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Fur Fairies and Sprites


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Hope you enjoy this fantasy.


Herman and his eight other buddies were gathered around the big screen in their favorite Sports Bar as they have since their College days watching the latest hockey game. They all play amateur hockey on the lakes in the winter. All were married except for Herman. He was also the geek of the group. Not that he was an unattractive guy by any stretch. A lanky six-four frame with dark longish curly hair, rich brown eyes and a nice smile. Herman had always been shy around girls growing up and that hadn't changed with young manhood. His recent turn of fortune had him doing very well for himself with his Internet business. Despite his new wealth not much has changed for Herman including his non winning ways with the opposite sex. Herman felt he had his compensations with his fur fetish. Secretly he really wanted a woman to share that with, his deepest and fondest fantasy of all was to make it with the girl of his dreams in fur. You see Herman was still a virgin and his buddies had stopped kidding him about it and had been setting him up with every woman any of them or their friends had ever know in hopes of making him happy. The Fate's would do this for them all.

They were the usual sports guys on a Friday evening as they emptied pitchers of beer talking about the great feats in hockey and having a good time. Herman was sitting just a bit to the rear of the semi circle around the beer laden table which was fairly well lit. He began having a sort of subliminal 'feel', like being tickled by drifting lint on his right ear and drifting around the right side of his face. He subconsciously rubbed his face with his hand but it persisted. He gradually turned his head in the direction of the itch.

Herman's eyes fell on a woman just outside the circle by a few tables back, sitting more in the shadows. She was a beautiful five-eleven slender woman, perhaps 22 or so. Not much younger than Herman. She had long thick wavy blond hair falling over her soft light blue cashmere sweater-dress. Her breasts were modest B melons swelling under the cashmere with a cock stiffening huge Arctic Fox coat draped around her beautiful body. The perfect woman of his dreams. She was staring deep into his eyes and all Herman could think of was how much he loved this woman to the depth of his soul. He was sitting beside her quicker than thought, with his hands running through the magnificent Fox and over her soft cashmere, staring into her crystal clear blue eyes as if he were looking into the depths of the starry universe.

His buddies hadn't noticed he had left them until Herman had his arm around this beautiful blond walking out of the Bar. "Hey Hermy, they yelled after him, who's tha Babe?" Herman didn't know except that they were bound together for eternity. He didn't know or care that his new wife was a Fur Fairy who was fulfilling her destiny and was now with the one she was created for.

Herman had already begun to fulfill his childhood fantasies with furs. Since his business had been doing so very well he expanded his fur collection to not just a few nice fur jackets he wore but super fine furs for his house as well. He doesn't recall getting home with his Fur Fairy but no sooner were they in the door than they were both naked and in his Silver Fox covered bed that he dearly loves, her in her Fox reversed on her naked body pumping up and down on Herman's rigid post flowing from orgasm to orgasm as Herman filled her soft, tight love hole with more of his seed that he knew he had. His cock was a perfect and complete fit to her cervix as if it were made just for her. Well she was made for it. Both Herman and Katharine had begun the fulfillment of their mutual destiny.


Fur Fairies and their companion Fur Sprites were created by Aphrodite with the help of Himeros and the other Gods. They are spawned in the midst of hurricanes and Typhoons. The excessive sustained energy is necessary for their creation. Snatched from the chaos by the Fur Sprites, they are whisked away to the destination they were created for. Along the way they perform some special tasks for the future Fur Fairies by entering the dreams of the very young, leaving soft furry images of furs and future mates in their minds. Fertile minds for future Fur Fairies. They become fur lovers seeking their fur mates and we wonder where these ideas, fondness and obsessions for furs come from!

Katharine was taken to her destination by Kernes the Magnificent. He tacked on the Magnificent part for his own gratification and amusement since he has a very lonely existence aside from transporting the Fur Fairies on their way.

