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Fur And Fangs


*Authors note: This story is special to us. While once again seperated by the Army, my love and I engaged in our first online cyber session. having played Furcadia for a long time, I automatically revert to cybering as a cat girl. My love went along with it well, and I decided to turn it into a story to keep the memory for us. His character is new and still under development. Keep an eye out as these two might show up in later stories. Hope you enjoy, and once again, we love your feed back!

I come out of the bathroom, completely naked, and walk into your bedroom. I blink my eyes and look around, noticing my clothes discarded in the corner. My favorite black skirt, hot pink thong, and matching hot pink tube top that always shows in sharp contrast against my black fur laying in a heap. My luminescent green eyes run over your figure sitting at the computer. I take in your long, silky black hair, your pale skin, your glowing red eyes. I can see your not wearing a shirt from this angle as you lounge back, your toned muscles relaxed and at rest under your pale skin.

I run my paws down my womanly sides in thought, wondering who you are, and why you took me in. You found me drunk and half passed out down at the local hang out, humans and furs alike grabbing at my tail. I barely remember your dark, imposing presence coming through the crowd of rowdy drunks and scooping me into your arms before I passed out. I narrow my already slitted cat eyes as I strain, trying to remember more details. I get a flash of you driving fast, your long black leather coat blending into the leather seats of your car. That is all I can remember other then waking up in your apartment here.

I am a little achy and hung over, but I can tell that you have not used my body, and I wonder at this. So many try to take advantage of me, why did you not when you had the perfect opportunity? Where you actually a good guy, or did you have other plans for me? And speaking of guy, I wondered what exactally you were? I blood demon, a vampire, or something else? It was hard to tell from what little I had seen of you. I shake my head and decide to just wait and see what happens.

I saunter back over to the bed, wincing a little as I notice that I have shed some of my fur on it. I mentally shrug, my tail moving slowly back and forth over the rounded curves of my buttocks. I climb back up on your bed and curl up in a ball, my tail curling around the tip of my nose, and only my slanted green eyes peering at you over the top of my fluffy tail. You seem to not even realize I exist as you sit there, seemingly absorbed in your computer screen.

I stretch lazily, my legs stiffening behind me, my tail draped down between them, covering my nakedness. My front paws flex against the comforter, claws raking gently as I undulate my body in pleasure. I finish stretching and look back up at you, wondering if you had noticed me yet. I gaze at you, my eyes half shut and lazy, my naked front pressed into the billows of your blue comforter, the black fur of my coat standing out against the light silk. Slowly I roll over on my side, resting my head on one of my paws. My other paw drapes over one of my hips as I stare brazenly at you now, having been completely unnoticed.

The glossy fur of my coat slims down to shorter fur as it dips in towards the planes of my belly and full breasts. My nipples are standing up, poking out of the thin coat of fur as I unashamedly languish on your bed. From this angle I can see what your doing and I hiss quietly to myself. Your strong hand is moving quickly up and down your shaft, which appears rather large from where I am laying. I sniff the air lightly, wondering why on earth I didn't smell the musk of your arousal before. I must have really been distracted by thoughts, or just half asleep not to have noticed. Your eyes are still fixed on your computer, seemingly oblivious to my presence here, and I take advantage of that to stare blatantly at your dick.

Your cock seems almost as pale as the rest of your body, the shaft a slight blush, the head a barely darker pink in color. I can see a drop of pre-cum shivering on the tip, hanging on for dear life. Your eyes are closed and your head is slightly tilted back, complete absorbed in stroking your cock. I watch you with interest, drawn to you for some reason. I flick the end of my tail as I think to myself for a moment. The light from the candles on your desk flickers over your glowing white skin, and I feel my mound becoming moist as your smell envelopes me.

