tagFetishFUTA Pharmaceuticals Ch. 01

FUTA Pharmaceuticals Ch. 01


A/N: This is my very first piece of creative writing, and certainly my first try writing anything erotic so please let me know how I did. I'm planning for this to be a multiple part story if there's any interest. This first part is just setup so it's kind of slow, but there is a small scene at the end. If you guys want more, or have any criticism let me know! If some of you would like drawings of the characters so you have an idea of my personal vision let me know that as well! Thanks and enjoy.


The drab beige and brown waiting room dominated the empty room. Save for me, there were empty plastic chairs that littered the room, and the only sounds came from the receptionist's keyboard as she tapped away at it and the incessant ticking of the clock on the wall. I found myself glancing at the receptionist every now and then. From what I could see from behind her counter, she was very pretty. She was quite thin, had fair skin, shoulder-length chestnut colored hair that slightly curled at their ends, and black square glasses that covered blue eyes. Her name placard read "Emily". I was actually waiting for Emily to call my name for a meeting I had scheduled the week before with FUTA Pharmaceuticals.

FUTA Pharma, by some miracle, had chosen me and a few others from all the students at my university to take part in a drug trial. Why is this a big deal? They were offering five thousand dollars a day upto two weeks, and I desperately needed the money to pay my student loans off. That's not money that I can turn down no matter what they ask me to do. No one really knows why the hell they pay so much, but everyone that completes their trials come out just fine, so I figure it can't be that bad.

Emily paused from her typing, and looked over to me. "Ms. Little, she's ready for you. Just head behind me and through the white door at the end of hall."

I gave her a small nod, straightened out my skirt and red hair and made my way to the white door. As I opened the door, I had to shield my eyes as a blinding white light poured over me. It took awhile to adjust to the harsh light, but the room was white everywhere. The walls, furniture, and even the woman sitting at the desk was just... white.

"Ms. Little, please take a seat" the woman motioned to the other seat across the table.

I took my seat, and took a chance to look at my interviewer. She wore a white pencil skirt, blazer, and button up shirt that had a few buttons undone at the top to reveal a little bit of cleavage. Her bleach white hair was cut straight and rested on her shoulders with bangs cut straight across her forehead. Piercing grey eyes sat behind almost comically large white-framed square glasses. If it wasn't for her distracting 'whiteness', I would consider her to be pretty sexy.

"Ms. Little, my name is Kimberly Smith, but please call me Ms. Smith. I, and FUTA Pharmaceuticals, would like to thank you for accepting our invitation for a new drug trial. I am sure you aware, but for legalities and such, I must reiterate what this means for you. Should you accept the contract, you will be required to test a new drug. This means the drug will be administered in any way we see fit. You will be placed in a controlled test environment facility, and company staff will be able to perform tests and collect data concerning you at will. The tests cannot be interrupted for any reason to ensure your health and safety. To compensate for your troubles, you will be paid five thousand dollars a day for upto two weeks of participation. You may quit at any time as long as you are not being tested, and will be paid for the time you have stayed. Keep in mind, if you leave early, your memory of the experiments will wiped to ensure you do leak any confidential information. If you accept these terms please sign this document at the bottom and read our contract if you wish"

She slid a white tablet across the table to me. I quickly picked it up, and scrolled past the seemingly endless walls of text to the final 'sign here' line. I scribbled my signature with my finger and slid the tablet back to her. Ms. Smith picked up the tablet, looked it over, and looked at me. She slowly grinned from behind the tablet, and said, "Thank you for your participation, Ms. Little. Your trial will begin...now." She tapped the tablet, and I was plunged into darkness as the floor beneath me opened.

I screamed for all of two or three seconds until something extremely soft and pliant broke my fall. Once, again, my eyes strained as everything around me from pitch black to blinding white. I groaned, and before I could get my bearing again, a woman called out to me in a very commanding voice from the other end of the room.

