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Nearly a dozen people sat in the room where Ythes lay on the bier, dressed in robes of purest silk, her skin milky white, her hair burnished and beautiful. A few of the attendees murmured to each other in hushed, subdued conversations. Others sat quietly, staring at the blonde corpse as if in shock.

Here and there a quiet sob broke out, or a hasty tear was wiped away.

"Where's that damned priestess? Why are all god-speakers always late?" Demanded a burly female, who by her grayish-green skin tone and her strong features had more than a drop of orc blood in her veins. For all that, she was not wholly unattractive, and when she rose to her feet and paced the length of the room, her tigerish grace and tense power was obvious.

"Sit down, Once." Said a red-bearded dwarf in the front row, his face in his hands. "There's no hurry. She's not going anywhere.' The gruff voice nearly faded away at the last, and the face never left the hands.

A man in the same row looked over at him. The mourners were dressed in their finest funeral clothing. Of all those present, only this man wore armor, chain and plate with a tabard that proclaimed him a priest of Tyr. He looked as if he were about to speak, then returned his silent gaze to the corpse.

Suddenly, a woman swept through the door, tall and dynamic, in robes of blue and silver, her long hair sweeping down beyond her waist in vibrant red waves. She was accompanied by two other women in similar robes, both young and beautiful, carrying bundles and baskets. The Priestess smiled dazzlingly at the gathering as she walked to the front of the room.

As her assistants started setting out equipment from the baskets, the woman took control of the audience.

"Greetings, friends, and May the Goddess be with you. I am Celinethe, high priestess of the Goddess in the city.' She turned to face the bier, and was silent for a moment before turning back to the crowd. "We gather to say farewell to our friend Ythes of the sunlit hair as she ascends to the realm of the Goddess whose faith she has followed since childhood. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Goddess Tethys, let me assure you- the rumors you have heard are true.'

She smiled impishly, but her eyes were intense. "In the name of the Goddess, there will be – among other things- fornication here tonight. There will be things that might offend members of other, less …permissive faiths. When the music of the flute begins, and I shoot the ceremonial arrow into the eave to summon the Goddess, those of you who might be offended should go. The Goddess shows little tolerance for intolerance, and she can teach a cruel lesson."

"But that said; let us take a moment to share our remembrances of our friend. Remember the good things, and do not dwell on the bad: she will soon be home with the Goddess, and the Goddess watches over her own well."

She glanced around the room. "I see we have a fellow priest here, a follower of the war-god. What is your name brother, and how did you come to know Ythes?"

The war-priest rose, a man of above average height, with short cropped hair graying at the temples. "I am Arcus. We journeyed for more than a year across the deserts and mountains of the south. I never knew a more faithful companion outside of the brotherhood." He said, and sat down.

Celinethe nodded and smiled warmly at him, her eyes going elsewhere in the room. A trio of Halflings sat at the end of one row, huddled together with red eyes. "And you three- how did you come to know our friend?'

The female Halfling looked up, arms around both her companions' shoulders as they broke down into sobs. "We was friends of hers from around town, mostly. We sort of belonged to the same, um... Social Club, and we worked a few gigs together. She was the salt of the earth, and we'd like to be part of any action that goes towards avenging her."

"Damned right we would." One of the other Halflings muttered.

Celinethe nodded again, smiling sadly. "And what exactly happened to her? She looks so beautiful, and there is no apparent mark on her. Were any here present when she fell?"

A red-headed youth rose somewhat unsteadily to his feet, and nudged an even younger looking youth to join him, though this one was nearly a head taller. The red-head wore fine robes with arcane sigils and emblems sewn into the trim- a wizard by the look of him. The tawny haired giant wore the pelt of some great spotted cat at an angle over his linen kilt, and kept his head downcast, not meeting anyone's eyes.

"We were with her." The red-head said. "I'm Thaeus, and this is Bynwulf. We took a contract to protect a research expedition as they probed an ancient ruin. There was undead about, we figured we could deal with them, but there was something else there, something worse. It was always in shadow, and you could feel its power. We fought and ran through the ruins for days, trying to get away. Then, when we were busy with skeletons of giants and zombie ogres- there was a big green flash behind us, and Ythes was dead, just like that. Bynwulf threw her over his shoulder and we ran like school boys. None of the researchers survived, as far as I know."