That's not entirely true. Though invisible as all Sprites are, he is free to harass humans as all Sprites of any type are able to do. A Fur Sprites' choice of fun and play is to mix it up in folks furs. Maybe even the person themselves. Kernes loves to get in young womens hairy twat and get them to itching themselves. It's as close as he can get to human touch and it is particularly nice when she gets into it and has herself in an orgasm. The moist warmth is thrilling for Kernes. While in there in this state the woman is very susceptible to subliminal suggestions so he screams FUR FUR FUR as he is getting off as she gets off. Nine times out of ten she takes the suggestion. He loves doing it to her in the middle of the Mall while shopping. Her efforts to hide her excitement directs all that energy to Kernes. So Kernes has a string of women he visits routinely as they fur themselves to orgasm. For Kernes this is heavenly. He is sometimes joined buy some guys cock as she begins to catch on. So a Fur Sprites life is anything but dull and their hijinks actually furthers Aphrodite's cause in the creation of Fur Fairies. Just rewards for their otherwise ignored but important tasks.

The thing with a Fur Fairy is they have 72 hours to find and copulate with their intended or alternate partner or evaporate.

This is from "Origin of the Fur Fairies and Sprites. The past/beginning."

"Aphrodite .. was struck by the love and passion of mere mortals and the effect of that love on their subjects and those around them. After much thought and discussion with the other Gods Aphrodite decided to intervene more directly in the affairs of humans by creating Fur Fairies. These would be special female creatures that would be initially Spirits but would become mortal when copulating with a mortal man.

These special Spirits would be composed of the finest remnants and essences of lost souls and Spirits. Galatea was the very first such creation and she was joined with the reincarnation of Acis. They lived long and productive lives. Their influences were felt far and wide. All the other Harem members were eventually regenerated along with the entire citizenry of Acis' Kingdom as Fur Fairies or as Sprites to assist the Fur Fairies to their destinations. Acis and Galatea were both transformed into Fur Sprites and they now copulate as immortals. They are often sighted by those who frequent Furriers late at night or those who have large fur collections. You know who you are. When you see the furs shaking and moving all about but can see no one in them. Or find your furs jumbled about in the morning with no reason why.

Aphrodite saw it only fitting that the effects of such a wonderful place in history should not be forever lost."

This creative process was refined and continues to this day with more lost souls transformed into Fur Fairies. They and their life partners live in eternity together after their mortal lives have ended.

There are many wonderful treats for the mortal male including modest magical powers to make their lives a little better, a little nicer but not so much as anyone else would notice, just her partner. If for any reason other than death the male partner leaves his Fur Fairy she ceases to exist. Several famous murder cases throughout history where where the missing wifes' body could not be found were Fur Fairies who's husband left for unexplained reasons. Why a man would chose to do this is a mystery unto itself. Many of them were successfully prosecuted and a few were executed. True justice.


Continuing with Herman and Katharine. It was only a few days when the rational and logical mind of Herman returned as it is meant to be. He knew right away that Katharine was an extraordinary woman and not in the ways most men think of this phrase. She was extra-human. Sex was certainly a whole lot better with her, though he had no personal reference. It was certainly far beyond the wildest exaggerations that other men made about their exploits with women.

Herman found himself locked in a furry embrace where the room vanishes and they are floating with total and intense focus on each others bodies bundled in furs to a level of ecstasy and melding far beyond reality. This was when he knew 'normal' no longer applied to his life. He wasn't about to complain mind you, just startled into a new level of awareness.

The dead giveaway was while watching one of his favorite oldies with Katharine a few days later. Jennie and the Major were mostly nude and wrapped in the most magnificent furs imaginable. The dialog and actions were totally unchanged and you know the boying when she did her magic? That's when they 'magically' were in furs almost like it was part of the show. When she would boying again their furs would change. It all seemed to actually fit the script.

Herman is astonishing when it comes to manipulating imagery in a computer but with all his or anyone else's skills this could never be manipulated this way without a multi million dollar budget and an entire staff with banks of Cray's. For anyone else viewing it is as it has always been.


