tagMind ControlFuneral of a Good Girl

Funeral of a Good Girl


Megan pushed back her glasses, squinched her big blue eyes tight shut for a moment, and rubbed them. They'd only been working on this project for an hour or two, but she looked as tired as Tyrone felt. This was the hardest project in class yet, and both of them probably wished they could be paired up with someone else. The professor didn't cotton to switching out of the assigned teams, though, so unless one of them suddenly dropped out of the class, they were stuck together. Which caused problems. One problem was that she was a history major, he was a psych major, and neither one of them did very well with computers. Or each other, which was the bigger problem. They'd agreed to meet in her dorm for a long session of hitting the books, but Megan looked and acted like she was afraid of being raped the whole time they'd been studying. Tyrone decided to go ahead and confront the situation.

"Why don't you like me?" he asked.

Megan practically flinched. "I...where did you get that idea?"

Tyrone raised an eyebrow and gave her a look, and said, "Come on, be honest. I can tell you don't like me, I just want to know why, is all."

Megan shifted in her chair, and Tyrone could tell she was thinking about trying to bluff her way through it, but instead she took a deep breath and said, "It's not that I don't like you. I just...don't feel comfortable around you, is all."

"Is it because I'm black?"

"No!" Megan blushed. "It's...oh, come on. You have to know. Everyone's heard about...you know."

Tyrone smiled. "You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find out what everyone knows about you. Go on, tell me. We've got a lot of programming to get through, and it's not going to help if you and I can't even talk to each other."

Megan straightened up in her chair a little. Nervously, she twiddled a ringlet of blonde hair through her fingertips. "It's...the girls." Her blush deepened and spread. "Everyone's seen you on campus with these trampy girls, college drop-outs and townies, and there's all sorts of rumors-they say you live off-campus in a whole house full of them, like a harem, and that they all work as strippers to put you through college..." She broke off and shook her head, realizing how stupid it all sounded. "I mean, I know, it's probably just crazy stuff that people spread around, but, well...I don't know you. It's all I ever heard about you." She looked down at her outfit. "It's kind of why I dressed all frumpy, sweats and a T-shirt. I didn't want to give you any ideas."

Tyrone chuckled. "You look fine, believe me." He took a deep breath, and the smile went away, to be replaced by a deeply serious, almost uncomfortable look. "But those stories...OK. There's some truth to them. I do live off-campus, and yes, it's with six girls who all work in a strip joint. And yes, they do give me all their money, and just kind of trust me to take care of them. But it's really not my fault."

Megan inched her chair back just a bit. "Not your fault? You've got a bunch of...of sex-slaves, and it's not your fault? Whose fault is it?"

Tyrone looked down at his shoes, clearly more uncomfortable. "Nobody's, really. It's just...look, I've probably said too much already. I don't want to get you in over your head."

Megan stood up. "Now hang on! You can't just drop, 'Oh, I run a stripper harem off-campus but it's not my fault' into the conversation and then try to move on. Tell me what the deal is, or I'm kicking you out of this dorm room and we'll both flunk!"

Tyrone sighed. "Alright, but...don't say I didn't warn you, is all. The truth is..." He took a deep breath, and finally blurted out, "I have a magic penis."

Megan blinked. Opened her mouth. Blinked again. "A what?"

Tyrone shrugged helplessly. "A magic penis. I think it's a family curse, but I'm not sure. My dad left when I was about eight, and my mom took off about a month later. I was raised by my aunt, and I never got up the nerve to ask her. But it's true. My dick, um...it kind of has this effect on women. Gets in their heads, leaves them all...slutty and dumb. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you about it."

Megan just glared at him. "Magic penis. How dumb do you think I am? So what, you're telling me that your girlfriends all wound up being strippers because you made them dumb with your voodoo dick?"

"No!" Tyrone seemed really nervous now, and pulled his chair closer in to the desk. "I didn't have anything to do with it. It was the curse. It's like black magic, or something. Once a woman starts thinking about my penis, it gets hold of her. Gets into her head, becomes an obsession until she can't stop thinking about it. Then she wants to see it, and when she looks at it, she gets all dazed and horny, and she just wants it inside of her...and then it's all over for her. Once I fuck her, her brains just drip right out of her pussy and she's a little bimbo slut. I can't stop it from happening."

Megan crossed her arms. "What about me? I'm not obsessed with your cock."

"Not yet, but you're still talking about it, aren't you?"

Megan frowned. "That has nothing to do with it. I'm not obsessed with your cock, and I won't get 'dazed and horny' when I see it." She shook her head a little. "If I see it. Which I won't."

"I hope you're right." Tyrone shifted a little in his chair. "Every girl that's seen it so far has gotten horny, and I'd be surprised if you were any different, but maybe you're right."

Megan put her hands down on the table and leaned towards him angrily. "Damn straight I'm right! There's no way I'm just going to look at a guy's dick and go all gooey for it! I'm a straight-A student, a Rhodes Scholar, a potential valedick...um...torian..." She shook her head again. "I'm not going to lose my brain to your dick!"

Tyrone put his hands up defensively. "OK, fine. It seems to be getting into your head a little, but I'm sure you're right. I'll just keep it in my pants, though. Just to be on the safe side."

