Futa Note


Author's Note: Just to let everyone know, this is a kind of parody of the Death Note franchise, but only in some ways. A word of warning: this contains the following; Futanari, Massive Penis Sizes (upwards of two feet in length), Extreme Cum Inflation, and Mild Corruption)


Carmen Robins sighed once again. The teacher was droning on and on, her tone monotone and clearly without care for her class, since Carmen's fellow students passed notes, giggled, gossiped about people behind their backs or texted with their phones. Carmen was from a poor family, her father having been the main breadwinner before he died sixteen years ago, which was fortunate since Carmen hardly remembered him, making the loss far less painful, however it the same was far from true with her mother. Her thoughts turned to her only parent, concerned for her.

Carmen didn't look forward to the end of the school day. Her mother was employed, however it was a simple job in a convenience store. Naturally the job didn't pay very well, as such Carmen did her part, working part time everyday after school, even so they could barely afford to pay the bills every month. The school, Saint Puella Public School for Girls, was originally meant to be a prestigious academy, only free for any and all students to enter, however it became a dumping ground for rich girls whose parents couldn't care less about what they did. Despite what she was surrounded with, Carmen maintained a high grade point average, almost bordering on a prodigy.

Despite this, she kept a low profile. She stuck to herself most of the time, interacting only when needed to, and speaking out in defence whenever one of the insufferable students tried pick on her. Carmen noticed a glare from across the room and looked away, already plotting how to get away from the other girl, looking out of the window to map out her route. As she looked outside, Carmen saw something far beyond what was considered normal; a notebook... falling from the sky. She furrowed her brow in confusion, but decided to take a look when the bell rang.

The sun was low, a sure sign of winter's approach. Carmen walked across the path of her school, heading in the direction of where she assumed the book had landed, which was confirmed upon seeing it laying in the grass. She walked over to it and crouched down picking it up, examining the strangely smooth cover, despite it having falling from hundreds of feet in the air, unless Carmen had imagined that and someone had simply put it there. She saw the title, written in an off white colour, like an old cream that was going bad, and almost burst out in laughter: Futa Note. Carmen, while from a poor family, had access to the internet through some underhanded means, and she had found herself in the dark side of the web on more than one occasion.

"A notebook of futanari, huh?" She muttered aloud, chuckling under her breath. She opened it to the middle, assuming to find illustrations of various hermaphrodites, possibly a few 'factual' articles about them. However, she was surprised to find that every page was blank, with the exception of a few black pages at the start, with writing on them using the same off white colour. There, she saw a list under the title 'Rules of the Futa Note'. Despite assuming it to be a prank, Carmen still looked at the first supposed rule: Whose name is written in this notebook will become a futanari. She raised an eyebrow at this, before putting it back down.

"What the hell's wrong with some people?" She asked herself as she headed to the school gates, however something gnawed at the back of her mind. I must be going out of my mind, she thought and went back, picking the notebook up and putting it into her bag. Honestly, who would want to be a futanari, she questioned her own mind, thinking of her own unnatural endowment, trapped within her panties, almost uncomfortably so. As she walked back to her home, successfully avoiding the girl from the classroom, Carmen read the other rules. So I can change a person's endowments, to whatever I wish? She thought in amusement.

In her private excursions within the internet, Carmen had read many a story about futanari. In nearly every last one of them, the main character was endowed with a cock at least twelve inches long and balls as big as fists. She didn't envy them, or she wouldn't admit that she did. Carmen had kept to herself throughout most of her life, primarily due to her male organ, although it was barely average sized and easily hidden, with the exception of her testicles, which were bordering on the size of oranges. As their size indicated, Carmen's orgasm far exceeded any man's by several hundred millilitres, not only that but her refractory period was a single minute on a slow day. Her mother was aware of this and always made sure to set aside a bucket for Carmen.