I unconsciously start to purr as I gracefully slide off the bed and crawl over to you on all fours, my feral side starting to take over as I become sexually excited. I lean my head up and look at you with curious green eyes as I move closer and closer to your crotch, my nose twitches as I try to take in your smell. I curl up at your feet, my tail wrapped daintily around my paws as I give you an inquiring look, my gaze repeatedly turning to stare at your crotch with obvious hunger and longing in my expression. You open your eyes and peer down at me as you continue to stroke your cock, not seeming to be bother in the least by my staring or my closeness.

"Do you like what you see?" you inquire, smiling as your sharp canines glint in the candlelight for a moment.

I glance up at your face uncertainly, staring into your glowing red eyes as I nervously lick my lips, my own sharp feline teeth flashing for a moment. My green eyes remain fixed on yours, watching you for your reaction as I ever so slowly lean my head closer, your smell and the power of your presence pulling me forward. I am not sure if I am acting of my own free will, or if your somehow influencing me, but at the moment I really don't care.

You feel the long, human hair of my head brush against you before the softer, shorter fur of my shoulder glides silkily along your inner thigh. Your muscles twitch a little as you feel the tip of my warm nose nuzzle into you, even though you saw it coming. I dart my warm, rough tongue out and snatch away the pre-cum off the top of your cock before you can react, my senses overwhelmed. I jerk back a little, licking my lips and still eyeing you. I purr louder as I relish the taste of you in my mouth. Your small groan of pleasure at my touch encourages me and I scoot closer on the carpet, my tail curling around my belly to swish over my own nipples as I become even more aroused at your male scent up close. The taste on you on my tongue drives me crazy, starting to overcome my caution.

I still eye you a little uncertainly, not even sure who or what you are, but I can't seem to help myself as I flick out my tongue again. You can feel and see my tongue swirl around the head of your cock before it disappears into my mouth. I take about half of your seven inches down into my depths, my purr growing ever louder in the room. You moan in your chair and squirm your hips as you realize that the rumble from my purring is echoing nicely down the length of your cock as vibrations. My tail rubs languidly over my breasts and dips down over the top of my mound as I start to move my head up and down over you, my rough cat tongue stimulating the sensitive skin of your penis as it plunges in my mouth. I glide my paws up your thighs, my nails slightly poking out of my sheaths and dragging over your skin as I move closer to you.

You lean back in your chair and moan, grabbing my hair and forcing more of your length into my mouth. I lay back my ears, hiding them safely under my curtain of black hair as I purr even louder, the vibrations growing stronger on your cock because of it. My green eyes are glazed over from lust and wanting as I somehow manage to not break eye contact with you, your red eyes and my green ones locked together, as my mouth is to your cock. I stare directly into your eyes as you bore in and out of my mouth, small mewls interrupting my purr, my luscious lips gliding wetly up and down your shaft.

I try to move carefully so as not to scrape you with my sharp little teeth, wanting nothing but soft, wet, hot pleasure to envelope you. I sit back on my ass and angle my hips towards you slightly. You are busy looking between my eyes and your cock being buried in my mouth, and you don't really notice the movements of my tail until it comes up and starts to tickle like velvet over your balls.

You jerk back for a split second before you melt, moving closer to me and spreading your legs, your pale, soft ass hanging off the edge of the seat as you urge your crotch closer to my ministrations. I wriggle between your legs, giving a low growl of triumph as your body gives into me. The role of control moving from your large but soft looking hands into my capable, furry ones. I bring my paws up around your hips and you feel my claws scratch against your skin as I drag you even further down the chair and closer to me.

I settle my mouth even further down your cock, almost taking you completely to the base now, my rough, kitty tongue moving frantically over the head of you with each thrust. Soft, silky breasts rub against your thighs and the top of your nuts, feeling like a soft fur blanket soothing your skin. My soft tail brushes around madly over your balls and over the base of your cock, coating them in pleasure. Suddenly, you feel the tip of my tail poking lightly at your anus. The fur of it brushes you softly, but the bone in it is still pressing insistently against you, sending thrills of pleasure up your body. The bone of my tail is too small to really hurt or stretch you, and the feeling of my fur stroking your sensitive skin there, in your most secret of places feels delicious. I purr louder, shivers running up and down your cock as I work your body, one paw even coming up to poke a claw playfully now and then at one of your dusty pink nipples which are standing up on your smooth, white, chiseled chest. You tense very slightly at this new stimulation but your worries are soon forgotten amongst the pleasure that my mouth and body are giving you. Unconsciously, you part your legs just a little bit more, opening yourself up to me, your head thrown back, and your black hair a soft shadow trailing down the back of your chair.

