "I got you a surprise...well a couple surprises are in store tonight." Saying which, I felt hand cuffs on my wrists. She cuffed me to the arm rests and caressed the tent I was pitching before slowly taking my blindfold off.

I almost came right there. She was in a red bustier, with black stockings and heels on. As she twirled for me, I could see her red matching underwear was a G-string. She pulled another chair and sat in front of me. "Like what you saw last night?"

"You know I did," I replied with a smile.

"Well then, I've got a show in mind for you...."

she said as she stood up and put some music on. She began to strut up to me, sat in my lap and rubbed up against me. Then got back up, walked away, giving me a great view of her ass. "Are you hard?"

"See for yourself." Instead she sat back down, parting her legs, running a finger up and down the front of her G-string. I could see how wet she was through the fabric. Finally, she moved it toward one side. To my surprise, it seemed she was clean shaven. I loved sucking her hairy, but always thought it would be even hotter to suck on it when it was hairless. She had never done this before. After taking the underwear off, she began to play with her pussy, slowly moving a finger in and out. My wife had never masturbated for me before. I had gotten strip teases and lap-dances, but never this. It was such a turn on. She took her wet finger out and rubbed it on my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on her finger. She continued to masturbate for me, rubbing her clit until she came. I'd had enough, I wanted to fill her up, I wanted to feel her wettness on me. It seemed she was ready too.

She uncuffed me and backed into the bed, lying down and looking up at me she passed over a condom. As I moved toward her, she took her bustier off and pulled me on and into her. We started out kissing as I slowly worked my hardness back and forth into her. I bit and sucked her neck as the pace became faster. Her breasts bounced as we moved, I caressed them and playfully pinched her nipples. She began to moan and grind harder. I managed to make her cum three times before I finally did. Our sex romp that night was even hotter than the night before. When we were finally spent, I held her in my arms and asked her what had gotten into her the last couple of nights. With a devilish smile, she responded "I've just been in the mood to have some fun."

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Loving Wife

Just nice loving wife story.

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