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Fun with Strangers


I was raised in a very conservative manner. In my family and school life, sex was a dirty word, which naturally made it extremely exciting. When I got married, I committed my heart to only one man for the rest of my life, but I still had unfulfilled fantasies that only more than one cock could provide. Fortunately, although my husband never gave me permission to sleep with other men, he never denied it either. The uncertainty about whether I could sleep with other men made my first experience with others one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Deep down, I knew that my husband would be excited by it, but by pretending to myself that I might be cheating, I was feeding my fantasy that I could be punished, which excited me as well.

Me and my husband stopped at a camping site where the only other campers were two men who only had a couple of swags. We made a fire in a site which had two log chairs either side. We had some dinner and opened a bottle of wine.

As darkness fell, the two men walked up to our fire with a six pack of beers and asked if they could sit down. Naturally we said yes. Just having them there sent some erotic ideas through my mind because I was one woman alone with three men in the wilderness. Anything could happen.

As we drank, I often noticed them looking me over. When I caught them looking, I gave them an approving smile to entice their excitement. They said that they were escaping their wives and on their way to a lake to go fishing. The talk of them escaping their wives gave me a desire to give them something they might be missing at home. I was horny and everything that was said just made me think of sex.

Things might never have developed beyond a few playful smiles had my husband not said that he wanted to go to bed. I asked if it would be ok if I stayed up for another 30 minutes or so because I was having a good time. It really was a coded question. If you leave a woman alone in the wilderness with two strange men, it is pretty obvious what is going to happen. If it wasn't, then you have to be an idiot and I told myself that my husband is no idiot.

After I asked him, my husband looked at me with what I interpreted to be an approving smile. He then said, "ok, but don't be too long." He kissed me and left.

Over my shoulder, I watched him walk back to the tent. My heart was beating fast and my pussy was becoming wet as I thought about the implications of him leaving me alone. Almost out of nervousness, I continued to watch him. I knew that once I turned around, the reality of the situation would really hit me. I was going to open my legs and be ravished by these two men.

I noticed that he didn't zip the tent up completely and had left an open gap which he possibly could look through. I hoped he was watching but I still harboured the thought that perhaps I wasn't allowed other cocks. Consequently, I took the safety-first option of waiting for any activity to subside before turning around to give the men the go ahead to have their way with me. Besides which, I had to keep up the illusion for the other men that I was about to cheat on my husband as he slept. (Perhaps I also wanted to act a fantasy to myself that I was cheating as well.)

Once movement ended, I took a breath and turned back to face my company for the evening. I felt a bit like a sheep being presented to lions to devour. To compose myself, I ran my hands over my thighs, sat up, crossed my legs and gave them a smile. They obviously knew what was about to happen because they adjusted how they sat as the cocks in their jeans obviously adjusted their positions.

For the next 10 minutes or so we made small talk as we pretended we didn't know what we were about to do. The small talk came to an end when one of the men asked whether my husband was a deep sleeper. I responded that as long as we didn't make too much noise, we wouldn't wake him. In a highly suggestive tone, I then added that probably meant that they should keep something in my mouth.

One of the men suggested that we go for a walk because they had "something to show me." I didn't want to go because I wanted to ensure my husband had the opportunity to come out and stop what was happening if it bothered him or if things got out of hand. These pragmatic considerations aside, I wanted to see men's cocks in the firelight and I wanted them to see me naked. Most of all, I wanted to ensure that my husband had the opportunity to watch his wife getting fucked by two strange men.

I responded that it may be a bit dangerous for a young lady to walk alone with two men. I then said that whatever they wanted to show me might look best in the firelight. He looked across at his mate, stood up and then unzipped his jeans and produced an 8-inch cock standing hard in the firelight. It was an impressive sales pitch.

For a few moments, I looked at it in quiet admiration. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life. It scared me a little but its size definitely excited me. I made a few appreciative comments which I was sure he had heard before. I then moved towards him, dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth. As I started sucking he asked me,

"does your husband know what a slut you are?"

"No", I responded. "He thinks I am a conservative good girl, which is why he trusts me so much."

It was a lie. My husband knew how much I loved cock. I don't think he would have married me if I didn't. Admittedly, he only knew how much I loved his cock rather than cock in general.

The fire was between me and the tent, and I imagined that my husband was looking out of the tent as I sucked this large cock of another man. It was a thought that really excited me; his slut acting like a slut.

As I sucked on the cock, the second man looked on and kept sipping his beer. The first man said to his friend, "how about we get her clothes off and you fuck her from behind."

