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Fur and Mom


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Mom loves her furs and I love seeing her in them. Until she divorced my Dad three years ago she didn't get to wear them very much being too busy taking care of Dad's ego, his image and me of course. When Mom found out he had a barely nineteen year old woman from work that was taking care of his sex life she called a Lawyer. She happened to know a very good one. My Dad has a key position in a very prestigious computer software company and had lots of stock options as a part of his benefits package.

Mom got 50% of those, the house, furnishings, all her furs, clothes and sole custody of me. She married him when she turned 18 and had me three months latter. He was twice her age and divorced. The first Ex wife got nothing but the street. Mom learned from her mistake. Good thing he had lots of money to make up for being so stupid. I'm glad Mom had me of course and so is she. He was always so nasty and verbally abusive to her. He even threatened her with physical harm and I hate him for it.

My Dad was hardly ever around and we fought all the time when he was. He's a real first rate ass hole. Mom and I never fight. I love my Mom and I'll do anything she wishes me to do. I'm so glad my Dad is not around anymore and that Mom's Lawyer got as much from him as he did. Mom cashed in and got over five million on the stock options, sold the big pretentious house my Dad had built and netted another three million. We got a very nice house for half a million in a very nice neighborhood near the University she and I like a lot better, far away from him. More affordable and nicer all around, particularly since I'm going to the University in Engineering. He's lucky he got away without having to pay alimony. Mom simply didn't want to ever have to deal with him ever again. She even changed our names to her maiden name.

You see, the net net, as they say, means neither my Mom or I will ever have to earn another nickel the rest of our lives if we don't want to. To add insult to injury Dad's stock options lost 60% of their value shortly after Mom cashed hers in and they still haven't come up to their previous value. So we're actually wealthier than he is now give mom's wise reinvestments. Poetic justice.

Mom had bought Real Estate from the stock sale for greater future security. Mom is very good at Real Estate it turns out from all her efforts to reinvest and soon got her own Brokers license. It came from selling the big house then buying and selling several houses and commercial properties including our house. Mom took advantage of the many personal contacts she had when married and expanded them.

Mom does have "presence" with her beauty and wonderful personality. She's very elegant, sophisticated and casual in the ways she wears her furs when she does which is often. Now that she's divorced seeing her dressed in them excites me to the extreme. Not only is she very beautiful but she's also very smart. For such a smart computer guy my Dad is really stupid.

When I say I love my Mom's furs I mean I have fondled myself with them from when I was about one and a half on. My first ejaculation was in my Mom's large and full big sleeved Sable coat. I thought I was going to blow up I was so excited and thrilled with the rush. I have been totally addicted every since and can't live without her furs.

Also when I say I love my Mom, I mean that in the fullest meaning, wanting to make love to her and have intercourse with my Mom. I dream and fantasize over her all the time. The fact that my Mom is also a drop-dead-gorgeous auburn haired five foot ten beauty doesn't help to dampen my desires in the least. She looks 20 not just turning 36. I just turned 18 and am already six two so we are built for each other ... in my dreams anyway. When we are out together folks think she is my sister or girlfriend. I don't attempt to correct them and neither does Mom it seems. She has to dress up for business to look old enough and serious enough. When she dresses down for our casual ventures out together she looks like a very sexy teen age girl, particularly with her sexy hoodie girl furs.

Mom has been masturbating a lot lately. I know because I can now hear her at night in the smaller house. Her Bed Room is right next to mine. I sneak a fur or two in my room and masturbate at night when she does fantasizing we are making love in the furs together.

Having access to her furs is not at all difficult since Mom has always been rather casual with not hanging up her furs or anything else. She'll try on several before deciding which to wear for the day, shrugging off the others like a bath robe wherever she may be in the house. She will walk around the house modeling her furs for me asking me which she should wear while I'm holding a bundle of furs she's rejected. After I choose for her, she kisses me and is gone on her mission. She sometimes goes through half a dozen coats and maybe redressing altogether before deciding. She kisses me extra long and is out the door. The door no sooner closes before I am naked and fucking all those wonderful furs in the Living Room with wild abandon, her perfume still in the air. She's in them, in my fantasy, her kiss still fresh on my lips.

