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My name is Lana, and I am 19 years old. My twin sister Taia and I are special. I know a lot of twins might say that, but it's true of us. We only have one parent, and we were born to that one: our mother. She conceived us on her own. I'm sure you want to know how, so a quick history.

My grandmother is an alien. Her race began to die out, and so they sent their females out to mate, many to return once they had children to help repopulate the planet. All that were sent out were what we call first female, the women who need a male to conceive. When my grandmother gave birth to my mother, it wouldn't be until she changed that they would learn my mother is a second female, one who has both male and female internal organs and only needs another person to stimulate her enough to conceive.

You'll notice I didn't say another male. We are a race of aliens whose females-first and second-are futanari. When we mature, our penises develop, and for first females, they are a psychic link that binds us to our true mate (this was why many on our planet died. They didn't realize their mate may be in another galaxy).

So again, my twin sister and I are special. Our mother, half futa-half human, conceived us on her own, and because of this, we are also half futa-half human. If we don't find our mates but also aren't second females, our family will return to our home planet. Typically, those born of a second female naturally bond with the males of our race. It'll only be a matter of months before we know.

Another not-so-quick story. Because my sister and I are twins, we have a psychic link of our own. We can see and feel what each other are doing and block others from realizing we're around. We almost never turn it off, only when we're doing something that might get us into trouble. One of the things we often used it for was to spy on our mother, making love to our aunt Alia, our aunt Alia making love to her mate Kent, our mother making love to Kent, or the three of them making love together. The three of them have a special bond. It's hot, sometimes kinky.

The real story begins a little before my sister and I became full futas. I had come home early from classes when I heard voices upstairs. I closed the door quietly, set my books down, and took the stairs to hear better.

"You're going to lose this bet," Mom was saying.

"I might," Kent said, "but are there really any losers in this?"

Alia giggled.

I blocked myself from their minds and stood in the doorway of Mom's room to see what they were up to. Alia was tying Kent to a chair in front of the bed. They were naked. When she passed him, he leaned forward and kissed her swollen belly. She was five months pregnant with their first child. We worried for a while that they couldn't conceive, but being half futa-half human, some of our systems acted differently. She pecked Kent's lips and moved to the bed, where my mom lay naked. We look just like her: brown skinned, thick curly hair, large brown eyes and full lips. We had B cup breasts (but they would grow once we changed) and curvy hips and legs.

*Taia, where are you?*

*Finishing up a test.*

Taia liked to get off in public, so I smiled. *Good. Pretend like you're still taking it. You're gonna want to see this.*

I turned my link on so she could watch too.

Alia stood beside the bed. She ran her fingers up Mom's leg slowly, softly. Mom rubbed Alia's belly, then her ass. Alia's dark nipples swelled, and she bit her lip. She moved her fingers up Mom's thigh, dipped them between and slid them up Mom's pussy lips.

"You might lose," Alia said with a playful smile. "How are you wet already?"

"I've been thinking of this all day," Mom said.

"I bet you have." Alia reached down and kissed Mom. They sucked on each other's bottom lips, then let their tongues play around in their mouths.

Kent's cheeks turned red, and he smiled. There was a twitch in his lap, his dick reacting almost instantly to the display. Alia grabbed one of Mom's breasts, and Mom continued rubbing her ass. Then, Alia broke away to lick Mom's nipple. Mom moaned a little, and her lady dick twitched. Alia let her spit slide out of her mouth onto Mom's nipple, then blew gently. Mom shivered, and her dick twitched again, beginning to rise. Alia sucked Mom's nipple, then moved to the other. I glanced at Kent. His dick was turning a faint shade of red as it started getting hard.

Alia trailed her hand down Mom's brown skin, going slowly as she sucked Mom's other nipple to full hardness. Mom's dick slowly rose to meet Alia's hand. Alia trailed a finger up Mom's shaft, tickled the head. Mom's legs fell open to show her lips, wet and swollen. Kent bit his lip. His dick was semi-hard now. His breathing was slow and deep. Mom stopped rubbing Alia's ass and came around to find her lady dick. Alia moaned as Mom palmed her head, and Kent did, too, feeling Mom's hand on Alia's head as though it were on his. Mom stroked Alia's dick up and down. She brought her and Kent to full hardness. I felt a tickle between my legs as I watched Kent's dick rise and stand proud. A pearl of precum slid out of his head. Alia had a drop on her dick, too. Mom stopped stroking and slid beneath Alia's dick, going straight for her pussy. Alia gasped and threw her head back.