Megan was bright red, now, and leaning just inches from his face. "Are you saying I don't have the...willpower, the intelligence to keep my head together when looking at a man's penis?"

"It's not just a man's penis, Megan. It's a magic penis. And I'm just saying we shouldn't find out. Because when you do get that first look at it, it's going to hit you like a quart of whiskey, and you're going to forget about everything except getting it inside you. And if you don't want to have that happen, you shouldn't look at my dick."

Megan said, "Oh, that is it!" She came around the desk and stood right next to him, her tits level with his head. "Go on. Show me. I'll prove to you I'm not obsessed with your dick-take your pants off so I can see it!"

"Listen to yourself for a second, Megan," Tyrone said calmly. "You're telling me my dick isn't working its magic on you, but you're standing next to me begging me to take my pants off so you can see it. That sounds like you're becoming obsessed with it. That means the magic is working. If I show you my dick, you're going to get all horny and slutty over it. Is that what you really want?"

Megan practically snarled at him as she pulled him over to the bed and knelt down in front of him. "All I 'really want', Mister, is to see this so-called 'magic dick' of yours so I can prove to you that it's not having any effect on me at all!" She unzipped his fly. "So let's go ahead and see that...ohhhh..."

Tyrone's dick popped out, and Megan stared at it as if transfixed. "It's...so...nice..." Her eyes seemed glazed, and she reached out gently towards it.

Tyrone looked down at her. "Don't touch it, Megan, I'm warning you. If looking at it made you horny and dizzy, then touching it is going to make you mindless, and ten times as horny. If you don't want to be a mindless slut, don't touch it!"

Megan looked at Tyrone's cock, then at her own hand. "can't...fight it..." she gasped out, astonished. Slowly, as though she couldn't stop herself, she reached out and stroked his member. Her eyes fluttered shut for a moment, then opened again, but now they seemed to be staring at nothing at all. She kept slowly stroking his cock, all the while using her free hand to wriggle out of her sweatpants.

"Oh, Megan," Tyrone said sadly. "Now it's too late for you. You just need to see what my dick tastes like, and you know that if it felt that good to stroke it, you're going to feel so much better, so much hornier if you suck it. You're already half-way naked now, Megan, and you didn't even notice. I'm afraid you're just going to pull off the rest of your clothes and just start sucking."

"sucking..." Megan slipped her top off without even hesitating, tossing her glasses onto the pile of clothing, and undid her bra to reveal a pair of small but shapely tits. "i'm so horny...getting so hard to think...help me, tyrmmmmmmphh..." The last part of her sentence was cut off as she took his whole cock into her mouth and began to slurp.

"Ohh," Tyrone gasped out, "that feels so good, baby...I wish I could help you, but you're already too horny, too slutty, pretty soon you won't be able to do anything but bend over that desk and beg for my cock. And that magic cock is going to make you cum every time I thrust, and you're just going to keep getting dumber and hornier and sluttier every time you cum, until you're just a mindless, obedient bimbo...you just can't help it anymore, Megan, you need that cock in your pussy too much..."

Megan pulled herself up off of Tyrone's dick and stood up. She swayed slightly in the cool air, her lipstick messy and her eyes now completely vacant. For a long moment, she looked like she was fighting this strange power that had gotten hold of her. Then she turned and bent over the desk. "please, tyrone, fuck me," she said in a breathy, girlish tone. "i can't stand it anymore, please fuck me..."

Tyrone stood up and walked behind her. "You know that this is going to make you a horny little fuckdoll, right? A slutty little bimbo?"

"yes, i want that now, i can't fight your magic penis, please..." Tyrone slid into her. "OhhhHHHHhhh...oh, god, tyrone, your magic penis feeels soo gOOOOoodd..."

Tyrone kept pumping away at her, receiving tiny squeaks of pleasure. "Does it feel good to become a slutgirl, baby? I'm literally fucking your brains out, now, does that feel good to you?"

"oh, yes, tyrone, yes, yes, yeeeeEEESsssss..."

"You're all wet down there, girl, your mind is just dripping out of your pussy hole as I fill it with my magic dick, do you like that?"


Tyrone gasped. "I'm gonna cum soon, girl, and...uhhh...my magic dick's magic dick-juice is gonna go all up inside you, and when you feel that, you're gonna go...ohhhh...go all blank, all mindless, be a slut forever...you want that, don't you?"

"yes, yes, OH GOD YES I FEEL IT!" With one last orgasmic gasp, she slumped forward against the desk, her eyes totally vacant and blank, her hair mussed up, and cum dripping down her leg.

Tyrone pulled out. The benefits of four years of psych class, he thought. The whole 'magic dick' line sounded corny, but combined with a few simple induction techniques and some pleasure conditioning, it had them eating out of his hand. Always seemed to work better on the repressed types, though. The smarter and more uptight they were, the quicker they broke.

He re-zipped his fly. Looked like he'd have another roommate-and space was getting kind of tight, too. Maybe Megan could room with Sheena. Yeah...another session with the 'magic dick', and they'd be just fine with the idea of sharing a bed.


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