Futa Queen


Broke watched on as the minutes dragged by. Diana would pressed at her asshole and keep adding more lube to keep things slick. Brooke was actually thankful for the ball-gag when she had to bite down to keep herself from moaning when Diana pressed her first finger into Brooke's ass... then the second... then the third. This went on for longer than Brooke could gather, the fingers twisting and thrusting into her pucker as it continued to loosen from Diana's ministrations. Brooke felt a guilty burning in her core when she realized she was enjoying the probing digits. And was morbidly curious as to what it would feel like to have the huge cock shoved in her ass instead.

As if Diana had read her thoughts she unceremoniously pulled her fingers out with an embarrassing squelch. She could see her own asshole winking lewdly on the screen in front of her, as if inviting the fate to come. "Well, I think that I've worked you pretty good. Time to get this Weapon of Ass Destruction workin'!" She said with unrestrained glee. Brooke watched the screen as Diana lifted her cock up into proper view again, using her free hand to pull her already spread ass cheeks even wider and thumping the head of her cock on Brooke's asshole, making her feel the hits deep in her gut.

Finally having enough of her fun, Diana lined up the head of her member, pressing it in just enough to keep Brooke's loosened hole spread open, "You better relax that ass girl, or this is only going to be fun for me." Without any other warning, Dian shoved the head into Brooke, making he gasp as her tight bum was spread wider than it's ever been. She whimpered a through the gag as drool pooled and ran from the corners of her mouth.

"Oh, fuck yeah. You have one tight ass, Hun... how about we rectify that?" Diana giggled as she started off with some slow pumps, letting Brooke take in the ludicrous view of her own ass being impaled. The round globes of her cheeks, something that she was quite proud of until today, encased the absurd phallus tightly, her tight ring of muscle clinging strongly when the cock went in and out, as if her ass didn't want to let go of its newest visitor. The stocks shifted only slightly as Diana began to pick up her pace. Cramping more and more dick up Brooke's butt, making the thick, solid column of flesh disappear, and Brooke's ass jiggled obscenely with every thrust.

Brooke's mind was going blank. She was having a difficult time focusing on anything except the extremely hot tube of flesh pumping her backdoor like it was a Fleshlight. The slight sting that came with it being all but drowned out by the unmistakable pleasure it was bringing. Biting down as hard as could, Brooke tried and failed to keep her reaction muted, moans deep in her chest rumbled from her throat as she was thoroughly buggered, the lewd, slick sound of lube being forced out of her ass and the embarrassing release of gas were the only other sounds that accompanied Diana's grunts and moans. Diana changed up her pace often, going form long, firm strokes to deep, fast thrusts. Occasionally, she would planted her massive dick balls-deep and grind against Brooke, shuddering in pleasure all the while.

Brooke felt a small change in the way Diana's dick violated her, it felt like it was bulging even more than it already was, and the woman picked up her pace minutely. "Alright, now... ugh, I have to be honest with you." Diana started as the screen changed to an all new view, it was another camera of Brooke. The angle presenting her stomach and her bald pussy, which to her mortification, was practically dripping with her arousal. Brooke's stomach was also bulging just slightly with every balls-deep thrust. "I told you I was taking away your choice when I brought out that wheel. But, isn't that kind of like giving you a choice anyways?" Diana mused to herself, her pace not faltering. "So I've decided that what the wheel said doesn't really matter. I'm going to do 'exactly' what I want!" Diana spoke with conviction.

"Hphm!?" Brooke got out through her gag.

Diana abruptly pulled her whole shaft from Brooke's ass, even form the new angle the young woman could see her backdoor gape, winking as it tried and failed to close back up fully. Diana grabbed her cock with both hands and jerked for all it was worth, "Oh, god. I'm so fucking close!" She then pressed the head to Brooke's pussy lips, much to the girl's dismay.

"Hpfm! Grmf... Mmpf!" Brooke tried to tell not to do it. Not put that thing inside her, but it was to no avail.

Diana, still jerking herself furiously, pressed the head of her cock into Brooke's core. The head popping in with a pang of pain, only reduced because of the unwanted arousal that was coating her. The cock only went in a few inches, but that was all Diana needed.

"Oh yes! Take all in bitch!" Diana roared, Brooke then felt the hot rush of extremely thick seed pour into her unprotected womanhood, rope after insanely thick rope, Diana continued to pump her full without remorse, filling Brooke's womb. Brooke watched the screen in morbid fascination as her belly started to bulge and sag. She realized with a detached clarity that she was being absolutely filled with this Amazon's virile seed... and it just wouldn't stop.

