tagNonHumanFur Fever Ch. 06

Fur Fever Ch. 06


"Fight this." Jacob's mind told him. He continued to writhe in discomfort on the floor. The fever clouded him, he was only partially conscious as his body was subjected to wave after wave of transformation. His body was covered black and gray fur. His feet had turned into wolfish paws, and his tail had grown to full length.

"Don't let it win. Don't stop fighting." he told himself again as another surge of lust rippled through him. His cock was at full mast, erect and stuck to his stomach. The fever seemed just as intent on taking control of its host as Jacob was intent on beating it. He'd held out this long. But the pent up desire and the hard throbbing in his enhanced genitals was getting hard to resist. His balls were full of cum, and it felt like he hadn't cummed in forever.

Whimpering, Jacob's eyes snapped open and he took in his new body. Completely animalistic, complete with fur and clawed hands, a canine sheath covering the base of his red cock, furry balls, and triangular ears swiveling at the top of his new wolfish head. His muzzle jutted out in front of him and Jacob licked his lips with his new tongue. With his sensitive nose Jacob was more aware than ever of his aroused he was. The entire room smelled like sex pheromones. His mind swam with desire. He needed a release, he needed to mate...

Turning himself over, Jacob got in all fours and took deep breaths. He tried to regain his composure, but it wasn't easy. Down on all fours like an animal made him feel more like an animal. His erection pounded. Jacob was able to push himself off the ground, and get onto his feet. Not used to this new digitigrade stance, he nearly fell over, and had to steady himself by bracing his knees. But in that position all he could do was pant and stare directly at his dick. And the longer he stared the more he wanted to touch it. Maybe if he just... just for a moment gave in and stroked out one tiny orgasm the heat would cease. He justified moving one hand from his knee and then gingerly placed it against his quivering member.

Jacob gasped as sensation flooded him. His dick was so eager and in need of release. Deep down he knew it was wrong but it felt so good. He couldn't take his hand away, and gripped it with renewed effort. The rough pads on his fingers and palm felt so good against the sensitive flesh of his canine cock. The pointed tip dripped thick globs of pre-cum as Jacob started to methodically pump up and down. It wasn't long before Jacob found himself on the ground again. His heavy balls rested against the cool floor as he continued to pump his shaft. He watched as pre flowed from the tip, and an idea came to him. Bent over like this, maybe he could...

Jacob leaned forward and pressed his muzzle against the dripping slit. His tongue licked up the pre, and tasted the tangy pre. Both paws now grasping his length, Jacob took more and more of his cock, until he had nearly half of it inside his maw. His tongue lapped at it, while he sucked harder and harder. A shudder of pleasure went through Jacob's entire body, and he felt his balls swell. Soon cum flooded his muzzle, most going straight down his throat, and a little escaping and dripping to the ground. He collapsed onto his back, tail thumping excitedly beside him as he basked in the afterglow of the most intense orgasm he'd ever had.

"I held out this long, I should be happy about that. Besides, what was the point in fighting it?" he though to himself. So cum drunk, Jacob didn't even realize something else had happened to his body. In the midst of orgasm, a slit opened up beneath his asshole. And as Jacob lay on the floor, it opened and leaked on the floor. His new canine vagina puffed as a second wave of heat started to creep through him. His swollen sex released new smells into the air. Smells Jacob found familiar, like the ones Mike was releasing earlier...

He should have been horrified to find a vagina located just behind his balls, but instead plunged his clawed fingers inside with no hesitation. He plunged more fingers in until Jacob was brought to another quick orgasm. His cock twitched, but no cum came out. Instead, his womanhood leapt and juice poured out. It soaked the floor, and his balls. Jacob brought his fingers to his nose and sniffed. The smell was intoxicating, but he felt satisfied for now. He was happy to curl his tail around his body and rest.


"Incredible." Katherine said from the adjacent room. She and her colleagues had watched the entire transformation, and then Jacob pleasuring himself. And though they weren't in the room, everyone couldn't help but feel a bit turned on by the spectacle they'd just watched.

"The virus mutation certainly is interesting. I wonder what caused it." Jen commented, referring to the fact that this current outbreak wasn't just transforming its victims to horny animals but also causing them to grow the genitals of the opposite sex.

