tagFetishFuta Ghosts Ch. 01

Futa Ghosts Ch. 01


This is the first part in a projected ten-part series. The story will contain monster cocks, Futanari on Futanari sex, demons and scenes of incest. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Chapter One - The Summoning

The school day passed as normal for Carla. There were lessons that she listened attentively to, jokes shared with her twin friends Stacey and Alice, and of course the obligatory spot of bullying from Vanessa on the way home. This time the bitch had pulled her hair while insulting her about her family. Carla tried to stay composed and managed it for the most part. At least she refrained from crying in front of Vanessa and her gang of friends. It seemed that to them, wanting to study and do well to earn a place at university made her a freak. It didn't help that, while far from being ugly, Carla also wasn't in the same league as Vanessa and her cronies when it came to looks. Her brown hair was flat and dull no matter what she did with it. Her eyes were a nice light blue colour, but there wasn't any sparkle to them. And her biggest disappointment, as far as she was concerned, was the fact that her breasts were too small. They weren't totally flat as some women's were, but she was a bit thick around the waist and broad-shouldered too, which combined made her tits look smaller than they actually were. And now she was eighteen, there was little chance that they would grow any more. She was stuck with them.

Suffice it to say, she was in a bit of a dark mood when she got home. Her father was the town priest, so they lived in a small house attached to the church. Her mother, Ava, looked at her with concern when she went in while Amy, her older sister, tried to cajole the reason out of her. Carla stayed mute however, knowing that to spill the beans wouldn't help. Her mother would just inform the school and then Vanessa would have more ammunition against her. Amy would just confront her herself, with much the same outcome likely.

Her father, James, barely looked up from his study of the bible. It would take more than a moody daughter to make him pay her any attention. But that day, because she was so upset at what went on, Carla did do something that made him take notice. She was helping her mother make the dinner when she accidentally touched a boiling hot saucepan.

Before she could stop herself, she cried out, "Shit!" and ran to put her hand under the cold tap.

Behind her, she heard her father slam the book down on the table. Carla winced. She could tell he was angry - it was the only time he ever risked damaging his precious books.

"How dare you, young lady?" he said in his deceptively calm voice.

"Please, James," Ava said, coming to her daughter's defence, "she has hurt herself. Surely-"

"Surely nothing. I will not have swear words uttered aloud in this house of God!"

Carla turned to face her parents. "I'm sorry, Dad. It just came out. I promise it won't happen again."

"Let me look at your hand," he said. She obligingly held it out. His touch was surprisingly gentle as he examined it. "There's no lasting damage," he declared.

For just a moment, Carla let herself believe that that would be the end of it. She should have known better. James grabbed her wrist and dragged her back towards his chair. Carla cried out, begged him not to do it. Ava added her voice to the pleas, but once his mind was made up nothing would change it. Her father sat down in his chair and forced her to lay face-down across his lap. He didn't hesitate; he just yanked her skirt up out the way and smacked her bottom, first one cheek and then the other. Carla sobbed at the pain and the injustice of it and prayed for him to stop, but he would not, not until he decided the punishment had matched her crime. By the time he was done, both cheeks were red raw with his hand prints. And to make matters worse, she could feel his penis growing erect underneath her stomach. The revulsion she felt almost made her vomit.

"Now go to your room," James told her in his calm tone as if nothing had happened. "There will be no dinner for you tonight."

She looked to her mother for help, but Ava just glanced away. She looked embarrassed but for as long as she could remember, Carla had never seen her mother go against her husband. So she fled the room after putting her skirt straight, tears streaming down her face. It wasn't fair. None of the other students at school would get spanked just for swearing, she was sure of that. And who wouldn't swear if they touched a hot pan? Her father was a heartless monster. All her life she had had to live by his strict rules. Amy had managed to get a little freedom ever since she found a boyfriend that James approved of, but she still wasn't allowed to be alone with him. Sex before marriage was one of the biggest sins in the world, as far as James was concerned. Things were worse for Carla. She lived under his roof, stayed there the whole time except when she was at school and there was hardly much respite there, either - her father was the school's chaplain too, offering advice to all the students. He kept an eye on his youngest daughter at all times. His strict religious code barely left her free to enjoy anything.