"Little! Crawl towards me, and get up off your ass!"

"What? What the hell is..." I began as I tried to find the source of the voice.


I was confused out of my mind, but I wasn't going to test this woman's patience anymore than I needed to. I soon found that a giant white pillow had broken my fall, which made standing pretty difficult. I crawled toward the woman, until I could stand up on solid ground again. I stood to face my new drill instructor friend. Despite her rude introduction, I had to admire how good this woman looked. She was about half a foot taller than me, which made her about 5' 8". The most striking thing though, was that her hair wasn't white like everything else. Instead, her hair was the darkest black I had probably ever seen, and was cut in a bob with the same straight cut bangs as Ms.Smith. Absolutely every aspect of this woman was flawless. Smooth pale skin, obviously fit, and strikingly beautiful. She was wearing a nearly skin tight white jumpsuit with the front zipper unzipped a little bit to show off a little bit of her perky breasts. My admiration was cut a little short by her hounding another command.

"Stop staring at me, goddammit, and strip!"

"Wait hold-"


"What? Who the hell-" I tried to protest.

She sighed and snapped her fingers. In my confusion, I hadn't noticed that she was flanked by two more women in white jumpsuits. Both of them looked almost exactly the same. White everything with slightly unzipped jumpsuits, slightly shorter than their leader, and the same tight bodies.The two guards unsheathed batons from their hip holsters, and took a step toward me. My mind began racing as my impending beat down loomed over me.

"I don't want to repeat myself again, Little. Strip, or we will do it for you." The leader declared in a firm tone.

"OK OK OK, just don't hit me please, Jesus fuck!" I said hurriedly.

In a flash, all my clothes lay in a pile at my feet besides my underwear.

"Are you really this slow, Little?! EVERYTHING! OFF!"

Shakily, my hands undid my bra and lowered my panties to add to the pile of clothes on the floor.

With my hands tightly clenched into fists at my sides, I was suddenly very self-conscious of my waifish build. I was a short, thin girl, not particularly blessed in the curves department. My breasts would fill B cup bras on a good day, but I was actually pretty proud of my round butt. My orange-red hair was done in two braids that fell down to my waists. Somehow I hadn't lost my glasses in the fall either. My green eyes slowly looked up to meet the gaze of my new friend.

"Finally, we're getting shit done, Little! My name is Cait, but you will call me Master. Is that clear?"

"Yes" I squeaked.

"Goddammit, Little. Yes what?" Cait barked.

"Y- Yes, Master" a little more confidence in my voice.

"That's more like it!"

She snapped her fingers again, and one of the guards brought forth some folded clothes in her hand. Cait grabbed the clothes, and dropped them at my feet.

"Get dressed."

With all three women watching me dress, I did as I was commanded. When it was all said and done, I was wearing a similar skin-tight white jumpsuit as Cait was. Instead of combat boots, I wore modest canvas shoes with thin soles, and a nametag with my last name sewed onto the corner of my top instead of the golden pin that adorned Cait's jumpsuit. Like Cait's jumpsuit, mine would only cover a portion of my tits, so some cleavage would be showing. I was immediately starting to regret signing up for this, but I really needed the money.

"It's about goddamn time, girl. Follow me."

She turned around and passed through a sliding door that opened behind her. Reluctantly, I moved to follow her, and the two guards passed through after me. All four of us walked through what seemed like a maze of blinding white corridors and doors. A million thoughts raced through my head as we walked. What the hell did I get into? Where the hell are we going? What the fuck is going to happen to me? Finally, we stopped in front a white door. Above the door was a digital display that read 'Little'. I guess this is my room or something?

Cait produced a keycard from her belt, and slid it through a scanner. The door slid open from the center like something you would see in some sci-fi movie. Cait motioned me in. As I walked into the room, Cait followed me in, and dismissed the guards.

"Welcome to your new home for the next two weeks, Little. I hope you like it, because you'll be here for the full duration."

