tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFun With Toys On Tape

Fun With Toys On Tape


I was sitting on my couch when my friend Hanna called me and said she had something to show me. She is around 5'4", Asian, and bisexual. We had been friends for a while, fooling around a few times when both of us were single. I had introduced her to her girlfriend, Amanda, who was about the same size, only white, and having larger breasts. Amanda looks somewhat like a pixie, and looks very innocent, no one would guess that she was bisexual and quite adventurous in bed.

"Well, what are you going to show me?" I asked after Hanna and I chatted for a little and had a glass of wine. She produced a videotape that she placed into the VCR and came back and sat next to me, smiling smugly." Does anything need to be said so I know what's going on?"

"No, just enjoy." She then pushed play on the remote, and the tape started, It began with a sign, hand-written, that stated "What happens to cockteases." It then faded to a bedroom where Amanda was laying down on the bed, dressed as a schoolgirl (which wasn't difficult due to her young appearance). When Hanna walked in, dressed like a boy, backward hat, which she tucked her hair underneath. She came in, her and Amanda talking, Amanda referred to Hanna as Hank, I gave Hanna a look to ask, "What is going on here?" but she ignored me. After a few minutes, Hanna, or actually Hank in this case, made her move, and started kissing Amanda, they soon began making out, their hands feeling all over their bodies. When Hanna began to undress Amanda, reaching her hand up her skirt, taking off her panties. Hanna then began eating out Amanda, who began to moan and fondle her own breasts, after a few minutes, and assumedly her orgasming, Hanna pulled her head back and then positioned herself between Amanda's legs. She then asked "Baby, are you going to let me go all the way tonight?" Kissing Amanda's neck and rubbing her tits.

"You know I want to wait until I'm sure I'm ready to give it up," Amanda said, very innocently.

"Come on baby, we've done everything else, besides, it'll only hurt a little bit, but then it will feel really good, like when I finger you." Amanda wasn't in a good position to argue, Hanna had her legs spread, and her panties off. All of a sudden Hanna produced a scarf/bandanna type strip of cloth, and managed to tie Amanda's wrists together, despite Amanda's realistic looking fighting back. Hanna then grabbed Amanda's panties, and stuffed them in her mouth, making it unable for her to scream. Hanna then unbuttoned her pants, and produced a strap-on dildo that looked about 7" long. She then began pushing it into Amanda's pussy while Amanda seemed to be pleading for Hanna to stop fucking her. My cock was hardening, getting close to it's full 9".

"You want some help with that?" Hanna asked, looking down at the bulge in my pants.

"Go ahead" I said, turning my attention back to the video where Amanda appeared to be finally enjoying what Hanna was giving her. Hanna was also going to work on my cock, she had her hand feeling my balls, while she was deep-throating my hard 9 inches. She was using her tongue to wrap around the shaft, and moved it around the head, pleasing it, tasting my pre-cum. The video was going into the crescendo mode, as Amanda was moving her hips back and forth, while both of them were moaning now that Amanda's panties were no longer in her mouth. I placed my hand on Hanna's head, as I threw my head back and shot my sticky cum inside of Hanna's skillful mouth. She sucked my cock dry as the video went to static.

"Did you like the video?" She asked, knowing the answer already.

"Of course, it was great"

"How about you film and direct the next one?" She asked as she wrapped her arms around me, giving me a hug.

"Sure, just tell me when and where."

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