While any other family would view this as odd, especially if they of Carmen's additional equipment, to them it was as normal it came. Thankfully, Carmen was restrained and kept her masturbation sessions to a few times a week. She would happily only do it once a week, however on the one occasion she had been unable to masturbate for a full seven days, her balls had actually inflated, reaching the size of cantaloupes until she came, the orgasms requiring immediate replacement of her bucket several times over. Carmen had been surprised by this, considering the fact that the buckets were several times the size of her balls, and yet they had been filled repeatedly with every orgasm. She had come to the assumption that her body somehow condensed the fluid, or her prostrate was so active she produced cum faster than she could expel it.

Carmen opened the door to her family's small apartment. It was cramped, being only just big enough for her younger sister, Melody, their mother and of course, Carmen herself. She didn't have work that day, having worked over the weekend to get a couple of days off, and in perfect timing, since she wasn't sure she would be able to focus. She greeted her sister, the young launching into an excited exposition of what she had done at school. Carmen listened as she went to the small kitchen, grabbing the orange juice and pouring a glass, smiling as she did so. Melody could be annoying, but most of the time she brought a smile to Carmen's face, mostly because she was always a bundle of positive energy. Surprising considering most kids were brats at the age of eight.

"Hey, Melody. Do you mind if I study alone? I've got a test coming up, so I really need to buckle down." She lied, though to Melody the words sounded perfectly genuine.

"Sure. But when you're done, will you come and play? Mrs. Pepper misses you." Melody asked, clearly already planning what she was going to submit Carmen to. The eighteen year old grinned and nodded, sending Melody on her way, while Carmen went to her own room. Once there she turned on the light, the sun having set not long before she got home. She sat at her desk, one her mother had bought second hand, and it showed. The wood was chipping all over and there were scribbles all over the surface from various kids, though Melody had added her own here and there. Carmen pulled out the futa note and continued her examination of it.

"So if I wrote someone's name in this thing, they'd turn into a futanari like me?" Carmen had long since developed a habit of talking to herself in private, since she had very few people she could talk to, with the exception of Melody. Carmen looked through the rules again, taking mental notes of the power she supposedly now possessed with this in her hands, "Yeah right." She dismissed it, "Probably just a prank, an elaborate one I'll give them that." With that she slid it into the trash bin beside her desk and went to her bed, laying on it and resting her eyes.

As she laid there however, the notebook kept coming to mind. Not just the notebook, but what it could do. Carmen had been afraid to get close to anyone, whether it be as friends or something more, all because of her deformity, though her mother was adamant that she was still beautiful no matter what. Carmen dismissed the notion, thinking back on how she looked and knowing she was mostly average in that department. Her dark blonde hair curled naturally, but often not in the desired fashion, becoming tangled easily if it grew too long, as such Carmen kept the length to her shoulders or shorter. Her nose was slightly too large, though not distractingly so. Above it her sky blue eyes were bright with obvious knowledge, framed by thin lashes. Her mouth was easily her best facial feature, with her full lips and naturally glossy look. Fortunately her skin was mostly clear of acne, but it was still there.

Her body was an average height of five foot eight, with a slender figure. Her breasts were B cups bordering on C cups, while her waist was only slightly slimmer than the rest of her torso, barely accentuating her hips, though even if she had a Barbie doll's waist, it wouldn't help. Her butt had only the slightest amount of padding to it, though it was shaped well. Carmen did have nice legs, even she didn't deny herself that. She made a point of walking everywhere, though mostly because it was free, as such her legs were toned. Carmen was also thankful that her body lacked any hair, leaving her lightly tanned skin bare. To Carmen, she was far from ugly, but also miles away from societies notion of beauty.

Her mind went back to the notebook. She recalled a rule that gave her complete freedom over the transformations, so long as she wrote what she wanted within six minutes and forty seconds. An odd number, she thought, but then again nothing about this was normal. Carmen was almost tempted to test it on herself, however she wasn't sure if the effects were reversible, assuming the book worked. The day was Tuesday, meaning she had three more days of school as well, rumours would spread like wildfire if she turned up with the figure a pornstar would be jealous of. If I ever do use it on myself, her mind began, then I need to know what else it can do.

