tagNovels and NovellasFurther Tales of Peggy Sanford Ch. 13

Further Tales of Peggy Sanford Ch. 13


It was the electronic chirp of a cellphone text message that first stirred Peggy Sanford from a state of excessive alcohol and strenuous sexual activity induced sleep to a state of semi-conscious awareness. The first thing she recognized was that she was not the only one lying in the bed. She felt the warm embrace of a delicate arm draped across her chest, a set of soft full breasts pressing up against her back, a smooth hairless pelvis nuzzled up against her buttocks and a tone fit leg intertwined between her own firm thighs. A second chirp of the cellphone caused the owner of the delicate arm to groan and curse under her breath. She removed her warm appendage, rolled away from Peggy, and fumbled for the offending cellphone. The owner cursed under her breath again and got up off the bed.

As Peggy pried an eye open she watched as her body warming friend walked across the room and entered the attached bathroom. As the friend switched on the light Peggy noticed another body in the bed. This body was lying on its side with its back to Peggy. The first thing Peggy noticed about the body was the full head of wavy black hair. As she lowered her gaze down the length of the body she took in some other pleasing parts. Even in the limited light of the darkened bedroom she noticed that the skin was a deep dark bronze. The shoulders and back were fit and tone without being overly muscular, the waist slim before flaring at the hips. A cute tattoo of a pair of lips graced the right cheek of an attractive butt. The legs were long and lean with a ribbon of roses tattooed around the right ankle. These legs were also intertwined with another pair of legs. These legs were also lean and attractive, tapering down to a delicate pair of thin ankles and feet. The rest of the body was hidden from Peggy's view by the attractive body in front of her.

As Peggy slowly regained full consciousness, she began to replay in her mind all the decisions that led to this, her lying naked in a bed with three beautiful naked women. It amused her to think that that changing any one of her past decisions could have changed the events that brought her here. She was glad she didn't change a single one.

The decisions that started it all were made in Paris several weeks ago. Her husband had taken her to France on one of his golf junkets. Peggy didn't golf but she did enjoy the food, wine and several exciting lust-filled escapades. She had met a charming hedonistic couple named Marcel and Mathilda and had spent a wonderful sex-filled afternoon with them. They invited her to visit them in Paris. At an orgy in their apartment they introduced Peggy to their friend Linh, the owner of a famous Parisian sex club. Linh persuaded Peggy to star as the centerpiece of a hot, extreme group sex exhibition at her club. Not that she needed much persuasion. Peggy did it for one reason, the sexual thrill. Peggy loves sex, she addicted to it. Linh also runs a high end escort service, sending women all over the world to meet her wealthy clients. After her starring role in the gang bang, Peggy was easily persuaded to work for Linh part time. It was another easy decision; Peggy had previously worked as an escort during her earlier career as a flight attendant. With a wealthy, unknowing husband and well-paying career as a traveling insurance claims representative she didn't need the money. Once again she did it for the sexual thrills.

The next decision that led her to this morning's awaking began two days ago. Peggy was scheduled to follow up on several insurance claims near New Orleans on the Tuesday after a long holiday weekend. She traveled to the Big Easy a several days early to enjoy some of food, drink and nightlife, and enjoy it she did. First she spent a passionate afternoon with an attractive, sexually domineering couple who helped Peggy explore her submissive side. Next she was rescued from an obnoxious drunk by a local football hero who was rewarded with a night of intense exhibitionist lovemaking on the balcony of his apartment. Lastly Peggy was ravished by twin brothers who are members of the Big EZ Stallions, a select group of discreet, physically fit and well-hung black gentlemen, who specialize in hot, intense, nasty gang bangs for couples and females who love big black dicks and black dick fantasies, one of the fantasies that Peggy really loves. Linh called Peggy and asked her to cut short her vacation and travel to Miami to see a client, an English billionaire named Paul Harris. Another decision to make and Peggy readily agreed.

On the flight to Miami, Peggy was escorted by the client's personal assistant, Sandra, a very attractive twenty something, 5 foot, 3 inch, 115 lbs., tight bodied, black haired beauty. During the flight Peggy and Sandra shamelessly flirted with each other. As Sandra helped Peggy try on a special outfit the client requested, she constantly touched Peggy's body, especially her breasts and buttocks. Peggy could feel herself getting wet and excited with each touch. Peggy was certain that she could have easily seduced Sandra. She debated trying but they were on a tight schedule and she didn't want to delay or disappoint the client. Peggy didn't know but Sandra struggled with the same decision herself. It was a tough decision for both of them.

