tagErotic CouplingsFurther Adventures of the Maid Ch. 01

Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 01


Mary and Jack left Rothsmere estate with mixed feelings: the Baron had been generous to both of them, Mary especially, and the money he had provided would ensure their future no matter what they wanted to do. Both of them felt that the ending had been too abrupt: he had thrown them adrift too quickly, too suddenly, without warning. What had happened to him? Mary, who had felt a connection to the Baron, was bereft: she was sure that she had meant something to Phillip but he had seemed to cast her aside. Despite their misgivings though, both looked forward to a new future, their comfort ensured.

They settled in a small town several miles from the Manor House and the estate. Marsden was a rural village, the railway still hadn't arrived there and Mary and Jack soon settled in a cottage at the edge of the village.

Mary had not known she was pregnant when she left the Hall, and in her innocence, despite her experiences, she did not know what the cessation of her monthly courses indicated. It was only after consultation with one of her older neighbours that she realised what this meant. Was the child she bore the child of Jack, or the Baron? She knew, from her basic arithmetic, that it probably wasn't Thomas's offspring, but was the child Jack's, or Phillip's?

She didn't know, and couldn't decide. As far as Jack was concerned, Mary was his, and so was the baby: they hadn't married, but for appearances sake, Mary used one of the Baron's sovereigns to buy a wedding ring.

The elderly neighbour had chuckled to Mary that now she had done her duty and fallen pregnant, she could throw Jack out of the bed for a while. Mary, however, felt more alive than ever: she blossomed during the pregnancy, and Jack realized that she had never looked so beautiful. Her breasts swelled, her nipples darkened and as the pregnancy progressed, they became exquisitely sensitive, so much so that she could barely touch them for fear of pleasure overwhelming her.

Betsy, the plump, quiet maid who had been Mary's best friend in the House came to join them several weeks later. She was full of tales from the House: the Master had been in a peculiar mood, withdrawing from the family and his wife had contacted his old friend Thomas to help him regain his spirits. At the sound of his name, Mary felt her legs tremble with desire; that night that she had spent with Thomas and her master was emblazoned in her memory. She had been satisfied with Jack for the last few weeks, but the pregnancy had changed her: she was increasingly more sensual, and realised that she had enjoyed being watched, she relished the thought of another watching her been taken, the look of lust on their face as another's cock had plundered her welcoming sex.

Betsy had missed Mary: she felt that she had only been half-alive until Mary had introduced her to the sensations of her body. She knew that Mary would always prefer Jack, but hoped that they would allow her to share sometimes in their pleasure. Late one evening, when Mary's pregnancy was far advanced, the three of them had settled in front of the fire. Mary was restless, and knew what would calm her down. Jack knew her mood, and what she wanted, and without a word held out his hand to her.

Betsy helped Mary disrobe: as he watched he saw Betsy softly kiss Mary's burgeoning breasts, taking the full nipples in her mouth. Her touches were delicate, fairy light, but he saw goose bumps rise on Mary's arms and knew how excited she was. Lying on the bed, Jack moved in behind Mary; her belly was so big now that he could only approach from behind. She lay on her side, and he softly stroked her back, caressing the sensitive undersides of her arms, her neck and reaching round to cup her breasts. Betsy was still lightly toying with Mary's nipples, and both of them could hear her breathing quicken with desire. Jack was erect already; the sight of his heavily pregnant and aroused woman being caressed by Betsy always excited him.

He wanted to take her, and Mary could feel his heavy cock rubbing against her buttocks, sliding into place in the deep cleft there.

But Mary needed more than this; she wanted something raw, and Jack watched as she reached round and began to play with her secret entrance, fingering herself, pushing in against the tight muscular ring. His cock hardened, almost painful now, watching her like this. He lifted her thigh, pulling back slightly, and the lips of her sex parted. Both Betsy and Jack could smell Mary's arousal, a sharp briny scent that they both longed to taste. Jack's fingers joined Mary's, slipping over her lips, plunging slowly into the velvet-lined entrance of her sex while Betsy watched, entranced. She could feel her own juices begin to flow and sensed the warmth building deep in her belly.

She moved closer, her eyes firmly fixed on Jack's fingers now pressing against Mary's rosebud. They were moistened with her juices, and slipped in against the pressure. Slowly he eased his finger in further, and he felt her muscles gripping him. He wanted to plunge his cock in and knew that Mary wanted this. He withdrew from her, and then positioned his cock at the entrance, pushing in slowly. Mary groaned, his bulbous head stretching her painfully, but soon she had relaxed enough that he was able to rock against her. She could feel his cock pulsate deep in her bowels and she pushed back against him, determined to have him pound into her.

Betsy was fascinated, her eyes never leaving them, watching Jack's cock pumping into Mary, buried to the hilt. Jack held Mary's leg high, and the whole of Mary's sex was exposed to Betsy. The young maid couldn't help it; she had to taste her lover. Lowering her face, Betsy began to lick at Mary's pleasure bud, flicking lightly with her tongue while Jack continue to drive into her. Mary was overwhelmed; the sensation of her two lovers both working to give her pleasure was too much. She was caressing her own breasts, encircling her nipples and came violently, grinding her sex onto Betsy's face. Jack could feel her muscles spasm, milking his cock, and he released his seed deep into her. Betsy sat back, her face smeared and glistening with Mary's juices, astounded at the force of Mary's orgasm. As Jack pulled out from her, his cock was still semi-hard, and Mary shivered in the last few tremors of her orgasm.

Mary felt contentment settle over her, and safe in the arms of her lovers, she was soon fast asleep.

Phillip, meanwhile, was having trouble with sleeping. His dreams were troubled with thoughts of Mary, and he often woke trembling, his cock erect and straining for release. On bad nights, he had found that he had become aroused in his sleep, and awoken to find his bedclothes sticky with his seed, something that hadn't happened for many years. He avoided his daughter Victoria, her face and figure so like Mary's that he found himself wondering what she would taste of, and of how tight her sex would be around his cock. He couldn't, wouldn't, compound his sin like that, and so found excuses to dismiss her from his company.

The Baroness was concerned; she was no longer fond of her husband and had not shared a bed with him for many years, but there was to be a grand Ball for their only daughter Victoria. How could the Baroness face society with a husband as withdrawn as hers had become? She had found out that her husband's old friend had been a houseguest, and by all accounts, this had been a successful visit. She had resolved to contact Thomas, hoping that manly companionship would help draw Phillip from his low mood. Thomas was due to arrive any day: his ship was bound for London, and he would make his way post-haste to the Manor. Dismissing her husband's problems from her mind, she got on with planning the Ball.

To be continued...

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