Almost as if she were in a dream, Carmen lifted the book from her trash bag. She opened the first page and thought of who would be a fitting test subject, her mind running through every girl in her year, since she was more likely to see them. As she pondered her first victim, Carmen went over the rules once again, finding that the specifications of the transformation were very brief and generalised; could she control their thought process through this as well? She came to a conclusion on her victim; a rich girl called Dakota Weiss. She was one of the most popular girls in school, and in the top ten richest at that.

As Carmen was about to put pen to paper, she hesitated. Was she really going to do this? The notebook was probably a fake, but if it wasn't, did she really have the right to do this to another human, admittedly one that didn't seem likely to benefit society in any way conceivable, but still a human being. Carmen shook her head and decided that the notebook was definitely a prank, she was just doing as a way to vent out some rage. With those thoughts in mind, she began writing, speaking her words as she did so.

"Dakota Weiss. Dick size; fourteen inches, girth; eight inches," Carmen knew it would look strange, but again, she was certain this was all a prank, "Cum production; fifty litres, ball size; nine inches in diameter. Further specifications: her cock will have thick vines, each as big as her fingers. She will have two separate prostrates in the usual place, both will be twice as big and productive than normal. She will transfer all the money in her bank account to Alicia Robins'. She will be afraid and embarrassed by the new growth, but will still go to school. When she sees Carmen Robins show her the middle finger, she will go to the restroom and wait. The next time she sees Carmen Robins she will strip off all of her clothes and obey any instructions Carmen gives her. When Carmen leaves she will remember nothing and redress. Dakota will not question what has happened after that."

Carmen was almost tempted to laugh. Why was she playing along with such a stupid joke? Although, it felt good to write something like this down, hell, it might spontaneously come true. Carmen closed the notebook and went to play with her sister, a part of her feeling satisfied, while another was eager for tomorrow to come. She played with Melody until the young girl was clearly about to pass out, as such Carmen tucked her in and put away the various toys strewn about. Their mother, Alicia, was adamant about giving Melody a happy childhood, even if it meant she had to play with hand downs or second hand toys. Carmen supported this, since Melody was easily the most positive member of the family, immediate or otherwise.

The next morning, Carmen walked through the school gates. She kept her eyes open for Dakota, knowing the girl would be in seclusion for fear of being discovered. Carmen spotted fairly easily, seeing the girl sitting on the steps leading into the main building. She was wearing loose pants, easily several sizes too big for her, the hems rolled up while a belt kept from falling. She was trembling, clearly paranoid about someone seeing her new growth. Carmen was surprised by this, having most expected the book to have been a prank, but... no, she thought, and decided she needed one last test. Walking beside the lone girl, Carmen gave her the middle finger then, almost as if Carmen were a master hypnotist, Dakota's eyes went wide and she stood, heading into the building. Carmen followed and saw the girl going to the restrooms.

"There's no fucking way." She whispered to herself. The bell was several minutes away from ringing, as such Carmen followed Dakota, joining her in the restroom. She saw the stall at the end closing and made her way to it, opening the door and seeing Dakota sitting on the toilet, her legs spread apart for comfort while her hands hung at her sides. The popular girl's eyes saw Carmen and she began to move, almost as if she were a robot, systematically removing her clothing. First the shirt, then her bra, revealing her D cups to Carmen who unconsciously licked her lips at the sight. Dakota stood and undid the belt, letting her pants fall to the floor.

Carmen almost jumped in surprise. Bulging very clearly through Dakota's panties, was a cock that outmatched her erection, and it was flaccid. Beneath it were her balls, so large that they couldn't be contained by the mismatched underwear. Dakota then pulled them down, letting her massive cock sway free.

"It works... it actually works." Carmen gasped in surprise, she remembered what she had also written in the notebook, "Sit down on the toilet." She ordered. Dakota did as she was told without question, her face remained expressionless, though Carmen assumed this to be the Futa Note's doing. Speaking of which, she thought and opened her bag, pulling out the note book, now was the time for another test. She repeated the earlier entry, but altered Dakota's cock size to three feet in length, adding that her body would be able to supply the blood needed without issue. Forty seconds later, Dakota let out a silent gasp of obvious pleasure, as her cock grew erect, reaching the previously entered fourteen inches, only to keep growing from there. Carmen stepped away in pleasured surprise, a smile spreading across her face.