It was all so suffocating that Carla felt she had to do something - anything - to get a sense of freedom. Failing that, at the very least she could do something rebellious just to make herself feel better. With that in mind, she decided not to head to her room as she had been told. As soon as she shut the kitchen door behind her, she turned the other way and headed through the door that connected the small house to the church. For a brief moment she considered doing something like peeing in the font, but her mind rebelled just at the thought of it. Hate her dad or not, there were some things she just wouldn't do.

She walked down the narrow stone steps to the church's cellar. It was down here that James kept his library and personal study, which he always kept locked up. Carla loved it down here, immersing herself in all the books on history. It was her favourite subject at school and even though these books were primarily focused on the history of the Catholic Church, nevertheless she found them fascinating. The walls were lined with bookcases, while the middle of the room was a wide open space.

Carla ran her hand along a bookshelf, wondering which one to read this time, when she noticed that the door to James' study was open. She stopped and looked curiously into the little room. There wasn't much to it - just a desk, a couple of chairs and another bookcase. She bit her lip, momentarily undecided about what to do. But then she remembered his face when he decided to punish her, the relish he showed when he spanked her and most of all, the feeling of his hardening cock against her belly while he did so. Why shouldn't she have a little nose around inside his things? She went in before she changed her mind.

Straight away, a book laying in the middle of his desk caught her attention. The desktop was bare apart from this slim paperback volume. She leant over to read the title, though it made no sense to her: "The Summoning of a Futa Ghost".

"What the Hell is a Futa Ghost?" she whispered to herself. "And why would Dad have a book about summoning one? Isn't summoning normally something to do with demons?"

Curiosity got the better of her and she scooped the book up to read it. The first few pages contained warnings of what would happen if a Futa Ghost was carelessly summoned. They were the usual things - death to the summoner, plagues for the surrounding area. Carla skipped over them until she found the description of a Futa Ghost. Apparently, it was some kind of devil living in one of the Circles of Hell that took the form of an ethereal woman. They would inhabit the body of a human woman and then ... the details became quite vague after that. It seemed that such a summoning had not been done in some time.

"Why was Dad reading this book?" Carla mused. She started to put it back, but then another page flipped over and she found a section entitled, "The Ritual". It seemed rather simple to do. All it required was a fairly large open space and the reading of a few words.

She glanced out of the study at the library. That room seemed plenty big enough. A wildness overtook her, her desire to hit back at her father overwhelming her usually cautious nature. She strode out into the library and stopped right in the centre. The words in the book made no sense to her. They were gibberish, of no language she had ever seen before. But what did it matter if she got the pronunciation right or wrong? It was only a made-up ritual from a silly little book. It just felt good to be doing something related to Hell in a house of God. She cleared her throat and spoke the words as best she could.

Then she waited. And waited.

After a couple of minutes of absolutely nothing happening, she began to feel a little foolish. She had acted like a child, throwing her toys out of the pram. Perhaps she could sneak back to her room before anyone noticed her absence so she could avoid any further punishment. Her father did hate it when his daughters misbehaved more than once in a day. She returned the book to James' desk. As she went back through the library, she paused just for a moment, in case anything might happen. But of course it didn't. She had never really expected it to.

Fortunately she made it back to her room without seeing any member of her family. When she got there, she found a sandwich wrapped in cellophane waiting for her on her bed. Her mother may not have stood up to James directly, but she always made sure her daughters didn't go without. Carla closed her eyes and blessed her for it before devouring the sandwich in a couple of bites. She stripped out of her uniform and threw herself down onto her bed. In moments she had drifted off into sleep even though it was still only late afternoon.

Her dreams were disjointed, hard to remember. All she could recall was that each one involved sex. She was with some of the sexiest girls from school, like her friends Stacey and Alice, naked and kissing and licking each other. Carla had always known she preferred women to men, but she had never had such explicit dreams about them before. There was even one dream where she was with Vanessa, but instead of being bullied by her they were fucking.

