tagIncest/TabooFungirl's Fantasy Ch. 2

Fungirl's Fantasy Ch. 2


Emma thought of all the possibilities that the Halloween party held as she swam around her little lagoon. The longer she thought about it, the hornier she got. Soon it got to the point that she needed to take another shower. She swam to the beach and grabbed her towel, drying off as she walked up to the house. She wanted to be cleaned up and have supper going by the time her dad got home from work.

When she got to the house she stopped by the refrigerator for another seltzer. She rubbed it against her aching pussy, the cold against her hot clit giving her a jolt. She giggled as she headed upstairs to the shower. She turned the water to hot and went to her room and grabbed her radio. She set the radio on the sink and turned it up then stepped into the shower. She was washing her body when she heard a dull thump from downstairs. She was bummed at first that her dad was home. Then the little devil sitting on her shoulder whispered in her ear and she giggled at the idea floating across her mind.

She carefully stepped out of the shower and pulled the bathroom door open far enough that someone in the hall would have a clear view of her in the shower. After returning to the heat of the shower, she grabbed her dad's shaving cream and his razor off the shelf and lathered her pussy. She traced the necessary outline for her costume in the shaving cream and turned so that the water was pouring down her back while she faced the door. She only had to wait a few moments before she heard the footsteps coming up the stairs.

She put her leg up on the edge of the tub and proceeded to trim her pussy, timing it just as her dad popped into her peripheral vision. She pretended not to know he was standing there, watching her as she pulled aside her pussy lips to get inside. Then she switched feet and turned just slightly away from the door to do the other side of her pussy. When she finished shaving what she needed, she turned back toward the door to rinse the rest of the shaving cream off her pussy.

She used the ribs on the razor handle on her clit. She rubbed it up and down across her clit with one hand while playing her nipple with the other. Soon she got so into the sensations that she completely forgot about her dad in the hallway. She stuck a finger into her pussy while she kept on rubbing with the razor. That sent her over the edge, into orgasmic bliss. She sat down in the tub and rode the orgasm out. As she relaxed in the afterglow, she heard her dad step past the bathroom door on his way back downstairs.

"Daddy?! Is that you?" she called out, as if she didn't know he was home.

"Yes, hon. I've been home for a few minutes. I'm going to go down and start supper. Do you want anything?" he asked from just past the door, politely out of sight.

"No daddy. I don't need anything right now. Thank you. I'll be down in a bit. Let me finish up in here." Emma answered. She heard him continue down the stairs and allowed herself a little giggle as she stood up and rinsed off. Then she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Drying off as she walked back to her room, she giggled again and couldn't believe how bold and naughty she had been of late. Most of all, she was surprised at just how much fun it had been, and to think that it was going to get better, well that just made her pussy wet all over again. She tossed the

towel into the hamper and went to her dresser to pull out her favorite nightie.

It was white, which set off her tan wonderfully, and very thin to the point of almost being transparent. It actually was see-through where she was still wet. Noticing this made her horny again and her nipples pressed insistently against the fabric. It clung rather nicely to her body and was barely long enough to cover her butt. When she bent over in front of the mirror, it hung low enough to show off her tits in the front and the back raised completely over her ass. She'd rather walk around naked, but her dad didn't approve of her nudity in his presence. She put on the nightie and went downstairs to join the single most important man in her life for supper.

They sat together at the table and ate supper, discussing her dad's day, the state of the world as we know it and what's wrong with it. They discussed every detail as if it alone were powerful enough to change the world. They laughed about things, they got angry about things, they disagreed on things, they argued and discussed the night away.

As they talked, Emma sat on one foot and was casually swinging the other. Soon after she started this, she realized that the motion placed pressure on her pussy the foot she was sitting on. It didn't take long and she was sitting on the edge of another orgasm. As she got more and more aroused, she got hornier and hornier for her dad. She desperately wished he would notice her as a woman and not just his daughter.

