tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuta Ghosts Ch. 02

Futa Ghosts Ch. 02


Note: You will need to read Chapter One to get a full picture of the story.


Chapter Two - The Second Summoning

After the episode with Miss Jones, Carla was careful not to abuse her powers again for a while. Warei didn't understand why, even when Carla explained that it just felt wrong. There were so many occasions where she could have taken advantage but she held herself back. She didn't want to turn into some sex-mad creature. So even when the gorgeous Paula dropped her purse and bent over right in front of her, Carla quickly looked away and distracted herself instead of staring at that gorgeous butt wiggling in front of her.

She was proven right in her caution a few days later at home. She had been sitting at home minding her own business when Amy walked in wearing just a towel - one that barely covered her butt. She passed in front of Carla nattering away about something or other, but Carla could not remember a word she said. All she could think about was how hot her sister looked and that maybe she could catch a tantalising glimpse of her pussy. Before she knew what was happening, Warei had seized control, making her cock come out, and advanced on Amy. It took all of Carla's willpower to take back over just before she reached out and grabbed her sister. She hurried away, leaving a thoroughly confused Amy wondering what she had said wrong.

"Why did you stop me again?" Warei complained. "We could have had some fun!"

"She is my sister!" Carla said furiously.

"So? ... Ah, I do remember something about this from a long time ago. You humans don't have sex with members of your own family, correct?"

"Yes! That's correct!" Her face was red with embarrassment. All she could think about was, what if Amy had turned round at the wrong time? What would she have thought?

"All these rules you have around sex are so restrictive," Warei said. "You need to learn that they no longer apply to you, not now that I am here."

"That's not true. You might not care, but I do! I do not want to fuck my own sister."

"So why is your pussy so wet?"

Though it didn't seem possible, the Futa Ghost was telling the truth. Carla could feel the moisture between her legs. Every time she closed her eyes, all she could see was Amy in that towel ... and then the towel falls to the floor and her sister stands before her in all her naked glory.

"You see it makes sense," Warei crooned. "You need release before all this tension inside you build up and up until you explode. It is not healthy, going a whole week without fucking someone. Your aura will grow weaker the longer you leave it. You should fuck someone today."

She didn't want to admit it, but Carla could sense she was right. It had grown harder and harder ignoring all the temptation around her. She would have to do something about it. But not, definitely not, with Amy. "Fine," she said. "I'll find someone at school. But it has to be discreet, all right? I don't want the whole school knowing what I have become."

"No, that would be bad," Warei allowed. "Very well, you choose who and when and where. I'll just make sure they're agreeable."

Carla dressed quickly in her new-look uniform. It had been terribly difficult hiding it from her parents, but the use of a long coat and insisting on doing her own laundry just about did it. Still, she did not want to alter her behaviour too much or they would be bound to notice. She had to take things steadily. At least on this point she and Warei were in agreement.

Having the Futa Ghost inside her still felt a little weird, but not nearly as bad as at the start. For the most part Warei was a silent passenger, just asking the odd question about aspects of human culture. She seemed fascinated in everything around her, though that was hardly surprising considering she had spent hundreds of years in Hell. Carla tried not to think about that. She didn't like the idea of aiding a demon, but Warei consistently claimed that it was an injustice, her kind being banished as they were. She assured her that all she wanted was a bit of freedom and Carla believed her.

The only downside to Warei's presence was her increased libido. Before the ghost came into her life she barely thought about sex, even though all her school friends talked about it all the time. To her it was just another aspect of life that she didn't experience due to her religious upbringing, and it was an aspect that she didn't really miss. But now she saw the potential for sex in just about anything. Every student and teacher at school became a potential partner, even some of the uglier ones. Each day when she got home she went into the shower and masturbated until she painted the wall with her cum but it made little difference. Warei's sex drive seemed to be without end.

Perhaps if I let her have her way again, she will let me be for a while, Carla reasoned. Today will be the day.