"I just thought you might enjoy it a bit more this way." She can read his mind as well, though from the look on his face it didn't take much mind reading to get the gist of his reaction. She did know he was really turned on by it since she realized she IS Jenny. Hermie's dream woman.

She then revealed to Herman the full extent of who she really is and what it is all about.

"You are initially my identity. I have memories of sorts but only enough to get by and for others to not be suspicious. I have all the necessary ID, Social Security Number, etc. but my memory and true identity is your memories and how we have been meeting secretly for some time now. Remember?"

"Why yes! How did you do that?" She ignored his question and he realized its futility. This would not be the last time for Herman to be amazed. Amazed will become normal.

"I am also quite pregnant since that is the first thing that must happen between us for me to become mortal. I am from Aphrodite after all."

Herman began to make his adjustments to her 'memory' though as he quickly discovered, what she lacked in memory she more than made up for in intelligence and common sense. Aphrodite does not suffer dumb broads at all well. Katharine is as brilliant as Herman and they became partners in ways far beyond his fantasies of his Dream Woman. Be careful with your fantasies. You may get more than what you wish for.

They were married within a week of meeting. After all they were made for each other so why delay. Katharine began to show up with Herman at the Sports Bar always dressed in fur regardless of how casual. Soon after that upon meeting the other wives they were all showing up together in a true family gathering. Boys night out vanished without a whimper. Soon the other wives were wearing furs as well.

"Katharine, do you and Hermie make love with your furs? Mike and I tried it the other night and it was fantastic. You should try it!"

"Why thank you for the tip Mary, we will." secretly smiling at her successful planting of the thought a week earlier. Soon all the couples were regularly making love in their furs and were quite free with their public fur fondling."

Katharine and Hermie had three wonderful children and their loving influences were felt throughout their community.


As Melinda was flying over the Colorado mountains with her Sprite she spies her future fur lover skiing through the back trails ladened with his pack and gear for a long weekend solo trip in the high areas, She had her Sprite put her down some distance ahead of Hank the tall handsome red head. Melinda is tall and red headed as well. When Hank came upon her camp site she was already in her double Red Fox sleeping bag, nude of course. Hank never had a chance since this was his wildest sexual fantasy he had dreamed of since he was a small child. He had always loved skiing and couldn't imagine the snow without fur. Melinda was pregnant before sunset.

Melinda moved seamlessly into Hank's life. She modeled for his line of camp clothing. Hank ran a small and growing Camping and Skiing shop. Melinda encouraged Hank to develop a line of furs for camping. With his experience of finding her in the mountains and their time in the fur sleeping bag he needed little prodding. She modeled them of course.

Their business grew as did the rest of their life and family, two red headed girls and two red headed boys. They all fur camp and ski with friends.

Caroline was in her first day of class at the prestigious University many wealthy girls went to. Her wearing fur was nothing out of the ordinary. She was dressed in a nicely tailored mahogany mink over her maroon cashmere T neck and leggings with a deep purple wool skirt. She has full dark shoulder length hair and Professor Fenton Filmore's dream come true as she sat in his English Lit. 101 class. Fenton is young to be tenured at 23, this his third year. He is a brilliant writer and the University didn't want to loose him.

The first day of class is usually somewhat of a thrill for Fenton anyway since he loved to see which of the young women would be coming to class in fur, his favorite fantasy. When his eyes fell on Caroline's firm little melons swelling under her cashmere, framed in the dark mink he could hardly speak. Fenton was smitten and deeply in love.

When Caroline came up to him after class to inquire more about the reading list, her pretense, it was all over or should I say, all beginning for the two of them. It was the last class of the day and by dinner Caroline was pregnant and their life together had begun.


Unless you are married to a Fur Fairy you would never know of their existence. It's not like they or their husbands want you to know and their abilities at concealment and stealth are legendary. I'm not sure why I am letting you know this other than your possible love of fur and what encouragement this may bring. A sense of permanency and its place in the human psyche beyond the whims of fashion and political correctness?

