tagNonHumanFur Fever Ch. 04

Fur Fever Ch. 04


Meanwhile, Mike was struggling to climb down the fire escape. Everything felt so wrong. The air outside was fresh and clear, but all he could smell was the musty scent coming from the apartment window he'd left open in his haste.

"God...I have to warn the others. Grayson damn it, where did you go?" Mike said to himself.

Wiping some sweat off his brow, Mike finished descending the fire escape. He stumbled to the ground, and then edged along the alley wall. Only then did he realize he was completely naked. He'd torn his clothing off in the apartment. Worrying someone might see him, Mike hid behind a dumpster. He crouched down, hugging his sides and trying to ignore the raging erection between his legs. But it was a losing battle. He'd never felt so hot, or turned on. His hands started to migrate lower, until Mike was clutching his thighs and practically drooling over his hard on.

As he stared, his penis started changing. An average sized phallus, it started to lengthen until it was eight inches, and painfully erect. Mike couldn't stop himself, he had to get rid of this erection. Touching his cock, Mike felt his legs give out as pleasure overcame him. The head of his cock started spilling pre like the tap from a bathtub. Falling onto his ass, Mike yelped when he landed on something especially hard.

Momentarily forgetting about his arousal, Mike reached behind him to check why his ass was hurting so much. His fingers touched what he thought was a rather large bug bite. But then it started growing, and Mike knew something was very wrong. It didn't stop growing until the bump was two inches long.

"Holy fuck, is that... I'm growing a tail." Mike breathed. His fear killed his arousal, and his cock fell down. It was still bigger than it should be. And looked very, very wrong. Retreating back, Mike watched in horror as his cock disappeared into something he didn't have prior to entering the apartment. Peeling the skin back, Mike saw that his cock was now housed within a very animalistic sheath. Hairless for the moment, but inspecting his body further, Mike saw that his balls were now covered in dark gray hair. It was surprisingly soft.

Jumping to his feet, terror filling his chest, Mike knew he needed to get away from this place as soon as possible. He wasn't sure where he would go, or what he'd do. Within the next twenty four hours he'd be a sex crazed animal. A fate he wouldn't wish on anyone else. Well maybe one person. But Grayson was exposed too, so he'd probably be foaming at the mouth soon too.

"Serves him right, ditching me and John like that. Hope he gets turned into a rat." Mike growled. Standing on shaky legs, Mike looked up and saw someone was hanging their laundry to dry only two floors up. Scrambling back up the fire escape, Mike grabbed the first set of clothing he thought fit. The pants were a bit tight around his bizarre new cock, but Mike wasn't that particular. The waistband was also pinching his growing tail.

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but if it was full length at least it wouldn't be stuck like this." he thought. Shuffling along, still barefoot, Mike made his way back to the street. The patrol car that he'd driven to the apartment was gone, Grayson most likely drove off with it. Mike didn't have any ID or wallet on him, they were left in the contaminated apartment building. He knew if he went back inside the virus would only progress that much faster. So, embarrassed and worried he was only going to spread the virus, Mike walked home.


By the time he got home, Mike's erection tented out in front of him, as clear as the nose on his face. Waddling to the bathroom, Mike tore off his pants and saw that his erection had gotten bigger. In the time it took him to walk home, barefoot getting strange looks from onlookers, his dick had continued to transform. It was now fully canine. His time was running out, it wouldn't take long before he was standing on two paws, and drooling. Mike's balls were swollen and the head of his cock twitched with anticipation.

Fully extended, it was about twelve inches long, the dark red skin shining with precum. The pointed end of his cock stared up at him, clearing displaying his urethra. Thick dollops of pre dripped down to the tiled floor. Aiming his cock at the toilet bowl, Mike started pumping. His body was rocked with pleasure, tongue lolling over the side of his mouth. Balls dangling below, Mike started pumping forward humping the air in front of him.

"Ahhhhaaa!" Mike screamed as his cum exploded out of his body.

Splattering into the toilet, causing water and cum to splash back all over him. Mike could only guess that he'd shot out at least a cup of baby batter. Ripping off a large amount of toilet paper, Mike wiped his cock off as best he could. Looking at himself in the mirror, Mike gasped at what he saw. It only took one little session to transform him so far. His ears were long, pointed, covered in gray fur. Looking at his hands, Mike saw short claws had broken through his nails. The back of his hands were now covered in dark gray fur too, which ran up the side of his forearm.