After a minute or so of shallow thrusting from Diana and whimpers for mercy from Brooke the flood finally stopped, gouts of seed blurted out around the tight seal from the huge dick in Brooke's pussy. With deep gasps of air, Diana still refused to remove herself from what was Brooke's inevitable fate that was just pressed upon her.

"Congratulations, Brooke," Diana using her name for the first time, "you're going to be the proud breeding bitch for my third baby." Diana spoke with an utter assurance that made Brooke ill with dread.

Diana began to shift a bit uncomfortably, still plugging Brooke up tightly, "Oh fuck." Diana then pulled out and promptly shoved her whole dong back into Brooke's ass in one, long thrust. Broke moaned in both pain and pleasure from the fast intrusion as she then felt Diana lean in, pressing herself down on Brooke's now straining back. "Don't tell me you forgot about the last option for the wheel..." She said in a too sweet tone. Brooke only had a moment to think about that before she felt a much hotter, much thinner stream of liquid flowing up into her butt.

Brooke tried to scream in disbelief as she felt the stream of urine flow into her backside, her bowels filling up with the hot liquid, feeling tighter by the second. In her surprise she only just noticed that on the screen her belly was once again blowing up with an entirely new substance. Her look of horror only continued to grow as the stream went on for thirty seconds... then a minute... two minutes... finally stopping somewhere before what had to be almost three minutes. Diana sighed a sigh of absolute gratification, "Holy fuck, you do not realize just how hard it was to hold all that in while I fucked you." Still hilted, unmoving after her newest form of punishment, she lightly fondled Brooke's now pregnant-sized belly, "Then again, maybe you can feel how hard it was. I wonder how quickly my piss will shoot out when I pull out." She mused.

Brooke was utterly mortified. Feeling used in ways she didn't think possible before today she came out of her nightmarish thoughts when Diana spoke again.

"Buuut," drawing out the word, "I don't want you getting piss all over the floor." Without uncorking herself, the Amazon leaned back for a moment, only to return presenting a very, very large butt plug for the camera. "Let's make sure that doesn't happen then."

Wide-eyed, Brooke watched as Diana lined up the plug just above where her shaft hilted with Brooke's bum. She began to slowly pull out, glacially slow. When only the head remained in Brooke's ass, Diana quickly popped her cock out and viciously crammed the massive plug into Brooke's abused ass.

Brooke cried out in pain as the wide plug forced her open beyond imagining, then her ass clamped tight on the narrow end, trapping the very unwanted load within her.

"There," Diana sighed triumphantly, "You think you can hold on to that for me? I just couldn't take it anymore, thank you so much for offering to be my personal toilet, you are truly divine, Sweet Cheeks." Diana patted Brooke's poor rump affectionately as she lined up her re-hardening member with her pussy.

Brooke made a sound of distress at the sight while the Amazon chuckled, "What, did you think I was done? We're just getting started Honey Buns. I still need to 'ensure' that I have my third little dickgirl on the way. Without any other preamble, Diana pressed herself inside once again, starting up a very gentle thrusting, much to Brooke's confused relief.

Brooke stared forward dazedly, jolting with every thrust as the stocks continued to shake with Diana's movements. This was Brooke's life now, she realized. Drool dripping continuously form the gag and the immense pressure from the piss enema slowly fading into a dull, almost pleasurable throb in her ass. The cock that thrust into her again and again bringing newly discovered, carnal desires.

Eyes lidded, Brooke grinned as well as she could with the ball in her mouth, slowly starting to moan louder and louder as the minutes dragged on into hours. Cumming along with Diana as she pumped Brooke full again and again, ensuring a wonderful little tyke in the next nine months or so.

"See, what did I tell you? I knew you would be begging for it before the end." Diana said aloud despite the fact that Brooke couldn't care less at the moment. She was too focused on trying to get another orgasm from the magnificent shaft plowing her depths again... and again... and again....


A week later, Futa Queen would be running as usual. No one overly responsive with the three seniors who went missing a week back. Showing sympathies when the topic was brought up but unable to offer any information as where they may have been. The three girls had been banned from the establishment so they had no reason to even be there. The staff couldn't offer any assistance. The search would continue for a number of weeks beyond that, but, no leads would ever be found.


An employee of Futa Queen was walking through the kitchen, holding one of the burgers to add the restaurants 'special sauce,' going to a wall where to pronounced asses were placed within from the other side, one tattooed with the '#1" and the second with '#2', spouts plugged up the assholes of both bums the staff member reached for the spout on Number One and pulled, only to sigh in frustration as it blurted out a single cum bubble before stopping. The woman gave the ass a couple of smacks but it only resulted in the same outcome. "Dammit all," she muttered, "Hey! Tank One is fucking dry, can someone refill it?" she hollered out.