It was history again. Miss Jones lectured in her usual way, showing absolutely no sign that she remembered her tryst with Carla. She treated her exactly the same as she did before. Carla did her best to pay attention but it was difficult. There was an itch between her legs and she knew her cock wanted to come out. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and fought to keep control. Her plight wasn't helped by the fact that she had an unobstructed view of Paula again. She wore her usual short skirt and today she had tied her plain white shirt up in a knot beneath her breasts, leaving her belly exposed. There was a lot of exposed flesh with her today and Carla found her eyes drawn to her again and again.

Somehow she made it through to the end of the lesson and the end of the day without exploding. She almost ran out of the classroom and to one of the toilets. She locked herself in the cubicle and tried to think about what to do.

"It's obvious," Warei said. "You like her and, believe me, she is going to like you. You have good taste, Carla - she will be an excellent catch."

Carla steeled herself for what she had to do. It was so unlike anything she had done before, she didn't know if she had it in her. But she had a Futa Ghost in her instead, so she figured that would work just as well.

"Now you get the idea!" Warei laughed. It was such a happy, carefree laugh that Carla felt the nervousness drain from her. She was bound to succeed, with this ghost with her.

She walked out of the school, confident that Paula would not have left yet. She never went straight away. She soon found her standing in the middle of the playing field with six of her friends. Carla balked at the sight of the group but Warei silently urged her on and reminded her of what she could do. So Carla put a smile on her face and strode over like there was nothing unusual about it at all.

The girls watched her coming with a mixture of curiosity and distaste. People like her never approached people like them, not unless they had been summoned. They sneered at her. One of them said something in a low voice that made the rest of them laugh. But Carla ignored them. She had eyes only for Paula. Her target looked confused and then nervous when she realised she was the focus of Carla's attention. But when she got close enough, Warei sent out her aura and suddenly all the girls went quiet. They looked at her with something like adoration on their faces, even Paula.

Carla stopped and opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly she couldn't find the words. She didn't think she had it in her to be as forward as she needed to be in this situation. With an impatient sigh, Warei took over.

"Paula, can I have a word with you a minute?" she asked in a gentle, seductive voice.

She expected an outright refusal, despite everything that had happened to her recently, so she was surprised when Paula responded with an eager nod and immediately set off with her. The rest of her group remained behind, staring jealously after them.

Carla led her back to the toilets, empty at this time of day as the other students had gone home. As soon as the door closed behind them, Warei stripped off. Paula's eyes went as big as saucers when she saw the enormous cock dangling between Carla's legs.

"So you like it?" Warei inquired. She flicked her hips to send it swinging from side to side. Paula watched it as if hypnotised. "Let me see you now."

The other girl slowly undid her shirt and let it slide to the floor, soon followed by her bra. She had small tits, but with very prominent nipples. She had an even tan all over her body. Warei's cock hardened until it was almost painful. She bade Paula remove her underwear then. She reached under her skirt and pulled down the tiniest white thong Carla had ever seen. There was barely enough material to cover her pussy lips. The fabric must have been pressed tight against her all day long. The thought made her cock twitch, and again when she saw how wet the panties were.

Carla didn't hesitate any longer. She strode forward and locked lips with the object of her desire. Paula returned the kiss passionately. Their hands explored each other's bodies. Carla groped at the other girl's round butt, marvelled at its soft flesh. She dug her fingers in until she was sure it must hurt, but Paula never uttered a single word of complaint - she was too busy tugging furiously at the huge cock that was pressed between them.

They broke off the kiss together, both of them panting hard. Without having to be asked, Paula turned around and bent over one of the sinks, her legs spread wide to give Carla an unobstructed view of her dripping wet snatch. Carla pressed the head of her cock against it and her lover gasped, shuddering, like she was already orgasming. She squealed when the first two inches slid inside of her. Her pussy was tight, and warm, and soaking. Carla took it slowly, allowing herself to savour every sensation of finally being with the girl she had lusted after ever since the beginning of the school year, when Paula transferred here. Another two inches went inside, then another two.