Peggy had more decisions to make, when to return to New Orleans and what to do with her free time in Miami. Sandra was extra helpful, supplying her with flight options, things to do, different places to shop and enjoy the night life. Peggy decided to return to New Orleans on Monday afternoon with Sandra and the client. That would give her a day and a half to enjoy Miami.

Once they reached the hotel in Miami, Peggy decided to follow another one of Sandra's recommendations. She booked a special massage with Asa, one of the masseuses who worked in the hotel's spa. Sandra then escorted Peggy to the hotel penthouse to meet the Mr. Harris.

Peggy was booked for a three hour session with the client; she decided to stay for four. He was a young, handsome, virile stud with a few special kinks. He was excited to learn that Peggy was really a married woman cheating on her unknowing husband. He loved the idea of fucking a "Hot Cheating Cougar Wife" as he called it. He used each of Peggy's holes, filling her mouth, pussy and ass each with a load of his cum. He also left additional loads on her feet and back. It seems Paul had a foot fetish. When he heard that Peggy was returning to New Orleans with him and his assistant he was pleased. When Peggy let it slip that she believed Sandra also had a foot fetish, Mr. Harris was doubly pleased.

After her time with the client, Peggy went down to the room Sandra had reserved for her. It turned out to be a suite with a separate bedroom with a king sized bed and a luxury bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub. Peggy had taken a shower with Mr. Harris but decided to fill the tub and take a relaxing bath. While the tub filled, she opened the envelope that Mr. Harris had slipped into her purse. She was shocked. It contained two wrapped stacks of one hundred dollar bills, twenty thousand dollars in total. It was more than she had made with Linh's other client. If she worked five more times this year it would be more than she made as a claims representative. She seriously contemplated quitting her job and working full time for Linh.

Peggy fixed herself a drink, stripped naked, and slipped in the warm bubbly waters of the tub. She laid back and let the jets massage her achy muscles and douche the semen out of her ass and pussy. It had been a long day and soon Peggy was beginning to feel very drowsy. Just before she nodded off, she was interrupted by her buzzing cell phone. She had left it on the nearby vanity. When she turned off the tub's jets and stood up to answer the phone she shivered in the cool room air. Peggy grabbed her phone, ran some more hot water and slid back into the tub.

The call was from Linh checking in on Peggy and asking about the date. Peggy explained that the date with the client went well, so well that it lasted longer than expected. They talk for a short while and then Linh told Peggy that several other clients had requested dates with her. Peggy told her she was too tired to plan anything right now but would call back later. After ending the call Peggy once again seriously contemplated quitting her job and working full time for Linh. When the water grew cold again Peggy reluctantly got out of the tub, dried off and climbed into bed naked.

Peggy woke early the next morning, three hours before her massage. She wanted to attend the hotel's early morning beach yoga class and visit the spa before the massage. She had recently started doing yoga, she found it help her keep her flexible for some of the more acrobatic sex positions she enjoyed. After the class Peggy stopped at the Beach and Pool Bar for a quick breakfast and one of her favorite clothed activities, people watching while she had her coffee. She was delighted to see all the tan, fit bodies and began to daydream about seducing a few. Her daydreams were cut short when she had to head to the spa.

Once there Peggy was met by an attractive young woman at the front desk who gave her quick tour of the facilities. She was assigned a locker and given a soft fluffy robe and some towels. She stripped down to just a towel and headed to the sauna. After relaxing in the sauna, she rinsed off in the shower room, dressed in the soft robe and was led over to the massage rooms for the "special massage' that Sandra had recommended.

Peggy stepped into the massage room and saw another attractive young woman standing next to table that held towels and bottles of oil and creams. She was wearing a simple uniform consisting of an expensive white T-shirt, a pair of tan linen shorts and sandals. She walked up to Peggy and extended her hand.

"Good morning, I'm Asa. I'll be your masseuse. You must be Ms. Sanford. Is this your first visit to our spa?" Asa asked?