"A lich, then?" asked the dwarf, eyes blazing with anger. "Where did this take place? I'll have its dried out skull for piss-pot."

"Could have been a vampire-lord" said the Half Orc called Once. "I heard there was an army of undead forming in the Catarrh wilds, led by vampires. Were you up North, by the Catarrh?

"Leave that for another time, my friends." The Priestess said. "I see my assistants are prepared, and we'll begin the ceremony with a moments pause for quiet reflection as the sacred candles are lit. If you feel you must leave, feel free to go at any time, but please- do so in silence."

Moving with deliberate slowness, Celinethe moved to the four candles that had been place in the corners of the room. East, then West, North, then South, all were lit by a wave of her fingers over the wick. The candles were over three feet tall, and decidedly phallic shaped, each standing upright without a holder. They produced both a heavy smoke that wafted towards the ceiling, and a pungent, incense-like odor.

With that same deliberation, the Priestess picked up a bow and arrow and walked to the bier. "We call to the Goddess to welcome her own to your fold. Divine Archer, this arrow flies over the heart of your subject to bring you forth." She drew the bow smoothly and shot the arrow directly over the corpse and into the lintel of the doorway, where it quivered with the force of the shot. She looked slowly and deeply at the crowd, her glance seeming to rest on each person. A richly clad couple rose quietly and left with a respectful nod. Celinethe waited till they were gone, then arched and eyebrow and smiled warmly.

Celinethe nodded, and one of her assistants began to play a soft, piping melody on a flute of pure gold. The other strode slowly and majestically to the front of the crowd, wearing only a length of purest linen wrapped about her young, vibrant body. One perfect beast was bared by the makeshift garment and most of her leg and thigh on the other side as well.

Celinethe raised her hands imploringly. "Divine Wanton, we call on you to welcome one of your own to your fold." She dropped her eyes to the crowd again. The incense and the music was already having its desired effect- eyes were riveted on the half-naked priestess, who had fallen to her knees and was swaying slowly to the music, her eyes closed and an expression on her lovely face that could best be described as half ecstatic, half lustful.

"A volunteer is required for the re-enactment of the Goddess' seduction of the God Horus. The Goddess calls upon…..you." She pointed to the young barbarian, Bynwulf. The youth started in his seat, then suddenly his eyes glazed over and a beatific smile grew on his face as he rose.

"The Goddess is with us." Celinethe said aloud in an awed tone. She knew well the signs, but had never experienced the Presence with so little preliminary effort. She had expected to have to go through an actual seduction of the youth before he joined willingly in the ceremony.

But instead he strode firmly to the front of the crowd and struck the correct pose as if he had rehearsed the ceremony for the long months it took to perfect it among most acolytes.

Celinethe also noted the impressive tent forming beneath his kilt. The Goddess was strong tonight, indeed! She knew her own role well, and recited the next of her lines in a throbbing, seductive voice: "Horus was proud in his glory, having defeated his foes and drove them before him. He had taken prisoners, and among them was a fallen deva named Felinad, whom Horus had sentenced to death, The Goddess wished to spare Felinad this fate, for she knew the circumstances of his fall, and wanted him for an avatar."

"But Horus was stern in his denial- the deva had been a doughty foe, and cost Horus many followers of his own." At this, Bynwulf/Horus planted his hands on his hips and tossed his head haughtily. A soft glow seemed to suffuse him.

Celinethe continued: "The Goddess made obeisance to Horus, but his heart remained hard. Yet as he gazed upon the goddess prostrate before him, he felt another sort of hardness within himself as well."

The acolyte threw herself to the floor before Bynwulf/Horus and writhed sinuously. An audible gasp rose from the crowd, and Celinethe smiled, Sweat was already forming on a few brows, and those who knew each other in the crowd bustled closer together without realizing it.

She noted one couple who she knew from other events- followers of the Goddess, or at least of her ceremonies. They probably didn't even know the deceased, she thought, but just came for the show. Not that the Goddess cared. Already the woman had the man's erect dick out and was stroking it slowly as she stared at the scene enacting in front of them.

She continued her recital: "Horus was moved to listen again to the Goddess' pleas, and he considered her arguments thoughtfully."