As she listened to him stating his opinion on the local political situation, she imagined him coming to stand behind her. He would massage her shoulders while he talked. Then their discussion would change from political to how beautiful she was. He would delicately reach down around her neck and run his hands inside her nightie. He tweaked her nipples in his fingers as he leaned down and nibbled on her neck and ear lobe. She would turn her head to kiss him full on the lips and his hands would push her straps down, exposing her tits and her erect nipples to his lustful gaze. He would look her in the eyes as one hand traveled from her tits to her pussy. Her eyes would close as his fingers would slowly glide between her wet pussy lips. She'd bit her lip sensually as his fingers brushed across her erect clit and into her vagina. He would thumb her clit while she rode his fingers to orgasm.

"Emma, Emma! Are you alright, honey?" her dad interrupted her thoughts and brought her abruptly back to reality.

"What? Oh yeah, dad. I'm fine, really. I guess I just zoned a bit. I'm sorry, I wasn't ignoring you." Emma said sheepishly. At the same time she realized her nipples were prominently visible through the thin fabric that was barely covering them. She also realized that the foot she was sitting on was thoroughly covered with her pussy juice. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and she desperately needed release. She decided that a walk to the kitchen would release the tension in her loins. It wouldn't work as well as the tremendous orgasm she was on the edge of, but it would have to do for the time being.

Emma's dad had resumed his diatribe on the local political situation and didn't seem to notice when she got up from her chair and stood with her legs about shoulder width apart. Then she stretched her arms high over her head, knowing that it made her nightie rise above her pussy. She pretended to close her eyes and yawn but she kept one open just a crack. She was pleased to notice that her dad not only noticed her stretch, he was staring right at her now visibly wet pussy. She was also pleased when she abruptly ceased the yawn and busted him looking.

"What's wrong, daddy?" she asked innocently.

"Nothing, honey, nothing's wrong. Now where was I?" he asked sheepishly.

"Did you like what you saw, daddy?" Emma teased. She knew full well that he liked it. She could see the bulge in his pants to prove it.

"Emma, you shouldn't be talking to me like that. I'm your father." He chided.

Emma walked around the table and straddled his lap, rubbing her pussy firmly against the hard cock in his pants. She took his face in her hands and gently kissed him on the lips.

"I know, daddy. You're just so damned hot that I can't help but tease you. Besides, judging from the lump I'm sitting on, I would say that you enjoy being teased. There's nothing wrong with that. I like that I can make you hard like this. It makes me happy being able to make you happy. I love you, daddy." She said.

Then before he had the chance to respond to her statement, she got off his lap and walked into the kitchen, added a little extra swing to her hips with her every step. She looked over her shoulder to see if he'd followed her with his eyes, but he hadn't. He was just staring off into space silently contemplating something.

She decided he needed another jolt so she opened the fridge and bent over at the waist, once again exposing her pussy and ass to his gaze should he look in her direction. She looked back to see if he reacted to the fridge but he was still staring at nothing.

"Daddy, do you want something to drink?" she asked innocently. She had to suppress a giggle when he looked her direction. His eyes opened wide in shock at the sight of his daughter's exposed pussy and ass pointing straight at him, as though in invitation.

"No, honey. I don't need anything right now. Thank you." He answered and kept looking at her.

Emma smiled to herself, knowing she was making progress. She reached back and scratched an imaginary itch on her ass, right next to her pussy and opened herself slightly. Then she grabbed a seltzer out of the fridge and again turned quickly enough to catch her father looking at her. She also turned quickly enough that her nightie flared above her pussy momentarily. She feigned slight embarrassment and put her hand down in front of her pussy to hold the nightie down.

"Sorry about that daddy. If you really want me to stop teasing you I guess I can be more careful in the future." She said, acting disappointed. She made note of the fact that he said nothing in response and took it as a sign that his resolve may be wavering. She went back to her seat across the table from her dad and suppressed another giggle when she noticed the big wet spot her pussy had left on the seat of the chair.

Her father changed the subject to how her school was going and what classes she had when and how she liked her teachers, etc. She took the hint and launched into a lengthy narrative of her school activities.

