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My family had left the day before I was now alone in a new city I knew no one and had nobody to blame but myself. I just could not seem to get my wild streak under control in Austin maybe Funky Town would be different. My new condo and career choice were significant developments in my life. The condo would not be ready for at least 30 days this apartment would have to work for a while. At least the pool looked fun I was going to check it out this coming weekend.

The work week flew by mainly because I was enjoying my career learning a lot. I was getting to put what I had learned in school into practice. Although, it is like day and night between what school teaches and the real work world. Friday night came rolling around, and Friday night left, I was a smart girl stayed home watched TV then played with myself was the message I sent my bff.

Thinking I needed some sun and the pool would be an excellent way to meet people including some hot guys. I slipped on my little red bikini some shorts and grabbed my oil and towel. The sun during the summer in Texas is blazing hot by one in the afternoon it felt fantastic on my skin. I was the only one by the pool I could not believe it was Saturday and no one at the pool. I guess I had been there about an hour before anyone else came out to get any sun. I left all my stuff to grab a Diet Coke from my fridge. When I returned there were 4 guys stringing a Volley Ball net across the pool. I think I got their attention they all stopped what they were doing to introduce themselves to me. Jason & Mark, James & Tony all four were yummy. I enjoyed watching them play four hard bodied guys all wanting to entertain me with their Volley Ball play. Not long after the second game had started it had to end the pool had become popular. Several girls and several families with kids had joined the fun.

The guys scattered talking to different girls, and each other, I was getting a bit bored when Jason moved a lounger beside me. We began to talk getting to know each other. He had swagger it was obvious he did not lack for female attention, he had no problem using words to make me want him to rub oil on my back. His strong hands felt good on my hot skin he also showed no shyness untying my top to oil all of my back. Also, no problem moving from my back with the oil to the back of my legs slipping and sliding his hands over the back of my calves then thighs. I am sure he was thinking he was making me hot, he was right I was getting soaking wet. I think Mark had gotten bored hitting on the girl at the other end of the pool he brought a lounger over to join us. I liked it Jason on one side and Mark on the other, At that time, I did not know how prophetic that would be. Over the next couple hours, I got to know both guys I was glad I finally knew someone in Funky Town.

I suspected they both had plans for the evening when about 6 they both let me know they had to go, it was probably obvious I had no plans. I stayed at the pool for a little while after they left I had to go inside to take care of the situation my body was in because of the guys. My bikini falling off my oiled body before I jumped on the bed. My hands ravaged my body while I was thinking about Jason fucking my brains out. His hands, cock, and tongue driving me crazy. My orgasm sprang from me the first one since I had moved to Funky Town. I went to the shower to resume my playing this time thinking about Mark fucking me, his tongue and cock making me scream. After my shower, I texted bff with the dull Saturday night details of my life then slipped into bed with my rabbit at my side. I had not been with anyone other than my bff in the last 3 weeks. I needed a hot guy to give this horny pussy to and take me to the special realm of orgasmic bliss. I knew I was not going to wait much longer before I jumped all over some innocent guy.

The following week went slowly my life consisted of work, coming home watching TV texting with bff and befriending my rabbit. Saturday morning I promised I was coming out of the funk that was my life. It had been a month since I had been laid. To cheer myself up, I went to Victoria Secret spending my last extra money on a tiny white string bikini. Standing in front of the mirror I was smiling the bikini looked terrific, felt good, and made me feel happy. I grabbed my oil, towel, phone, and a Diet Coke then went to the pool. It was sweltering hot the sun was like being in an oven I understood why few people had decided to spend any time at the pool. I was on my cell talking with with bff not paying attention to anything when Jason dragged a lounger next to mine. The call to bff ended soon after Jason showed up. Jason and I chatted about the week and how I enjoyed Funky Town.

Jason had been sitting beside me a short time when I turned over as I was handing him my oil. He untied my top then began to dribble the oil on my back his hand went from my waist to my neck. Massaging the nape of my neck then slipping his hand down my spine made me bite my lip almost drawing blood. The droplets of oil were now splashing on my thighs. I know he deliberately waited a few extra seconds for the droplets to trickle to the inside of my thighs. The strength of his hands could not be hidden in the gentleness that he used to massage the oil into my legs. The strong hands traveled from my calves to the back of my thighs, outside of my thighs, and then to the inside of my thighs where he seemed to linger massaging more intently. I was thinking of us being in a long fun sexual liaison hoping he was thinking the same. He laid back on his lounger while I basked in the throws of the lingering feelings of his hands massaging the oil into my body and thinking of fucking him.