"Who knows, we still have no idea where it originated from. Perhaps some mad scientist somewhere in the world created a new version." One doctor half joked.

"Don't talk like that. Right now, we have to think about our patient. I suggest we move him into the same room as the one he was brought in with. Now that he's succumbed to the fever, I don't see the point in keeping them separate. The urge and desire to mate is strong, and I fear we might have another angry patient on our hands if they aren't allowed to... relieve themselves." Katherine said.

The other nodded, knowing exactly what she was talking about. The other police officer who had been turned into a boar, John, was driven out of his mind with lust, he'd attacked the first nurse that entered his room. On a positive note, once he'd finished rutting the newly transformed sow-woman, John had calmed down and fallen asleep.

"But transporting either of them will be dangerous. Do we really want to risk exposing anyone else?" Jen asked.

"For now we will leave them be. Jacob appears to be unconscious for the time being, and the other, Mike wasn't it, hasn't awoken from the heavy sedatives we gave him. But if either give the slightest sign of waking, or that they're looking to mate, we move them." Katherine said. Her job was to keep all patients comfortable and in good health until another secure transport could be arranged to take the victims away. But that wouldn't be for a while. At least not until the city was cleansed and every infected person caught.

Katherine and Jen departed, preparing to attend to their next patient.

In another room, Flynn Grayson was letting a nurse take a blood sample from him. He'd only briefly been exposed to the virus in Ally's apartment. Quickly realizing the dangerous situation he had been in, he'd shut the door and locked his fellow officers, Mike and John, inside before fleeing and evacuating the building. But now he was under surveillance, in case he showed any signs of the fever. Thus far, nothing, but they weren't taking any chances. His wife, Mandy, an ER nurse currently among those treating the infected, watched from another room.

"We'll have your results in a few minutes." The attending nurse said before leaving. Flynn nodded and sighed. He'd been poked and prodded several dozen times by countless doctors, and even his own wife.

"Hey, I know you guys are watching me. Can I get some food?" Flynn asked.

"You think he's safe?" Katherine asked, looking to the doctor who had been observing Flynn before she and Jen arrived.

"Probably. I mean, he isn't covered in fur, or beating his meat right now is he? He hasn't shown any signs of the virus except for the slightly elevated temperature. But that's to be expected given the stress he's been under. Every test we've run has come back negative so far." The other doctor said, adding a shrug.

"Still, it doesn't hurt to be careful. We've already logged half a dozen cases, and more reports are coming in from outside. The last thing we need is one more sexed crazed beast getting loose and infecting the staff." Jen reminded him. The doctor nodded, seeming uninterested in anything going on around him. Jen wondered who he was, she didn't recognize him. And she knew every doctor, specialist and nurse who worked in the outbreak division.

"Maybe they brought someone in to help." she thought, deciding not to dwell on the fact too much.

"Fair point. Usually the virus manifests itself within the first six hours, so if he hasn't shown any signs of transforming within the next fifteen minutes we'll have our answer. The blood results should be back by then anyway."

Mandy left, unable to hear them talk any further about her husband. She was nervous, as expected. Naturally she hoped Flynn wasn't infected. But, should the tests come back positive, what would she do? Flynn would be sent away forever, and she wouldn't ever be able to see him again. At least not without risking exposure.

"Would that be so bad? We would be together then at least. And, while this strain of the virus does have some odd effects, at least we'd be happy." Mandy thought to herself. She'd seen the couple of horse creatures that had been brought in together. They certainly seemed content. And they wouldn't have to go through the ordeal alone. Mandy paced the hallway, mulling over her choices. If Flynn was infected, would she, COULD she, go through with it and let him infect her? Or would she have to say goodbye to the love of her life and let him find happiness with someone like him?

"Mandy," A fellow nurse tapped her shoulder. Jen stood in the hallway with a clipboard in hand, and a serious look on her face.

"I was going to deliver the results to Dr. Jones." Jen said. Mandy gulped and followed Jen back into the observation room.

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i know you probably get this alot..and im not trying to rush a well written story..but this is so hot so far..need more;)

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Cliff hanger...

You've got me on edge and waiting to see what's next.

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