Since I frequently pick up her furs and hang them back up in her closet all the time, chiding her for not picking up after herself .. seeing me with her furs is no big surprise. I pick up after her, in general, all the time. I certainly don't mind at all. Detouring one or two of her furs to my Bed Room for a day or two is unnoticed since she has so many. Handling and fondling her clothes all the time has always been a very special thrill. She's thankful for my care of her and her things, giving me extra nice long kisses for my efforts. My thoughts are that I will gladly earn those kisses whenever and as often as I can. Positive reinforcement. Drop as many as you please Mom. Actually I have always, even at a very early age, been very attentive to my Mother and she has always rewarded me. It has become an element of the bond between us.

She has not dated anyone since the divorce and she wasn't getting much before from Dad, hence, the divorce. Mom must be big time horny by now. I think about her all the time now. I pound my pud with her furs and with a thick nine inch cock it gets tiring and sometimes my hand starts to cramp. I think of doing it in the furs with my Mom constantly and I know she would like that since they are her furs.

When she wears her furs around me she strokes them sensuously and puts her furry arms around me or in my arm when we are out. She hugs me most anywhere with a big smile. Mom has always hugged me extra long with kisses while wearing her furs. Frequently my excitement level gets so high I cum in my shorts in her embrace. The first few times I did it I was sure she was going to notice and really get on my case but she didn't seem to notice and after a while I began to look forward to when she would. I began making excuses over school work problems or a girlfriend problem that nearly guarantees a wet shorts hug in her furs. Mom really turns me on and it's very thrilling the way she strokes and fondles me with her furs when she holds me. I can't keep myself from doing it with her soft furring hugs. It is like an addiction she's so willing to fulfill. I know I should feel guilt or shame but it vanishes with her furry touch.

Though I have had sex with several of my girlfriends over the past few years it doesn't compare with cuming in my pants in my Mothers arms. I've even tried to cajole my girlfriends into sex with furs and they were not very interested, thinking it was too strange or they were anti fur. My girlfriend relationships haven't lasted very long.

Mom and I have grown much closer since her divorce and my desires for her are reaching a breaking point. Mom knows I love her beauty and how she looks in her furs. I tell her how beautiful she is in her furs often. Dad never did. He would say how stupid she was over her furs and how she wasn't hard enough on me, that I was going to end up as a wimp or pansy ass or both. He's nasty to everyone around him. I don't see how they keep employees for him unless he's screwing them. One reason Mom got so much help from his 'friends' from their marriage. More than one was glad to see it happen and are now her friends and no longer his.

I thought Mom was out shopping a few days ago when I was fucking her big full length and heavenly cloud soft Chinchilla coat on my bed fully nude. It's one of hers and my favorites. I was fantasizing Mom wearing it making love to her. I was moaning rather loudly since I knew she wasn't home. I was wrong.

My door swung opened and Mom was standing there in all her five foot ten beauty and with a kind of nonchalant manner she walks over next to the bed. She had a thin cashmere T shirt with no bra and light silk shorts. At that moment she might as well have been nude. She came in at the point of no return of my excitement, becoming the real object of my ejaculation. I rolled on my back and shot cum all over my chest and face not getting any on the fur. I learned to do that shortly after my first ejaculation. My Mom's nipples magically pushed out her T shirt. Mom has very prominent nipples that I can still remember from nursing on them. I have wanted them in my mouth again every since. She said I was hard to wean. In an exasperated, not angry, tone;

"Thank god you didn't get any on the Chinchilla. Do you know how much it costs to clean?"

My whole body blushed.

"Yes Mom" as I squeezed out the last drops of cum, still shaking from my climax. I thought this was it with the furs and I'm in the shit house for sure. The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint my Mom.

"How long have you been doing this with my furs?"

I never lie to my Mom. I don't always tell her everything but, when confronted, I never lie. She is never hard on me with discipline.