I stood up so that they could easily disrobe me. One of the men pulled my dress over my shoulders and then threw it away. The second grabbed my panties and pulled them down over my ankles to leave me completely naked in the firelight. Their hands ran over my body, and grabbed my breasts. I felt teeth bite at my neck and lips and then a finger push into my wet pussy. It was a fantastic feeling.

After roaming and discovering my body, I felt the hands pulling me back onto all fours and then my head towards the cock. I eagerly took it into my mouth once more. With my pussy exposed, I heard another zipper being undone as the second man prepared to enter me.

I took my mouth off the cock just long enough to let me look over my shoulder just to see the second cock. It wasn't as big as the first but still beautiful. Well, to be honest, it wasn't the best looking cock I'd seen but it didn't matter. I just wanted to be fucked and almost any cock would have done.

The man dropped to his knees so as to position his cock near my pussy. Then I felt it press against me. Again, I thought of my husband and imagined him in the tent as his woman was about to be fucked by one man while she sucking the cock of another. It was so animalistic.

Then the cock pushed inside me. I let out a groan that was muffled by the cock in my mouth. It felt so good that I really couldn't give much of a blowjob, which was a good thing because I didn't want the cock in my mouth to cum before it had fucked me as well.

The man from behind kept thrusting hard and was bringing me close to orgasm. However, before he could make me cum, he pulled out and groaned as he shot over my arsehole. I felt his cum drip down over my pussy, where it some caught on my pubic hairs before falling to the ground. He then pushed his deflating head against my arsehole. I guessed he had ideas about a second round and was letting me know where he wanted to go when ready again. I couldn't think about that now because there was still that first cock that I wanted in my pussy. I took my mouth off it, and asked if he wanted me.

The man nodded. I took the opportunity to sit up and then fall back with my legs spread so as to invite him to enter me face to face. In the time I had been sucking it, I had developed a great deal of affection for the cock. I wanted to watch as it drew close to me and I wanted to wrap my legs around him as he was close to cumming so that his load would be pumped deep inside.

As he stood up, I whispered that my pussy wanted his cum. I was relieved when he assured me that my pussy was going to get it. He then positioned himself over me and pushed himself inside. It felt noticeably bigger than the first cock and I tried hard not to scream in pleasure then and there. Through clenched teeth, I asked him to grab my panties and stick them in my mouth. If my husband wasn't watching, I didn't want to wake him with my screams.

Each thrust was pure ecstasy and my first orgasm of the night shook my body. I then became like an animal as I craved his cum. I wanted to feel him unloading inside me and to feel my pussy melting as his cum mixed with my own.

His groans grew louder and soon I felt what I had so desired. His pace quickened, he groaned and then he pushed deep and hard inside. I wrapped my legs around him and held him close until I was sure his cock was completely drained. After a few moments, my legs released him. He then stood up and rezipped his jeans.

I think the show may have made the first guy hard again. I was still horny and could have quite easily been taken by them again and again all night but it was time to return to my husband. To get rid of them, I told them that they best run away in case I get pregnant and chase them up about paternity payments. The pregnancy talk was enough to deflate their thoughts of a second round and they bid their good nights and left.

For a few moments, I played with the cum dripping from my pussy. Then I heard the men's car doors being opened and closed before they drove away into the night. I guessed the swags allowed them to make a fast getaway, which was a good thing as I was enjoying my post-coital solitude by the fire. I thought about the fact that I had just had my first threesome and was about to go into uncharted waters with my husband. I stood in the firelight and again gently touched some of the cum dripping down my legs. I then collected some tissues, wiped the cum from my arse and pussy and then threw them in the fire. My pussy was still wet and I had cum-matted pubic hair but aside from that, there was no evidence to indicate what has just happened. I thought perhaps that if I husband were asleep, he might never know what happened.

I picked up my dress, put it back on and walked back to the tent. I was not sure what I would find. Perhaps my husband would be asleep, in which case I would just slip in beside and never say a word. I really hoped this would not be the case. It would have been such a disappointment.

Another possibility was that he was furiously awaiting my return. In which case, I might get punished, which excited me. There was also a third possibility, which I hoped for the most, because I am crazy about my husband.

I quietly unzipped the tent and slipped under the doona besides him. He didn't stir. I reached down for his cock and was delighted when I found that it was as hard as a rock. He then reached for my well-fucked pussy and naturally found it wet. A wave of excitement and love flowed through me as I thought about what his cock would do to me. He asked what I talked about with the two men and I said "the weather."

I then asked why his cock was so hard and he said he had been having a loving dream about the weather.

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