The acolyte crawled lithely to the youth/god, and her supplicating hands worked their way slowly, caressingly up his legs to the protrusion beneath his kilt. More gasps came from the crowd as she freed the youth/god's cock. The Goddess had chosen well tonight- the youth was exceedingly well endowed, as befitted a young god. Still, the acolyte took the entire length and girth into her throat in one smooth swallow. She had trained well, Celinethe noted, a warm stirring in her own nether regions as she remembered some of that training.

The Acolyte began to work slowly and sensuously on the object of her worship. The Goddess was now close upon them, and Celinethe saw to her approval that nobody in the audience was now unmoved: even the Priest of Tyr was unconsciously rubbing his crotch beneath his cod piece. Elsewhere, the Halfling woman was stroking both her male companions as they each massaged one of her breasts.

The half orc woman was leaning forward against the back row of chairs as the red headed wizard plumbed her cunt with long strokes, and the dwarf was thrusting the woman from the anonymous couple up and down on his prick as she bent forward, sucking off her man. All eyes were glued on the scene of the divine fellatio before them. Celinethe again marveled at the suddenness and efficacy of the Goddess tonight, the like of which she had never experienced. She let the sheer power of the Goddess bask over her, and she felt herself orgasm gently, dedicating the throbbing in her cunt back towards her Goddess with whispered thanks to She who blessed all present with her erotic power

Suddenly, the barbarian/god shouted aloud, and the Acolyte pulled off his glistening rod as it shot long ropes of cum in high arcs across the room. Celinethe was shocked- this was certainly not as scripted, and on a night where the Goddess was so clearly in control such an event was the last thing she would have expected to happen. Bynwulf/Horus' orgasm was echoed across the room as everyone present was granted residual orgasms of their own, and soft grunts and gasps filled the air. Even the flutist was momentarily overcome by the wave of sexual energy.

But Celinethe was staring in shock at the body on the Bier. When Bynwulf/Horus had come, the ejaculate had landed squarely on the corpse- and produced a flinch!

"Goddess!" She shouted aloud, confused and awed. Necromancy was anathema to Tethys- surely this had some other meaning? She peered closely at the body, praying to the Goddess beneath her breath as she studied the body carefully.

She whirled suddenly. The crowd was staring curiously at her, eyes still partially glazed with lust, but also with a gleam of curiosity. She pointed at the red-haired wizard, who still stood with his prick embedded in the half-orc's cunt. "You! Idiot! And you!" she shifted her finger to the still-erect Bynwulf, who was shaking his head unsteadily, as if coming out of a daze. "This girl isn't dead. She isn't even hurt. She's in some sort of magically induced coma."

The crowd gasped, and they all gathered close around the body of Ythes. The shots of semen had struck her on her cheeks and hair, but most of it pooled on her breast, staining the silk of the robes she wore.

Arcus stared intently at Ythes, and then turned, trembling in rage on the hapless pair of young adventurers. "You fools! If this had been a ceremony of Tyr, she would have been in the fire by now!" He roared.

Muttering and curses were uttered across the room, and Thaeus and Bynwulf began to back away nervously. Celinethe frowned, and then smiled. The presence of the goddess was still strong.

"Brothers! Sisters! The Goddess has intervened. We now have but to follow her will, and Ythes will rise among us again." She nodded at the flautist, who began to play again, and with a practiced shrug Celinethe shrugged out of her priestly robes. With a whispered spell, her naked skin took on a dim glow, and her nipples rose to jut out like small pricks.

She strode sinuously to where Thaeus and Bynwulf stood should to shoulder, and grabbed both of their now semi-erect cocks, which like every other occupant of the room was still exposed from the activities of moments before.

""The Goddess has shown us the way- cover Ythes with the evidence of your passion!" She cried, and led both men forward to the bier by their pricks. With surprising ease, she lifted Thaeus to a sitting position on the edge of the bier, and then swooped to envelope his rising cock in her mouth. She swayed her lovely ass enticingly, and with a growl Bynwulf moved forward, grasping at her hips as he guided his cock towards her puffy-lipped cunt.

The crowd paused a moment, and then hostility and anger melted away, replaced by the Goddess-inspired lust. Eyes that were smoldering with anger glazed slightly with passion, and hands groped for each other. Within moments, the bier was surrounded by an orgy of diving proportions. As was often her experience in the Goddess' festivals, Celinethe's perceptions became a series of disjointed impressions, as if time were playing tricks on her, starting and stopping again.