"Oh God!" Paula cried and she came so hard she had to grip onto the sink to stop herself from sliding to the floor. Carla had a great view of her face in the mirror as she bit her lip and rode the blissful feeling.

But Carla didn't let her pause for rest. She kept on sliding deeper and deeper into her until eventually her entire length was sheathed in her lover's body. She pushed her tiny skirt up so she had a full view of Paula's ass. There were still red marks there where she had pressed her fingers in. A sudden urge took hold of her and she brought her hand down hard on her right butt cheek. Paula cried out again in a mix of pleasure and pain. Spurred on, Carla did it again on her left buttock.

"Oh yes, do it again!"

Carla was happy to oblige. She spanked Paula over and over until her whole bare ass went red. At the same time she started moving her cock, sliding it out and back in, slowly at first and then with more vigour. Part of her worried that she was going to hurt her, maybe even cause some serious damage, but Warei whispered reassurances to her that that would never happen. She said that as well as altering the way Carla herself looked, she could also make subtle changes to her sexual partners to ensure that no harm would come to them. It was the least she could do, she said, for the service they provided.

And Paula certainly showed no sign of being in pain. She kept encouraging Carla to go harder, to fuck her deeper, to spank her more. Carla withdrew until only the head of her cock was encased in Paula's cunt. She leant forward, wrapped her arms about the other woman and plunged her cock in to the hilt in one brutal movement. Paula screamed so loud it seemed the whole town must have heard her as she reached another orgasm. Her pussy clenched hard around the cock and that was enough to send Carla over the edge too. She arched her back as the first stream of cum erupted from her.

It burst forth from her in a constant jet, emptying into Paula's belly. She groaned, fell forward against the sink so Carla had to catch her to make sure she didn't hurt herself. The semen kept on coming, even more than she produced when she face fucked Miss Jones. She pulled back a bit, so some of the cum could leak out around her shaft and drip onto the floor.

When she was finally done, Carla withdrew her cock completely. It slipped out of the pussy with a wet sound, followed by a stream of cum splattering onto the floor. Without Carla to hold her, Paula limply sank down until she was sitting in the pool of cum. She still shuddered with the after-effects of her last orgasm. She lay back, her arms above her head, her legs spread carelessly. Semen still seeped from her snatch, joining the growing puddle beneath her.

Carla took a step back and stared at the scene. Here was the hottest woman in the school, virtually naked on the bathroom floor, her pussy gaping open and a pool of semen all around her. And she had never looked happier. She realised she was stroking her cock, and that it was still hard. She knew that if she wanted, she could cum again and completely douse Paula in her fluid. She was half tempted to do so and Warei wasn't slow to urge her on, but she held herself back. Paula would have a hard enough time getting home without any awkward questions as it was - not to mention how the cleaners would react when they saw the mess.

"Stop thinking of practicalities all the time," Warei scolded her. "Just have some fun."

But Carla shook her head. "No," she said in her head. "It wouldn't be fair."

Instead she gathered up her clothes and quickly put them back on, pausing only to make sure she was completely covered. She sent her cock back into hiding and left th bathroom. She felt weak, shaky, but elated at the same time. She still couldn't quite believe what she had done. I want to do it again, she realised, a grin spreading across her face. She quickly smothered it and replaced it with a frown.

"Warei, you could have hurt her," she said. "I know what you said about adapting her body, but you were so rough with her."

"Me?" the Futa Ghost replied in an amused tone. "That had nothing to do with me."

"What do you mean?"

"I stopped influencing matters the moment Paula took her clothes off. The rest of that was you."

Carla stopped so suddenly that a teacher nearly walked into her. She warned Carla to watch what she was doing, but she barely heard her. Instead her mind raced back to her encounter with Paula. Suddenly it seemed so clear. It had all felt different to her time with Miss Jones. Back then, it had been like she was a spectator, a voyeur. But with Paula ... She put a hand to her mouth in shock. Warei was telling the truth. It had been Carla who fucked her friend so hard, Carla who spanked her again and again. It was all her.