I had been in the sun for nearly four hours when he mentioned he was in the mood for some ice cream. I told him that sounded great I would buy if he would take me to Baskin Robbins. I toweled the oil off slipped shorts on then we left for the ice cream. I had a scoop of German Chocolate Cake, and he had two scoops Mint Chocolate Chip. I was feeding him some of my ice cream when a bit started to run down his chin he licked it off quickly. With pouty lips, I told him next time I wanted to lick it off his chin. The next bite I tried to feed him, he jerked his face just a lil making me miss his mouth the ice cream mostly going on his chin and a little dropping to his thigh. I leaned over the table my tongue licking the ice cream from his chin then moving to his lips, our lips met in a truly romantic first kiss a kiss that had promise of more to follow. When our kiss broke I saw the ice cream melting on his thigh, I looked at him told him if we were not in public I would slurp it up with my tongue. I took my finger lifted the ice cream from his thigh then slipped my finger into my mouth slowly sucking my finger. My ice cream was all gone when he moved to my side of the table to share his ice cream. He took the back of his spoon smeared ice cream right below my bottom lip leaving the ice cream trickling down my chin. The warmth of his tongue slipping up my chin was electrifying. Our lips met in a pure, sensual kiss tongues battling of supremacy. His hand slipped to my thigh my legs opening just a bit letting his hand slide between them. I felt his hand pressed against the warmth and wetness of my bikini at the center of my being. I stopped him even though I did not want to before we got in a position that would have gotten us arrested. Thank goodness there were very few customers in the shoppe. We left the ice cream shoppe with a new destination of desire on our minds.

When we got back to his apartment taking me into his arms, we kissed a sultry naughty God I am going to fuck your brains out kiss. The sizzling hot chemistry between our bodies was magnetic. My top had landed on the floor my breast now exposed to his eyes, hands, lips, and tongue. The feeling of his teeth tweaking my nipples, his hands roaming over my body, and the power of his torso against my body made me sigh with the wetness of orgasms to happen. Hot lips and tongue trailing across my tummy to the waist of my shorts were making me want him inside me more than i had realized. I needed the orgasms he was going to give me. My shorts and bikini bottoms slipped from my waist and thighs exposing all of me to his desires. Holding my knees up with my legs together, he kissed my pussy the warmth of his lips against my wetness gave me the precise feel of an impending orgasm building. His lips and tongue tasting me was driving me to crazy spastic quivering. He opened me up spreading my legs as far as possible with his face buried into my longing pussy. Warm strong hands moving down the inside of my thigh to my pussy gently spreading my lips to allow his tongue to taste me deeper. Those same strong but gentle hands massaging my breast while his tongue riveted upon my clit. He was making my orgasm beg to be released my tummy was undulating my breathing was spastic I released in a moaning, intense, orgasmic rush of pulsating sex.

Jason stood at the edge of the bed looking down upon my naked body slipping his shorts down releasing his beautiful, hard cock. He wrapped his cock while standing then slipping onto the bed between my legs sliding his cock deep into my wetness. He began to slowly stroke me deep, long, slow strokes his actions were provoking my reaction we became as one. Lost in the feeling of what I had desired for several days made me feel drunk with released endorphins within my body. Our rhythm had become in tune with the music our bodies desired. The moans and groans of our orgasms were beginning to be verbalized our bodies begged for more. Every movement made met with a reaction building a magical stairway leading to a magnificent orgasm. Our bodies were as one for seemed like hours tied together in sweet, sweaty sex. My orgasm magically sensed the perfect time to release, Jason's cock was drilling my pussy my orgasm exploded like an oil gusher from my body. My body bucking under him, my vocal cords releasing squeals of delight, my nails digging into his back stopping him to provide time for my orgasm to be enjoyed. He began to stroke me slowly then harder we fell back into the rhythm that had provided my orgasm. As one again fucking harder and harder, I sensed he was ready to release. I forced him over onto his back raised my torso to sit on his cock like riding a pony. My hips encircling his cock brought a perfect reaction he raised his hips moving with the motion. I slipped my pussy from his cock, tore the condom off replacing it with my mouth. My hands stroking his cock as my tongue and lips were teasing the head. His cock tasted of the latex of the condom for a little while then the real yummy taste of the precum began to take over. I flicked my tongue on the crown teasing tasting the precum he moaned as he released into my mouth. I let the cum slide back down his cock then sucked him clean. Playing with his cock smiling up at him as his cock softened.