Peggy took Asa's hand and took a few seconds to look her over, she liked what she saw. Asa was about an inch or two shorter than Peggy. She was slim but tone with well defined arm and leg muscles. She had long, coal black hair tied up in a ponytail and black, almond shaped eyes. She may have looked Japanese but her accent was pure Southern California.

"Good morning, yes I'm Ms. Sanford but please call me Peggy. Yes, this is my first visit to the spa. You were recommended by one of you clients, Sandra, Sandra Roman. She suggested that I ask for one of your "special massages." She thought I would enjoy it," Peggy replied with a mischievous smile.

Now Asa took a few seconds to look Peggy over, she also liked what she saw, a strikingly beautiful woman with a long brown hair whose youthful looks belied her age.

"Ah yes Sandy, she's a good client. She told me you would be... coming," Asa said with a naughty smile before adding. "Well, why don't you get up on the table and we can start."

"Do you want me to lie on my stomach or back first?" Peggy asked as she slipped off her robe and turned to hang it on the rack.

Asa smiled as she took in Peggy's shapely 5'3", 105 pound, 35C-23-36, completely naked figure. "Oh yes," she thought to herself. "Sandra was right this Peggy Sanford is an uninhibited one. I'm going to have a wonderfully wicked time with her this morning."

"Why don't you lie on your stomach first," Asa suggested.

Peggy laid face down on the table and let out a low sigh as Asa poured warmed oil down the center of her back. Starting with Peggy's shoulders and neck Asa worked her hands down Peggy's back and sides, to the small of her back. Peggy felt the tension and sore spots in her muscles melt away. Asa's small but strong hands seemed to reach into every corner of her upper body.

As she worked on Peggy's body Asa asked her if she was at the hotel on business or pleasure. Peggy said her business was complete but she had a few days devoted exclusively to pleasure. Asa smiled at that. Peggy told Asa she hadn't been to Miami in years and asked if she could recommend any hot nightspots.

"That depends on what you're interested in," Asa asked.

"I don't know some place where I could get a little naughty," Peggy answered.

"If you want really naughty you might want to try Tootsies Cabaret. It's a gentlemen's club but a lot of women go there," Asa replied.

"A gentlemen's club... I haven't been to one in years. You say there are a lot of women there," Peggy asked.

"Yeah, I go there with friends all the time," Asa said.

"Thanks maybe I'll try it out," Peggy replied.

While they were talking Asa had moved her hands down to one of Peggy's best features, her magnificently shaped ass. Asa began kneading Peggy's buttocks over and over, spreading them apart and slipping her thumbs through the valley between her cheeks. At first Peggy stiffened in apprehension but Asa's stimulating touch quickly relaxed her and Peggy softly sighed. Asa continued the sensuous massage of her buttocks before moving her hands to Peggy's thighs, and shapely calves.

"Peggy, do you know anything about the art of Reflexology or Daoist foot massage?" Asa asked as she massaged Peggy's lower legs.

"No," Peggy softly replied. She was so relaxed by Asa's talented hands that she was barely able to reply.

"Practitioners of the art believe that most of the sensory nerves of your internal organs have corresponding pressure points in your feet. We use massage and pressure on these points. Reflexology and foot massage have been shown to promote psychological and physical health and relieve stress. So not only is a foot massage pleasurable, it can also promote health and well-being. Would you like me to massage your feet?" Asa asked.

"Yes, yes please, that would be lovely," Peggy moaned.

Asa slid her hands down to the hollow areas just under the ankle bones on the inside of both of Peggy's feet. The inside & outside of the ankles are sensitive spots with many nerve endings that correspond directly to the most important erogenous zones of the body. Pressing here is a direct energy channel to these responsive sexual organs. She started gently with slow thumb circles that unleashed Peggy's hidden passion. Next she moved to the soles of both feet, the reflexology area that corresponds to the chest and breasts. Pressing along the inner edge of the middle part of the foot can actually send waves of energy to the sensitive nipples. Asa's powerful touch on this sensitive area was very arousing for Peggy.

Peggy had already surmised that the "special massage" was designed to be erotic, so she was pleased but not surprised at her reaction to Asa's touch. Never in her life had she felt the sensations this massage was giving her. She found herself sighing and moaning as small ripples of pleasure flowed through her body. Her nipples stiffened as she felt her pussy began to moisten.