I reluctantly release your cock from my mouth for a moment and lean back, resting back on my paws. Soft, fuzzy breasts are arched up on the air, dark pink nipples pointing proudly up as I reach my paws back and grab my ankles, spreading my thighs wide in front of you. I lick my mouth, looking up into your eyes with a coy smile and moving my tail away from you and up my own thighs. Your helpless to look away as my tail moves closer and closer to the drenched mound of my pussy. The lips covered in short black hair are parted, the soft, pink insides showing, wet with my own musk.

You watch in wonderment as I start to move it inside of myself, obviously never having been with a cat girl before, you watch me as I coat my tail in my own pussy juice. I yowl softly and throw my head back as it rams in and out of me, swirling deep inside of my box. I fuck myself in front of your eyes for a few minutes that seem to stretch out into an eternity. You can smell the musk of my wet pussy filling the room before I finally look back up at you and stop, pulling the now wet tail from deep inside my pussy and crawling back up towards you, my breasts jiggling with my movements.

I glide my paws up your calves and over your knees as I spread the thighs that have closed slightly during my short absence. I flick my rough tongue once over your left nipple before moving my head back down, my hot breath blowing over the end of your dick. You feel your cock enter my mouth at the same time you feel my wet, hot tail poking back up between the globes of your ass. I insert it slowly, matching the speed that your dick enters into my mouth, my tongue swirls its way down your shaft, even as my tail spins its way up inside your body, rolling over the sensitive spot you have deep inside of you.

I move my head all the way down over your cock, my sharp teeth poking at your groin before I start the up and down rhythm, milking you into my mouth, soft breasts and hard nipples are pressed against you, and I work with a passion. I am starving for the taste of your cum in my mouth and running down over my tits. My half growl and half purr is now echoing around the room, increasing your pleasure even more as your whole crotch seems to vibrate, overcome with so many sensations. I can taste the pre-cum coating the inside of my mouth, and I moan with excitement.

I start to feel your dick harden in my mouth, pulsating with your approaching orgasm. I suck harder and faster, my tail swirling madly against the sweet spot inside of your body. My paws are braced on your thighs, the claws popping out in excitement and drawing small beads of blood standing out red on your pale skin. The smell of the fresh blood hits your nose and your senses go into overload. I wriggle my swollen pussy against the floor, waiting for the hot spurt of cum that I have longed for and have worked so hard for. I brace myself for the shot, wondering if you will reward me with a mouth full of your deliciousness or if you will paint my quivering breasts with it instead, your white hot cum standing out against sleek, black fur.

You suddenly roar as you hit the point of no return, your hands clenched on the arms of your chair. I feel you arch your hips, driving my tail deeper even inside of yourself as the first hot, salty spurt hits the roof of my mouth. I swallows it greedily, lessening my suction so as not to hurt your sensitive cock head. I whimper, grinding my pussy harder on the floor as I suckle on you like a baby, my tail slowing a little inside of you. I open my bright green eyes and fix them on you as you see rivulets of cum come out of the corners of my mouth and drip down over my breasts and nipples. My paws grasp at your thighs as I stare into your half-closed red eyes, drinking down every drop that your balls and cock have to give me. I slowly bathe your crotch with my tongue, washing away every drop of your semen, licking my lips to make sure I get it all. I finish and lean back, curling up on my hind legs as I grab my breasts in my paws and lovingly lick the cum off of them too, my purr winding down as I clean myself.

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