I climbed on top of him again straddling his tummy I asked, "Didn't you tell me, you had a date tonight?"

"Yes I did," he said.

I asked, "What time?"

"Supposed to pick her up at nine." he said.

I laughed saying, "You know it is almost eight now."

"I have plenty of time." he said.

I bent down with my elbows on his chest looking into his eyes and said. "If you do not spend the night with her tonight you can come over to my apartment afterwards."

The look on his face was priceless when we kissed I felt all the swagger in this kiss now that he had fucked me. I rolled off him dressed in silence thinking I defiantly wanted to fuck him again soon then went out to the pool.

The sun was just about to set as I stepped into the pool. The water was warm the sun was still warm, and my thoughts of what had just happened were warm. Even when the sun was no longer beaming down it, was very warm when I laid on the lounger taking in the setting suns view. I had been there a short while when Mark came by carrying his golf clubs he came over to chat a while. We talked about his round of golf sounded a bit disgusted with the way he played. He mentioned he was starving was going to put the clubs up and go get something to eat.

I said, "I had not eaten."

Then asked him what he was going to get talked him into bringing me a Subway Sandwich. When the door bell rang Mark was standing there with two Subway Sandwiches, and two Diet Cokes I asked him in and we devoured the sandwiches. While we were eating, I asked if he had seen Jason wondering if Jason had told him of our sexual escapade. He told me yes he had talked to him just a few minutes before he went to get our sandwiches. I was thinking roommates always tell of conquest I always told my bff, and she always told me, I assumed he knew I had fucked Jason.

We were standing in the kitchen cleaning up our dinner mess when he mentioned he liked the red bikini better. I mentioned the red one was not as revealing then he mentioned he did not know that because of the shorts. I slipped the shorts off turned and wiggled my lil butt in his face then slid up onto the counter. He was laughing while drinking his coke then mentioned he still liked the red one better. I told him to stay there ran into the bedroom and slipped out of the white bikini into the red bikini.

When I turned around he was leaning on the door seal of the bedroom, I was smiling as he walked toward me. I reached behind me releasing the tie of my bikini then the one behind my neck my top falling to the floor. He was scanning my body as he put his hand on my breast massaging it then kissed me a long, wet, intense, passionate, hot kiss. Kisses flowing from my lips down my neck to my breast while his hands moving to release the ties of my bikini bottoms. Drawing me to his body his hands searched out my ass as my bikini bottoms fell to the floor. We shared another kiss a kiss laden with promises of desires to be fulfilled. I slipped his polo up his hard 6 pack tummy as I descended with kisses to his tummy. My kisses slip sliding over his tummy as i unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Playing with his cock through his jeans as I slipped them down revealing a shaved hot cock. I began to play with his balls looking up at him as I kissed up and down the bottom of his cock. I slipped as much of his cock into my mouth as I could take he was big. I sucked and played with his cock wanting him to cum but not wanting him to cum.

I slid up him whispering in his ear, "fuck me now."

I slid onto the bed leaned to the drawer and searched a couple seconds for a condom I turned and slipped it on his hot cock. I was ready for him as he slipped on top of me and into me. He wasted no time fucking me long, deep and hard. We also fell into a rhythm in tuned with the music of our bodies. I was struggling with my breathing and quivering a bit when he stopped deep inside me kissed me and pulled out. He rolled me over to my tummy then to my knees, slamming that massive cock into my wet pussy. He began to fuck me then spank me then stop and fuck me harder started spanking me again. He spanked me harder and harder while fucking me harder and harder my orgasm exploded before I even felt my orgasm building. I was screaming before it realized what was happening I had lost all control. His hands on each side of my hips he was fucking me as hard as I have fucked lately, he began to grunt then moaned a loud grunt as he came while inside me. He pulled out as i crumpled to the bed. He lay on his back softening inside the condom until I squeezed it off replacing it with my mouth. I cleaned him with my tongue. I was laying with my head on his chest listening to his heart beat when I told him, I wanted him to spend the night but he could not. He told me that was OK he understood. We started making out our naked bodies heating with every kiss. My hands were massaging his cock until he began to moan. His cock was throbbing wanting to explode when I went down on him to taste his hot cum as it shot into my mouth. I was smiling up at him as he pulled me up him and kissed me. My head lay on his chest listening to his heart beat as I drifted to sleep.

