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(My thanks to Nightbird for the idea. Slavey as usual for reading and ideas and MH for support. )


It was one hundred and four days of summer vacation before school came along to end it. Cynthia was so happy to watch the little ones walk out of the front door and onto a school bus where they would be occupied for six hours or so. As she entered the house, she removed the T-shirt she wore to look presentable as she saw the bus driver. Her nipples exposed to air began to stiffen almost immediately as she headed towards her toy chest for her trusty black vibrator. She was looking forward to her first real orgasm since the summer vacation began. She ensured the windows were closed in her room before she removed her jeans. Her pussy felt so needy by that point before she turned on her DVD player. As she watched Eva Angelina inhaling black cock, she began to really tease her pussy with the vibe.

A ring of the doorbell stopped her playtime. As she cursed out loud, she grabbed a robe from the side of the bed and wrapped up quickly before she went to answer it. As she looked out the key hole, she saw a man dressed in a brown suit and tie with a cheesy smile on his face. She wasn't in the mood, so she opened the door with the largest grin she could muster. "May I help you?" she said with a cheesy Southern drawl.

"Yes ma'am. I am walking around inviting all your neighbors to a revival service tonight and..."

"Sorry, sir. I'm Catholic," she responded before closing the door in his face rudely. As she undid the robe and started back towards her room, the phone rang. She cursed out loud again before walking over to the holder and picking it up.

"Hello!!" she shouted.

"You okay, dear?" her husband Keith asked. She smiled a bit and took a breath before responding.

'I am now, dear. I was just getting ready to..."

"Take advantage of the kids being gone?" He already had an idea that Cynthia was going to take advantage of the empty house. It had been a long summer and she complained about not having any personal time. He knew that first chance she was able to, she was going to grab the black vibrator. So he ensured there were fresh batteries inside it before he went to the construction site that morning. He also made sure that her favorite DVD was in the player so she could enjoy it. In the back of his mind, he was hoping to hear her enjoying herself. He felt slightly discouraged that she wasn't moaning yet.

Meanwhile, she was blushing at the thought of her husband knowing what she was thinking. As she walked towards the bedroom, the thought of teasing her husband seemed more appropriate. She dropped her robe before reaching for her vibrator. She sat on the bed for a moment absent mindedly holding it like it was Keith's dick before she cradled the phone on her shoulder and carefully turned her toy back on.

"Is it back on, sweetie?" he asked.

"Yes..."she hissed as she allowed it to slowly run down the area between her breasts. She slowly trailed the vibrator up the peak of one of them and circled her nipple as she started moaning into the phone. The moaning was making Keith harder at the other end. In his mind, he knew he had a limited time to take advantage of the situation.

"Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes," he said before the phone disconnected. She smiled knowing full well that her husband would be home quickly. As she slid the vibrator down towards the valley between her legs, she looked up and saw the television still playing her DVD except the sound was muted. She reached over to where the remote was and turned it back up as the sounds of female moaning resumed. On the screen, she saw a massive black cock bisecting the naked pussy lips of some no name porn star wannabe. It was then she leaned back onto the bed and started sliding the black plastic device into her own needy pussy.

Keith reached the house and parked the company truck before heading towards the door. As he opened it and walked in, he heard the sounds of a woman being fucked hard. It took a few moments for Keith to untie his boots before he headed towards the bedroom. As he walked in, he saw his wife on the bed spread eagled as the black vibrator was sliding back and forth in her pussy. He quickly took off his clothing as she played. His cock was already in the mood as he moved closer to her nude form. There was a moment of uncertainty when he was unsure where to start until she slipped off the bed and knelt in front of him.

"It's about time you got here," she said before she slipped the first three inches into her mouth. His hands went to the back of her head almost on instinct before she shrugged him off.

"Not yet, I want to enjoy this," she cooed before sliding his member back into her mouth. Her mouth was already wet as his cock slid back between her lips. Meanwhile, her vibrator was still hard at work between her legs. Her moans were muffled on his cock until he pulled it out and she let out a throaty groan. He used his cock to slide along one side of her face and then the other side before lining back up to her mouth and sliding back in.

