Further Musings from the Lair


Then, she began responding to his growls. She tipped her head to the side away from his face and rocked back and forth to the rhythm of his thrusts, as she growled her own song of desire. He had long since removed his hands and was thrusting deeply and forcefully, but still he held his teeth on her neck. She couldn't move very much, but did her best to make the most of each push, slamming back against each thrust and rocking forward to flick her spot as often as possible. As she began to loose muscle control, he supported her with his arms, his hands, his thighs and still he held her neck with his teeth. She melted, trembling in his arms, needing him to stop and give her a rest; if she could only speak.

Reading her signals, he released his grip on her neck and pulled out slowly as he held her steady, just long enough to let her catch her breath. As she regained her strength, he pushed her down on her hands, and held her up with an arm around her waist, using the other to hand to guide himself back inside her. She pawed the cushions, groaning and growling deeply in her throat; she was in control again and ready for more, as he knew she would be. He played her beautifully, like a well-seasoned master. The Emperor was impressed.

The Guard forced himself deep inside her in a single slow thrust and held her hips tight against the cradle of his, but he would not move. She was wild with desire; she bucked and pounded, writhed and rocked, harder and harder, desperate to be pounded within inches of her very sanity. But he would not move. He held her tight and breathed deeply and slowly; she howled furiously, groaning and whining, begging him to release her. The Emperor was light headed and reaching a point of his own release when he looked down and saw the Mage looking right up at him, smiling with a wicked little grin. Yes, my Lord. The words crept into his mind like a cat stalking a bird through tall grasses. Cum with us, now young Master.

Her attention was stolen by the sudden, quick, hard thrusts of the Guard. He bounced her off thighs and ass, slamming deep into her, extracting wild laughter from deep within her throat. He pounded and pounded, building up to his own release as her laughter became cries and short gasps for breath. He could feel he was hurting her, but he couldn't stop. Then, he felt her insides soften as she relaxed into his thrusts and pushed up against him, raising her ass high, purring and moaning all the while. He thrust faster and harder, building and building until he exploded within her, calling out her name over and over as she let out one long continuous cry of delight. As he lessened his pace and intensity she reached back around his ass and held him in close as she took up the rhythm and squeezed out every last drop from him and one last orgasm for herself. He trembled as she milked him dry, collapsing on top of her, pushing her down on the cushions, under the full weight of his body. She crawled out from under him and curled around him, holding him close, purring and cooing as she ran her hands over his drenched body.

Did you like watching that? she purred. The Emperor was startled from his daze. She chuckled lightly and the Guard responded by embracing her in his arms, kissing her face and eyes and lips. She laid back on the cushions, running her hands through her hair, waves of ecstasy rolling through her body. She was by no means finished, but they both needed a rest. She laid her head on his chest and sighed sweetly. He wrapped his arms around her again and held her tenderly. They drifted together in the sweet afterglow until she reached up to whisper in his ear. His eyes widened as he laughed loudly.

He vaulted from the bed and bolted up the stairs to where the Emperor was sprawled, pants open, hand still lightly stroking his thick, softening muscle. He jumped at the sudden appearance of his Guard who was laughing heartily.

"Ah, caught you, didn't I?" he chided.

"Well, I, uh..." the Emperor was too heady to think up a decent reply.

"You liked her like that didn't you, lad, bound and submissive? Well she wasn't ever exactly submissive, was she?" he laughed again.

"Aye, she was a wonder to behold. But what was that about in the beginning? You were awfully harsh with her. I thought I was going to have to intervene."

"Ah that. Well, she asked for my help when she first returned to castle, after your father was killed. She insists upon being prepared for what may come. You might as well know boy, he saw to her early training. She was quite in love with him. She barely survived his death. I brought him to her first, a faint whisper of life still within his broken body. He held on valiantly to tell her one last time of the vision and her purpose and her duty to your crown. She knows it will come down to her, to buy time, and they will not be kind. And so she prepares for their relentless assaults on her psyche and spirit, blurring the lines between pleasure and pain, making a space within to keep safe and alert for an opportunity... She does it for him lad, and for you."

The Emperor was wide-eyed and mute. He looked down in a flush of emotion, but she was gone.

"By the way lad, she said for you to go to her." The Guard slapped him heartily on the back as he laughed again. Picking up the sack of rope and leg-holds, the Guard made his way up the remaining stairs to the empty bedchamber and out the door to the halls.

The Emperor laced up his breeches and stood to make his way down the stairs to his Mage...

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