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Futa Ghosts Ch.10


Author's Note: So this is it, the final chapter(s). Thank you for all the support along the way and I hope I have provided a satisfactory conclusion. It's been great fun writing this series and I am glad that so many of you have enjoyed it too.

Chapter 10 -- The Showdown

All the women in the world, enslaved. The girl children trained to be fuck slaves as well. As for the men and boys, they would probably be disposed of. What need would there be for them, after all?

That was the future Carla envisaged if they failed. If they didn't find a way to defeat Shemalias and send her back to Hell. By the time anyone else took their threat seriously, they would have hundreds, maybe thousands, of slaves willing to die for them.

But before all that she had to get away from her own sister.

So Carla ran through the woods behind the hotel, her father and mother close behind. Carla wanted them to go faster but Ava still didn't seem to grasp why they had to run at all when it was her own daughter behind them. She had to keep stopping to chivvy her mother along. To make matters worse, as they fled the hotel she was sure she heard a shout from behind them. One of the girls getting off the bus must have seen them go. By now all of them would be chasing.

She assumed all those schoolgirls were under Shemalias' thrall, as was the rest of the school. And the rest would bring their parents to school so that the queen could dominate them as well. Then they would bring their friends and their family, and so it would go on. And the worst of it was, part of Carla yearned to be back in the fold, the pet of Shemalias with her giant cocks. Her pussy twitched just at the thought of them. It had felt so good with her. When she was getting fucked by the demon hardly anything else mattered; it had taken all her mental strength to retain the wherewithal to escape when the chance arose.

"I can't go on!"

Carla halted at the gasp from behind her. James was beside her; inevitably it was her mother who was struggling. She leant against a tree, her face looking a shade of grey.

"Mum, are you OK?" Carla asked in concern.

"I just need a moment to catch my breath," Ava said.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have time." She took her mother's arm. "We have to keep going."

She helped her onwards but a few seconds later, as they entered a large clearing, Ava pulled herself free of her grip.

"Something's not right with me," she said, her hands on her knees. "I don't feel well."

James stared at her. "You're pregnant, aren't you?" he demanded.

Ava shook her head. "That's impossible. I have never been unfaithful to you!"

"We don't have time for this now!" Carla cried. "Please, both of you, let's go!"

"No," Ava said. "Let's have this out now. James, do you really think I have cheated on you?"

"I would like to think not, but I've seen the way you are and it's exactly the same as when you had Amy and again with Carla."

"Maybe it's food poisoning," Carla suggested hopelessly. She glanced back into the trees. No movement yet, but that could not last for long.

As if her thoughts had summoned them, she heard a branch cracking behind her and spun to see three women in school uniform step out. Two more came from each side. Then came Amy herself with another girl to cut off the last escape route.

"Amy," Ava gasped. "Thank God you're here! You need to talk some sense into your sister?"

Carla looked at her mum incredulously. Denial was one thing, but couldn't she sense how wrong everything about this was?

"Why?" Amy asked. "What has she been saying?"

"All sorts of madness about demons and monster penises and mind control!"

"Oh, that. Mum, I'm sorry but it's all true. We summoned some demons called Futa Ghosts through to this world and they inhabited our bodies. They gave us penises ... like this one." She lifted up her skirt to reveal a twelve-inch shaft dangling between her legs.

"Oh my God!" Ava put her hands to her mouth in horror. James seemed transfixed by the sight.

"I know it's a shock," Amy continued, "but really, this has made me a better person. I can be who and what I want. If I don't want a cock, why, I can make it disappear." Her penis slid back up into her body, leaving not a sign that it was ever there. "You see? This, everything we've done, has no drawbacks at all."

"That's not true!" Carla cried as the students started to close in. "We unleashed an evil demon on the world, Amy! She's--"

"She just wanted to be free. Isn't that something everyone yearns for? And we all will be free if we help her win. No more incompetent governments, no more fallible royals!"

"No, just an unelected mad queen to rule us for all eternity!" Carla shot back.

"She isn't like that! I thought you would see things differently, sis, I really did. You were the one who started all this. You brought Warei through."

"Warei ... what happened to her?"

"What do you think happened? She was a traitor, so Shemalias sent her back to Hell."