Suddenly Asa broke Peggy's building passion by announcing it was time to turn over. Reluctantly she rolled over. There was a ceiling fan over the massage table, its blades slowly turning. Peggy felt the soft breeze wash over her body, cooling the warm dampness of her pussy and stiffening her nipples even more.

Asa began on the front side of Peggy's body with a gentle massage of her temples, jaw line, neck and collarbone before moving to the muscles of her arms and shoulders. She worked her hands down the sides of Peggy's body to her firm breasts, pushing them together and letting them fall to the sides several times before tracing her finger over the big, dark areolas. She began twisting and pulling on the stiff, hard nipples inflaming Peggy's desires even more. No one had ever given Peggy's breasts more attention or pleasure than this lovely young lady. She found herself beginning to pant as Asa fondled her breasts and nipples. Asa slowly rubbed a hand down Peggy's body, across her tone flat belly very close to her pussy.

"Peggy, do you want to cum? Would you like me to help you cum?" Asa whispered into Peggy's ear.

"Yes, oh god yes," Peggy softly moaned.

Asa drizzled more oil onto her hand and began running her fingers around the outer lips of Peggy's pussy. Separating them like petals of a delicate flower. She grabbed Peggy's labia between her thumb and forefinger, tugging on the lips and letting them slip through her oily grip. Peggy moaned and spread her legs. Asa added more oil, directly onto Peggy's pussy and rubbed her thumb over the clit hood giving the sensitive nub just enough stimulation to drive Peggy close to the edge of orgasmic delight.

Asa backed off for few seconds; gauging Peggy's building passion and letting her slightly recover before she slipped her index and then her middle finger inside her. Peggy groaned as the digits penetrated her. Again Asa stopped, allowing the orifice to adjust to the full but pleasurable intrusion. Her ring finger was resting against Peggy's anus. Peggy pulled her feet back on the table and bent her knees wide allowing Asa complete access to her orifices Once Asa judged that Peggy was ready; she drizzled more oil on her fingers and slipped the first knuckle of her ring finger into Peggy's ass. Peggy gasped but offered no resistance, in fact she enjoyed it. Asa put her pinky alongside her ring finger and slowly worked both digits inside Peggy asshole. Peggy began panting and moaning as Asa worked her fingers in and out of her holes. She was being delightfully tortured but she loved it, she always loved to be double penetrated. She knew that she would soon experience a powerful climax. She covered her mouth with her arm to stifle the outburst.

"Don't worry Peggy. This room is soundproof, let yourself go so you can fully enjoy your climax," Asa whispered into her ear as she slightly strummed her thumb on Peggy's clit.

Over and over Asa brought Peggy to the threshold of orgasmic delight to only back off. She kept Peggy there, just short of climax for what seemed like an eternity. Even when Peggy thrust her crotch against Asa's hand, trying to make herself cum, Asa knew exactly how to control Peggy's body. Peggy had never experienced anything like this before. Her breath came in tortured gasps as he gripped the side of the massage table. Asa curled the fingers inside Peggy's pussy so they raked across her G-spot, giving her even more electrifying sensations. That touch pushed Peggy past the point of no return. Every muscle in her body tensed as she exploded in orgasmic ecstasy. She lifted her head and shoulders up off the table and rocked her pelvis. Gasping for breath, she moaned loudly as a long series of multiple orgasms wracked her body.

Asa assumed Peggy would end the massage. She had other clients, Sandra being one, who had multiple orgasms during one of her sessions but she had never witnessed one of them have such a long series of them. Asa was surprised when Peggy grabbed hold of her hand and stopped her from ending their session. Peggy actually began thrusting her crotch against Asa's hand in a desperate attempt to cum again. Asa began working her fingers, two in the pussy and two in the ass, back and forth again. When she stroked her digits across Peggy's G-spot it triggered another wave of lengthy intense orgasms. When she rubbed her thumb across the clit, Peggy squirted, drenching both of them and then exploded in a string of even longer and more intense, breath-taking, toe curling convulsions.

As Peggy's breathing slowly returned to normal and her body recovered from the intense pleasure, Asa gently wiped the sweat, feminine juices and oils from Peggy's body. After a few minutes Peggy sat up and looked directly into Asa's eyes.

"That was an amazing experience. I can see why Sandra recommended it. Does she come for a massage often?" Peggy asked.

"Yeah, she does, she does love it, but not as much as you seem to have enjoyed it" Asa replied with a slight laugh.

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