She erased the new entry and watched as the cock shrunk back down forty seconds later. I can change anyone as I see fit, then change them again, she thought excitedly. Carmen was about to erase the first entry, however she looked at Dakota, whose face was flushed, her mouth slightly open and her eyes filled with lust, however she didn't act upon it.

"I didn't write that she would wait for me to order her, however that was a mistake on my part. So, the notebook works on logic as well, or perhaps it senses the intent of the user and corrects the entry accordingly?" Carmen shrugged and left. Dakota would animate as soon as she was out of sight, however, considering the obvious state of arousal she was in, Carmen doubted the girl would be going anywhere in the immediate future.

The natural born futanari couldn't help but look around her classroom. Every girl she let her gaze fall upon became a prospective victim in her eyes, her mind conjuring their naked bodies with foot long dicks and balls the size of oranges, cumming with every little stroke. Carmen shook the thoughts from her mind, feeling her own dick growing erect, creating a small, but still visible bulge in her pants. Using all of her control, she forced all erotic thoughts from her mind, sighing as her penis returned to its flaccid state. In an effort to avoid any further erections, at least until she was home and able to masturbate in private, Carmen looked out of the window, thinking that she had been doing the same thing when she first saw the notebook. Like before, she saw something far from normal.

Her eyes went wide as a shadowy figure actually flew past the window. Carmen looked around, trying to determine if it had been her imagination, or if others had seen it. By the way her classmates continued to chat, it was her imagination, at least until she looked out again and saw the figure fly by, a feather trailing behind it. Through an unseen force, the window opened and the feather blew into the room, landing on Carmen's desk. Someone whined about how bad the windows were and closed it. They definitely didn't see anything, not even this feather, Carmen thought as she picked it up.

It was black. Not an ordinary black, one so dark and deep that it almost seemed to draw in the light around it, as if using the illumination to fuel its own darkness. It was massive as well, easily as long as Carmen's forearm, and as wide as her biceps, though that wasn't saying much considering her slender figure. Her mind turned to what may possess such a feather, thoughts of angels and their fallen brethren coming to mind. Perhaps Lucifer has come to claim me, she thought jokingly. Another idea came to mind, remembering the word Shinigami, which meant God of Death. Her eyes widened and she felt a chill run down her spine.

Carmen took a deep breath and relaxed. It was nonsense, an angel or god of death wouldn't have any need to be here, nor should it have need to target her. As far as Carmen knew, she was as healthy as any teenager could be, at least without being a health nut. It was probably just a big crow or something, she thought and tried to focus on her classes, anything to keep her mind from such absurdities. Of course, the lesson only went so far, as she was bored of the teacher repeating a previous lecture from less than a week ago. Carmen found herself once again looking outside, ignoring both her own thoughts and the noise of the classroom. She didn't see any shadows to her relief.

Later that day, Carmen was home and sitting at her desk. The Futa Note was open before her, the first page still containing the first ever entry. Her mind went back to Dakota, wondering if she got into trouble or how she was liking her new dick. Carmen glanced down at herself, having stripped off her pants and simply wore her panties, the shape of her dick obvious through the soft material, while her oversized balls struggled to escape the prison. She recalled Dakota once more, particularly her face, how it had been red with ecstasy and how her eyes, while unfocused due to the book's power, blazed with lust. Carmen felt her cock stiffen as she imagined how good it have felt just to simply exist like that.

"Well, well. A futanari found the Futa Note, eh?" Said a voice, one Carmen didn't recognise. Not only that but it sent a shiver down her body, though not one of terror, but of arousal. The voice, whoever it belonged to, was dripping with desire. Carmen felt her panties stretch tightly against her genitals as her cock reached its full six inches. Ignoring it, Carmen turned to see who it was and nearly came, while also jumping back in fright, "What? Never seen a God before?"

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