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Fun with Shaving


"Do you trust me?"

With amusement, she ran her gaze along their entwined limbs -- at that magical point between complete satiation and the next round....and there was ALWAYS a next round for them until the demands of the day and separately busy lives tore them away from their favorite pastime...

"Yes. I can say without reservation that I do, indeed, trust you."

Suddenly energetic like a little boy, he bounced up, shooting "Good" behind his shoulder as he went across the room to retrieve a bag that he had earlier been quite mysterious about.

"Let's go to the bathroom."

Eyebrows raised -- wondering what on earth his imaginative mind had come up with now...she felt her nipples tighten in anticipation as she peeled her pliant, satisfied body off of the now rumpled bed.

In the capacious bathroom, he turned on the tub faucets, pulling the lever to keep the water in.

"We're taking a bath?"

He smiled mischievously. "Most definitely -- but you first."

Definitely intriguing... "O-kay..." she drawled out. Mystified but willing.

He revealed the contents of the bag. A pack of lady razors, some lavender shaving cream and a little pair of scissors.


"I'm going to shave you."

"Exactly where did you have in mind?"

"I've been promising you a long, slow, inch-by-inch exploration - - and I've decided that it will be MUCH more interesting if I shave your pussy."

Not really sure what to think, she had a bemused expression -- not resistant to the idea, in fact, she felt herself moisten once again at the thought of those strong, talented fingers all over her legs....her inner thighs...the lips of her pussy....oh, yes -- THIS would be an interesting night...

Soon, the bath was fairly deep. On his urging, she fully entered the bath, and he discovered rapidly that he did not have adequate access to the requisite areas with her seated in a filled tub. Positioning her like a doll, he placed her first on the side edge of the tub and then on the back edge -- one leg immersed in the water for support -- one splayed to the side with the ball of her foot on the outer edge of the tub.


First he used the scissors...reaching in from the dry bathroom floor to snip close to her skin...her long curly pubic hair floating on the surface of the bath...the position awkward, he still managed with a bit of repositioning to clip most of her hair -- realizing that the bath was unusable with her hair covering most of the surface. Although she said not a word, he shook his head. "Poor planning. I'll do it differently next time."

Interesting....next time?

The water drained away and she sat - - pussy open and exposed...him in investigator mode, not truly treating her sexually, but more as a home project of hair removal...he combed her remaining hair, snipping errant hairs here and there...scooping the hair out of the tub, wiping thoroughly and bidding her to stand as he used the removable shower head to spray the remaining loose hairs down to the drain where he scooped these too away -- very neat her man.

Shorn and exposed, she felt excited as he once again filled the tub -- this time shedding his own clothes to join her in the large bathtub -- her leg splayed again to the side -- one planted firmly in the water.

Shaking the shaving cream enthusiastically, he sprayed her entire pussy area with foam -- covering it with the same attention with which he piled whipped cream on a piece of pumpkin pie -- she could practically picture him licking his lips...

The first razor made its way in a haphazard path down the center of her pubic hair -- removing much, but going with the grain of the hair so that it left much behind. He carefully rinsed the blade and thumped it against the side of the tub to remove any clots of hair. This time, he used his other hand almost asexually against her pussy lips -- pushing them down so that he could use an upward swipe to remove a path of hair right next to the lips -- all the way up to her smiley-face caesarean scar.

This motion pleased him more and he smiled and paused -- giving her a deep carnal kiss that left no doubt as to where this shaving excursion would end. He repeated this motion several times -- running the razor up to remove the most hair, rinsing and tapping carefully. When he switched sides, he also switched her leg patterning -- almost abstract in his attention to the detail of her cunt shaving.

After the first pass with the first razor, she was carefully shampooed, rinsed, and the bath water exchanged once again -- thank God for a large water tank!

The second razor seemed more sensual -- the feel of the blade against her skin -- the trust of allowing this man a somehow incomparably intimate access to her body...he shaved carefully, leaving no trace of hair on the mound of her pubic area -- she felt the air caress her in new unfamiliar ways...the shiver of unfamiliar sensation and banked passion did not go unnoticed -- but he would not be deterred in his self-appointed mission -- and soon the shampooing and re-drawing occurred once again -- she wondering what on earth was left to shave. Soon -- the third razor and a careful fingerful of foam in one hand - - his other hand spreading her pussy lips carefully to expose the tiny line of hairs that had been missed by his previous attentions...she shuddered and received one small admonition from him Not. To. Move. And she gave the extra effort to stay still as her lover's fingers explored her in new and unfamiliar but not at all unpleasant ways...