When she awoke, it was around 9:00PM. She stirred slowly and it took a moment for her to realise that she had two of her fingers jammed into her sopping wet pussy. She pulled them out with a start and sat up. The bedsheets between her legs were soaked too and more juice still leaked from her aching cunt.

"Oh no," she whispered. She scrubbed at the sheets with her hands but it did no good. If her father saw this and realised she had been masturbating, she would get more than a spanking. As far as he was concerned, it was one of the most evil sins imaginable. She laid back on the bed and squeezed shut her eyes but that only made things worse. Instantly images from her dreams came back to her, of Stacey eating her out, or of her fingering her twin's pussy. Carla's fingers moved of their own accord back between her legs. She rubbed her middle finger up and down her slit. Just the smallest amount of stimulation made her twitch and she had to stifle a moan. Why was she so horny? She couldn't understand it, but neither did she fight it. If she was going to get in trouble anyway, she may as well enjoy it as much as possible. She slipped her finger inside of her and immediately clenched her legs around her hand as an orgasm shook her. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out.

As she lay there, shuddering, she slowly became aware that her room was suffused with a strange light. It was pitch black outside, but her bedroom had a strange, bluish glow to it. She opened her eyes fully and saw for the first time the ghostly figure standing over her bed, staring down at her. It had a definitely feminine shape, with big, perfectly round breasts and dark nipples. Its face was that of a woman too, a particularly beautiful one except for the blue tinge to the skin. But the whole thing was transparent. Carla could see the ceiling and the rest of the room through it. She should have been scared, but instead she felt a strange calmness settle down over her.

"Greetings, mortal," it said in a sultry, seductive voice.

"Wh-what are you?" Carla asked. Her voice shook, a warning to her that the calmness she felt was not natural.

The creature smiled at her. "You don't know? You should do - you did summon me, after all."

For a second Carla didn't know what it was talking about, but then it all came flooding back to her. "You're a Futa Ghost? I thought ..."

"That we didn't exist? I am not surprised. We have been gone from your world for a long time. I was so glad to hear your summons, but it took me some time to arrive."

Carla couldn't believe what was happening. She wondered if she were in a dream still and pinched herself on the arm. She gasped at the jolt of pain. Not a dream, then. Just a waking nightmare.

"What do you want with me?" she asked.

"Why, what all Futa Ghosts want. I wish to make a deal with you. You allow me inside your body, to see through your eyes, hear through your ears. I want to experience the mortal world once more. And in exchange, I give you access to the greatest pleasures you could possibly imagine."

"Inside my body?" Carla hated the way her voice squeaked when she was nervous. She took a breath, tried to compose herself. "What exactly do you mean?"

"I would possess you. But do not fear - I will not take control of your body except in extreme circumstances. You will still be yourself. I will be more of a ... passenger, you might say. You will barely know I am there. And think of what I can offer you." It's ghostly hand drifted over Carla's thigh and rested lightly against her exposed pussy. Instantly another orgasm took her, more powerful than any she had experienced before. Her mind went blank, drifting on a sea of erotic pleasure.

As swiftly as it came, the sensation went again, and Carla found herself still lying on the bed, sheathed in sweat and a now familiar ache between her legs. Gasping, she stared up at the ghost.

"What's your name? I won't let you in unless I know your name."

Another smile came to its face. "I am called Warei. It is a pleasure to meet you, Carla. Do we have a deal?"

Before she could think harder about just what she was agreeing to, Carla nodded. The Futa Ghost floated up into the air and then shot down into her. She jolted. The feeling was like being suddenly dunked into a bath full of icy cold water. She sat bolt upright. Nothing felt any different, except there was a light tingling all over her body for a few seconds. Once that passed it was as if nothing had happened.

"I told you," Warei's voice said inside her head. "Most of the time you will forget I am here. Now, I have a gift for you. Stand up and turn the light on, then stand before the mirror."

