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Fur Addiction


My third fur story posted here. If fur disgusts you read no further.

This is not the same as the other "fetishes" in so many ways. Indeed fetish or addiction? That is the question.

A Psychiatrist's fur seduction and Addiction.

Melinda is fed up with George and his damned infidelity. She has done all she can but he is continuing his affair with his want-a-be-a-blond secretary only a few years younger than her young 26 years. Nothing she has done warrants this. She has been loving, faithful, supportive and certainly tolerant of his behavior to now. The only thing George has done for her recently is to indulge her recent obsession for fur. With his sexual inattention to her it is the least he could do.

With fur masturbation having replaced sex with George, such as it was, she no longer cares about the relationship or George ... he's never around anyway. Melinda's close friends, not sharing her newly discovered intense feelings over fur, have voiced concerns about her fur obsession. Even she is somewhat concerned about it but under the circumstances there is little she can or cares to do about it. It's her only form of comfort and satisfaction under the circumstances.

Melinda has her Lawyer, an old childhood girlfriend, file for divorce. She has all the documented evidence she needs thanks to a sleazy PI her Lawyer hired. They claim the house, modest alimony for a year and payment of psychological counseling plus the legal fees. She even gets additional furs, the ones George gave his Secretary, claimed as property of the marriage and hers of course. A kind of just reward, precision punishment and humiliation for him. She left his business alone but with the threat to go after it. Her Lawyer did lean his business just in case he becomes reluctant with future payments. She gets all she asks for since there is little George can do to contest. George is finding his blond Secretary to be an expensive piece of ass.

Melinda is certainly no homely housewife, though this would certainly describe her role while married to George. College educated, mentally alert and intellectually active, she is no dummy. She always keeps herself in excellent shape, for herself as much as for George.

George thinks she IS homely. She does have a somewhat plain, healthy look with a smooth oval and childlike face giving her a deceptively innocent and younger appearance. She wears a pair of antique wire rim glasses for her penetrating clear blue eyes and has rather plain, thin to average lips but with deep dimples each side when she smiles, enhancing this childlike perception.

George finds it hard to lie to her when she stares and smiles at him. This is a real problem for George because he is a compulsive lier. Melinda otherwise has lots of freckles, quite a fine tall body with a cheeky butt to-die-for. She also has modest A cup perky breasts (George's Secretary has D cup melons) a smooth slender body with long legs and long, thick, flowing red hair fit for shampoo commercials. George is a fool except for those tits which will soon succumb to gravity. Melinda wanted children which George was dead set against. Now she is glad she didn't. Maybe with someone more compatible and loving?

Her obsession over fur does have her concerned however. It all started innocently enough. It was right after she had her first suspicions of infidelity and she was feeling depressed. Just prior to that she had talked George into buying her two fine furs which she selected. A very fine reversible golden Canadian Sable, worn fur in, with a lightweight, loose cashmere outer shell and an optional waterproof poplin shell. Also a full length long hair Lynx with a big full collar and deep full sleeves. She feels magnificent in them and they were a huge boost to her sagging ego. Shortly after that she began to suspect the infidelity.

Melinda found herself one evening alone as usual, sitting on the side of the bed very horny. She was wrapped in her Sable with no other clothes on after her bath, seeking comfort and emotional warmth in her new furs. She was hugging the Lynx like a person for security, sobbing over his betrayal of her. Soon her sobbing turned to sighing and then soft moaning as she had increased the stroking and fondling of the furs over her naked body.

She soon had no thoughts of George at all. The furs had, indeed, started to warm her in unexpected ways. She began to fondle her labia and between her thighs with the Lynx, laying back on the bed as she did. She soon was shaking with an orgasm quickly followed by another, equal to or better than what George was able to do for her when he bothered. Melinda suddenly realized then that George was not a very good lover. She hadn't had much sexual experience prior to George for a good comparison. She then could give a damn for George since the discovery of her true addiction for fur.

She was then able to get more furs due to George's guilt as he compulsively and stupidly got one fur for one (but different) fur for his buxom blond. Even George was not so stupid as to get the same furs for them both. This effectively doubled her fur collection overnight.