"You want me all the way in, you slut?" he sneered before his hand forced itself behind her head and pushed her onto him. She gagged a bit before his cock pulled back out partially. He tried again after she opened her throat and her lips were touching the skin around the base. Keith looked down at his wife and admired how slutty she looked with his cock deep down her throat. He almost wished he had a camera to remember the moment before she started pulling back again.

"Okay, you asshole, I want you in my pussy now," she commanded. She stood next to the bed and simply bent over before she slid the black vibrator out of her pussy. She brought it to her lips and began to slowly lick her juices off of it to tease him as he unceremoniously slammed his cock inside her. He enjoyed the image in his head of his wife slut sucking off another man while he fucked her. As he worked her pussy, she sucked the pretend dick. Even though Keith wasn't filling her very well, she moaned as if she was being impaled by a Billy club.

It wasn't long after that Keith pulled his cock out and started stroking it until white salvos started peppering her ass. She turned towards him and fake smiled before he apologized and ran back to his clothing. He kept looking at the clock as he started dressing. Unsatisfied, Cynthia reached into the toy chest and pulled out her medium sized butt plug. She took some lube out of the box as well and began to lube it up. The last sight Keith saw was Cynthia slowly sliding the plug inside her ass. If it wasn't for the fact his supervisor would fire him for not being at work, he would have stayed and had more fun.

Cynthia continued to play with her ass until she grew weary. Even though she had all the toys she wanted, Cynthia needed something else to cum. She reached into her toy chest and grabbed a pair of nipple clamps. As she slowly clamped each nipple, she thought about calling her online Dom to help her coast over the edge. She reached for her phone and began to dial his number. As the phone rang, she slowly slid her vibrator back between her sugar walls. A deep voice answered the phone.

"Cynthia, is that you, slut?" he asked.

"Yes master," she answered. "Do you have time to punish me?"

"No, I don't," he answered. "I am about to see my boss about a raise. Can you call me back in an hour?"

"Noooo," she begged. "I need you to punish me now. I have my clamps on my nipples. Your cock is between my legs and your plug is slid in deep in my ass. Tell me what to do. I need you to make me cum really bad."

"Cynthia, I can't,"

"Please, master. I know you'd love it if I was there to suck that nice cock of yours before you saw your boss. I could even suck off your boss for you. That way you get your raise."

"Damn, Cynthia, that's hot. It's just that...." And the phone went dead. Cynthia was extremely horny by then. As she started playing with her clamps and her vibrator, she was desperate to cum. She looked around the room and couldn't come up with any ideas. It was starting to frustrate her. She carefully walked into the study so her plug wouldn't fall out of her ass. As she carefully sat in the leather chair, she looked at the blank screen before she turned on the computer and warmed it up. The few moments waiting for the screen to pop up seemed like forever as she felt the plug in her ass.

Soon, she logged onto Literotica to find some material to imagine. The stories however were not to her taste that day. She then put up a porn clip site, but the image of all the perfect girls being used as cum dumpsters wasn't working for her either. It was then she opened the side drawer and found a clit stimulator that she used online a few times to entertain some Yahoo buddies. She slowly clamped her clit and started on the lowest setting. As it buzzed her clit, she started playing with the clamps as she was driving herself closer to the edge.

Her clit began to burn more. She wanted to cum harder as she slowly moved the box up to the next level. She kept moving up the level and teasing herself as she kept denying herself until it became too much. She felt her orgasm explode as she unleashed a high pitched scream. It was a few moments before she was able to turn off the clit stimulator and slowly carry it into her room to place it in her box. She carefully unclamped each nipple slowly before throwing the chain in the box as well. Before she thought about removing the plug, she fell to the bed and closed her eyes to nod off.

A few hours later, the phone woke her up out of her nap. Keith asked if she had a good time before reminding her that the kids would be home within a half hour. Cynthia had just enough time to put her butt plug away and put her clothes back on before the bus arrived with her kids. She smiled politely at the bus driver before ushering the kids back into the house. As she helped them search through their back packs, she thought about how much fun she was going to have the next day while they were at school again.

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