Eventually Emma's dad had to bow out of the conversation. It was late and he had work in the morning. He kissed Emma on the lips, trying to make it quick, but she stuck her tongue out at the last moment. He abruptly pulled back and gently scolded her. Then he kissed her on her forehead and went back upstairs. Emma finished up the dishes, then went up to her room and took off her nightie. She went over to the bathroom and grabbed a towel out of the cabinet then she went down to the beach for a swim.

After intense discussions with her dad, she always had an excess of energy, both mental and sexual. She often went down to the beach to swim and think the energy away. Tonight was no exception. She swam back and forth in their lagoon for an hour. Finally making her way back to the beach, she went back up to the house. She turned out the lights on her way to the bathroom. She went to the closet and grabbed a towel, then showered the salt water off.

She wrapped the towel around her body. Then she brushed her hair and her teeth. When she turned off the water in the sink, she heard her dad's tv going. She went to his room.

"Knock, knock." she whispered at the door, knocking softly.

"I'm up. Come on in, hon." he said.

"I just got back from a swim. I wanted to say good night." she said as she crossed the room. As she crossed, she eyed his outline under the covers. It was obvious to her that he was sleeping naked. Her pussy clenched and her nipples hardened immediately at the thought of it. An idea flashed across her head. She got to a couple feet from the bed and 'stumbled'. The towel 'slipped' and fell to the floor and she landed firmly on her dad. One of her hands went between his legs, missing his balls by millimeters, the other missed the bed entirely. Her bare breasts landed squarely on her dad's bare chest.

"Ah!" she screamed as she stumbled.

"Oomph." said her dad. "Are you alright, hon?" he asked, grabbing instinctively for the hand that missed the bed. Emma's other hand ran right up over his balls and cock, firmly, as she stood up. He jerked.

"Yes, daddy. I'm ok. I don't know what happened. I'm overtired I guess. Good night, daddy. Love you." she said, kissing his cheek. Then she abruptly turned and bent over at the waist to pick up her towel and slowly stood up and walked out of the room. She couldn't help smiling as she entered her own room. She couldn't believe she just felt up her own father. She climbed into bed and settled under the covers, still thinking about the day's events.

She tried desperately to go to sleep but she couldn't get the feeling of her fathers cock out of her head. As she lay there in the dark, she closed her eyes and kicked her covers off. Visions of her father floated across her mind. She imagined him in the shower, her hand traveled to the junction of her legs. She fingered her lips and clit lightly as she took in the outline of her father behind the shower curtain. She could see his ass, his legs, his arms soaping his body, and most importantly, his cock. She saw him washing his cock, stroking himself as he lathered himself.

Her fingers traveled deeper into her wet folds, flirting with the entrance of her vagina, stroking round and round it without going in. She pinched a nipple with one hand as she envisioned his cock getting hard and standing tall as he washed it. She could feel the juices begin to flow from her hot pussy. She wetted her fingers and slowly inserted them into her pussy one by one until she was fucking three fingers.

Her other hand traveled down and began stroking her clit as she pictured her father setting the soap down and begin stroking his now rock hard cock. He started out slow and she matched his pace with the fingers in her soaking wet pussy. It squished and slurped with every stroke of her fingers.

Then her fathers pace increased and so did she. She was literally pounding her own pussy like it was her father's cock inside of her instead of her fingers. Suddenly her father leaned back slightly and she could see the cum flying out of his cock with every stroke. She heard him groan, "Emma! Oh my god! Emma!" with each stroke of his hand on his solid cock. In her head she screamed, "Yes Daddy! Yes! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me hard! I love you Daddy! Oh GOD!!", then she came all over her fingers and sheets. She rode her fingers like a cock as the orgasm threatened to rip her in half.

Finally it slowed down and her body relaxed, her hips settled back onto the bed and she pulled her fingers out of her pussy. She opened her eyes, immediately checking her door to see if her dad had heard anything. When she saw that he wasn't there and he didn't appear after a few moments, she relaxed entirely. Her whole body felt like a puddle of jelly. Then she remembered the mess she'd left on her fingers and sheets. She put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. This simple act made her horny again but she didn't trust herself to remain quiet a second time around so she resisted the urge to cum again. She looked at the clock and decided it was time for sleep. She rolled onto her tummy and pulled the sheet over herself. She smiled as she quickly fell asleep, her still quivering pussy pressing into the wet spot it had created only moments before.

