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Fun with Sis


My sister was on the swim team in Jr. College. She looked so hot in her bathing suit. She is 19, 5'5 125 lbs. with green eyes and dirty blond hair. She had big boobs too. She was a double d cup. I am 18 6'3 150lbs brown hair green eyes. She would always walk around the house before her practice and meets in her bathing suit. Every time I saw her in her bathing suit I would get hard. I would always try to sneak pictures of her when she would lay out in the back yard tanning.

She would leave her bathing suits in our bathroom to dry. After every meet or practice I would sneak in and stroke myself and cum in the crotch of her bathing suit. She had no clue I was doing this. One day she took her suit off and put it in the bathroom. I sneak in and came in the crotch. Right after that she went back in and put it on again to go lay out. It was still damp from the pool so she did not notice the crotch being wet. I went to my room and jacked off knowing my cum was rubbing on her pussy.

Our dirty close hamper was in the bathroom as well. She would leave her bras in there and I would cum in them as well. By the time she picked them up they were dry. One day she left her bra in the bathroom by accident and I came inside of it. When I left and went to my room I saw her go in the bathroom after me. When I went for dinner, my sister was wearing a tank top and I could see the color of her bra. It was the one I came into. I wondered if she knew. She never once even gave a hint that she knew.

The next day when I woke up I went into the bathroom. I had my normal morning wood. When I walked in, I noticed a bra on top of the hamper. I was still half asleep and did not think anything of it. I knew my sister had taken a shower But I know she dose not sleep in a bra. I always saw her hard nipples poking out from her night shirt. So I relived my morning wood into both bra cups. Then put it back. I then left and went back to my room for a bit to wake up before my shower. When I went back into the bathroom to take my shower the bra was gone. I took my shower and went to school.

When I came home from school, I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and peed. After I was done, I notice my sister's panties laying on the floor. They were white with smiley faces on them. I have never done anything to her panties before but I said why not I needed to get off. I unloaded all my cum on the crotch of her panties and put them back. I went into my room for a bit. I got thirsty. So I went down stairs to get a drink from the kitchen. When I came out of the kitchen and back though the living room. My sister was sitting in the chair that faced the kitchen. She was wearing a tank top with the bra I came on in the morning and short skirt. When I entered the room, my sister spread her legs open and I could see up her skirt. When I looked, I noticed that it was the same panties I just came in a few minutes ago and you can see the wet spot from me cumming on her panties. She started to rub her crotch and press the cum soaked part of her panties into her cunt. I knew I was busted but she did not say anything and just closed her legs as I went back up stairs.

The next morning I went to the bathroom again to see her bra and panties laid out for me. I said what the hell and came in both. Then went back to my room. As I closed my door, my sister was just walking into the bathroom. At breakfast I could tell she was wearing the bra I came in. I dropped my fork on the floor and went to pick it up. I noticed my sister spread her leg when I went under. I could see the panties that I came into and she had a big wet spot on her crotch of her panties. I got hard immediately. I got up from below the table trying not to look to obvious.

I felt my sister foot between my legs I guess trying to see if I liked the show under the table. She then shot me a smile once she found my hard on. Just then my parents both left for work. My sister and I were still at the table I did not dare to get up in this condition. My sister moved both of her feet to gather my right foot and pulled it up to her. Then she grabbed it with her hand and guided it to her crotch. I felt how wet she was when she put my foot against her wet panties. She then put my foot down and got up. She came over next to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. When she bent down to kiss me, I could see down her shirt. I saw her bra and wetness on her tits from my cum that was in her bra. Then she left for school.

After I got home from school, my sister was getting ready form swimming. She was walking around the house in her swimsuit again. The one I came in last night before bed. She seamed like she was waiting for me to come home. I went up into my room and put my backpack down. Then my sister walked in. She did not say a word she dropped to her knees in front of me and slid down my shorts I was wearing that day. My cock became hard fast. She then began to suck my cock. It was the best feeling in the world my hot sister sucking my cock. I told her I was going to cum. She stopped sucking and started to stroke me. When she saw my pre cum, she pulled the top part of her bathing suit away from her chest. She directed my cock toward her tits and I came down her shirt. She then let go of her bathing suit. Then she smiles got up and went to practice with my cum all over her tits.

The next morning I went to go take a shower. I started the shower and forgot my towel in my room. I went back to my room to get it and went back to the bathroom. I went back in and stripped my clothes. I looked up toward the shower and saw my sister in the shower totally naked. I froze. She then told me to come in with her. I did and she went to her knees and sucked me off I came all over her face. Then she got up. My cock was still very hard. She then pulled me close to her and guided my cock into her pussy. I was in heaven. She had me cum inside her. We cleaned up and stepped out of the shower. She dyed off and put on her panties. Then she started to jack me off. I told her I was going to cum. She the pulled her panties out away from her and directed my cock towards her pussy and I came so hard it soaked her pussy and panties. She reached down and scooped up some cum from her panties and smeared it all over her tits. Then she put on her short skirt, bra and her tank top. Then sneak out of the bathroom.

She always leaves out her panties and bra for me to cum in everyday as well as her bathing suit. Once a week we would have a shower together and let me cum all over her. We did not want our parents to find out what we were up to. When she became a cheerleader, it got even better but that is a whole other story.

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These stories are all hot! Write More for my wet pussy

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