I awoke to the chirping of my alarm the electricity had gone off it was flashing 12:01 at me. I was alone I had not gone to sleep alone but was now. I got up went to potty then into the living room to open my laptop to check the time 10:16 I set the clock then went to the shower. The testosterone I consumed yesterday had revitalized my body and spirit I was craving food. I slipped into my black bikini thinking I would go to the pool after lunch and then slipped on cutoffs and a tee shirt. I chugged my lil car to the nearest McDonalds to get OJ and an Egg McMuffin the McMuffin was OK the OJ tasted yummy. The pool had a few people congregated around getting some of the hot sun. I laid back on the recliner thinking of all that had happened with Jason and Mark the previous day. Chills ran up my spine of how marvelous the sex was just before the thought of my slutty actions creeped into my thoughts. I texted the events of the previous days escapades to my bff her reply consisted of only three words followed by a question. ' WOW U SLUT lol ' when are they going to double your fun? The question brought a smile to my face then I put everybody along with everything out of my mind while enjoying the Texas sun.

It was close to 3 (O'clock) when through the glaring sun and my shades, I saw Mark and Jason walk up both with their swim suits on both dragging loungers next to me.

We all lay there is silence for a bit then Jason said, "Hi Vikki."

I said, "Hi Jason."

Mark said, "Hi Vikki."

I said, "Hi Mark."

Jason leaned over to kiss me a tender kiss of him letting me know he enjoyed our experience. Mark followed in turn with a kiss that let me know he loved the fun with me. I lay there between them with thoughts of what they had told each other crossing my mind. We all three laid in silence for a long while then in the pool we went to cool off. They both complemented me on how the black bikini looked super sexy. We began to splash each other playing around in the water lightened the mood substantially. Laughing and playing like mischievous children knowing full well in the recesses of our minds were thoughts of the impending sex. We slipped out of the pool now drying I told the guys I needed something to drink a bit stronger than a Diet Coke.

Mark mentioned, "We have some bourbon and tequila." Then asked, "which would you like?"

I said, "Yummy lets go."

We headed to their apartment while, in the kitchen mixing, our drinks Mark kissed me our tongues met my thoughts turned to sex causing my wetness to develop. I felt the strong hands of Jason untie my top then release my hair from the clip letting it fall over my shoulders. My top now off Marks lips went to my breast Jason smoothed my hair to one side while slipping his lips to the nape of my neck. My pussy was soaking wet in anticipation of what was happening and what was going to happen. Mark was sucking on one breast while squeezing the other pinching my nipple Jason lips were sliding down my spine his hands slipping my bikini bottoms to the floor. Jason kissing to my crack as he brought his hand up the inside of my leg resting it on my pussy. He rubbed my pussy and ass by sweeping his hand back and forth between my legs. My knees began to tremble Marks strong hands positioned on each side of my tummy lifted me off the floor. His hands went to the sides of my hips lifting me even farther off the floor. They in tune with each other carried me to the bedroom my legs dangling between them. Once in the bedroom my feet grounded on the floor I kissed down Marks chest, and abs pulling the shorts off as I went down. His cock almost slapped my face as it sprung toward me wanting attention. I took as much of him into my mouth as I possibly could. While I was sucking Marks lovely cock I felt Jason slip his finger into my pussy I let out a sigh on Marks cock giving it a lil nibble. Sucking Marks cock while being finger fucked was sending me into sensory overload. Jason pulled his fingers from my pussy replacing it with his hot protected cock then began to fuck me. Jason fucking me hard while I was sucking Marks cock made my orgasm begin to leak out in moans of pleasure. Quickly the guys changed positions Mark was now fucking me protected while I had slipped the condom off Jason and began to suck his cock. I moaned loudly as Mark was pounding my pussy. Jason began to moan and groan of an impending orgasm as I sucked his cock deep he released in my mouth I milked him dry with my mouth. Marks moaning became louder, and more intense signaled me to take his cock into my mouth and make him cum. We lay on the floor motionless for a while until I jumped up ran to the kitchen got a glass of tequila then returned sitting on the bed Indian style overlooking the guys.

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