Carla did as she was told, wondering what this gift could be. The tingling sensation returned, stronger this time. At first nothing happened but slowly she began to notice things changing. First of all her stomach got flatter, the excess fat she had always carried disappearing before her very eyes. Then her waist narrowed, not to the point of appearing too skinny, but just giving her the hourglass figure she had always dreamed of. Carla held her breath, watching in awe as the body she had always wanted began to take shape on her previously average figure. Next to get the attention was her chest. They filled out while still remaining in perfect proportion. They kept growing until they became a healthy 34E size with small, pert nipples. She slowly raised her hands and cupped her magnificent new breasts. They felt firm, but also pliable under her fingers. She tweaked her nipples and they immediately hardened. The tingling continued and she did a quick half-turn in time to see her butt filling out too. Where once it had been flat and unattractive, now it stuck out pleasingly, definitely on the right side of the line dividing "big" and "fat". She jumped and was pleased to see the way it bounced.

"Do you like my present?" Warei inquired.

"Oh, I do!" Carla couldn't prevent the smile spreading across her face. That was when she noticed the changes that had come to her face. It was still undeniably hers, but now it was framed in lustrous brown hair and there was a sparkle to her blue eyes. She leant in close, admiring her reflection for the first time she could remember. "I'm beautiful," she said. "I'm ... desirable."

"Yes, you are certainly that."

"But ... what am I going to tell everyone when they ask me how this happened? They won't believe the truth!"

"Before you go out into the public, we will make changes to your wardrobe," Warei said. "Then all you have to do is convince people you have always had this body, but a new change in attitude has encouraged you to show it off more. Trust me, people will believe it because it is easier to believe than thinking you have had your body altered by a Futa Ghost."

Carla returned to her bed and laid down. She closed her eyes and let her fingers explore her new body. It felt as though all her nerves were afire. The lightest touch set them tingling. She admired the silky smoothness of her thighs, her toned belly, her wonderfully sensitive nipples. Those she pinched and tugged at until they stuck out as much as they could. She was getting wet between the legs again but before she touch herself there Warei spoke again.

"There is something else I have for you, too. Try not to be too shocked."

Carla's eyes opened when she felt a weird sensation between her legs. There was something growing down there! Her eyes widened in horror as a fleshy appendage began to sprout. It kept growing inch by inch until she began to wonder if it would ever stop. It was - there was no other way of saying it - a cock. She had grown a huge penis! She guessed it to be about fourteen inches long, and as thick around as her wrist. It appeared to grow out of her just above her pussy. Panicking more than a little, she felt down there until she was relieved to find she still had a vagina. But as soon as she touched it, her cock twitched. She yanked her hands back.

"Why are you so surprised?" Warei asked. "Did you not read the book before summoning me?"

"Not-not all of it, obviously," Carla said faintly. She stared at her new member. Once, a few months ago, her father had allowed her to stay over at her friends' house for a sleepover. Stacey and Alice had been excited and put on what they called a naughty video to educate her. It showed a woman being fucked by a black guy with a big dick. Both her friends had cooed over the size of the penis. Lacking anything to measure it by, Carla guessed that it must have been far bigger than the average. Well, what she had between her legs now put that man to shame. And something else was happening too. From her position, she could look down between her breasts to see the cock resting against her thigh. She couldn't deny it - the sight was quite exciting to her. Even as she thought it, her cock twitched again and began to rise until it stood right out from her body.

"Why did it do that?" she exclaimed.

"I take it you are a virgin," Warei said. "Don't panic about it. Believe me, it is perfectly normal. Why don't you touch it? You might like it."

Her hands shaking, Carla did as suggested. She wrapped her small hands around the shaft and gently started stroking it up and down. The pleasure was undeniable. Before she knew what she was doing she started working her hands faster and faster until a few seconds later, her cock jerked and sent a fountain of white liquid shooting up into the air, followed by another and another. It landed on her body, her face, her bed. Some even went in her mouth and she hurriedly spat it back out again. But her cock kept on shooting. Six, seven, eight spurts until finally it was done. By then, her thighs, her belly, her tits and her face were all coated with semen. She collapsed back on the bed, her breath coming in harsh gasps. The feeling was unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

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