"All my life Mom, well since puberty. I love them. I'm not gay or anything like that, I just love your furs more than anything else."

"I'm gad to see you still tell me the truth. Why didn't you tell me you loved them?"

"I always thought it was strange or abnormal somehow and not Manly. Dad always chided you on your furs and I thought if he did that then my loving them must be truly strange, besides I don't know anyone else that seems to share this interest, like none of my girlfriends are at all excited by them. They think it's strange."

"Your Dad is the "strange and abnormal" one. He was not very good when he did make love to me, more like raped me. God you have a huge cock! Twice your Dad's. Your girlfriends? Well .. none have been worthy of your love for starters."

I'm getting real uncomfortable at this point, still nude with cum all over me and I'm starting to get chilled from the coolness in the room or from the situation or both.

"Mom can I at least clean up?" getting some sense of recovery.

Mom's bullet nipples are still pushing out her soft T shirt even further as the cashmere forms around them and the crotch of her shorts have become wet. They are thin white silk and I can clearly see her dark muff through them now that they are so wet. She must not have on panties. Mom is getting turned on over me!!! I never saw her like that and my cock jumps to full size again even with the chill.

I went into the Bath Room and washed off the cum. When I returned to the room Mom had the Chinchilla wrapped around her turned inside out and her skimpy clothes were on the floor. She's sitting on the edge of my bed clearly getting off on the fur rubbing it between her thighs and rubbing the big full fur hood all over her head and face and fondling her nipples with the fur. I swear she's smelling where I was jerking off and with a big smile on her face. I'm immediately fully extended, dripping again with throbbing and aching scrotum. I stand before her on my bed still in the buff. As I do her hand reaches over on to my thigh with the Chinchilla and she begins to caress my thigh and crotch, the fur rubbing softly against my cock and scrotum. My mother is coming on to me and I'm helpless, breathing heavily.

"Mom?" she ignores me. The Chinchilla is so soft I can barely feel it but it has me instantly producing pre cum and stiff as a rail. Mom leans forward, gently and carefully licks the blob from my cock head, her hair sweeping over my hips and cock. My heart jumps, my cock jumps at the sensations and grows bigger yet ... She looks up into my eyes as she flicks her tongue with the blob of pre cum on its tip into her mouth.

"You are so sweet a child and your mother needs and wants your love and essence as badly as you want your Mother ... It's sooo wrong but so right".

I'm frozen with surprise and excitement about to shoot another load across the room.

"Please carry me to my Room."

I sweep her up in my arms as I have dreamed of so many times with her arms around my neck kissing my cheek and neck as we go.

I have been in here often to get furs for my enjoyment and occasionally when I knew Mom was gone for quite a while. I would relieve my sexual passions in her Lynx bed spread. Rubbing my cock and scrotum in the Lynx takes me to another world. She got it on Dad's credit card just before filing the papers. I never thought of it in terms of her enjoyment and sexual release but it is hitting me that it is not a coincidence she has one on her bed. She must use it to masturbate at night?

I gently lay her in the Lynx and am standing beside her gazing down at her laying in the Lynx, mesmerized over her sweet beauty in the fur as she is writhing around in it with her legs spread wide apart in full display stroking the long fur up into her crotch lovingly.

"I suppose you have had your way with my Lynx spread as well?"

"Yes Mom I have and it is awesome".

"Yes indeed it is."

And with that she jerks my arm and I stagger forward, falling into the Lynx spread-eagle on my face. I am immediately writhing in it having been there before, my cock and scrotum buried in the Lynx again. I'm supercharged. She throws the incredible Sable coat at me in mock anger.

"I suppose you have had your way with this as well? You would be a fool if you have not."

"Yes Mom I have. My first ejaculation and it was the most wonderful of all ... well they are all wonderful. I can't really make up my mind which I like best."

I have the Sable around me instinctively fondling myself with it. She is fondling her crotch with the Chinchilla, the coat wide open, flaunting her gorgeous body to me, getting herself very aroused, writhing and stroking herself with the furs.