"A traitor, for helping me. So then what am I? What do you think Shemalias will do with me?" For the first time, she saw doubt creep into her sister's face. She pressed on. "She can't send me to Hell like with Warei. She will keep things simple and just slaughter me on the spot. Or keep me tied up to be her plaything until my body eventually gives up. Is that what you want for me?"

"N-no, of course not," Amy stammered. "Shemalias wouldn't do that. She knows you just made a mistake -- she'll forgive you."

"Do you truly believe that?"

Her sister nodded.

"That's rubbish!" James exclaimed suddenly. "If everything Carla's told us about this demon is true, she does not sound the forgiving type. I won't let you take your sister into danger."

"What she's said can't be true," Amy said. "Shemalias is good, she is caring--"

"If she's good, why was she in Hell?" Carla demanded. "Oh, I know Warei and the others told us it was a misunderstanding, or a grave wrong done to them, but I think they were lying. Shemalias was in Hell because she is a demon, one that wants to take over the world."

"No, that's not true--"

"I'm afraid it is."

They all turned to see a group of newcomers standing at the edge of the clearing. By the similarities in their faces, Carla took them to be a mother and her three children. One of them, she realised with a start, was the receptionist from the hotel.

"Who are you?" Amy asked.

The mother smiled. "I'm disappointed you don't recognise me, Carla," she said, "even if I am in a new body."

Carla frowned, then her eyes widened. "Warei?" she said in sudden realisation.

"That is right. It is me."

"That's impossible!" Amy cried. "I saw Shemalias send you to Hell!"

"True, so I came back as a Futa Ghost with Amber's help. There was no way I could stay there, not after experiencing the joys of this world. And I had to ... to ..." She glanced at Carla. "I had to prove my loyalty to my queen. If I could bring the runaway back, it would show her how much I love her."

"But you helped me escape in the first place," Carla pointed out dazedly. Everything was becoming too much for her. "Why would you do that only to take me straight back?"

"A moment of weakness," Warei said. "I--"

"Not weakness," a new voice said. Ava stepped forward. She still looked scared, but there was now a determination to her as well. "You saved my daughter from whatever that Shemalias thing is. I understand that urge. You wanted to help her because you love her; I can hear it in your voice."

"Nonsense! A Futa cannot love a human! We use them to get what we want, then move on."

But Carla could see the uncertainty in her face.

"You do love her," Ava said. "You should stop lying to yourself and--"

"Speaking of lying," Warei interrupted, "Carla, have you told your mother yet about how she became pregnant?"

Ava stopped, her mouth going wide with shock. "How did ...?"

"Please don't," Carla said. "Warei ..."

But the Futa Ghost was relentless. "Ava, both your daughters fucked you, together, while they had Kalei and I inside them. If memory serves me correctly, it was Carla and I who came inside your vagina so we are, technically, the fathers."

Ava glanced at her daughters and saw the confirmation writ on their guilty faces. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she collapsed, caught at the last moment by her husband who helped her gently to the ground. He stared up at Carla.

"Please tell me that isn't true," he said. "Please say you did not impregnate your own mother!"

"I ... I ..."

"It was a mistake," Amy said. "We got carried away with our new powers and Mum caught us together. We had to wipe her memory." She shrugged. "It shouldn't have happened but it did. What matters is what happens next."

"What happens next is obvious!" James snapped. "We get out of here and we burn that school to the ground with all those evil demons inside!"

Warei laughed. "Do you really think you could do that?"

"It's madness!" Amy exclaimed. "We should be helping Shemalias."

Carla turned on her. "Are you really that naïve? You heard what she said in that cellar -- she wants to take over the world! She might keep some humans as pets like she did with me, but what about the rest? What about the men? She won't have any use for them, will she? They will be slaves or just killed off! Do you really want to be a part of that?"

"That's not true. She wouldn't--"

"You know she would."

"Listen to your sister, Amy," James said. "We have to stop them before they do untold damage."

"Dad's right. Please, Amy, listen to us."

Amy looked from one to the other. Her mouth moved but nothing came out of it.

"I don't want everyone to be killed," one of the schoolgirls said quietly.

"Hush, Zoe," Amy said distractedly. "They're messing with our minds."