"You're soaked," Mom teased.

"You know how horny we are when we're pregnant," Alia moaned.

*Are you wet?* Taia asked.


*Me, too. Take care of us.*

I smirked. We were never sure if one of us was aroused because we could feel each other or if we were both aroused by what we were seeing. It might have been a combination.

I slid a hand into my panties and set two fingers around my clit as I kept us watching. Alia rubbed her belly, squeezed her breast. A drop of milk pooled and fell down her gorgeous body. Mom switched hands, caressing Alia's folds and running the other hand up her side to catch the milk. She licked her fingers clean.

*Holy shit.*

I smiled. *I know right? I hate that they're so sexy.*

*Kent probably doesn't.*

Kent's face was flushed. His dick dripped precum now. It slid down his shaft and into his blonde pubes. Mom's fingers disappeared inside of Alia, and whatever she did, Alia jumped, giggled, and climbed up onto the bed, kneeling over Mom's face. I stepped into the room and moved to the side of the bed so I could watch Alia dip her cockhead past Mom's lips. Alia shuddered and whimpered as Mom sucked on her tip. Kent's head fell back. His cock twitched hard. From this angle, I noticed something new: Kent had a plug in his ass. A little hook pressed into the tender flesh between his asshole and sac. It moved in and out when he involuntarily flexed his muscles.

*I just came a little bit,* Taia said. She had a little crush on Kent. She masturbated watching him get off all the time. It felt great.

*They really want him to lose,* I chuckled.

*I want to know what the punishment is.*

*Probably just more sex. You know them.*

Alia dipped her cock deeper into Mom's mouth. Mom stroked her own dick with one hand, rubbed Alia's ass and legs with the other as Alia fucked her mouth slowly. Kent's hips moved up and down in time with Alia's moving down and up.

I rolled my clit between my fingers. My panties were getting wetter by the second. Taia moaned in my head. I felt her cross her arms over her breasts and rub her nipples against them, making my nipples poke through my shirt. I caressed my pussy lips and circled my dripping hole.

*Keep doing that, Lana. It feels so good.*

Mom patted Alia's hip and made a motion. Alia carefully turned around, her cock still in Mom's mouth. Once she was facing Kent, Alia looked down at his crying, red dick and the plug in his ass. Her breathing grew quicker and quicker, and suddenly her pussy was drenching Mom's face. Kent, panting and flushed, smirked.

"Dammit," Alia cried out.

Mom giggled and pushed Alia's hips down until Alia was sitting completely on her face. She started swallowing. Alia and Kent's hips started bucking as they moaned in sync with each other. Kent's voice grew louder, and his balls lurched as he came all over his chest and stomach.

*Shit, I'm coming,* Taia gasped.

Phantom shocks ran through me, and I squeezed my breast. Taia's moans echoed through my head. I hoped she had turned her block on or was maintaining her composure.

Alia was fucking Mom's face full force now, crying out and throwing her curls everywhere. She froze and shuddered, coming in my Mom's mouth. Mom shoved three fingers into Alia's pussy, and Alia screamed as Mom rammed her g-spot. Alia drenched Mom's face again as she came hard. Kent came again, and my pussy burst. I bit my lip to keep from screaming and thrust against my hand.

"Fuck, that was great," Kent groaned. His dick was still hard. Mom's was, too.

"I wanted to take your ass," Alia whined.

"Well, some other day, baby."

Ah, so that was the bet. If Kent came first, whoever won could take his ass. I'm sure they'd already popped his cherry, but they had their little games.

Alia slid out of my Mom's throat and lay down for a few moments, catching her breath. Mom pet Alia's pussy lovingly, and Alia nibbled Mom's thigh.

"Okay," she gasped. "I'm ready."

*I'm coming home. I can't sit here if they're going to keep going.*

I giggled. *See you soon.*

Alia and Mom climbed off of the bed. Mom used her hair to wipe her face dry. Alia's eyes widened as she smiled. Then, she threw Mom against the wall and shoved her tongue down her throat. They writhed against each other, crushing their dicks between them. Kent humped the air slowly, his dick crying precum again as he felt Mom's dick rubbing against his and as the plug fucked his ass.

"Fuck, if you two don't get over here, I'm gonna be empty."

They laughed and walked over to Kent. They untied him before engaging him in a three-way kiss. My clit was swelling again.

*Damn, I'm so horny now,* Taia said.

