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Funny Face


Based on a story told by a co-worker. He couldn't believe she was still angry two years later. Go figure. Hope you enjoy. Jb7


Terry McAllister looked out the kitchen window to the house next door. He heaved a huge sigh, knowing that he had to visit her sooner rather than later. He had been home from college for two days and hadn't even called to let her know he was home, although he was pretty sure she knew.

He had just graduated with a Bachelor's degree in metallurgical engineering, and would be starting work at the local foundry in two weeks. Before then, he had to settle the problem between them.

Terry walked out the door, across the yard and entered her house through the back door, just as he always had. Her mother was in the kitchen when he entered. "Hi, Mrs. Duncan," he surprised her.

"Gracious, Terry! You nearly scared the pants off me," she exclaimed.

"Damn, " he said, "only nearly?"

"That's enough of that talk," she laughed. "Marie's down in the game room. Remember how to get there?"

"It's been a long time, but not that long. If you hear fighting and screaming, don't worry. I came over to apologize, and might open up some old sores."

"I understand. Good luck. I'm sure you're going to need it."

"Thanks," he replied and headed for the basement. When he got to the bottom of the stairs, he heard the sounds of a video game. He followed them to the game room. He hesitated at the door and peeked in. The television was on the far wall, facing the door. In front of it was a sofa, facing the TV, and on it sat the person he had come to see, totally engrossed in her game.

As he stepped into the room, Terry spoke, "Hi there, Funny Face."

When she heard his voice, time seemed to stop for the young woman. She was aware of several conflicting emotions. Arousal--she felt a familiar tingle in her kitty, one he had always been able to generate; Anger--he'd been gone for two frikkin years, and hadn't written in over a year; and had been home for at least two days without even a hello; delight--he was here! And more anger over the way they had parted the last time.

As time slowly started for her again, she spoke without interrupting her game, "Nice of you to call, finally. Is there something you wanted?"

"Yeah," he said. "I came to get your apology for being such a shit the last two years."

It did what he hoped. She dropped her controller and whipped around. "Get my apology! You son of a ..." She saw his grin and lost her temper. "You bastard! How can you come in here and accuse me?" she said as she jumped over the couch and ran at him, arms flailing, hitting him wherever she could reach.

He fended off her blows enough so that they didn't do any great damage. As her anger dissipated and the blows grew softer and less frequent, he gathered her into his arms and pulled her to his chest.

"Actually, I came to apologize, for a lot of things. Not writing, pulling away, neglecting you and," he looked around, "the last time we were in this room together."

She looked up at him. "What about the last time? I don't remember any thing special about that time." Her expression was cold and angry. She pulled away and went to sit on the sofa.

Terry's family had moved next door to the Duncan's when he started Sixth grade. He had been twelve, and Marie, ten. The only kids on the block in their age range, they had gravitated toward each other as playmates. A natural lessening of contact occurred when Terry went into high school, but when Marie reached dating age, it was a given they would find each other again.

In high school, she had been considered cute. A pixie-ish face with curly black hair, blue eyes and fair skin, inherited from her Scottish father. Small busted, without much of a waist, she had a very boyish figure upon entering high school. It wasn't until after he had graduated and was in college that she developed her womanly figure. Still small busted, a 'full' A cup and a bit more, she had grown nearly four inches her junior year, to five feet eight.

Terry had started calling her Funny Face as a tease when they were kids, because of her tendency to freckle in the summer, and then fade in the fall and winter. Later, when they dated, she accepted it as a sign of affection.

Growing up as playmates, both with healthy curiosities about their changing bodies, they had ample time for mutual exploration since all four parents worked. Although there had been some pre-puberty touching, it wasn't until they began to date that it went any further. And not until she had experienced her growth spurt that it became serious.

That year Terry learned he could almost swallow her whole breast, and she learned how to swallow his whole prick. He found he loved the taste of her, and she learned she didn't mind the taste of cum but definitely did not like the feel of it in her mouth. Nor did she mind her taste on his lips and tongue.

New Year's Eve, her senior year in high school, his sophomore year at college. Their parents had gone to a party thrown by the foundry where they all worked. The kids had come home early to have their own party.

As they entered the game room, Terry grabbed Marie by the waist and pulled her to him. "Hey there, Funny Face, how's my girl?"