"I am afraid not," Warei said. "Everything Carla and James are saying is true. Our mistress wants to rule the world. She wants the humans to worship her as a goddess, as she deserves. Any who resist her must of course be punished, as I was. What else do you expect?"

"But she could be a force for good! She has brought so much joy into my life, and the other Futanari! And what about these girls?" She gestured to her students. "Think what she has done for them."

"She hasn't done anything," Zoe said, looking worshipfully at Amy. "It's all you. We love you, don't we, girls?"

A choruses of yeses followed that.

"Please, Amy," Carla said. "Come back to me. You have to see the truth now."

Tears welled up in Amy's eyes and for a moment Carla thought she was going to carry on resisting, but then she broke down and enveloped her sister in a hug.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" she cried. "I believed in her."

"I know," Carla said soothingly. "We all did. But now we have to stop her."

"And how do you propose to do that?" Warei asked. "I am not going to allow any of you to leave here. The only reason I do not have you all under my influence already is that I hoped to change your mind without it, Carla."

"We can stop you," James said, standing up. He jabbed a finger at Warei. "We have a plan to stop you and your evil mistress. Nothing you say will stop it from happening!"

"That's right," Carla said. "We won't stop, Warei, not until we've stopped Shemalias. It's not too late for you to join us, though. I ... I love you, Warei."

The Futa Ghost stared at her uncertainly, but then she shook her head. "You will not influence me that easily. I wonder, have you ever stopped to ask why your father had that book on summoning in the first place? Or why he suddenly stopped locking his study door and left the book conveniently placed for someone to find?"

"What are you talking about?" Carla demanded.

James turned to face her. "Don't listen to her, girl. She is just trying to turn us against each other."

"He wanted you to read that book, Carla," Warei said. "You or your sister, anyway. He wanted to bring Futa Ghosts into the world because he was fascinated by them. Is that not right, James? My mistress knew your mind a long time ago; it wasn't difficult to guess that you would be the one to help set us free."

Carla stared at her dad. "Is this true?" she asked quietly, but she could tell by the look on his face that it was. "Why, Dad? Why did you do this to us?"

He closed his eyes. "Does it matter now? Surely all that's important right now is that we stop this from going any further. We've all made mistakes -- the time for recriminations is when Shemalias is back in Hell where she belongs!"

"Dad's right," Amy piped up. "What do we do next?"

"You all come with me," Warei said.

Carla could feel the Futa Ghost's influence building, pressing around them. James opened his eyes, a serene smile on his face. The schoolgirls too relaxed as they fell before her power. Only Amy seemed unaffected, but she looked panicked as she realised what was happening.

"Please just wait!" Carla cried. "Warei, listen to me! When you first came to me, you said you wanted to see this world through my eyes! And when you did, you fell in love with the place. Didn't you?"

Warei hesitated, then slowly nodded.

"You have constantly told me how you love humans and the things we do, the imagination we show. Well, what will happen to all that if we're killed or turned into slaves? Earth will be ruined, Warei, and you know that!"

"But ... Shemalias ..."

"Shemalias doesn't care about any of us, not even you! That's why she was so happy to send you back to Hell. We should be free, Warei, free to make our own choices." The Futa Ghost was wavering, she could sense it. She decided to press home her advantage. "And what do you think will happen to me? She won't forgive me for running off -- she's not the type. If she sends you to Hell for helping me, she won't hesitate just to kill me ... or worse. Please, don't send me back to her." She strode forward and took Warei's hand. "Help me."

There was an anguished look on the woman's face. "But ... to help you I would have to betray my people. And then the only way I could survive that is to help you wipe them out."

"Then do it. Tell me, how many of them spoke up for you when you were being punished? I know it's not easy to face, Warei, but you owe them nothing." She put her hands on the woman's face. "I love you. When you were in me, it was the best time of my life."

Warei's face softened. "Mine, too."

"So help me."

"I ... I don't know how."

"Come home, Warei. Leave that body and come back into mine. We can be one again."

Warei smiled. "You truly want me back?"

"I truly do," Carla said. "What have you done with the woman whose body that is? Is she still inside there?"