*I know, me too. Hurry up. Block yourself when you get here.*

The school wasn't too far from home. Taia was probably already halfway here. Mom and Alia stood straight and ran their tongues together again. Kent rubbed their asses, glided his fingers down their cracks and against their pussy lips. They pressed back into his hands, sucking each other's mouths until they were swollen.

Mom reached down beside Kent's chair, and he took his hand from Alia's pussy to let Mom pour some more lube onto it. He ran his fingers around Alia's asshole as Mom brought another chair up, pressing it against his chair. She sat and draped her thighs over Kent's. He caressed her leg and leaned forward to tongue her mouth.

Alia moaned as Kent slowly inserted a finger in her ass. He massaged her hole, then inserted another finger.

Arms came around my waist, and I jumped.

*What did you do, speed?*

*Yes,* Taia said. She kissed my neck and slipped a hand into my panties. I reached back and did the same to her.

Kent now had three fingers pumping Alia's ass. Her dick was crying precum. His other hand pressed his and Mom's dicks together, stroking them. Mom moaned. Alia moved to touch her own dick, but Mom swatted her hand away.

"No touching," she teased.

Taia and I moaned in our minds as our fingers played with each other's clits. Kent pulled his fingers out of Alia's ass and helped her step over the chairs. Mom's cockhead pointed at Alia's pussy. Kent's was aiming for her lubed and stretched asshole.

*Fuck,* I said.

*Fuck indeed,* Taia said back.

We realized what the rest of the bet was. Not much punishment at all. Mom put her hands on Alia's hips, and Kent grabbed her breasts, massaging more milk from them as Mom pressed her down onto their cocks. Alia's head fell back as she moaned, her lips puckered so sexily. I kept my eyes on them, but I tilted my head to accept Taia's lips on mine. We kept fiddling each other's clits as Alia's holes swallowed Mom and Kent's dicks. Her own dick cried precum, and she moved to touch it again. Kent took his hands from her breasts and grabbed her wrists, keeping her hands away from her body. Alia whimpered.

"Fuck, it's so hard."

"Yes, it is," Mom smiled. "But no touching."

Taia started running long strokes down my slick pussy, so I did the same. She pressed her hips against my ass and shuddered.

Mom and Kent started to thrust up into Alia. Mom moved at a normal pace, and Kent pushed up into her ass in slow, steady strokes. Alia threw her head back onto his shoulder and squealed. She took his hands and linked their fingers together. Kent French kissed her neck and shoulder. Mom rubbed Alia's swollen breasts, her belly, her legs, Kent's legs, her own legs.

Talia was soaked, and so was I. We both breathed hard as we watched Mom and Kent fuck Alia. Mom leaned forward to kiss Alia's neck, then Kent's lips. Alia's dick looked like it hurt, the head purple, dribbling precum like a fountain. She was moaning constantly now, being fucked in both holes could do that. Kent sped up thrusting and went back to grabbing Alia's breasts. Alia put her arms around Mom's neck, and they kissed passionately, moaning into each other's mouths.

My hips were on fire. Talia pressed into my hand and ass over and over, panting into my neck.

"I'm coming, I'm co—aaaahhhh," Alia screamed and writhed as Mom and Kent kept fucking her holes. Her dick burst with clear, sparkly cum. Kent sawed into her fast, his face beet red. He them slammed up into her ass and groaned, pouring seed into her ass. Mom whimpered and panted, her breath coming fast, then faster, and finally, she threw her head back and moaned, thrusting up into Alia's pussy. Her cum dribbled down to the floor, mixed with Alia's pussy cum.

*Bedroom, now.*

Taia and I disengaged and hurried to our room, keeping ourselves blocked as we threw our clothes off and climbed into my bed. Our hands went right back to each other's pussies, but now that we faced each other, we could kiss and thrust against our hands. Taia's fingers slid inside of me, and my pussy sucked them in deeper as I came. I found my way to her hole and finger fucked her g-spot as I twisted and writhed. Taia gasped and bucked into my hand. Her pussy flowed like a waterfall as her walls swallowed my fingers.

"Gaaaaawd," she cried. I couldn't say anything, just moaned and fucked her fingers as she fucked mine. My pussy splashed my thighs and her fingers.

We threw ourselves back when we got too sensitive, panting and squirming in my soaked sheets. I took Taia's hand as my body relaxed. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

Then I had "the dream." It was the precursor dream that would happen before I changed. But I wasn't alone. Taia was there. She looked at me curiously. We were both naked, so we just looked at each other's bodies, getting wetter by the second. Across the room from us, though, we were standing there, too. These two across from us had hard, throbbing dicks. They walked over to us, and before I knew it, we were fucking ourselves.