A sudden pain struck Mike's legs, and he fell backwards against the bathroom door. He yelped out in pain as he fell against his growing tail. Watching in horror and amazement, Mike's feet began changing right before him. Fur crept down from his crotch and down his legs. Thick dark gray fur went down his thighs and calf. Mike grimaced as his toes grew. There was a loud snapping sound, and Mike howled in pain. He felt like he was going to throw up.

His big toes were yanked backwards until it was halfway between his ankle and his other toes. A hooked claw emerged from the tip of his weird toes. After some experimentation, Mike found he could move what he identified as a dew claw. Well he could move the claw back and forth, that was about it. Mike was so busy staring at his legs that he didn't notice that his feet continued to change. The rest of his toes seemed to inflate. The bottoms of them becoming almost black, and very thick. His heels stretched until it was a good six inches from his toes.

The transformation finally over, Mike tried to stand on his new paws. But his legs were quivering, as his center of balance was all over the place. Using his tail, Mike slowly balanced himself, and took several shaky steps forward. He was taller now, so much that he had to bend over to see himself in the mirror.

The heat that had been temporarily sated was slowly returning. And with it, Mike saw fur creeping up his stomach. Whimpering, Mike slowly slide down the wall shaking as his body was becoming more and more alien. But with the heat, came acceptance, as Mike realized there wasn't anything he could do to stop himself from changing.

"If I can't stop it, I might as well embrace it. Once the fever passes I'll be ok. Well I'll be some kind of dog creature, but at least I won't be so god damn horny. Fuck, I'm hard already." Mike said, looking down at his canine cock.

Mike was so focused on his erection he didn't even hear the doorbell ring. He took his foot long dick in his hands, which were now on the verge of becoming paws, and started rubbing it. His tongue hung out of his mouth again, drool running down his neck.


"Mike, Mike are you in there?" Jacob shouted. A group of men wearing hazmat suits stood behind Jacob, Mike's superior officer. As soon as he left, Grayson had called the precinct telling them what happened. Men were quickly dispatched in hopes of containing the spread. If Mike wandered home, then the entire city was at risk. He'd left the apartment window open, which had already sent the virus out into the air.

"Mike, we're coming in." Jacob shouted again. He stood back and let the SWAT team break the door down. Then, the hazmat team went in, sealing the door behind them. Jacob insisted on entering the house too, and was suited up inside what felt like a giant garbage bag. He'd seen what happened to John, who was now little more than a horny boarman, and that couple of horse creatures. He wondered what Mike would turn into. Or Grayson for that matter, who was now locked in quarantine at a special facility inside the hospital.

The hazmat team searched the dining room, the kitchen, and then proceeded down the hall before they heard panting. Slowly approaching the bedroom door, they heard someone breathing heavily and moaning in ecstasy. Even enclosed in their suits, it was hard not to get aroused from the sounds alone.

"Mike? We're here to help you. We're coming in." Jacob said, before opening the door. They saw Mike, humping the bed with his canine dick. He had obviously wolfish ears, and a bushy tail wagging behind him. His entire body was covered in thick fur, and his hands were almost finished transforming.

"Mike, stop! You're just going to change yourself further." Jacob said. He tried to go over to his friend, but a member of the hazmat team stopped him.

"Stay where you are sir. There's no stopping him now. He's too far gone. We can only get him somewhere safe, where he can finish his transformation safely and where he won't infect anyone else." the man said.


"Trust us sir, we've been trained to deal with these kinds of situations."

"He's my friend. I'm not about to let you just lock him up like an animal."

"To be fair, he's more animal than human now." One of the men said. Jacob glared at him as best he could with his hazmat suit on. Then walked over to Mike, who had only just taken notice of the others in the room. Mike's new wolf brain told him to attack this intruder. Who was this strange creature in his territory?

Mike let out a warning growl before snapping at Jacob. Mike's sharp teeth broke through the suit, and dug into Jacob's flesh. He cried out in pain and stumbled backwards.

"I did warn you. And now look, you're doomed to the same fate as your 'friend'." The man said looking down at Jacob's form on the ground. Mike sniffed the fallen man beside him. Jacob's scent was quickly changing as the virus infected him. Mike now identified this creature as one of his own. He was still horny as ever, and proceeded to climb on top of Jacob's grimacing form.

Mike started humping away at Jacob's back. His mind was gone now, only thinking about mating.

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