"Am I, Terry? Am I your girl? Really?"

"Just you, and no other, Sweets. God, I miss you when I'm at school. It's like part of me is missing."

"Prove it, Terry. Make me really yours tonight. Make love to me. I want to truly be yours, forever."

As their lips met, she felt Terry search for the zipper to her dress. Their tongues met and caressed each other as she felt the zipper being slowly inched down her back. Then Terry backed away an inch and the dress fell to the floor. He lifted her out of the pool of material and her shoes to carry her to the sofa. As he went to lay her down, she said, "Not yet. It's my turn to undress you."

She unbuttoned his sport coat and slid it off his shoulders. Then she did the same with his shirt. She reached up to pull his face down for another kiss, then ran her hands over the tent that had formed in his slacks. "Mmmmm. Is this for me? I know just where it will fit."

Her hands moved to the buckle of his belt and released it. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks and pushed them down past his hips, from where they fell. She went down on her knees and took off his shoes and helped free him from his pants. Then she pulled down his shorts.

"You have such a pretty cock. I've heard some of the other girls talk about their boyfriends. I don't get the impression any of them have as handsome, or as big, a cock as you. Do you know if you're a lot bigger than other guys? It seems most of the girls can jack their boyfriends off with one hand and play with their balls with the other. I need two hands just to hold you, and I got big hands."

She closed her lips over the head of his cock and started sucking it into her mouth. As it neared the back of her throat, she began bobbing her head and nodding it up and down at the same time to maneuver it down her gullet. Terry groaned as he felt it slide past her tonsils.

He reached down and unfastened her bra, then pushed the shoulder straps off so the garment slipped down her arms. He reached down and pulled her to her feet. He quickly stripped off his briefs, then her panties. After he laid her down, he stood for a brief moment, gazing down at her body.

Tall, slender, her breasts standing up on her chest like inverted cones, topped with raspberry colored areolas, with pea sized nipples standing straight up. Her waist went in just enough so her hips could flare out to give her a lovely, womanly figure. Her thatch was as black as the hair on her head, and had been trimmed so it was only about a half inch in length, but otherwise had been left alone.

As he examined her, she did the same to him. She saw a sandy haired, blue-eyed average built six footer, still exhibiting some of the fifteen pounds college freshmen tend to gain around his waist. Most impressive was his eight and a half inch cock, big enough around so her thumb and forefinger just met when she held it. Even as she wondered if it would fit in her, she felt herself open and flow more than she already had.

Terry swung his leg over her so that his face was over her quim, and his cock was poised over her mouth. She opened her lips and closed them over his helmet and hummed lightly.

"You have until this time next year to stop that, you little stinker." He dropped his face between her legs and started to lick her slit from the top, down over her clit, past the urethra, over her right labia, past the vaginal opening, to her anus, then up the left side to her clit.

He then reversed the path, this time pushing his tongue into the vagina to force out some of her moisture. When he arrived back at her clit, he closed his mouth over it and sucked the hood and the substantial rod under the skin into his mouth, and treated her to the same kind of hummer she had given him.

"Oooooooo, you rat," she said, relinquishing his cock momentarily, "where did you learn that trick?"

"Humming? From you, just now."

"No, sucking my whole clit into your mouth like that."

"I heard a couple of guys at the frat talking about it. Thought I'd try it when I got a chance. Was it good?"

"When you stop that, I'll stop humming. Deal?"

He turned around to kiss her. "Deal."

Terry started a string of kisses from her mouth to her ear, down along her neck to her collar bone and points south. He covered her breast and cleavage valley with tiny, nipping kisses, down to her navel, then to her right hip and down the front of her thigh and around the back of her knee to the inside of the thigh and back up to her pubes.

He then repeated the caresses on her left leg, slowing the trip back up the inside to an excruciatingly slow pace. He matched the kisses with his fingers spider walking up the inside of both thighs. Marie thought she'd go crazy. She couldn't hold her hips still. They were moving side to side, and up and down at the same time. Her hands were clawing at the sofa. She was moaning, begging him to hurry. "Hurry, Terry, please, eat me, kiss my pussy, Please! Now!"

When he finally reached his destination, he probed at her rosebud then flattened his tongue against her perineum and dragged it up over her labia and urethra to her clitoris, where he stopped and started gently laving that organ with his tongue.