Now that they are divorced Melinda is concerned about ever being able to have a man sexually satisfy her again since she has discovered the wonders of fur. George now gets to pay for her psychological recovery from his infidelity, lack of attention to her needs and general abandonment of their relationship.

Melinda got a recommendation from her elderly GP for a Dr. Rappaport. Her GP felt that he may be able to help since he specializes in addictions and addictive behavior. She had confessed her general craving for fur to her GP as an aid to finding the right Psychiatrist.

Arriving for her appointment mid Monday morning she is greeted by a rather matronly woman with a pleasant smile. She said Dr. Rappaport would be with her soon. Melinda had dressed modestly in a full, mid calf length, light weight, gray flannel skirt and matching gray, cable knit, long sleeved turtleneck sweater.

She was expecting a more elderly man given her GP and the Receptionist but was pleasantly surprised when the Doctor greeted her. An early thirty's, six foot two hunk of Prime Grade A male firmly grips her hand and stares at her with his penetrating steel gray eyes. She is sure he can read all her secrets to the depth of her soul without her uttering a word. She feels totally naked even with her thick Lynx wrapped around herself. The Doctor is a runner and does Aerobics being a lean and more meditative type. As she enters the office the Doctor offers to take her coat. She declines and says that the fur is why she is here. She does take it off but it is laying across her lap as she sits nervously running her hands through the fur. The Doctor's eyebrow lifts, Spock like, as an indication of his curiosity.

"Tell me about it. What is the nature of your addiction?" Melinda gives up every little detail of her fur addiction, George's infidelity, her discovery of fur masturbation and concerns over men and sex.

"I can't seem to rid myself of these compulsions to fondle myself with fur now." The Doctor consoles her.

"It sounds as if it is a harmless addiction. Not all addictions are bad and I see no reason not to indulge yourself in this self gratification. Other kinds of addictions are certainly self destructive or harmful to others and one needs to rid them from their lives but this doesn't seem to be at all harmful."

She feels very comfortable telling him all this and it is such a great relief to get it out and to somehow share it with someone else who's not being judgmental, making her feel bad about it. By now she is softly fondling her Lynx and sort of hugging and caressing herself with it for self comfort. The Doctor is beginning to realize she is somehow getting him excited in a way no other female, regardless of her beauty, has ever done before as he watches and listens to her. He is having a hard time staying focused on her words.

"My desire for sex with a man seems to have dissipated and I don't seem to have replaced it with an attraction for women. I don't want to live the rest of my life alone!!"

"You have been through a traumatic experience and betrayal by a man you trusted. Is there anything else you can tell me that you are aware of that might help me see into this further?"

"No, I don't think so. I have thought and thought about it and since it is a recent behavior I can't imagine what might be in my past to engender such feelings and actions other than the few furs my mother has and the comfort and security I feel with her."

"Would you be willing to be hypnotized as a way for me to possibly uncover any related underlying past problems or unresolved issues?"

"I certainly wouldn't mind at all. Anything to resolve the situation so I can move on to future relationships." The Doctor goes over to the window and closes the blinds to darken the room then goes over standing in front of her in the chair trying desperately to stay focused on the task at hand and not her seductive beauty and fur fidgeting.

"Melinda, I want you to sit relaxed in your chair. You do not have to do or say anything that you do not want to do or that would make you uncomfortable. Is that clear?"


"Concentrate on my voice. Relax and let yourself drift, floating like a cloud with no sensations to disturb your concentration. Watch my finger and as it gets closer to your nose you will feel yourself going deeper into a trance. I'm going to count slowly backwards to three. You will be relaxed but awake and alert on one. Three .. two .. one." Melinda is well under, her hands laying still and softly in her Lynx. "What is the first thing you sense now?"

"My fur, the Lynx."

"What is it like ... how do you feel?"

"Wonderfully soft, thick, sensual and comforting. It makes me feel good all over." She has it fully wrapped around herself by now fondling and stroking it with her face buried in its thick softness.

"What if I were to take it away?"