"Yes. I have boxed her away in a corner of her mind but once I leave, she will come back to her own mind. Though how she will manage with what I have made her do ..." She glanced at her daughters. "It will be tough for them all."

"We can help them." She smiled. "We have plenty of experience of dysfunctional families."

Warei nodded. "Good. I would hate for them to be destroyed by what I have done."

"You see?" Carla said. "I knew you loved the human race. We have a plan to stop Shemalias. My aunt Rebecca works with these terrorists; she knows all about bombs and stuff. We're going to ask her to blow up the school. The only thing we haven't worked out is how to guard their minds against the Futas' influence."

Warei turned to one of her daughters. "I think I may have the answer to that. Evelyn, how much of that marijuana can you get your hands on?"

"Lots. Why?"

"How are drugs going to help?" Carla asked.

"They have a strange effect," Warei explained. "When someone's head is swimming with the stuff, we find it very hard to penetrate and take control. It was only after I had sex with Evelyn and got my sperm inside her that I was able to fully take over. If your aunt knows some people who can set the explosives and deal with the effects of the drug, they will be able to get into the school and do what needs doing."

"So we can really do this," Carla murmured. Suddenly it all felt real. They would be able to do it. She tried to push away the thought that what they were planning was murder. It was necessary to save so many more lives.

"Are we all on the same side now?" Amy asked.

Carla blinked. She had been so involved with Warei she had almost forgotten anyone else was around. "I think so," she replied. "Warei?"

The Futa Ghost nodded. "We are. Thank you, Carla, for reminding me who I am."

"So is it time for you to come home? Do we have to perform some kind of ceremony?"

"No, nothing like that. I can jump straight into you provided you are willing to have me. The big issue is Ellen. She is likely to collapse once I come out of her and then it might take a while for her to come around again."

Carla gestured to the older two daughters. "Be ready to catch her. Warei, what do we have to do?"

She put her hands on either side of Carla's head so their faces were scant inches apart. "Just look into my eyes."

Nothing happened for a moment, then Carla saw the ghostly form of Warei drift out of Ellen's body. She smiled as it came close to her and without warning slipped into her. The two women parted company and staggered backwards. Carla sat down with a heavy thump. She felt a tingling pass all over her body for a few seconds, then nothing.

Warei? she said silently.

"I am here, Carla. I am home."

Carla smiled. I feel whole again. And she did. It was like getting a missing limb back.

She saw that Ellen had been eased to the ground, her daughters fussing over her. She also noticed that they seemed to be more aware of what was going on around them, like Warei's influence had begun to fade from them.

"Carla ..." Amy said hesitantly. She gestured at Ava, who was slowly coming round. "What do we say to her?"

"You could wipe her memory couldn't you, Warei?" Carla asked. "Take away everything she's heard today."

"I could, but I am not sure it would be worth it," the Futa Ghost said. "Once the baby is born, she will have questions again. It will be a Futanari, you see. Better all round if we try to explain things to her now."

Carla relayed Warei's words to Amy and James then added, "So we get back to the hotel, try and calm Mum down and wait for Rebecca, okay? And one other thing. Dad, once this is sorted out I don't want you around anymore. You started all this, everything that's happened is your fault. And what we did in the hotel room ..."

"You came onto me!" he exclaimed, then his hand went to his mouth in horror.

"You didn't," Amy gasped.

"I was desperate," Carla said. "Shemalias did something to me when I was with her. Now I crave sex almost constantly. I had to do it with someone and I knew he would be too weak to resist. And when we were done, he spanked me like none of it was his fault when all along, he was the one who helped to bring the Futa Ghosts into our lives!"

"We can deal with everything else later," Ava said weakly as she stood with Amy's help. "Having seen the damage these Futa monsters can cause in so short a space of time, I think we need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The rest can wait." The look on her face promised that there would be a hell of a lot of "the rest".

Carla nodded. "You're right. Let's do this."


Three months later ...

"The explosion that destroyed the school is still under investigation. Police are refusing to rule out a link with other recent terrorist attacks in the local area, though the circumstances of this one are quite different.

"The police are also refusing to comment on rumours of strange body parts being found at the scene of the explosion, but we have seen men in bio-hazard suits at the site. So far though, there has still just been the one confirmed casualty, a local woman by the name of Amber--"

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