Celinethe paused at the top of the wizards cock to glance around her. The war-priest was furiously plowing into the half-orc, whose muscular arms and legs were wrapped around him like cords of rope. The dwarf had his bearded face buried in the crotch of her Acolyte, who was simultaneously gulping on the surprisingly large cock of one of the Halflings. The Halfling woman was likewise riding the pole of the human man, whose wife sat on his face as she gobbled at the cock of the other Halfling.

Celinethe began to hum a chant as she stroked and sucked on the red-haired youth's meat, the same tune as the flute played. Body's suddenly shifted around the bier- another cock replaced the barbarians' in her cunt, and she saw a Halfling slap the half-orcs' ass sharply as he plunged into her asshole, the unnamed human man now in her mouth. The barbarian youth who was moments before in her cunt was now pumping his gleaming cock furiously between the Acolytes' tits as the human woman ate hungrily at her cunt. Behind her, the dwarf's bald pate gleamed with sweat as he plowed her furrow heartily. The unnamed human male was laying on his back, his cock deep in the Halfling female's cunt, while the other Halfling male was maneuvering into position to pop her asshole. Celinethe smiled as she realized the cock filling her cunt so amply belonged to the Priest of Tyr. She murmured a quick spell known only to the highest circles of the Goddess' worshippers, and her cunt flowed with magic. Arcus screamed aloud in ecstasy as the sensations of heat and cold and twirling, grabbing flesh ripped a prolonged orgasm from him. When it finally ended, he fell to his knees weakly, trembling on the floor. She smiled again: chalk one up for Tethys, she mused.

She finally decided the moment was right, and resumed her hummed tune around the wizards cock. Except for the war-priest, all the participants began to build simultaneously towards orgasm. She controlled the timing like a master conductor, and when she finally let the wizard shoot deep into her throat, it was as if a switch were thrown. Groans and moans filled the room as the orgasms hit.

On the bier, Ythes moaned as well, and her legs parted and came up to a flexed position, though her eyes remained closed and her chest did not move with breath.

"Quickly- someone mount her!" Ordered Ythes. The men in the room looked at each other haplessly, each fresh from orgasm, their cocks dwindling rapidly. Could the Goddess be so cruel? Wondered Celinethe.

But the half orc shouldered her way to the end of the bier and crawled up between Ythes' thighs. "I'll hold the fort till reinforcements come." She said sarcastically as she pulled the linen robes aside and dove at the exposed blonde slit before her. "Ah, she is warm and as sweet as ever." Once noted.

Celinethe took control again. With a critical eye, she waved the men into a line, all standing shoulder to shoulder facing the scene on the bier. She doubted the war-priest would rise again any time soon- her own spell had drained him deeply, but except for the dwarf, the others were all young and strong, and should rise again soon. With a little help.

She pointed the Acolyte, the human and women and the Halfling to kneeling positions, each between two males. "Get them ready. The Goddess will bless her that raises the first mast, and the first man ready for action will be doubly blessed."

She turned to the bier. The orc was perched on her knees, her head bobbing as she lapped at the cunt of the comatose woman. Celinethe smiled, noting the fluids dripping enticingly from the orcs own orifices, which were displayed nicely. Walking playfully forward, she cast a glance over her shoulder at the men as she placed a gentle hand on the half-orc's ass. "Ooh, she's been rode hard and put away wet, hasn't she, boys? Who's cum is this dripping out of her cunt?"

Celinethe leaned forward and with a long, pointed tongue licked delicately at the puffy cunt lips. "Mmm. A nice mix. And whose is this?" She licked again, this time at the cum oozing from the asshole. She heard a groan from the men behind her, and she felt the half-orc tremble at her touch.

"Keep lapping at the pussy, Once,' reminded Celinethe. "It won't be long now: the boys are coming along fine."

Several cocks were beginning to show signs of life now, and the women were busily bobbing from cock to cock, urging them all to life. She teasingly moved a long finger up and down Once's slit, in full view of all the men, whose eyes were glued to the digit. She slowly inserted it all the way in and as slowly removed it, then placed the glistening member into her mouth. "Mmm-mmm. I think I'll have another taste of that."

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