I woke up, legs intertwined with Taia's, humping her clit with mine as my pussy walls crashed down over and over. She was moaning hard, so I knew she was coming, too.

When we came down, we stared at each other. My breasts tingled. They looked a little bigger. Taia's did, too.

"Were you in my dream?" I asked, squeezing her breast.

"Only if that was you in mine," she moaned. We caressed each other's bodies and kissed some more. "I'm on fire."

"Me, too."

My skin was burning, mostly in my hips. My clit throbbed. It swelled, got harder, and harder, and then I paused. Something was wrong.

Taia stopped kissing me and looked down. "Ow."

"Yeah." A rod felt lodged behind my clit, burning my hips. That didn't stop my pussy from dripping, but I hurt.

It was dark, so I reached behind me to turn on my light. Mom, Kent, and Alia must have gone to bed. The rest of the house was silent. I looked down at Taia's body. Her clit was so swollen, it pressed her pussy lips open. It was swollen shut, almost like...

"Oh, God, we're growing," Taia said, staring down at my body. I felt my clit and found the same thing.

"What do we do?"

"I don't know—ohhh," I started coming, my simple touch setting me off instantly. My clit pushed against my fingers. When I looked down, it was poking past my lips.

"Shit," Taia gasped. She pressed her thighs together and bucked her hips. I watched with wide eyes as her clit grew past her lips, too.

"How long is this supposed to go on?"

"Without someone to penetrate us? Hours."

My clit hurt so much, but my pussy felt so good. My heart pounded. "Should we get Mom?"

"No, I don't want her to help with this!"

We held each other close and thrust our clits together as our pussies went berserk. I shook with fear. I didn't want to hurt for hours. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have orgasms back-to-back for hours, either. But this was embarrassing. We had no choice.

"Let's try to find pleasure in this," I said. "This happens to all of us. It's normal."

Taia bit her lip as she thought. Her nipples were hard and pressed against my own swollen ones. Our breasts had to be half a cup size bigger now. My clit burned, and I pressed it against Taia's, causing my pussy to tighten and then explode again. I cried and bucked against Taia's clit, causing her to join me instantly. We went on like this for minutes, our limbs locked together and giving us leverage to pump each other, thrusting ourselves into accidental frenzies.

I forced myself to push away from Taia and rolled onto my back, crying into my hands. Taia rubbed my arm, sniffling herself. It hurt so much, but my pussy was soaked with ecstasy. When I looked down, my clit was now the feminine head of my penis, not even two inches yet and sticking out like a mushroom. It throbbed, tender and sore.

"Let's try to lay still for a minute," Taia said, rolling onto her back, too.


We took each other's hands and lay staring at the ceiling. It worked for maybe thirty seconds, but already I felt the pressure building in my hips. I squirmed and moaned, squeezed my breast, and kept my scream in when I lost control again. I bucked and fucked the air, rubbed my growing cock vigorously, trying to make the pain go away. My legs shook, overwhelmed by the contrasting feelings. Every inch of my skin tingled, and I was getting dizzy.

Taia trembled beside me. She rolled back onto her side and curled up, rubbing her cockhead furiously. I couldn't look at her. It was making it worse.

"Wait!" Taia rolled onto her other side and climbed out of bed. She doubled over, cried out in another orgasm that set me off again. This was torture.

When Taia made it back, she had one of our favorite toys, a double-sided dildo.

"Genius," I moaned.

Taia scrambled back into bed, and I opened my legs. She wasted no time before shoving three inches of it into my pussy. My pain instantly went away, and a flood of pleasure raced over me.

"Oh my God," I moaned. My body tingled, and my hips cooled. I sighed and touched my girl cock, glad it didn't set me off again. "Hurry up and get on."

The curve of the dildo let us do what we would soon not even need it for, pretend we had our penises and pump into each other. So Taia climbed over me and aimed the other end at her pussy. As she sat on it, it pushed into me deeper. My penis grew much quicker now, and I gripped it tight.

"Ohhhh," Taia said as her end sunk deeper into her. I watched her cock grow, a drop of clear precum slid from the head. "That feels great."

We thrust against the dildo, pumping our growing girlcocks and kissing each other with as much relief as pleasure. My cock grew slick with precum, my own and Taia's dripping down onto me. When our cocks finished growing, they were six inches and rock hard between us. We rubbed each other's cocks and moaned. It felt even better with her hand on my cock.

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