The Fur Fairy does not always connect up despite the best planning of the gods. In my case that is how I was fortunate to have found my Fur Fairy, Maria.

I was in Montreal at a furrier I frequent maybe once a year. I enjoy the trip and short vacation while indulging in my love of furs. I was picking up the Silver fox spread of my dreams after having ordered it several weeks before my trip. While waiting for it to be wrapped and boxed I was wandering through the racks of furs enjoying the ocean of opulence and softness, getting very close to having a waking wet dream.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a tall brown eyed woman with long blond hair trying on a huge Crystal Island Fox coat. She seemed distressed but very into the fur. I couldn't help but stare rather intently. Nothing excites me more than a beautiful woman in fur even if she is a blond. Fourth on my list of favorite hair colors.

After a few moments of my intense stare she looks up at me, slightly startled at first but then a soft, tentative smile comes to her face. Suddenly it was as if the room fell away and I was looking at a Greek goddess as she whispered across the room to me .. "Do you like me in this fur?" I heard her every French accented word clearly though we were a good fifty feet apart. Her smile got much broader as I said ... "You are absolutely a goddess in a magnificent fur."

I was fully aware but it made no impact on my consciousness at all when before my very eyes she morphed from blond to a flaming red head with thick and long curly hair. Her eyes went from brown to green and her skin from a Mediterranean tan to a freckle red head's skin. I was beside her in a heart beat. All this happened, I'm sure, in less time than it takes to write.

"Leave the coat on. We'll buy it." It was as if I had always known her. I asked the saleswoman to box the Chinchilla and Red Fox coats I had been looking at earlier. We left for our Hotel room in the Taxi right after paying for the furs. There seemed to be some feelings of urgency that we get to the hotel. I certainly wanted to make passionate love to Maria as quickly and completely as possible.

"We must make love now dear." she says to me and I made every effort to be as loving, though quick as I could. I did take the time to empty all the furs onto the bed. We were in the furs making the most passionate love of my life. The first time making love to a woman in furs. It was other worldly and far beyond any sex of my life. The other times was just sex. This is wonderful and magnificent passionate loving. I knew as we were joined with my cock deep in her that I had already gotten her pregnant and I knew I had 'expected' it to happen. It all seemed so normal and planned? We both fell asleep right after, she falling asleep first in my arms.

The next morning as we awoke ....

"Maria, you are not normal are you? This is all too good and to totally incredible to be true."

"It is happening to you and me Mark. But it is not 'normal' but fantastic. I'm a Fur Fairy and you are now my mate for life I hope?"

"I certainly will be your mate for life even though I don't know a thing about you. I certainly am more than enamored over furs as you might have guessed my being at the Furrier yesterday."

Maria then told me all about Fur Fairies and how she came to be. "I was intended to be French Canadian and meet a Frenchman. I somehow missed the connection and ended up with a totally unpleasant and churlish man who was beginning to be mildly abusive and knew this was not what was suppose to happen. I used some of my stealth skills and escaped into the fur store. I figured what better place for a Fur Fairy to expire than in a Fur store! Then I saw you looking at me. Everything else you know."

"What about all the spacial effects and your morphing from a blond to a red head."

"It had to be Aphrodite. She must have 'examined' you and saw you as a fitting alternate. She changed me to your ideal. I could feel that as soon as the change took place. I knew I was the girl of your dreams. It made me fell so fantastic and loved. I only had about two hours left to live at that point. I am now mortal and yours forever."

"You mean forever forever."

"Forever yours. We will live out eternity together. Last night as I dreamed Aphrodite came to me and said you were the choice. The original target had been killed in an accident."

We made love the rest of the day and night leaving for Seattle the next day. The train trip was wonderful. Rocking love making in our sleeper and fur fondling, talking and loving kisses the entire trip. Customs, except for the usual hassle with the furs, was uneventful. Maria was my wife in all the data bases and she was complete with Canadian Visa and US passport. Aphrodite is really good. The CIA should hire her.

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