My eyes widened at what Cait had said,"What? I thought I could leave at any time?"

Cait simply huffed, and rolled her eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow, Little! Have fun on your first night here. I think you'll like it."

With that, she strode to the door, and glanced over her shoulder before disappearing behind the door closing. Everything only got more confusing the more time I spent here, but I finally got a moment to myself. My room had a simple twin sized bed tucked away in the corner, a toilet and sink in the other corner, and a small desk with a chair, and a TV above it by the foot of the bed. There weren't any windows, and there was only one door. Just like everything else, everything was white. This wasn't so bad I guess. It was basically a fancy jail cell, but for five grand a day, I could live with that.

Before long, a slot opened in the bottom of the door, and a tray was pushed through. The tray simply had two pills in a small plastic cup, a bottle water, and a piece of paper folded in half. I moved the tray to the small desk, and unfolded the paper first.

It was a note that read, "Instructions: Take both pills with water immediately."

"That's it huh? Well, might as well get this shit started." I shrugged my shoulders as I popped both pills in my mouth and chased it down with a swig of water. "Alright... I guess now I wait? What the hell am I supposed to be testing any-" I felt a searing pain in my stomach, and hunched over as I clutched it with my right hand. I hobbled over to the bed and laid down as I curled into the fetal position. "Shit! What the fuckkk." I shut my eyes tight as I tried to endure the pain, when I started to feel something strange in addition to the intense stomach cramps. An almost comforting warmth began spreading from my stomach and down to my crotch. The cramps stopped, but the warmth starting growing in intensity. "Ohhhh, hey that's starting to feel pretty good" my voice trembled as I sat up on the bed with my elbows propped up behind me. I spread my legs and looked at my crotch. "Wait. What the hell is that?" I felt and saw a small bulge forming in my jumpsuit. I quickly tore off my jumpsuit, and sat naked on the bed. "What the FUCK?" Staring back at me wasn't the pussy that I was expecting. A newly formed cock had blocked that sight. A loud buzzer quickly rang through the room, and an intercom turned on.

A female, slightly robotic voice spoke,"Prepare for test 1: Function. Please remain undressed and take a seat on the test chair." The intercom turned off, and some floor tiles in the middle of the room slid away to reveal something like a dentist's operating chair rising through. The TV above the desk turned on, and a message was displayed on it now:

"Comply within 30 seconds or you will be ejected from the program" The '30' part was counting down to 0. My mind was still completely fucked by the fact that I now had a dick, but I wasn't about to give up now. I scrambled out of the bed and situated myself into the chair. As soon as I laid my hands on the armrests, restraints automatically locked me into the chair by my wrists and ankles and the TV turned green before turning a solid white again. I laid there trembling and sweating for all of five seconds before my room door opened again. A new face strode into the room followed by two more guards. At this point, I couldn't even tell if these were the same guards or not.

The leader was another woman. She wore an unbuttoned lab coat, and a button up shirt underneath. Unsurprisingly, her shirt was unbuttoned just enough to show a little bit of cleavage. Her long blonde hair was done in a ponytail, and bright blue eyes shone through glasses perched low on her nose. She stopped a couple feet short of my chair. "Ms. Little, or may I call you Annie?" She calmly asked. Her smile suggested this was a normal sight to her. A naked, petite, girl with a goddamn cock didn't scare her in the slightest, and I wasn't really sure if I should've been scared or relieved of that fact.

With a raised voice, I said "Uh, you can call me whatever the hell you want as long as you tell me what the hell is going on!" and glanced between my dick and her.

She took another step toward me. "I know it's shocking, but please know this is completely expected. The drug is working as intended, and will be reversed when you leave. My name is Doctor Allison Werner, but you can call me Alli if you want. This first test I'm conducting right now is simple. I just want to know if your penis is fully functional!" Her cheery tone was doing wonders to calm me down.

"Fully functional? What do you mean, like pis- uh, I mean, urinating?"