She awoke in the morning to the sound of the shower running. She hopped quickly but quietly out of bed and went to the bathroom, hoping to catch a glimpse of her dad in the shower. She peered slowly around the door jam in case he wasn't in the shower yet. When she didn't see him, she quietly stepped into the bathroom for a better view.

Then she saw him and it nearly took her breath away. He was standing under the water, facing her. The water was running over his face so his eyes were closed. He stood there for a few moments, not moving, his cock hanging down, semi hard. She wanted so badly to get in the shower with him and take his cock between her lips, but she knew she dared not do it, not yet. She looked on as he began stroking his cock, eyes still closed. Soon his cock was standing tall and rock hard. She moaned under her breath at the size. It was bigger than she thought. Her dad began stroking his hard cock faster and faster.

He began to moan something. She couldn't understand it at first, then it dawned on her. He was moaning her name but trying to remain quiet so she wouldn't be awakened by his moans. This made her hotter than she'd ever been, and braver too. She quickly stepped into the tub and knelt in front of her father. She could see he wasn't going to last much longer under his own hand so she reached out and touched his wrist. His eyes flew open and he looked down at her, the struggle between lust and restraint visible in his gaze. Emma solved the struggle for him.

She grabbed his hips and pulled his cock into her mouth. Her eyes closed, her nipples hardened immediately, and her pussy clenched, all at once the moment his cock hit the back of her throat. She deep-throated him again and again, squeezing his ass and playing with his balls. He groaned out loud and wrapped his hands in her hair. She could taste his impending orgasm and stopped her actions, not wanting their first time together to be in her mouth. She wanted him to cum in her pussy and she told him so as she gently stroked his cock to keep him hard. He picked her up and took her to his room.

After gently laying her on his bed, he went to his night stand and withdrew a condom. Emma offered to put it on him and he handed it to her, offering his cock at the same time. She lovingly rolled the condom onto his cock and stroked him a few times then she lay back on the bed and spread her legs. Her father stood there for a few moments, looking her up and down, taking in her nude and horny image from head to tits to pussy to toes. She played with her nipples and spread her legs farther yet, opening her glistening pussy to his gaze and body. He crawled slowly in between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

He rubbed his cock in her juices and around her pussy lips and her clit. She moaned and shuddered at the sensations his cock was causing her to feel. She was the horniest she'd ever been in her life. Her pussy was oozing and hot to the touch and her nipples were screaming and her legs were quivering in anticipation. As he settled into position, she placed her legs on his shoulders. He leaned forward and she reached between them to guide his cock inside her. She kept her hand there until the base of his cock was against her clit. He moved slowly at first, letting her pussy adjust to him. She soon tired of the slow and easy pace and began to pound her hips against his with each thrust of his cock. As their pace increased, so did the force of his cock.

She soon felt that familiar tingling between her legs and she focused on it, grabbing his ass and digging her nails in. Then he groaned and she could feel his body tense. As his body tensed, hers seemed to relax and she thought she'd lost the orgasm. Just as she began to work harder on it, she felt her father's cock explode inside her. Even with the condom between them, she felt every spurt of his cock. That thought triggered a powerful surge of energy to her pussy and it clenched down on his cock, pumping and sucking everything out of him.

Every time his cock thrust against her clit she saw stars and her body convulsed. She screamed at the force of it. She'd never felt so fulfilled in her life. She rode out the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had. Her nipples tingled with every clench of her pussy. She looked into her father's eyes, and she saw love. Then he disappeared slowly. She called to him again and again. She could feel his presence inside her but she could no longer see him.

Light flooded into her eyes and she heard her alarm going off. She woke to fully realize it had been a dream. She lay there on her tummy, remembering falling asleep that way. Only now her fingers were wet again and there was another wet spot under her pussy. She moaned in disappointment as she rolled off the bed.

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