"You are learning," Warei told her. "I knew there was a nymphomaniac inside you waiting to come out and I was right."

"You made these changes in me?"

"Not quite. This potential was always within you. I just gave you the confidence to release it. This is the real you, Carla. Embrace it."

She did.


Over the next few weeks, Carla took every opportunity she could get to fuck Paula. Whether it was between lessons or after school, she always found time for at least a blowjob with her. And Paula never said no. Whatever she was doing at the time, as soon as Carla came along she dropped everything to go with her. They fucked in the toilets, in empty classrooms and once even in the headmistress's room. Paula was suggesting something new and Carla happily followed her lead. But as soon as her cock slid out from hiding the roles reversed, and it was Carla who took control.

It wasn't long before rumours started doing the rounds about them. Everyone was convinced they were lovers, and they all wondered what Paula was doing with a nerd like Carla, even one that had suddenly bloomed and showed signs of being a very attractive woman. As her confidence grew, Carla's modesty shrank. She cut her skirt even shorter and made sure that two or three of the buttons of her shirt were undone at all times. She even went to one of the lingerie stores in town and with Paula's help, picked out a selection of tiny thongs and lacy panties. At home she had to hide them under her old, sensible underwear, but at school she felt like a new woman. Still, she didn't like these rumours about her and Paula, even if they were true. It didn't seem fair to her new friend that everyone talked about their relationship when they knew nothing about it. So they began to cultivate a friendship in public and Carla was brought into Paula's closest circle of friends. They acted normally around one another in public and soon the rumours died down again, though they were still cast the odd curious look when they snuck off together.

Her only concern was her father. As well as being the town's senior priest, he also worked at the school, advising the girls on their spiritual well-being and helping them to become better human beings. Supposedly. That was what he claimed to be doing, but Carla couldn't help but notice that he never said anything about the skimpy clothes some of the schoolgirls wore. She always thought that he must raise it in private with the headmistress, but nothing was ever done and he never mentioned it at home to his wife. Carla always considered it unfair that he didn't seem to mind what these other girls wore, and yet he was always so strict with her.

So when she saw James at school while she wore her tiny skirt and had her shirt half-unbuttoned, she tried to hide from him. But it was no good. He saw her and for a moment he just stared at her in shock. She cringed, expecting a dressing down right in front of her new friends. But instead he simply spun on his heel and walked away. Because of that scare, Carla kept herself covered up for the rest of the day despite knowing it was all too late. When she got home that night she was braced for what was inevitably to come. She crept in quiet as a mouse to find James and Ava sat at the kitchen table, both deep in reading. She stopped in front of them, desperately trying to think of what to say.

Ava looked up at her with a smile on her face. "Hello, love. Did you have a good day?"

Carla hesitated, glanced at her father. Could it be that he hadn't told her? She wore her long coat again to hide her short skirt so her mother couldn't see it, but she was sure she must have known. James just sat there with a placid smile on his face, a look she could never remember seeing on him before. She stammered out a response to her mother's query and then both her parents returned to their reading. Thoroughly confused, Carla headed for her bedroom.

"Did you do something to my father?" she asked silently.

"No," Warei said. "Why would I?"

"Then why hasn't he done anything? Or is he lulling me into a false sense of security?" Somehow the lack of a punishment put her more on edge than if he had spanked her again.

But nothing happened to her. It was as if her father just didn't care that she was wearing such scandalous clothes. As an experiment, she ditched her coat one day and headed down to breakfast in her new uniform. James didn't even bat an eyelid. Ava was rather more shocked but seeing her husband give no reaction, she bit her tongue and contented herself with disapproving looks. All this gave Carla even more confidence and she became more and more sure that this relationship with Warei was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

A short time later, about eight weeks since Carla summoned her new guest, she realised that her Futa Ghost was in rather a pensive mood. This was unusual, especially as they had only finished fucking Paula ten minutes ago. Carla waited until they were in the privacy of her bedroom before broaching the subject.

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