"Please don't." She tenses up momentarily.

"No, I wouldn't do that. You clearly don't want me to. What would you like to do with it?"

"Fondle myself. Can I do that?"

"Of course but it looks like you are already fondling yourself. You can do whatever makes you feel good when you are in this trance." Melinda raises her very full skirt up and it is a shock to the Doctor that she has no panties. The sharp contrast between her apparent sweet modest innocence and the lush and exotic sensuality unfolding before his eyes has him mesmerized with an instant boner. She begins to move the Lynx over her thighs and gradually between them as she lifts her hips and spreads her legs.

The Doctor, with a great effort at being nonchalant ... "I notice you have no panties on. Why is this?"

"I want to be able to fondle myself anytime, any place without a problem." Melinda is moving more with her fondling and deeper towards an orgasm with her Lynx and all this is having a powerful effect of further arousing the Doctor, despite his professional detachment. This has him in awe by her sensuous and beautiful movements. He is now totally sexually excited as Melinda increases her fondling and moaning as she approaches her orgasm.

He is now fully aroused by the vision of her fur fondling with the lush Lynx as much as her beautiful body and her motions and has his cock out of his pants and in his hand behind his desk and in rhythm with Melinda. As Melinda moans in the pleasure of her orgasm, the Doctor is simultaneously catching a motherload in a towel as he has an audible shuddering gasp with his ejaculation and in response to her moaning to her orgasm. After a long pause with Melinda smiling sweetly in her afterglow, the Doctor asks, "Do you do this often?"

"Every chance I get."

"Would you like to do that again to yourself and to me as well?"

"Certainly. I would love to Doctor." The Doctor is stunned at her eagerness as well as his own question. It just popped out of his mouth as if someone else said it. He partly recovers.

"You don't have to if don't want to Melinda."

"Oh please Doctor, please let me." He is heart pounding excited by her eager response, light headed even.

He goes over to her chair and stands in front of her letting his pants and shorts fall to the floor. His still very stiff and substantial cock is hanging out to her. Melinda gasps slightly and grins, bringing her Lynx up and around his cock, fully encasing it in one of the big sleeves and the big thick collar under his testicles. The Doctor nearly collapses with the sensations of the initial contact of the fur around his cock and between his thighs emitting a moan.

With an enormous amount of restraint, "I have never felt anything quite like this."

"Yes it is wonderful, isn't it. It's so nice to be able to share this with you Doctor." Melinda slowly moves the Lynx up and down on his cock, squeezing and fondling his cock and scrotum with the fur as she smiles sweetly over her new toy.

She is simultaneously fondling her labia with the Lynx as well. The Doctor is about to pass out from the sensations, moaning and involuntarily shaking as he is overtaken by the most incredible masturbation he has ever experienced. The sensations are coursing through his body and mind like hot flashes, his body quaking and tingling with forces and sensations he has never felt.

He quickly pulls away with an enormous force of will to keep from ejaculating into her Lynx an instant before, catching his greatest load ever in another towel. Melinda lays back and finishes off her fondling, moaning with her orgasm as well. He collapses to his knees as the last huge shots of cum are delivered into the towel, breathing heavily while still marveling over Melinda's erotic beauty of her orgasm. "That was spectacular Melinda. Is this what you do to yourself?"

"Yes. Isn't it wonderful? It was such a pleasure to share this and please you so Doctor." She is still in a state of ecstasy herself as she speaks, very happy over having the Doctor let her share her fetish.

Michael doesn't reply but he is thinking ... I have to have more of this for myself. Her innocent sweetness with her seductive sexuality ... and my god the fur ... I've never experienced or heard about anything like it. To hell with her addiction he thinks to himself.

He then tells her ... "I want you to wear fur at every future visit and bring one or two different furs from your collection to show me each visit. You can dress as sensual as you wish. Do you understand?"

"Yes Doctor. Anything to please you."

"When you are under hypnosis you may call me Michael. Only when I say Banana Nail will you fall into a trance, awake and alert as you are now and when I snap my fingers you will revive, be alert and normal, not remembering anything you did while in your trance. Is that clear?"