"You are very fortunate my child because you don't have to choose. Your Mother loves furs in the same way as her son and who would I be to deny you any of the pleasures that you so love."

With that she begins to fondle me all over with the Sable and Chinchilla driving me insane as I'm writhing in the Lynx. I had rolled over facing up to her and my cock was like a dock piling receiving wonderful Sable fondling from my Mom. I had always had to fondle myself. Having someone do it to me, my mother yet, was sending me into extreme ecstasy, like in my dreams. I didn't know what to do with my Mom seducing me?

She is kneeling in the bed beside me now as she fondles me. "You know I tried to get your Father to make love to me with the furs and he thought it was disgusting and not macho enough for him as he accused you. That is why he made those comments. Do you think it is disgusting my son?"

She's fondling and massaging my cock and scrotum in an undulating cocoon of Sable. I'm going out of my mind with the sensations, near ejaculation and having great difficulty speaking.

"No Mom, you can do this to me any time you like. What do you want me to do for you?"

"Soon my son but it looks like you have a problem cuming up. Would you make love to your poor Mom in the furs?"

"Oh yes yes yes Mom" I eagerly responded, my juices flowing through me and about to erupt from my throbbing cock.

With that Mom comes down on my cock sliding it into her mouth, well down on it sucking hard, wrapping her tongue around it. I'm feeling all the fluids from every extremity of my body, my very being, flowing between her soft lips. Large shots of cum shoot deep into her beautiful mouth and into Mom's throat, pulsing hard as I am holding and stroking her soft auburn haired head and the soft skin of her face with the furs adding to my drive.

She sucks it fully into her with slurping and sucking sounds further adding to my body's wracking pulses. I'm stoned in the ultimate high of a powerful ejaculation wrapped in magnificent furs with the woman I love.

I collapse having had the most powerful ejaculation of my life.

I think Mom had an orgasm too. She had her hand over her crotch and muff and she shook and jerked around some when I went off. Her hand came up very wet.

"You just lie there for a bit and rest. I'll take care of things for you right now." Mom continued fur fondling me and licking my cock clean smiling at me as she did but not as intensely as before and then she slowly began to move the furs over my body, rubbing her face and hair over me like she is examining and admiring my body. It feels very good and oddly relaxing while being stimulated. Mom has things to say and what a way to listen particularly since she has broken down the door.

"You know I have known of your fur escapades for quite a long time. I made sure you had easy access to the furs, leaving them laying around the house. Easy for you to take and making situations for you to keep them with you. I was wondering and hoping where it would lead you, hoping it would come to this. I have had these desires myself long before meeting your Father. That is probably one reason I married him was to have lots of furs. I thought I could fur seduce him but he is such a self centered and arrogant prick. He is totally insensitive to such pleasures. Sex is a power trip for him and without love or real passion. When we had sex he would knock me around to assert his authority."

"So he did physically abuse you! I always suspected as much."

"That's what drove me to take him for all I could. Not the little bitch he was fucking. He never made me fell sexy very long after he got me pregnant with you. That's the main reason I divorced him, not the bimbo he was screwing. That was a real good excuse with ample evidence to take him for all I could."

"I'm really glad you could take him for so much. Not for greed but to hurt him where he feels the pain."

"Believe me he knows you detest him and if he feels anything for anyone, that hurts him."

"I'm glad I could get to him in however small a way."

"Sweetie, even as a small boy you always made me fell sexy and I think that got to your father more than anything. You loved me in my furs even then and would run over and wrap your arms around my legs and hug me in my fur. I would pick you up and smother you in my fur coat making sure you were totally satiated particularly when you were still nursing. Sometimes you would never let go and I would hold you for hours. Even then I would get wet from my juices. I often nursed you wearing my furs nude. You were making me orgasm even then. My shame made me stop but I never wanted to and I continued to fur hug you as you well know. It was as intimate as you probably fantasized. I knew fur would lead you here and both of us away from him."

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