Alli chuckled at my question, and returned, "Yes, but more importantly gain an erection and, if stimulated enough, ejaculate. We can do this one of two ways- I can inject some more drugs into you-" she reached into her lab coat and produced a small syringe, "or we can do it the old fashioned way!" With her other hand, she unbuttoned another three buttons of her shirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Before I could answer her, I felt my dick twitch. Previous to meeting all these perverts, I considered myself one hundred percent straight, but I couldn't look away from those glorious round tits. They could easily fill a D cup if she had decided to wear a bra. Meanwhile, Allison averted her gaze to my dick.

She smiled and said, "That's what I was thinking too, honey." Her voice took on a lower, sexier tone, and it was absolutely melting me. She quickly snapped her fingers, and the two guards left the room so it was just me and the good doctor. My cock was at full mast at this point. She took a seat on a stool in between my feet, and slowly wrapped her hand around my pillar. I gasped as a sudden pulse of pleasure spread through my body. She held her hand there, unmoving, letting me adjust to the new sensation. "You like that, huh? Just wait, it's going to get a lot better, but for now..." She trailed off before producing a small tape measure from her pocket. She unrolled some of it along my cock, before saying, "Ok, right around five and half inches long, and..." She readjusted the tape measure to wrap around me, "about five inches around. Not too bad for someone as petite as you, Annie. I will say-," her tone got even sexier, "It looks absolutely delicious." I groaned as I felt a wet warmth envelope my cockhead. She wrapped her lips around it, and slowly moved her head up and down, keeping only my head in her mouth. I could feel her tongue circle around it before she suddenly removed her hand around my base, and plunged her head down on my member and held it there for a couple seconds. She slowly bobbed her head up and down my length, and soon enough my entire shaft was covered in her saliva. Her tongue traced along the underside of my girlcock as she continued to gently service me for another minute or two before completely coming off. "Mmm, How does that feel, girl?" She said with half-lidded eyes.

My breath was ragged, but I managed to reply, "Oh my god, I think- I think I'm close. Please don't stop." I had to take a breath between every word.

She smiled again, and lowered her head back onto my cock. Every time her lips met the base of my cock, she let out a small gag. I could feel her tongue working my shaft as her lips went up and down. Soon enough I felt something tighten down there. A pressure started growing as Alli kept throatfucking herself on my cock.

"H- Hey Doc. I think I'm gonna come soon" I managed to get through clenched teeth.

Alli smiled around my cock and winked at me while my dick began to disappear into her mouth even faster until I couldn't hold it anymore. I shut my eyes and let out a long groan as I felt short spurts come out my dick and down her throat. When I finished, my cock softened and slowly left the doctor's lips.

"Mmm, thank you for that, Annie. I look forward to our next test." She stood back up, redid the buttons on her shirt making sure to leave a little of cleavage out, and picked up a clipboard from beside my chair. I saw her write some things on the clipboard, and turned to leave. Before the door closed behind her, she glanced back over her shoulder and smiled at me. Soon after the door closed, the restraints came undone, and I was free to move again. I took a few deep breaths before getting back up and immediately lying down on the bed spread eagle. I laid there as a timer started on the TV. This time it was set for 12 hours. I was too exhausted and confused to really care so I drifted off to sleep.

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by Anonymous10/08/18

Please pop out the 3rd chapter soon

This was bad ass, had some bondage going on and mixing a medical theme into this takes it over the fkn edge! Like hell I want to see the animation or play this as a damn game! Big props to your style!more...

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I agree with the other commenters, a good start on an interesting concept. Lots of potential with this concept.

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A good start indeed

I particularly like this theme. I especially like scenes where two futas penetrate each other at the same time.

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by jmkuehn09/16/18

Nice opening.

This was a very promising start. I hope you continue. My only suggestion would be more details about her changes. Did her pussy close up? Did she also grow balls, or did her clit just grow to the listedmore...

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