"Yes Michael." He snaps his fingers and she awakes blinking her eyes.

"Did you hypnotize me Doctor?"

"Yes I did."

"What did you discover Doctor?"

"Very confusing and something I have never encountered before. It is going to take some time to sort this thing out. There are some conflicts but, with time, I think we can get to the root of the problem and work toward a resolution. We will meet every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 for an hour session starting tomorrow if that is OK with you."

"That will be fine and I am looking forward to our next session Doctor."

The Doctor makes a note to investigate fur as a fetish for background reference.

Melinda leaves with a mixture of emotions. Relaxed for sure but also warm and mildly euphoric as after fur masturbation. She stops by the Market on her way home to pick up a few things for Dinner. As she is walking around the Market she realized she was looking at every guys crotch that went by. Some of them, strangely, had very prominent bulges? Not like she wanted to get screwed but more like she wanted to fur masturbate the guy? A strange twist of sexual interest. Not so strong that she would ever think of acting on it but curious none-the-less.

The rest of the evening and the next day goes by uneventful except that she began to think she would like to do something more with her life now that she is free to pursue whatever interest she chooses. Real Estate Sales seemed like an accessible endeavor that could be financially rewarding and that she might enjoy. So she began to investigate how to go about accomplishing it.

The next afternoon she is at the Doctor's office in her hooded full length thick white Arctic Fox she recovered from the faux blond. She has a feeling of conquest whenever she wears it as it was the blond's favorite. All her coats are very full on Melinda because of the blond's D cup breasts. She like the fullness and opulence it gives them on her more slender frame. Also she is wearing a light silk miniskirt, more like a slip, barely covering her nude butt and a fine weave white sleeveless cashmere V neck sweater without a bra. It just seemed right to her. Her firm breasts are glorious under the sweater, her nice fat and hard nipples with her large swollen areola being very prominent and quite visible through the sweater. Just the thought of the Doctor visit has her mildly sexually aroused and stimulated for some reason.

She thought it would be a good idea to bring another of her furs so she chose her hooded Sable/Cashmere coat. Besides, she thought, I want to hold his attention as best I can. She already sensed and knew she had a grip on his attention seeing her in her furs.

The Doctor lets her in since the Receptionist had left for the day at four, her normal quitting time. She hands the Doctor her Sable at the door as she comes in. Melinda sits in the easy chair with the Arctic Fox draped around herself and relaxes without coaching. Michael is holding her Sable, stroking and fondling it, as he walks to his desk, looking at her in her Fox gives him another instant boner.

"I see you wish to show me some of your furs?" Michael is still fondling the Sable in his lap under his desk, carefully unzipping his fly allowing his cock access to the Sable.

"Oh yes Doctor. I thought you might see more fully why I love them so."

"I can see. They are all very lovely and this one feels exceptionally soft and wonderful. You are very beautiful wearing any of them."

"Why thank you very much Doctor" as she smiles with her innocent and sweet smile, her dimples a bit deeper than normal, adding a bit more pain to the Doctor's boner.

"I would like to investigate some deeper issues with you today and I would like to know if anything has come to mind since yesterday or any new experiences you wish to share?"

"I am almost ashamed to say but I have been looking at every guy's crotch since we met yesterday thinking I wanted to fur masturbate him."

"Actually progress of sorts but I will look into that today unless you can think of a reason why this may be happening." The Dr. smiles secretly to himself.

"No I can't and I have been trying to think why since yesterday." Michael's cock is about to explode from fondling his cock with the Sable and Melinda's fondling of her Fox as she sits fidgeting with it.

"Banana Nail" Melinda is instantly lax and at ease in her chair. "You will not look at any other crotch except mine from now on. Is that clear?"

"Yes Michael."

"You certainly dressed provocatively today and your furs are fantastically beautiful. Is there a reason you did this?"

"You asked me to and I thought maybe you would notice me more if I took my attire to the limit. Maybe let me do more for you."

"So you remember what we did and talked about last time?"

"Yes, with great anticipation and eager to pleasure you more fully today."

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