The razor stroked from just above her clitoris to the top of where her two pussy lips joined...ever so carefully removing hair by hair - - by this time -- her excitement was obvious and he carefully rinsed a finger and stroked her before switching sides to remove the remaining hair from the other side....Finally - - job done - - she sighed, expecting to be well and truly fucked - - finally - - she was frustrated when he once again got the shower head and lathered her entire body...washing her most thoroughly top to bottom...inside and out...

Forbidding her to help, he quickly washed himself and they both rinsed -- a platonic embrace all that he would permit.

Humming cheerfully, he toweled her off -- not neglecting her newly bare pussy, but giving it far less than the personal attention than it wanted - - needed.

Almost impersonally, he leaned, his naked butt cheeks not seeming vulnerable but somehow every-day -- matter-of-fact -- just part of the process...he retrieved a hair dryer and proceeded to very thoroughly dry her hair...only a tiny dip of hot air across the now hairless expanse of her pubic area, drawing a whimper which he rewarded with a tiny smile -- his eyes bright with his own anticipation of the delights to come.

He led her to their bed where he laid her down gently but precisely positioned: feet planted a bit more than hip distance apart -- a pillow under her ass -- he surveyed his work critically, running a finger around her pussy lips in a gesture that she almost believed to be simply work-man-like attention to detail, but his growing arousal betrayed as true foreplay.

Growling replaced the humming as he leaned into her -- putting his face kissing distance from her hairless pussy -- holding one knee in each hand but not touching -- not tasting...breathing in and out until she rebelled and thrust her hips up and toward his mouth. He laughed deep and husky -- knowingly -- he had taunted her to this -- and he lowered his head and let just the tip of his tongue explore the outer edges of her pussy lips where he had recently had the razor...

"AAgghh -- - you are SUCH a tease!! After a build-up like that just TAKE ME!! please?"

He laughed again -- full hearted -- lusty.

He punctuated his response with kisses on various places on her inner thigh - - tantalizing her clitoris with only a flick of his tongue on the way by...repositioning her legs into an incredible stretch -- legs straddled to the extent of her normal flexibility with the stern order to "Hold it".

"Love", he said between kisses, "I have noticed that you've been working a great deal lately - - many evenings in fact. During that time, I have had the advantage of Extra Yoga classes. Special Yoga classes, you might say."

"Hah!" She could feel the stretch but Anything would be a worthy price for those lips...that tongue...

"Truly -- Cindy held me after class and gave me...special lessons..."

She viewed him with amusement -- even given her ungainly pose. This man would always come home to her -- what they had wasn't repeatable -- wasn't clonable or copyable -- it simply WAS.

"So...Cindy bent you into a pretzel and made you happy to do it?"

"Oh -- at least that."

He ceased speaking when he started using his tongue in a hard spear to penetrate her -- not going as deep as she wanted - - needed -- but licking as he withdrew which surely his penis could not quite accomplish...

"So......she....had you....umm....hold....oh, God!" He used his tongue to start a pattern of entry and exit -- pushing and withdrawing - - holding her hips now to make a mock love-making pattern...she felt her now hairless pussy lips that seemed so much more sensitive - - ready....oh, God! She came with his next tongue thrust -- he lapped up her liquid like it was the finest wine - - pulling her in to get the last drop and holding her there until her body stopped convulsing with the ecstasy....long moments later she pulled him up and initiated a kiss that was deep and passionate and salty from her juices...

Her smooth, hairless legs encased his back once again and urged his stiff cock into her hot wet pussy....he succumbed with enthusiasm -- their smacking noises making a silly, frivolous counterpoint to the soul-deep orgasm that started the instant he truly entered her...for all the play.....the moment of her orgasm had him poised, waiting.....she joined him...hands entwined...eyes engaged......silly trust games and playful fuck games aside...this was the most serious game of all....they leapt together...her newly shaven pussy even closer...never close enough to satisfy their need to be underneath each other's skin...but closer...more intimate....every lovemaking moment a millennium in which they lived and loved....

Until the next adventure...

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