Marie's orgasm hit when he started licking the clitoral hood. With both feet flat on the sofa, and her head the only other body part touching the couch, she looked like the St Louis Arch. Terry maintained contact until she screamed and panted, "Stop, please, stop. Too much. Too much."

He pulled away slowly, supporting her as she collapsed to the sofa. He moved up beside her and kissed her gently on the lips. She reached up and tangled her fingers in his hair, pulling him in for a more passionate exchange.

When they broke from the kiss, what Terry saw in her eyes scared him. It was pure and total love and trust. It was a commitment to him for life, trusting him with her well being. He knew at that point that whatever he asked of her, she would give or do for him.

Terry panicked. He did not feel ready for that responsibility. Felt she was not ready for that kind of commitment. He felt his cock wilt. He bent down and gave her a quick peck on the lips. "I'm sorry, Funny Face, I can't do this. Not right now."

He stood up and looked around for his clothes. He gathered them, without putting them on. "I love you, more than I thought. But I can't. Not right now." And without giving her a chance to recover and say anything, he ran out of the house and across the yard to his own house. As he entered the building, he heard the phone start to ring. He checked the caller ID.

"Sweets, I'm sorry. I can't explain it right now. We need to talk. Tomorrow. I promise."

But a drunk driver put an end to that conversation before it ever got started. Driving through a red light, he had hit their parents' car and killed the two men in the front seat. Marie was sent to live with her mother's sister across the city until her mother was released from the hospital. By that time, Terry was back at school, where he stayed until he graduated, a year and a half later..

"You don't remember anything special about the last time we were here together? You're a lousy liar, Funny Face. I remember it, think about it, regret it, every day."

"Don't call me Funny Face. I don't like it. What do you regret?"

"Leaving without talking about what was happening. Without letting you know how I was feeling, how afraid I was, and how much I loved you."

"Yeah, well you showed me how much you cared about me."

"No, if I showed you anything that night, it was how scared I was. After your climax, the look in your eyes made me think that I could have asked you to ride naked on a polar bear with me, across the North Pole, and you would have said yes.

"As much as I loved you at that minute, I wasn't able to handle that kind of love and devotion. It just simply scared the piss out of me." He took her hand in his. "And then the accident, and you being sent to live with your aunt. And I had to go back to school.

"I tried to write, but couldn't find the words. I knew it had to be like this, to give you the chance to kick the shit out me, literally or figuratively."

"Why did you stay away so long, no calls, no visits? It's been two fucking years, Terry! Where the Hell were you? I needed you. Wanted you here!" He reached for her. "Don't touch me! I'm not sure I ever want you to touch me again!" She was just shy of shouting.

"Why'd it take you three goddam days to come over? You got home Friday. It's Sunday night!"

He laughed. "Sweets, I'm four inches taller, and probably sixty pounds heavier than you. But whenever I see you, am near you, I turn into the biggest blob of friggin jelly you ever saw. If you even look angry, I want to curl up and crawl into a hole." He crossed his heart. "And that's the fucking truth."

Without looking at him directly, she raised her eyes to meet his and smiled, briefly. That she knew was the truth. She had always been able to get him to do whatever she wanted by pretending to get mad. "That still doesn't explain why you didn't come home."

"I talked with my advisers. Taking summer courses, I was able to finish six months early. And I was involved with some research for the foundry. One more semester's worth of classes and I'll have my Master's Degree, and a head start on the doctorate.

"My job at the foundry starts in two weeks. I owe them a year for the tuition aide. I wanted to get everything done as quickly as possible so we could start our life together, if you still want to."

"Are you still afraid?"

He nodded slowly. "Very. I'm scared shitless you won't want to be with me anymore."

"You should be. What you did was stupid and heartless, and it hurt." Tears started to spill, and he reached for her again. She pulled her arms back and sat up, away from him. "I'm not sure I can even trust you anymore. Can I, Terry? Can I trust you not to run away again? To support me when I need help? To love me, care for me?"

Terry dropped to his knees in front of her. "Funny Face, sweet heart, believe me, I'll do whatever it takes to prove it to you. Anything."


"Yes, anything!"

She smiled and bent over to kiss him lightly on the lips. "D'you remember where we left off that night?"

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