Only a few seconds later on the other side of the wall a large futa pulled an incessant Amber from her wall mount and promptly plugged her bum, furiously trying to refill the tank, "Damn, been one helluva busy day,. This is the second time I've had to fill this bitch. Hey, Zarya, how's Tank Two doing?"

Another large futa went and checked on the girl whose name was Lindsay, pressing lightly on the swollen belly, "She's still good. I filled her up about an hour ago. Should be good at least until you top Number One up." She stated. "But damn is it awesome to have permanent Cum Tanks, no one has to rotate anymore."

"I know, right?" said the one plowing Amber's bum like no tomorrow, "It makes me wish that there were more bitches stupid enough to piss of the Boss." Both futas chuckled at that, the first one cutting off abruptly as she blew another load into Amber's responsive asshole.


Diana sat at her desk as she bottle fed her newest baby girl. Smiling gently as she rocked the babe in her arms. "Oh, you are so beautiful. I hope you got all the good traits from your Mommy as well as me. You'll be a lady killer one day, won't you?" She cooed. The baby gurgled happily, a toothless grin on her face as she stared up at her 'father.'

Diana shuddered as in her seat for a bit, looking down between her legs as Brooke knelt subserviently, and suckling on the head of Diana's massive cock. Diana raised an eyebrow, "Brooke, dear, I said I wanted a blowjob. It's not a lollipop. Get to it or I'll have to put little Miranda down for her nap early and re-educate you." Diana said calmly.

Brooke looked up with glazed eyes as she wrapped both hands around the member, shoving her throat further down the length as quickly as she could, the 'glrks' and 'glacks' music to Diana's ears.

"That's more like it. Keep it up and I'll reward you. I've been drinking a lot of water today, and I may just be inclined to let you have it later." Brooke looked up excitedly, her lips trying to smile widely up at Diana as she fervently went deeper on the Amazon's shaft until her nose was crushed against her pubic bone.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Diana wrapped her thighs around Brooke's head as she came, filling the young mother's stomach to the brim, a twin set of cum streams eventually shooting form the girl's nose, Brooke hummed happily as she swallowed around the turgid shaft as it began to soften

Oh, yeah. You are definitely getting to be my toilet today." Diana sighed happily. She grinned at her baby as she gurgled in delight, clearly happy because her parents were, even if she couldn't understand anything that was really happening.

"Alright, Miri. I think it's time for a nap. Mommy and Daddy need to have some alone time."


"Oh fuck, don't stop! Please, I'm so close babe." Emily moaned as she held on to the bedsheets, her face being pressed into the bed not ungently, but determinedly.

Emily's girlfriend of almost a year, Melanie, kept up her thrusts, "Sweetie, I'm gonna blow!" She went to pull out, only to have Emily's petite legs wrap awkwardly around her thighs. "Emily!? Em, I'm not wearing a rubber." She tried to pull out again.

"Don't care.' Emily half slurred into the bed. "I want you, 'all of you'. Don't stop!" Emily pulled hard with her legs, forcing Melanie's cock into the hilt, making them both moan.

Melanie stared sown at Emily for only a few seconds before she sighed and dropped fully on top of the smaller girl, wrapping her fully and ensuring she couldn't stop what was about to happen. Thrusting faster and faster, the pair cried out in ecstasy as Melanie blew one of her biggest loads straight up Em's pussy. Thrusting short and gently until Melanie finally collapsed on top of the smaller girl, gasping together.

"Fuck, Em, I know you're not on the pill. Not cool, Babe."

Emily sighed as she reached back to awkwardly rub at Mel's left ass cheek, "Sorry, Mel, I just wanted to make sure you knew where this huge dick belonged."

"You know how little sense that makes? I haven't been with anyone else since you and me hooked up. Not even at work."

"Well, I guess I wanted to make this a permanent thing," Emily said quietly.

Melanie rolled off of Emily and stared at her from the side, "Permanent?" She said, Emily almost missed it, but, she could hear an underlying excitement to her voice.

Emily smiled lazily at her girlfriend. "Yep." Popping the 'p' as she rolled to embrace Melanie fully with her tiny frame. "I want you and me. For the rest of our lives."

Melanie laughed happily as she hugged Em back, "Damn, girl, there are so many easier ways of doing that than getting knocked up."

"Like I said, I wanted permanent, call be a bitch, but, you're mine. And I'm not letting go of you. Ever."

"Me too, Babe. Me too."

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